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We present you with the best VPS hosting provider that offers server plans with flexible and varied features. Whatever your web project, it will be more interesting to acquire a VPS server. More powerful, more efficient and more scalable VPS servers meet the needs of each. Looking for a solution to host large web projects then the VPS hosting solution is for you. We have analyzed and evaluated the best VPS hosting provider offers and we offer you a ranking of the best VPS hosting provider.

VPS hosting has many advantages for any kind of web project. Indeed, depending on the offer you choose, you can benefit from flexible and varied features that are powerful and efficient. It’s extremely useful, especially when you have a large web project. This is why, in this article, we’ll present to you the best VPS Hosting Providers.

Choosing a cheap VPS Hosting package can be a bad idea because the process becomes slower and less efficient/flexible than the features that are offered by advanced VPS Hosting packages. Choosing VPS hosting may also be a great idea when you can’t afford a dedicated server even though you need to upgrade your subscription.

What do you get from VPS hosting packages? It’s simple. First, you have the entire control over the OS that is run, which is extremely important to you. Secondly, you also have control over the applications and extensions installed. Fewer clients will benefit from a physical server than on shared hosting, which lets you have access to a higher quantity of storage space, RAM, CPU cores…

You will benefit from tools such as cPanel to set up a website. However, sometimes hosts will instead propose you to manage the server. They will, therefore, be responsible to repair issues such as service out.

Your needs and expectations will define the amount of the subscription you should choose. Since there is a huge amount of offers on the market, we decided to set up for you the 5 best VPS Hosting providers in 2024.


5 Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2024

Scalable & Cheap

  • Features: Great Customization, Servers In 4 Continents, Hourly & Monthly Billing
  • Money-back guarantee: Free trial 30-Days (credit card required)
  • Starting price: From $4/month
Start Free Trial
Great for Europe

  • Features: 15+ years of experience, KVM-based VPS, Access to cPanel & Plesk
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-Days
  • Starting price: From $2.59/month
Visit Time4VPS
For Small Budgets

  • Features: LiteSpeed Cache, Unlimited Bandwidth, US/EU/Asian data centers
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-Days
  • Starting price: From $2.99/month
Visit HostingerHostinger (India)
Best Specs

  • Features: NVMe storage, Free DDoS protection, Servers across 3 continents
  • Money-back guarantee: 14-Days
  • Starting price: From $6.99/month
Visit Contabo
Highly Customizable

  • Features: 1-Click CMS apps, 99.9% Uptime, Auto-healing server
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-Days
  • Starting price: From $6/month (Coupon: WHA1CENT)
Visit InterServer

What is VPS server hosting?

VPS Hosting is a virtual server that is reserved for each client that chooses to pay for it. Therefore, CPU, RAM, and all other data won’t be shared, you keep it for your use. To sum up, it’s the Shared Hosting with Root Server Access, Isolated Environment, and Dedicated Resources. The server is larger than the one of Shared Hosting.
best vps hosting provider

How does VPS server hosting work?

Every single unit that composes the physical machine is independent of all the others. This is one main point that differs from Shared Hosting. To sum, other websites can share with you one physical system, but the servers allocated to each of you are separated, which means that they won’t affect each other’s’ performance.

It’s the same as a building with several apartments. The fact that you share a building doesn’t stop you from enjoying the features inside your flat.

You have full control over your server, just as Dedicated Servers but for a lower price. As you may guess, the performance of your website will be better than if you choose shared servers with a cheap VPS host.

From the user's point of view, VPS hosting means:

Since you will have access to your dedicated resources, the performance of your website will be assured by the full access given to the root of the server. The security of your website is also guaranteed since it will be hosted in an isolated environment.

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS hosting is the perfect balance of price, performance, security, low costs and privacy. Some of the amazing benefits that you will get by using the VPS services are:

  • Shared cost of services
  • Fast server configuration
  • Better access to the server with more control
  • A private environment where the VPS server works
  • Service level similar to that of a dedicated server
  • Better performance than a shared server

Good questions to ask

There are a few important things to know before choosing the right offer. We decided to help you through your choice of the good VPS server by answering them.

Windows or Linux?

These are the two main Operating Systems used. Even if Linux offers great advantages that Windows doesn’t, the latter will be the optimal choice if your website runs on ASP /

Managed or not?

As you know, you don’t have any issue with server management with shared hosting since you don’t have access to the server itself. However, with VPS Hosting, you manage the entire virtual server.

Therefore, the management of the latter has to be done by someone. Some offers on the market exempt you from this kind of management. You will notice them with the referral “Managed”.

If you will have to deal with the server, then an “unmanaged” referral will be written. This means that you will be the only responsible and manager of any software crash or security issue.

If you don’t have the skills required to do familiar tasks (shutting down, rebooting, restarting servers…) and you don’t have knowledge in server management, we advise you to choose “managed” VPS Servers. In the opposite case, you will be able to save some money by choosing “unmanaged” VPS servers.

Also, you should keep in mind that the level of management/maintenance isn’t the same for all the companies. Therefore, a comparison will be needed.

Redundancy and scalability

The former refers to the backup resource that has to be set up. This means that the UPS systems and generators should be able to back up the failing of regular power supply.

For example, the overloading of a server should be backed up by another server that was made available for this type of incident.

Sudden/occasional loads on the server have to be handled by what we call “scalability”. This means that the consistent performance of your website has to be ensured.


This point attracts the curiosity of many of you. The price varies a lot between VPS Hosting providers depending on the number of offers available and other factors, such as the customization options, the service levels made available or the management that may be offered for example.

But as we know you would like to have a reference price, in general, a package of VPS Hosting with 20 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM will cost you 12-20 dollars/month.

Server specifications and configurations

Depending on your website’s characteristics (traffic, space requirements…), your needs will vary. But keep in mind that 1GB of RAM with 20 Go of storage will be the minimum needed.

Also, inform yourself about data transfer restrictions. What can you do in case you exceed the imposed limits? Therefore, think twice about getting a package that offers you a bit more than needed to not pay high fees for additional resources.

The choice of the Operating System that will run your VPS is extremely important. As we said previously Linux and Windows are the two best OS. Also, the update has to be done regularly by the VPS provider.

Moreover, check the backup protocols and the IP Address. How is the data protected? How many addresses can be included with my service? What’s the price of an additional address?

And last, check the CPU power. If you run a game server, then it has to be high. And in general, knowing the CPU power can be useful for many other cases.

Customer support

As we all know, issues can come from nowhere, especially in this kind of domain where bad manipulation can cause hard-to-solve issues. Therefore, a well-qualified support team will be needed, and this also means that it has to be 24/7.

Even your SEO can be affected by unrepaired issues, which will decrease the traffic on your website and make you lose market power. Therefore, choose wisely the offer depending on the customer support team.

Trial period

Use the free trial period to test the device: for example, you can use Pingdom to have an idea about the response time or the server uptime.

VPS compared to other types of hosting services

Here is a quick comparison with the main types of hosting available on the market:

VPS vs. Shared Hosting

Let’s use an example to understand more in-depth the difference between these two types of hosting services.

When you rent an apartment, you have access to someone’s assets: the hosting company. If there is a swimming pool, parking spaces… all these would be shared by the residents. It’s the same principle as the one of shared hosting, in which the CPU, RAM and disk space, for example, are shared by all the website owners sharing one single server.

VPS Hosting would be compared to a luxury apartment that has its own space but still sharing common properties. But you are responsible of the maintenance of your interior. You can have more or fewer rights: parking – more storage space for example.

However, there are still some disadvantages of VPS Hosting. First, it’s more expensive than shared hosting. Moreover, if you don’t choose the “Managed” server, you will have to maintain your server by yourself. Therefore, you have to ensure your knowledge in this field.

For instance, if you experience shutdowns for no reason, then you will have to repair it. However, if you choose “Managed servers”, you won’t have any issue concerning maintenance, in exchange for higher fees.

VPS vs. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting refers to the type of Hosting where you are responsible for the space that is made private: cleaning, maintenance, landscaping… Therefore, technical experience is required.

VPS Hosting lets you be an “owner” with more support, depending on the offer you choose: “Managed” or “Unmanaged”.

Cloud Hosting vs. Conventional VPS Hosting

Cloud-based VPS Hosting Provider is extremely famous nowadays. Some people confuse Cloud Hosting with Conventional VPS Hosting since both are based on virtualized environments and they use resources that come from one single source.

But let’s see what differs Cloud Hosting from Conventional VPS Hosting.

Conventional VPS

It’s a physical server located in a large server (“mother server”).  The latter is divided into several small servers that become the VPS Hosting accounts.

With enough traffic, the VPS account will get to the physical limit of the mother server.

Cloud VPS

In opposite to Conventional VPS, cloud-based VPS uses resources from one single machine that is a combination of several servers that are stick together.

This lets the client enjoy better performances than with Conventional VPS.

Conclusion: Is VPS Hosting Right for You?

The best choice is Kamatera because of the variety of pricing plans that can adapt to the business you are running. You’ll be able to find the right hosting plan depending on your needs: resource-heavy website for example.

Even if your budget is very low, you can purchase a hosting plan that fits your financial situation, and then with gains, you will be able to upgrade your subscription. This is a major advantage.

Activate Free Trial

Starting at $4/month
Scalable & Cheap

All Kamatera plans come with Free Trial 30-day money-back guarantee
Disclosure: We earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through referral links in this review. Thanks for your support!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Virtual Private Server is a kind of hosting account that reserves to use a part of a virtual server. You share physical hardware with other clients like you, but you have your part of the server that nobody can have access to.

Indeed, you have access to an Operating System, Software and Resource Allocations that are made private to you.

With Shared Hosting, there are risks. For instance, if one client contracts a virus, then everybody who shares the server with him will be affected. After this kind of incident, your website will become slower, which will affect your traffic. Everything is shared even if a folder is made for every single client.

In opposite, with Virtual Private Server, you have your container with your resources. You have more control and generally larger storage space.

Yes, it is since you have access to a part of the server that is allocated to your own use. Therefore, the OS, the software, and all other resources that are allocated to you are made private to your use.

However, you share a server with other clients. Therefore, if there is a problem with the disk drive, everyone would be affected by this failure.

If a customer is over-using a single resource of a shared hosting server, then everyone would be affected, which is not the case with VPS accounts.

No, you don’t have access to the physical server that is split for all the clients. However, you have full control over the hosting environment that is used by your website.

If you choose “Managed Hosting plan”, then your administrator will be in charge of the maintenance of the split of the server to you rent. However, with a preinstalled control panel, you can have control of your settings and act as if it was a shared hosting account. With these two resources, no technical knowledge is needed.

However, with the “Unmanaged Hosting plan”, you don’t have any technical support. Therefore, it would be a bad choice if you don’t have experience in server management. Moreover, you risk running outdated scripts or relaying spam for example, which will lead to a blacklist of your IP.

Therefore, if you doubt, choosing “Managed VPS” can be a smart choice.

You may install software, make a connection via SSH and restart the machine since, in major cases, you have superuser access. However, it’s not guaranteed and the host can limit your abilities to install.

Yes, since have your own resources improve performances, but many variables have to be considered before taking a conclusion. Avoid creating a bottleneck by having enough resources to run all the software you want.

Moreover, the physical hardware that runs VPS accounts works with higher connection speeds. You’ll need to check if SSD storage is offered, and do a review over the datacenter credentials.

It depends on your goals. For instance, your website’s speed will be improved with a great load time if enough resources are allocated. Therefore, your search ranking will also be improved.

However, sharing your IP address with a spammer client can definitely have a negative impact on your SEO.

Sharing a server with small websites with low resource consumption can be a great idea. Then you can switch to a VPS plan, which will let you have additional control and root access.

VPS Hosting will be better for professional websites than Shared Hosting since the loading of the website will be faster.

Begin with a cheap option before switching to VPS Hosting if you feel the need to increase the resources.

Pay great attention to your VPS plan. You will be charged for overages with some hosts. Others will push you to upgrade your subscription plan by contacting the Technical Support.

The best choice is to choose an elastic resources Cloud VPS plan. This will let you adapt your plan to your situation (your website, your goals and your financial situation). Also, don’t hesitate to use a CDN to reinforce your hosting plan. It can be useful during downtimes for example by never letting visitors experience the unavailability of your website.

Yes. You will find a free plan with Cloudflare for example.

It will reduce the bandwidth and the number of requests to your server. You will save money by avoiding mitigate threats.

Note that some hosts have a CDN that you will be able to implement after signing up for your plan. If not, do not hesitate to use Cloudflare for example.

Activate Free Trial

Starting at $4/month
Scalable & Cheap

All Kamatera plans come with Free Trial 30-day money-back guarantee
Disclosure: We earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through referral links in this review. Thanks for your support!

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