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InMotion hosting is basically a hosting service from the North American Market. At first, it was the most popular hosting only among the people of that area. Now, the hosting has been the choice of several people not only from Atlantic but also from every other region.

They hive a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is great. They further also provide many services including WordPress development. InMotion web host is among the best established on the North American market, offering outstanding performance for high-quality hosting.

We will here see everything you should know about InMotion hosting and we will also see the full InMotion Hosting WordPress review.

Ease of use9.0

Data sheet of the host

Most of the WordPress developers in the United States prefer InMotion hosting over any other. This is because of the blazing fast speed and quality support.

Further, you will also get a server solution for every single person. Whether you are a freelancer who is just starting out or you have large websites, InMotion is perfect for all of you.


Hosting Types

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • VPS
  • WordPress
  • Reseller

Operating Systems



  • US only !

InMotion offers you one of the most complete shared hosting packages in the market. The prices might be a more expensive than other hosts, but the quality and solidity justify it.

shared hosting inmotion

Three different shared plans are on offer with Linux OS. Launch plan is the simplest starting at $6.39 per month and requires a 1-year commitment. You get support for two websites and up to 6 domains. Power is the second option, starting at $8.49 per month, with 6 websites and 26 domains whereas Pro is the premium at $14.71 per month with unlimited sites and domains. There is no limit on email, storage, and monthly data transfers.

SSH access is also available as well as support for different languages including PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python. If you like to work on WP-CLI, it is also given. 20 times faster speed is on offer with SSDs and data backups are provided to everyone. Transfer and registering are free as well as a website builder that supports e-commerce.
Quality hardware and the global presence of data centers make it a great choice for businesses. You get high-end hardware in your reach at competitive pricing.

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

WordPress hosting by InMotion gives you great plans with a variety of features and diverse packages.

Speed is supplied with SSD infrastructure and caching integration helps you to take advantage of modern-day hardware and assure minimal load time for your site and resources.

wordpress hosting inmotion 1
wordpress hosting inmotion 2

InMotion gives you three levels of hosting that you can choose according to your needs and budget. Optimized servers for WP performance are also available, based on Linux, starting at $6.99 per month and requiring annual commitment.

CMS is installed in the servers and daily backups are free. Software updates are also automatic and you can integrate and update your third-party plug-ins for WP. NGINX custom-configured server is also available for WP installation along with the internal cache system.

If you want an e-commerce website, you can go for the average or top plan. They are high end and gives you unlimited WP installations for your e-commerce site.

All the hosting packages provide you a free domain and decent disk space. You can integrate unlimited emails and get support for languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, with SSH access.

InMotion hosting has also made a good name by providing great support. Though they are not the cheapest in the market, they are reliable and trustworthy and they offer packages that are known for their performance and features.

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

VPS hosting plans are perhaps the most attractive by InMotion as you get the latest hardware and powerful software.

All VPS plans give you RAID 6 SSD storage which is super fast and they come with good RAM, providing you great value for money.

managed vps hosting inmotion

For VPS hosting, you can opt for managed and unmanaged packages where pricing difference isn’t much high. Packages for VPS hosting starting at $34.19 per month and go all the way up to $74.34 per month. Great specifications are included even in the basic plan as you get 8 GB RAM with 6 TB data transfer and an impressive 260 GB storage. Other features include emails and domains with unlimited databases and websites.

VPS hosting by InMotion runs on Linux CentOS6 and you get a license for cPanel. WHM is also included to help you resale the unused resources with ease.

You get a great uptime with InMotion and the VPS host is certainly a great offering by the company. If there is any problem, you can always consult their support staff.

Moreover, InMotion gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee which is the longest by any host.

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

vps hosting selfmanaged inmotion

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

Fast and reliable dedicated hosting is on offer by InMotion with the best hardware in the market.

You get SSH and root access to the server that provides you the required control. The plans are managed and SysAdmin time is required at the launch which takes about 2 to 4 hours. As time is taken, you can be certain that the configuration is being done as per your needs. cPanel and WHM are provided with each solution.

dedicated hosting inmotion 1
dedicated hosting inmotion 2

The dedicated plans give you solid CPU, RAM and storage capacity with numerous IP addresses. InMotion has implemented a non-reboot structure for kernel updates and assures zero downtime.

Linux based dedicated web servers are configurable and provide you SSD space of 500 GB and data transfer capacity of 6 TB. The offered RAM is 8 GB which you may extend to 16 GB or even 64 GB with InMotion CC-2000 plan.

30-day money-back guarantee is also on offer for dedicated plans which is another impressive offering and something that only a few hosts provide.

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

If you plan on acting as a reseller, InMotion is amongst the best bets. There are 3 reseller plans where features are pretty identical but the difference lies in resource allocation.

reseller hosting inmotion 1
reseller hosting inmotion 2

There are 3 different reseller plans which come with different resources. The entry-level package, R-1000S, gives you entry-level solution with 80 GB storage and 800 GB monthly data transfer. However, the pro is that you get an unlimited number of control panels.

Along with solid infrastructure, the company offers exciting features to the resellers. For instance, you get a dedicated IP address and the eNom domain is also free. Also, you get access to Softaculous and similar other apps such as BoldGrid white free SSH access are also provided. You can manage the sites and billing with ease via WHMCS software.

The introductory prices are slightly lower and the renewal prices.

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting has now been in the industry for years. It was started back in 2001 to provide the best hosting to all the people. Today, the website is popular in all countries. Especially, the hosting company has a great rating and reviews when it comes to the US market.

This is because their servers are mostly located in the US giving out the maximum loading speed to the people of America. So, if you have the target audience as America, you should go with InMotion.

They basically have three shared hosting plans which you can choose from. They further offer managed WordPress hosting which also has three plans to choose from. InMotion is mostly popular because of this particular hosting. Their servers are best suited for anyone who is using WordPress.

  • US-based support.
  • Free Domain & SSD.
  • Host High Performance.
  • Packs for sites of all sizes with innovative technology, including green servers and maximum speed zones.
  • CPanel / WHM Control Panels.
  • Excellent live support and documentation.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Data centers are only available in North America.
  • No plans based on Windows.
  • The wide variety of packs may not help to make a choice.
plans hosting inmotion

Further, they also have VPS plans or dedicated server plans for you to go with. They also have a couple of services which you can go with. For instance, they can create a WordPress website for you at $99.

Talking numbers, they have more than 300,000 websites hosted on their servers. Let’s get into the in-depth review. We are mainly going to focus on InMotion Hosting WordPress review.


Technical Features

features shared hosting plan

High tech

They have their servers in Los Angeles, California. They spend millions of dollars on making the system and the server better. The company has high-end dell servers which are perfect when it comes to performance. For bandwidth and data, they use Cisco systems.

Not to mention, you will also get the SSD storage with SSH access when you go with it.

Open-Source Applications

People have now shifted towards CMS a lot. These are the open-source applications that every hosting needs. InMotion has one-click support for open source applications. You can easily install them with ease.

You can easily install scripts like WordPress, Joomla, etc. This brings us to the next section where we will see InMotion Hosting WordPress review.

InMotion supports Ruby, PERL, Python and all the popular PHP versions. Further, you will also get for SSH access aswell. Not to mention that you can host your database with PostgreSQL or MySQL. You can also set cron jobs for automation on your Cpanel.

Special features WordPress

Here comes the main part, as we have been saying that InMotion is best for WordPress, right? So, in this section, we are going to see the full InMotion Hosting WordPress review.

It has been #1 choice for the WordPress user. Especially, if you are using WordPress and also you have the target audience mostly from America, you will love InMotion Hosting WordPress review.

Managed WordPress hosting is where the host manages some of the technical things for you. Further, their servers are optimized to use any particular software. In this case, InMotion has an NGINX server that is specially optimized for WordPress. It will give better performance compared to the normal ones.

InMotion Hosting will give you free BoldGrid if you choose to go with the managed hosting. BoldGrid is basically a website builder that you can use to create a professional-looking WordPress theme.

They also give you a bunch of premium plugins for free. You can choose all these from the complete library which they provide you. Further, you can also stage your website with ease whenever you want.

When it comes to backup, you can quickly take a snapshot of BoldGrid whenever you want and rollback it when needed. We will discuss it more about it on the backup section, this section is only for InMotion Hosting WordPress review.

They have three plans for WordPress hosting, you can host 1, 2, and 3 websites on the plans respectively. If you go with higher plans, they also give you Jetpack premium plugin for free. There are many plugins which you will get for free such as SEO plugin, backup plugin, drag and drop builder, etc. They can also transfer your website from the current host to InMotion for free.

So, this was all about InMotion Hosting WordPress review. Let’s move further.

Green Server technology that respects the environment

They started going green a couple of years back. The data center which is located in Los Angeles was the first center to go completely green.

Basically, they reuse the materials which can help a lot in the environment. They further reduce the use of carbon production. InMotion has partnered up with a couple of eco-friendly organizations to make this happen. You can read more about in their Green hosting section.

So, in simpler words, when you go with InMotion hosting, your website will be hosted in an eco-friendly server.


You surely need backups. InMotion hosting allows you to take a backup yourself. Also, they will take auto backups regularly. They do not charge any fee for restoration. So, you can restore them whenever you want with ease.

However, they do have a couple of limits in backup which is still fine.


Performance and Security


InMotion Uptime Guarantee & Speed Test Reports

They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the website will load in less than 250ms. However, the loading time still depends on your website. As many things matter when it comes to the loading speed.

inmotion feb 2016 response speed

However, InMotion hosting will give its best from their side.

inmotion hosting uptime 2019 01

InMotion Hosting uptime for the past 30 days (January 2019) – 100%.

inmotion uptime 2018 10

InMotion Hosting uptime for the past 30 days (September / October 2018) – 100%.

inmotion hosting uptime 201808

No outage recorded at InMotion Hosting in June / July 2018.

Premium Sucuri Plugin for WordPress users!

We intentionally didn’t include this in the InMotion Hosting WordPress review section. A little surprise for you, you will also get Premium Sucuri Plugin for all the WordPress users.

For the people who don’t know, Sucuri is an ultimate plugin or toolkit for WordPress security.

Defense system against DDoS attacks

DDoS is the most common type of attack that is done on the website. The hosting company should take special care of the website.

InMotion hosting provides amazing security against DDoS and all the other types of attacks. They are in partners with Corero Network Security which gives Smartwall Threat Defense System or TDS protection for all the attacks.

Further, they also offer free SSL which will decrease the chances of attack making your website more secure and better.

In simpler words, whether you are using WordPress or you are using any other, you don’t need to worry about the security. They handle it all in a very good way.

ease of use

Ease of use


Now, let’s talk about the ease of use. InMotion uses cPanel for hosting like every other host out there. Cpanel is very easy to use and even a newbie can do it with ease.

You can install WordPress and other scripts with one click using Softaclous.

Talking about the dashboard, they have a pretty unique dashboard. You will see your product details directly over there. Further, you will also be able to open a support ticket with one click. We will surely review the support soon, let’s talk about pricing first.

inmotion hosting account panel
inmotion cpanel main sections



InMotion Hosting has many plans for you to go with. The pricing starts at $6.39 for shared hosting and if you plan to go with WordPress hosting, it will cost you $6.99 a month for the first time. The pricing will surely change depending on the duration of your hosting.

They are always running some sort of scheme, so you might even get a discount sometimes. The prices are surely a little bit more than other hosts. Along with this, you also get various other unique features that very few hosts are giving.

inmotion shared hosting costs
inmotion shared hosting costs
inmotion vps hosting costs
inmotion vps hosting costs

All the shared hosting plans have an unlimited amount of storage and the number of the website depends on the plan.

WordPress Hosting: We only saw a glance about plans in the InMotion Hosting WordPress review section. So, here are the rest of the details.

  • Free Domain: Yes!
  • Ease of registration: It is simple and easy. Only 4 steps.
  • Payment methods: You can use a Credit card.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: The limit is 50,000 files which are enough.
  • Account activation: You will get a phone call before it gets activated.
  • Control panel and dashboard: They use cPanel.
  • Installing applications and CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Softaculous installer which comes in cPanel.

Go here to find out more!


Reliability and support


You will get 90 days money-back guarantee just in case you think InMotion was not the right choice for you.


Support is amazing over here. You will get direct phone support. They have US phone numbers. If you do not feel comfortable calling, you can surely use their live chat whenever you want. There is very little waiting time when you go with live chat.

They have an amazing support team that will handle each and every query happily. You will surely get the answer that you are looking for when it comes to supporting.

Not to mention, you can always contact them using the traditional support system, i.e ticket system. They claim to be the best when it comes to customer support. Overall, they do give the best support. Even the customer reviews are positive about it and when we had a problem, they solved it in a couple of minutes which is great.

If you are just getting started and have no idea what to do next, their customer support team can help you.

Website transfer policy

They offer free website transfer for all the users. Your website will be transferred from the current host to InMotion web hosting with no downtime. So, you don’t need to worry about your visitors getting affected by it.

However, they do have a couple of limits when it comes to the transfer such as your website should not exceed certain limits and you can only transfer limited websites. If you have more websites, you can contact the team and they will help you out with your query.

Overall, the transfer policy is amazing as you will get a free website migration regardless of which plan you select.

Conclusion: Is InMotion Hosting Right for You?

To conclude, InMotion hosting is an amazing solution for someone who wants quality hosting and is fine with paying a bit extra. They have blazing fast servers and it is highly recommended for the people who use WordPress.

You will surely benefit from other features that InMotion hosting gives. If you have no idea which plan is for you, you can head over to their server solution page and they will suggest you some of the plans you can go with.

Visit InMotion

Plans from $7.99 $6.39/mo

That’s 20% OFF! + FREE DOMAIN!!

All InMotion Hosting plans come with 90-day money-back guarantee
Disclosure: We earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through referral links in this review. Thanks for your support!
Good for Heavy Sites
  • Disk space: 100 GB (SSD) ⇢ Unlimited
  • Bandwidth (traffic): Unlimited
  • Number of websites allowed: 2 ⇢ Unlimited

InMotion hosting is no doubt one of the best web hosting you can get if you are looking for a WordPress host. They provide various types of excellent hosting services which you can purchase.

Among all the hosting plans, their WordPress hosting is truly outstanding. Especially, if you have an audience from North America, it is a highly recommended host.

The loading time is fast and also the uptime is very good. The hosting will cost you a little bit extra than the market. Along with that, you will get great quality over here.

If you have a large number of websites or projects and you are looking for a reliable host which can handle all of the data at once, you should go with the InMotion web hosting. It is perfect hosting even for a growing website or for an established website.

In fact, when we reviewed all the hosting plans, we can say that the InMotion hosting WordPress review section is one of the most positive ones.

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