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The 5 Best Page Builders for WordPress in 2020

If you are Fed up with being hacking in HTML on your website and you are looking for the ย WordPress page to build and create your website, then we have encountered your problems by creating quality content. Throughout the most recent 3 years, we have...
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What are the Advantages of cPanel

You might be wondering why is cPanel very popular? What are the Advantages of cPanel? What's so special about cPanel? Well, One of the very first things that makes cPanel favored over other control panels, is it's simplicity and easy of use. No one can...
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Web Hosting Introduction

Find the right host One of the very basics for our web hosting introduction is to make the right decision about choosing the right web hosting company that will put your website online. So this choice can have an impact on the performance, availability, and...

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How to fix Disk Quota Exceeded

Disk quota exceeded is an error message that you get sometimes in cPanel when you try to upload a file, update the database or send an email within your control panel. Basically, this means that your accountโ€™s disk space is full, therefore, you need to...
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How to Transfer a Domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost

Itโ€™s no secret that Godaddy has really expensive prices when it comes to charging for all their products, and that includes: Domain names, Emails, Privacy domains, SSL certificates, etcโ€ฆ Compared to its competitors, they offer affordable prices. Luckily, Bluehost does that, and they offer some...

WordPress Malware Redirect Hack – How To Fix It?

What is a WordPress Malware Redirect?Definition Malwares can do a lot of damages to your website, in many different ways. One of them is to use your website as a promotional way for hackers and spammers to link back to their website. What does it...
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Advantages of VPS Hosting

Offered by the Best web hosts of the moment, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a fairly widespread type of offer. It is not very expensive and it offers quite satisfactory performance. It is also used by many companies and webmasters to host websites. In...
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Why Choose VPS

With the advent of web hosting, it became possible to share server resources with other users without reducing their efficiencies. Despite this option, which benefits more than one, some professionals still like the principle of privatizing servers. To meet this category of users, web hosts...
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How to Transfer Domain From Namecheap?

Have you bought a domain name on Namecheap and want to link it to your hosting? Are you changing hosts and wondering how to transfer your domain name from Namecheap? Well, we will see here how to transfer a domain name to its new host....
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