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“Expensive service” doesn’t mean “Quality service” at all. It’s easy to find cheap shared hosting services with incredible quality.

However, it’s even easier to find cheap shared hosting services with poor quality. Therefore, you need to do some researches before choosing a hosting plan. Many elements have to be taken into account: fast loading time and great customer support for instance.

But now, let’s answer the following question: how can we find the best Quality/Price service?

This article will help you do your final choice with few recommendations about the way avoiding malicious web hosts and a part exclusively dedicated to the most asked questions on my Blog. Let’s jump into it!

Comparison of the Cheapest hosting in 2024

For Small Budgets

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  • Starting price: From $2.75/month
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  • Starting price: From $2.95/month
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Best Support

  • Features: Free SSL & CDN, Free Domain & Migration, Good uptime
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  • Starting price: From $2.95/month
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What is cheap web hosting?

best cheap web hosting services
A shared hosting package is the best idea if you want to launch a personal blog, a professional website/blog or a showcase. This type of web hosting is also referred to as being the “basic hosting package”.

Why choose a cheap web host?

You need to adapt your project to the features proposed by the host. For instance, if your project is new with small expectations, the features needed will be less powerful than for a multi-national company.

Note that the cost of shared hosting servers is extremely low with great hosting quality. You will find the one that is the most adapted to your situation for sure since there are many varieties of web hosting plans on the internet.

How can the web host lower prices?

Website hosting costs can vary greatly. The cost depends on various factors, such as:

  • The type of website you have.
  • The number of visitors you expect to receive per month.
  • If you need additional services, such as automatic backups and an email account.

Different factors have to be taken into account by the host to set the subscription fee. First, the type of website the client wishes to host, the number of visitors/month expected and the potential additional services (auto backups for instance).

Therefore, you need to determine the type of website you have to know which price you should pay. Moreover, you should determine the level of service you want your website to benefit from.

For instance, if you want to set up a simple Blog (WordPress), you will only need a cheap service, before upgrading the offer with the popularity of your blog: more storage, more security…

The more people share a server, the least expensive the subscription will cost to you.

Why cheap web hosting is a bad idea?

cheap web hosting cons

Paying less than 1$/month is a huge risk since the price of shared hosting is determined by the number of customers sharing the server. This means that there are huge chances that the server is overloaded. Moreover, you’ll end up paying even more than other subscriptions with packages of 1$/month.

Reasons to avoid overloaded shared servers

Overloaded shared servers’ main purpose is to make money by providing poor services. All of their customers share one IP address that is old and overloaded. Avoid this kind of offer. The following are the risks that you run by choosing such packages.

Hacking your site

hackers website

Shared IP addresses are easily accessed by criminals since the security is often low. The damage is caused on large scales.

Spread of viruses

virus spread website

The spread of viruses, advertisements, and malware is so easy since the source code is easy to enter.

Poor IP neighborhood

blacklisted ip

Other customers that share one server with you may have illegal activities. Since you share the same IP address, you risk a lot because such websites are blacklisted by research engines (Google, Bing…).

Google and Bing will despise you

google bing blacklist

Since you share the same IP address as the other customers (that may have illegal activities), you may suffer from a poor SEO without knowing about it.

A dismal availability time

cheap web hosting bad uptime

Choosing a cheap web hosting company doesn’t guarantee the quality of the resources that are offered to your website. High qualities hosts offer a 99% uptime, while the others will reach 50% maximum. For any price, you don’t want a host that will leave your website inactive during hours, days or weeks…

Bad technical support

cheap web hosting support

Without competent technical support, you will suffer from bad quality of services. In general, the only support that is provided is the “Frequently Asked Questions” rubric.

Even if customer support is provided, there are high chances that it is unpleasant support. You may give up very quickly.

Do you have an online store?

ecommerce website

Blogs and E-commerce websites are completely different. Therefore, having a very high-quality host will be required to be able to sell every single day at any moment, especially if it’s the only income you perceive.

Therefore, the cost of such breakdowns will be the loss of money. Therefore, choosing cheap shared hosting packages is an extremely bad idea because it’s exactly like burning money.

Ecommerce websites required rich features and rich resources (streaming audio and high-resolution images for example). Moreover, the CPU and RAM have to be more important than ordinary websites.

E-commerce hosting is available for such websites. Also, find Bluehost alternative as well.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting on the market. However, you need to check if your website will be satisfied with the resource limits imposed by the package before choosing it.

The cheapest packages are the best ones, and neither the worst ones. You have to check the quality of the technical support provided, the security level or the number of people sharing with you the server for example. All these criteria will have an impact on your website’s performance.

We recommend you use Free hosting only for websites that don’t have significant importance, for example for online tests of a web application for instance. With such packages, you risk suffering from availability issues, poor support and too many ads on your website.

To avoid such problems and to make your website look more professional, you would better choose a payable package.

It’s never true. It’s impossible to have unlimited resources since the resources allocated to a server are pre-defined. Therefore, if you have a small website with low needs in resources, you won’t have any issues.

However, if your website uses a lot of resources, you will be kindly asked to upgrade your subscription. If not, you will face several issues.

It depends on the company’s policy. Moreover, it depends on the fact that you want to transfer to the same control panel package or not.

For example, if you transfer from cPanel to cPanel, it will be extremely easy. Some hosts will do it for free, others will ask you to pay some fees.

Check the details. It’s rare to find a cheap web host that offers great backups. Even if backups are offered, it’s very basic.

We recommend you to choose great backups to manage your website very easily. If the host doesn’t provide any backup, it can be great to configure backups by yourself. Otherwise, choose a web host that provides great backups in the plan.

Since you share the same IP address, your site becomes vulnerable. The emails that are sent from your hosting account will be considered as spam and will be classified this way.

Yes. WordPress requires a very small amount of resources. Therefore, it works well on cheap internet hosting accounts.

However, your Web Host will ask you to upgrade your plan when your website will become more popular and will consume more resources.

Cheap Hosting isn’t adapted to high traffic websites. As a consequence, your website will work more slowly due to the huge traffic load, and may even crash.

Note that the amount of resources allocated to your website is limited. “Unlimited” mentions are usually false.

Many criteria define the final price of a package: the support quality, the features, the security, the performance… Some hosts include these while others don’t. Don’t think about saving money by not paying for management, it can have consequences on your business.

Shared hosting often rejects streaming. Some hosting plans support streaming, but the majority don’t. The best option for streaming is VPS (or even higher options).

Cheap hosting plans do not provide some features that expensive plans do: email for instance. The most basic features are offered with cheap hosting plans (create few databases, the number of websites/domains…). Do a careful comparison of the features offered before taking action.

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