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Ease of use9.4

Data sheet of the host

FastComet is an American host but has datacenters across Europe, Asia, and the US.


Hosting Types

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • Cloud VPS
  • WordPress

Operating Systems



  • Chicago, Dallas, Newark (USA)
  • Frankfurt (DE)
  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • London (UK)
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo (JP)
  • Toronto (CA)
  • Mumbai (IN)
  • Sydney (AU)
fastcomet shared hosting

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

Managed WordPress

fastcomet shared hosting

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

Managed VPS Hosting

fastcomet cloudvps hosting

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

fastcomet dedicated hosting

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

About FastComet

FastComet is among the best website hosting services and won the trust of its users for its efficient and fast hosting. We tested FastComet for several months as it has gathered an abundance of positive user reviews online. In this evaluation, we test the services offered by FastComet on numerous factors to see whether the company justifies the reputation it has gained over time.

As per our evaluation report, FastComet offers high-quality features at an affordable price. You will receive server-side benefits for an excellent hosting experience. The host passed the tests of reliability and availability with optimal uptime. FastComet is an excellent choice to host your website with the vast variety of site-development tools it offers and the speed it delivers constantly.

  • Excellent Uptime.
  • Free daily Backups & Free Site Migration.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN and SSL, HTTP/2 & NGINX.
  • Solid Firewall with free malware scan and brute-force protection.
  • Fast, Great Support.
  • 45-Days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • if you choose to pay monthly the setup fee will be $19.95.
  • Does not offer an IP address dedicated to shared hosting users (you can't buy one).

Technical Features

fastcomet features

Free domain registration for life

Many hosts offer a free domain with their plans but they are usually free for the first year only. You are charged normally for these domains after the initial time expires. FastComet is different as it truly wants to give value to its customers. It offers a free domain with its hosting plans that stay free for a lifetime. All the domain related expenses are borne by the host and there are no hidden charges involved. It is a steal deal as there are a lot of expenses involved in the website development process. A reduced burden of cost in the form of domain charges means a big discount.

You can also transfer your domain name to FastComet from any other host at no extra charge. All the expenses and renewal process will be handled by FastComet.

Free site migration for novice users

Some hosting companies impose site migration charges when you transfer your website to their hosting plans from another one. FastComet cares for its customers and offers free site migration services. This again is a huge saving in costs when you transfer your hosting from another host to FastComet.

Internal site builder with 40 + ready-made widget and 300+ themes

Developing a high-quality website becomes a child’s play with the powerful drag and drop tool offered by FastComet. The website builder empowers you to create a beautiful professional-grade website even without any technical know-how.

You will find more than 300 themes and 40+ widget styles to mix and match on your website pages. It gives enough scope to use your creativity in the site development process.

fastcomet site builder

Free site surveillance and monitoring

Your website is your online identity and a flaw in your website can endanger your online presence. FastComet regularly monitors your website and maintains daily backups ranging from 7 days to 30 days, depending on the plan you choose. The service is completely free and provides you unlimited access to these backups. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore your site to a previous version with a single click.

The hosting company also offers 24/7 free assistance in restoring your website if you face any technical difficulties through the process.

Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare has 100+ data centers around the world distributing its server infrastructure widely. This empowers the websites with Cloudflare Content Delivery Network to perform better in terms of speed even if the site receives traffic from another part of the world. It is because the website data including images and script files are stored on all the servers of Cloudflare and information is transmitted to the viewer from his nearest server station for faster loading.

FastComet completely justifies its name by providing a free Cloudflare subscription with its hosting plans. Your website loads fast like a comet that delivers excellent user experience.


To further add to the site loading speed, FastComet has an internal caching system called RocketBooster based on PHP7, Varnish, Memcached, and APC with OPcache.


To add a layer of security to your website, FastComet uses BitNinja, a worldwide distributed security system. The machine-learning algorithm of this system prevents the servers from malicious traffic around the world.


With its SpeedUp plan, FastComet offers 3 to 10x faster page loading depending on the content available on your website. This hosting plan comes with the Varnish cache that speeds up Time To First byte improving the user experience.

PHP7 with APC & OPcache

The use of PHP7 with OPcache and APC equips your website to handle more visitors at a time and decreases the page loading time considerably. This greatly impacts your site’s performance positively.


FastComet uses a distributed cache system called Memcached that caches data and objects in RAM. This helps in minimizing the use of resources in running a process and, as a result, improves the performance of database-based sites.


Performance and Security


FastComet Uptime Guarantee & Speed Test Reports

The evaluation result shows that FastComet delivered an uptime of 99.99% in the past six months. It is reliable and stable even in high-traffic situations.

fastcomet uptime
fastcomet uptime

FastComet performs with remarkable stability under severe load.

fastcomet performance
fastcomet performance
ease of use

Ease of Use


FastComet is equipped with an intuitive dashboard that is extremely easy to use. The carefully designed user dashboard helps you perform all your important tasks from a single place, thereby, saving your time and effort.

Additionally, FastComet supports PHP7+, HTTP/2, and NGINX server technologies to increase the speed of your website. So, you can be sure of keeping your site up and running all the time with efficient loading times.

fastcomet dashboard
fastcomet dashboard



Comparing FastComet with its competitors, the host offers several additional features at no extra charges. The hosting plans are priced reasonably to provide value for your money. Just like any other company, long-term plans provide more value than short-term ones. Choosing a 3-year hosting plan will cost you the cheapest and you will receive so many advantages along with.

fastcomet shared hosting
fastcomet shared hosting

FastComet StartSmart

fastcomet start smart pricing
fastcomet start smart pricing

FastComet ScaleRight

fastcomet scale right pricing
fastcomet scale right pricing

FastComet SpeedUp

fastcomet speed up pricing
fastcomet speed up pricing
fastcomet cloudvps hosting
fastcomet cloudvps hosting
fastcomet dedicated hosting
fastcomet dedicated hosting

Reliability and Support

fastcomet chat record
fastcomet chat record

FastComet has an efficient support team that listens to all your queries patiently and comes with a solution. The live chat requests are handled instantly for your convenience.

Conclusion: Is FastComet Right for You?

FastComet is a force in the world of hosting, offering plans with great features and resources.

It also offers many types of plans that meet almost any requirement. Whether you want to create a small website or site that will receive millions of visitors a month, you have options that will give you the computing power you need. Better still, the prices are very advantageous and advantageous. The support and availability of applications are just the icing on a very sweet cake.

But I say that ultimately, the best way to use a service is to test it and FastComet offers a risk-free trial within 45 days to help you decide if you are the right partner. No harm in giving them a try.

Visit FastComet

Plans from just $2.59/month

FREE Domain for Life + FREE CDN!

All FastComet plans come with 45-day money-back guarantee
Disclosure: We earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through referral links in this review. Thanks for your support!

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