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DreamHost was founded in 1997 as a hosting site in the US. It was initiated as a combined effort of four dedicated students who wished to provide hosting services that made use of open source technologies. DreamHost provides you with cloud services and services to help in registration of your domain name. From its origin as a small hosting site, it has expanded to become a recognized global and American reference.

Ease of use9.0

Data sheet of the host

The wide variety of hosting services that Dreamhost provides attracts people who want to use shared hosting facilities to create their profile online. For those who wish to use CMS (content management system) that is excellent in quality, WordPress hosting is the ideal solution.

Dreamhost also provides services for web hosting that can be used by large-scale organizations that require flexibility, control, and scalability. This company has the best outline for any online project that the client wants.


Hosting Types

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • VPS
  • WordPress
  • Cloud

Operating Systems



  • USA
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore

Managed WordPress

dreamhost managed wordpress hosting

Managed VPS Hosting

dreamhost vps hosting

Cloud Computing

dreamhost cloud computing

Cloud Storage

dreamhost cloud storage

Managed Dedicated Hosting

dreamhost dedicated hosting
dreamhost dedicated hosting comparison

About Dreamhost

DreamHost has the skill, experience and expertise that is essential to judge the likely success of any company. DreamHost has always proven itself capable in the face of competition. Having started at around the same time iPage and HostGator were founded, DreamHost has indeed faced a lot of that competition and has outperformed them. Its scope extends around the globe. DreamHost has hosted 1500 servers from around the world in domains that total in more than a million. DreamHost currently has approximately 200 employees.

  • Unlimited plans. No limits on disk space, bandwidth, or email addresses.
  • Fast SSD servers (Built-in caching system)
  • Excellent uptime (99.99%).
  • Free domain name for the first year.
  • Officially recommended by WordPress.org.
  • Free CDN & SSL.
  • 97-day money-back guarantee.
  • No free migration service.
  • Higher renewal fees.
  • No phone support.
  • Doesn't use a cPanel control panel.
  • Datacenters only in the USA.

Technical Features

dreamhost features

DreamHost Website Builder

dreamhost templates
dreamhost templates

Website coding is an excruciating task that requires not only skill but also stamina. Even expert developers often struggle with designing a custom-made code for an online company. It is indeed, no simple task.

If you want to avoid all this hassle and make your life much easier, using Remixer; DreamHost’s website builder is the solution. It will help you skip all the difficult and detailed coding and get exactly where you wish to be. Remixer will aid you in designing a customized website without having to spend a single second working on coding.

The first step in this process of designing your own website will be to find and then finalize the theme you want for your website. Online stores have a variety of prepared themes that fit a wide range of categories. These themes include all the usual features of e-commerce websites.

DreamHost ensures that these themes and the layouts will adapt according to the features for the device that the visitor is using. By ensuring this, Dreamhost wishes to eliminate any possibility of dissatisfied customers whose devices do not support the layout.

Not only will DreamHost assist you in designing your own website and making it user-friendly, but it will also help you get over the first step to increase user traffic. It will provide SEO (search engine optimization) feature will adjust and improve your site to maximize traffic.

Most of the essential work in designing a website involves making adjustments to each page. DreamHost allows you the opportunity to take this into consideration as well. With DreamHost, you can arrange the different elements and make changes to the size, font, colors, etc.

Domain name

dreamhost domain name

DreamHost will also provide you with a domain name, free of cost if you register to DreamPress or to an annual shared plan. The free domain name option is open for the first month so register quickly. This feature is unique to DreamHost. Other packages like the VPS, Dedicated and Cloud do not provide this free service. This service is an effective marketing tool.

On the other and, with Bluehost, the opportunity to get a domain name for free is available for the first entire year. Fastcomet shared hosting program also provides free domain names and this offer is valid for a lifetime. You can, however, also use the option of getting a domain name whenever you need it. You can obtain a domain name for .net as well as .com and the prices begin at a reasonable rate of $7.99/year.

Disk space

The hosting offer together with the formula, will determine the storage space that the provider is offering. These storage spaces differ between different DreamHost offers; with DreamPress, you can get a storage space of 30-120GB while the shared hosting option will allow you unlimited storage space.

These are not the only storage spaces DreamHost provides. You can use even more storage space with offers like VPS professional that offers 120 GB, and VPS Enterprise that gives 240 GB. If you want, even more, you can use A2 Hosting.

In addition to all of these wonderful offers, there are exclusive DreamHost offers for loyal servers. First of all, DreamHost also provides a 1 TB disk space.  Other such packages include HDD which can give 2TB storage and Enchanted SSDs which offers 240 GB. Other than these, with DreamObject you can get storage space of up to 480GB and with DreamCompute, you get 100 GB.

E-mail addresses

The majority of these hosting plans are open for all email addresses but it is essential to have e-mails with a hosting plan. It is also necessary that you subscribe to the hosting services to be able to make an email address using this company. The available databases are also an important part of the DreamHost review so, let’s proceed with discussing those.


The number of databases is not limited when you use this provider to design an email address. In general terms, for every site that requires databases, usually, one database is provided. The provider makes use of MySQL, which can be considered among the database systems that is the most open-source. This database system is suitable for different web applications. It is quite popular among web developers

If you want better and more optimizing opportunity, MySQL and VPS shared hosting DreamHost offers are made for this purpose. Dedicated servers will automatically be connected to MySQL. Another one of the unique offers by DreamHost is it provides SQLite on dedicated servers and VPS.


Performance and Security


Dreamhost Uptime Guarantee & Speed Test Reports

dreamhost speed
dreamhost loadimpact
dreamhost gtmetrix
dreamhost bitcatcha

In DreamHost, the gzip and caching compression is set by default so you do not have to change the settings for this.

If you experience any issues with the speed, you can check this article on how to speed up DreamHost.

ease of use

Ease of Use


DreamHost has a panel of its own and does not rely on any external panel for control. This panel comes free-of-cost with all packages for a hosing. The users can use these panels only and DreamHost users cannot use other panels for getting external data. This means that you can depend only on the DreamHost control panel and to do that successfully, you need to get more information on it.

You can, however, transfer data from cPanel, but it can only be done manually. Importing from some other panel or from cPanel is not allowed.

Doing this can be problematic and confusing at DreamHost. Getting a site from cPanel at DreamHost is harder than doing so from Bluehost or A2 Hosting. You need to consider this before you proceed with the subscription.

It can be a little trickier to use the custom panel of DreamHost for those who usually use cPanel, but it not because the custom panel is any less intuitive.

Despite the slight difficulty, the provider is efficient, and with its ‘search function,’ you can easily do the basic work.




The web hosting company prides itself on the number of DreamHost offers it provides and the wide range of hosting plans to choose from. The rates begin at a reasonable cost of $3.95 for a month in the shared hosting category and can go up to $379 for a month in the options open for dedicated servers. At DreamHost, you can find plans for every budget between these costs.

dreamhost pricing
dreamhost pricing
dreamhost pricing details
dreamhost pricing details

Reliability and Support

dreamhost support
dreamhost support

The company has been rated stunning 4.5/5 stars by the satisfied customers who have supported the company.

Verification leads to the realization that the 24/7 customer service is not available but the staff is still efficient and dynamic. When you open the website for this company, you can find the form and also open a ticket.

This provider also offers an opportunity for a live chat but to benefit from this option, you need to be a customer. There is, however, no phone line.

Customers comment that electronic mail can still be improved and they are not fully satisfied. They consider DreamHost still not as good as A2 Hosting in this respect.

Conclusion: Is Dreamhost Right for You?

There is no doubt in the fact that DreamHost is perfect in what it does. The prices are very reasonable, as well.

A very small budget, however, is not suitable for this provider and if it is your first time, you might have trouble. If you need a hosting option for one domain only, even in the future and you are on a tight budget, iPage or Bluehost might be a better option. It provides excellent quality service but with less expensive DreamHost offers for single-domain plans.

Visit DreamHost

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All DreamHost plans come with 97-day money-back guarantee
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Reliable Host
  • Disk space: 50 GB ⇢ Unlimited
  • Bandwidth (traffic): Unmetered
  • Number of websites allowed: 1 ⇢ Unlimited

Dreamhost is a hosting site for individuals or businesses. It offers high-quality services for attractive rates. Its major asset is the speed of its servers.

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