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GoDaddy offers an ultimate Linux hosting plan with cPanel where you can host unlimited websites and it also offers unlimited bandwidth. Being a web developer, many of my clients were using the GoDaddy ultimate Linux hosting with cPanel. Many of them were facing some issues with this plan.

Therefore, I thought to write this review where I will share all the pros and cons of this plan. This will help many people who want to go with this plan in making the decision. You can quickly choose whether this plan is for you or you should go with another company.

Let’s get started and see the review for the GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting plan.

What is GoDaddy Ultimate Linux hosting with cPanel?

godaddy shared web hosting page

GoDaddy has various hosting plans that you can go with. One of the shared hosting plans they offer is called the ultimate Linux hosting. As you might have seen in the intro, it’s an ultimate plan where you can host unlimited websites and it comes with cPanel too.

It’s quite similar to the deluxe plan offered by GoDaddy but here you will get double CPU along with unlimited database storage. Compared to the deluxe plan, the performance is better here. Therefore, this has been the selection of many people. However, is this plan worth selecting or you will just be wasting your money? I will be sharing all the things about the plan.

Please note that it’s not a comparison of the three plans. So, I won’t just compare it with the other Godaddy’s shared hosting plan but I will go in-depth and compare it with other hosting providers. All the things that I will be mentioning here will be from my personal experience handling my client’s websites at GoDaddy. So, it’s a mixed opinion if you see it from the top. But don’t worry, I will talk more about facts rather than just opinions.

Features of Ultimate Linux hosting with Cpanel

I will first share the list of features you will get here. The ultimate plan offers unlimited websites. You can host as many websites as you want. It also provides unlimited storage.

Here are the features you will get here.

  • Unlimited websites and subdomains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited MySQL databases of 1 GB each (don’t worry about the limit, 1 GB is far more than enough for a database).
  • Free 1-click install (They have more than 150 free apps such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, etc. You will find all the CMS and open source software here)
  • You can have unlimited FTP users
  • Resources on-demand (possibility to easily increase the CPU/RAM, I/O, and storage) for a fee
  • You will get ImageMagick for image compression
  • Cron jobs are also available here


godaddy ultimate hosting plan featuresNow, you probably might be looking for the configuration of the server, right? I will be sharing that too. The ultimate plan comes with the following configuration.

  • It has 2 shared CPU.
  • It has got 1 GB RAM.
  • There are a total of 125 Entry processes allowed.
  • You will get a maximum of 250,000 Files limit. Some people also know this by the inode limit.

Pros of using GoDaddy Ultimate plan?

Credits where it’s due, I will be first sharing the positive side of GoDaddy’s ultimate Linux hosting plan. Here are the pros of the plan. There are many good things about this plan which you will get.

One thing that I like about GoDaddy is that they have various plans to choose from. This is a good thing provided by them. The shared hosting has four plans to choose from. Among all four plans, the ultimate plan (the one I am reviewing) is the most popular one. Even GoDaddy says the same thing. They have tagged it as “Recommended for high-traffic sites”. However, is it really recommended for a site with high traffic? We will surely find out that. Before that, I will share some of the positive sides of this plan.

  • If you compare with the economy plan and deluxe plan, the performance is a lot better than that.
  • GoDaddy is giving free domain (for the first year) when you signup for this plan.
  • During the first year, you will get the free SSL certificate
  • You will also get Office 365 email free for one year
  • It includes premium DNS

There are some of the common advantages too. For example, the cPanel is very easy to use. So, we can say the interface is quite good. In the same way, all the features can also be mentioned as pros.

godaddy linux hosting plans features

They allow you to host 250,000 files in this plan but the funny thing is that all the plans have the same file limit. In the first plan, you can only host one website and you will still get a 250k file limit but in this plan, you can host unlimited websites but you will get the same 250k file limit. Interesting, right? Let’s find more.

Cons of using GoDaddy Ultimate plan?

Now, I will also point out the negative side of the plan. In this section, I will be sharing some of the negative points about the GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel.

  • Speed is the biggest issue among all the other things. GoDaddy servers are the slowest in all the plans. Even in the ultimate plan, the loading speed is too slow both for the back-end as well as for the front end.
  • The resources allocated here are a lot less than what’s required. Even if your website is getting a moderate amount of traffic, your resources will already be in the red. Further, if you are using any security plugins such as WordFence, there are good chances that your website will crash.
  • Everybody has some kind of strategy for their business but offering backups, emails, and safety should be free. GoDaddy charges you for every single thing.
  • The price is already high but the game doesn’t end here. The renewal price is a lot more than usual. You will never know what the renewal price is. They don’t mention all the things properly. In some cases, the add-ons and the services are 3x times expensive.
  • If you remember I mentioned that GoDaddy charges for “everything”, right? Well, guess what? They don’t even offer the ticket system for free. You will have to pay if you want to access the support ticket from your account.
  • Talking more about support, they are not available 24/7. Expect sometimes long waiting time for the chat support (up to 50 minutes). Further, they don’t even have complete access to the hosting files. So, if you are facing any technical issue, they can’t help you anywhere. Good luck with that. No doubt, the support is very friendly but it doesn’t make up for all these.
  • There are the same file limits for all the plans (for a single website and unlimited websites)
godaddy linux plans inodes limit
Maximum number of files allowed (aka Inodes limit)
IMPORTANT: 250,000 is a very low inode limit for their high plan. Bear in mind that a WordPress site on average has around 20,000 inodes (files), so if you host 12 sites of approximately the same size, you will quickly reach your inodes limit (file usage). So as you can see the hosting plan isn’t exactly unlimited as proclaimed.

How much does Godaddy’s Ultimate Linux hosting plan cost?

GoDaddy Ultimate Hosting plan with cPanel costs roughly $12.99 per month assuming there is some offer going on (which probably will be going on).

godaddy linux shared hosting plans

So, many people will be thinking that it’s not too much, right? Well, if you compare it with another reputed hosting, it’s almost double the price of other hosting providers.

But that’s okay, I am not arguing much here. It’s alright.

The real problem begins when it’s time to renew the hosting. See, GoDaddy provides many addons as a freebie for the first year. They have SSL, Domain, Office 365 Email, etc. All these things look cool at first. However, they are only free for the first year.

By the time your renewal comes, the cost would have reached the sky. I am not even kidding, if you want to renew all your addons which were initially free along with your hosting, you are paying as much as VPS. In some cases, even VPS is more affordable than this. The hidden high renewal rates are the biggest issues for the people.

Some people might think that they can simply just renew the hosting instead of renewing the addons, right? Well, that’s not the case.

Let’s take an example. Assume, you don’t know anything about GoDaddy Ultimate Hosting with the cPanel package. You have registered for the hosting and you got all the benefits such as free emails and SSL. You surely might have configured the SSL and emails, right? It becomes quite a time-consuming to move all the emails to a free one. Most hosting companies or I should say almost all the hosting companies are now providing free SSL certificates with the top level of security and GoDaddy is charging crazily for all these basic features. Many companies are now providing free backups too.
godaddy ultimate linux hosting addons

Who is Godaddy’s Ultimate Linux hosting plan for?

The question is who should go with this hosting? If you first have a look at the features of the GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting plan, you might find out that the features are suited for advanced websites.

However, don’t make that mistake. If you are planning to host multiple websites that have a moderate to a high amount of traffic, you should not go with this plan.

At first, the resources are limited and they will be exhausted in no time. They have put various limitations on resources. It will hardly take 3 websites with moderate traffic to fill up the entire resource limit. This is pretty annoying, right? I would happily accept it if the price was less than half of what it is now.

Here, the price is high, the renewal rates are super-high, and you are not even getting the full benefits of the server, you will easily exhaust it and end up crashing your website. Therefore, don’t think of going with this plan if you have multiple websites with moderate traffic.

However, if you have very few websites with less amount of traffic, you can surely go with this. The plan has all the features you want. However, I would still recommend you to transfer or migrate your hosting once you complete one year. The renewal rates are not at all justified. The rates are too high and you don’t have to pay such a high rate for average hosting. So, you probably might have got the idea of who should go with this hosting. If you are still confused, the last section is for you where I will give my final opinion about GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel. Surely, it is your take on whether to follow it or not.

Should you choose the Ultimate plan with Godaddy?

Well, I won’t go all round and round. To be honest, the answer is a big NO.

You should not choose the GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting plan. In this review, I have pointed out all the positive points of the GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting plan and along with this, I have pointed out negative points too.

All these points are not taken from the internet or just by looking at the package details, I have personally faced these issues. As I mentioned, I am a web developer and a lot of my clients use GoDaddy.

Honestly, at first, GoDaddy was quite good. They provided great services at affordable rates. The performance was not good even at that time but given the price, it was acceptable. However, they have spoiled all the things over the past few years.

Now, they have even worst performance and from “one of the most affordable pricing”, they have gone to “one of the highest pricing”. The hidden and the high renewal rates are just pain in the stomach.

The number of complaints is increasing at a tremendous speed. People usually have complaints about their performance. The performance is extremely poor and you will just reach the resource limit very soon.

Godaddy Server Response Times
Slow Godaddy
slow Godaddy server response time
Slow Server response times on Godaddy

If you are already using the GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting plan, I suggest you migrate. You can go with reputed and popular hosting companies like Bluehost.

It’s Officially recommended by WordPress.org, Bluehost provides far more speed and many more features at an affordable rate. They provide the basic features for free. When I said free, I don’t mean “Free for one year”. There are many features in Bluehost which are free for a lifetime. As long as you use their hosting, you will get free renewal of addons.
bluehost cloud speed comparison

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