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When looking for a hosting for WordPress, you should be able to tell the difference between companies offering a simple WP installer and those specializing in managed WordPress hosting. Not all hosting providers are “WordPress Experts” and some vendors are fully specialized in the most popular CMS dedicated solutions on the market! More expensive than hosting on an average shared server, the goal is displayed here: to provide a simple and powerful, secure and fast solution to take full advantage of this excellent CMS WP.

If you are a small or medium business, if your site is neither too heavy nor too complex or if you don’t get traffic of million visitors each month, normally a good shared web hosting provider that supports WordPress will likely be more than enough.

Are you embarking on a more ambitious project and need to achieve good levels of performance without breaking the bank? The plans presented on this page may interest you! Outsourcing the management of your web hosting account can save you valuable time, without having to upgrade to more expensive VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server solutions. The following hosts can take care of all the technical aspects of managing your website for you.

The specialized WordPress web host will be responsible here most often for the migration of your old WP site if you already have one. Their customer support 24/7 is obviously specialized WP, which allows them to solve any

problem related to this CMS. On top of that, they also take care of all WordPress updates so you do not have to worry about them.

WP Specialty hosts go one step further, optimizing their servers to improve the performance of this CMS, and sometimes adding extras like a free content delivery network (CDN for excellent download speeds) or SSL certificates free!

There are many hosting companies offering WP plans with outsourcing services, and we offer you a detailed Top 5.

Whether you are a new user or an established business with a WP-based site, you should consider using these services to get a good ROI for your project!

Comparison of the best WordPress hosting in 2024


  • Features: In-house Support (USA), Unlimited Disk space, No increased renewals
  • Money-back guarantee: 97-Days (longest period)
  • Starting price: From $2.59/month
Visit DreamHostRead Full Review
WordPress Partner

  • Features: Official WordPress recommendation, Free Domain & SSL, $150 advertising credits
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-Days
  • Starting price: From $2.95/month
Claim (68% OFF)Read Full Review
Best Support

  • Features: Extremely fast servers, Free Migrations, Free Automatic Backups
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-Days
  • Starting price: From $3.99/month
Visit SiteGroundRead Full Review
For High Performance

  • Features: Free Migration, Unmetered Storage, Windows hosting, Newbie-friendly
  • Money-back guarantee: 45-Days
  • Starting price: From $2.75/month
Visit A2HostingRead Full Review
For Small Budgets

  • Features: LiteSpeed Cache, US/EU/Asian data centers, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-Days
  • Starting price: From $1.99/month
Visit HostingerHostinger (India)

WordPress rules on the Web

WordPress is the leader in terms of blog platforms. Indeed, 55% of the websites that are currently active on the Internet are powered by WP. This explosion in popularity is mainly because this platform has been able to renew itself every time with new extensions and widgets.

As you may guess, not all web hosts are as performant as each other. Deep research has to be done, and it may be very confusing… Some of them will require you to install and configure all the parameters by yourself, while others will manage the entire process and ensure great maintenance.

Let’s have a look at the basic offers of WordPress.

Managed or unmanaged WordPress hosting?

Choosing a managed hosting will let you benefit from the help of a very competent team for any kind of questions and technical issues. Also, the update of the website is ensured by the host.

If you still hesitate between managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting, you just have to answer this simple question: do I want to assume my responsibility for any kind of issue?

By choosing unmanaged hosting, you will be able to learn all the ins and outs of the Platform. But keep in mind that you will be able to change your subscription at any time.

What should you search for in a good hosting for WordPress

Few features need close attention to make an accurate evaluation of the hosting services of WordPress. First, check its performance. A good host is needed to build a very successful website. The loading speed will be influenced by these criteria, which will also impact the traffic on your website.

Then, have a look at the options that are made available. Indeed, you will need your host to propose your subscriptions that fit your goals and your website’s profile.

Also, check the backup management, as well as the backup system. It’s very important to sustain your project.

The security features have to be strong, as well as a competent Customer Support Team.

A very important point is that the host has to be WordPress oriented because it will let you enjoy your website even more by using more features.

And finally, have a very close look at the Quality/Price Ratio. What you want is a host that will help you improve the performance of your website. You can begin on a low budget and increase it slowly.

Take these steps very seriously if you don’t want to invest in something that isn’t worth it. In general, you’ll easily find a high-quality host that fits your budget.

best hosting for wordpress

Why is the loading speed of a site so important?

Having a slow loading website will just drive the visitors away since people don’t want to lose time watching a white screen. This will lead to a lower ranking in the SERPs with rising bounce rates and fewer pages visited. As a result, the conversion rate will decrease and your profit as well.

Therefore, the choice of WordPress hosting is extremely important.

What hosting for WordPress?

A load of your website has to be quick, the security has to be granted (SSL certificates) and the customer support has to be qualified.

So we chose 5 of the most popular candidates for WordPress hosting.

Some of these hosting providers have data centers in Europe, the USA, and Asia as well.

Then we set up a series of tests that will allow us to compare these hosts on the various points mentioned above.

What does WordPress Specialty Hosting offer you?

We did a comparison of WordPress hosts to help you find the optimal way to run your website. Some will even take care of the Software updates, the site backups and even the migration of your website.

Optimized servers

Dreamhost is an example of a Cloud hosting plan that is optimal for clients that want an extremely small loading time for their website. But Siteground, for example, has optimized its platform for WordPress.

The SuperCacher plugin: accelerated site loading

The SuperCacher service is used with several platforms, including Drupal. It’s available on all the cheapest Shared Hosting plans.

How to use SuperCacher?

It’s required to upload the SiteGround SG Optimizer plugin to run SuperCacher with WordPress. If necessary, an update of your account will be made before activating the catching services.

Special security function

You will be able to detect all the malicious visitors and redirect them to a Captcha page thanks to the Al protection algorithm of SiteGround.

WordPress pre-installed

By choosing the Managed formula, you won’t have to take care of the installation or anything. The Host will launch automatically, during the first connection, the process of WordPress configuration.

With SiteGround, there won’t be any effort required since it already offers this feature.

The installation process is greatly simplified and help can be provided online.

How does the location of the datacenter affect the connection speed of the clients?

The ideal option is to have a website host with a server located very close to your customers.


Choosing the right location

For instance, choosing a data center in Paris can be the optimal choice if you live in France. The response time will be affected in a positive way than if you choose a data center located in New York. The same in the other way. The idea is to choose the closest data center.

Also, some Hosts have data centers all around the world, which the ideal option. You can learn more by checking the page review of each hosting provider.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

To speed the optimization of your website, you will need a CDN. Several hosts offer CloudFlare CDN for free. You can have it in your Control Panel by default or by configuring it as a separate service.

How to make the right choice of the best WordPress web host?

You might be wondering and asking yourself this question: but which web hosting provider to choose for WordPress?

Everyone knows that the support and reputation of the web host are important factors to consider.

But there is another important factor that you need to consider to make the best decision.

This is to determine “your needs”.

What are your needs?

This can help you save a lot of money. Indeed, depending on your needs, you will be able to choose Free Hosting, Cheap Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated/managed Hosting. Let’s talk about them separately.

What is free WordPress hosting?

The downside of this kind of offer is that it is composed of banner ads or links redirecting to their website on every single page of yours. To make profits, Free WordPress Hosts will add banners and malicious codes on your pages.

Moreover, they aren’t reliable. Therefore, you can’t know the exact date when the service won’t be offered anymore.

WordPress hosting on a shared server

This one is the most popular, especially for beginners. The principle is simple: you share a server with a large number of websites to pay less.

However, even if Web Hosts mention the word “unlimited”, the resources aren’t in reality. When you will start using a huge part of the resources allocated, you will be politely asked to upgrade your subscription.

If you don’t, the performance of your website will be heavily impacted.

Host your blog on a VPS

The principle is simple: one physical server is divided into many servers that will be individually reserved for the clients. The server is shared between many people, but you still keep a lot of control (almost as much as if you subscribe to a dedicated server).

It’s often used by advanced bloggers and developers for example. A managed VPS Hosting will be required if you don’t have any knowledge in the technical field of web development.

Why choose Siteground?

Our choice of the best American & European hosting falls on Siteground.

My choice is based on several solid arguments that put it ahead of other competitors.

All-inclusive WordPress hosting plan

With more than 15 years of existence, Siteground has been able to accumulate expertise in the field of hosting and in particular the most important CMS.

Siteground offers you all that is needed to launch an attractive and powerful WordPress site. Here is an overview of the options available:

  • WordPress preinstalled
  • Disk space: 30 GB SSD ultra fast
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Excellent technical support

Ultra fast servers

A test of the response of their servers demonstrates this:

Their priority is the security and the confidentiality of its customers’ data.

Conclusion: Is WordPress Hosting Right for You?

Whether you want to create a website showcase, e-commerce, a blog, etc., WordPress is the ideal tool to create a website. Web hosts have understood this and most of them offer optimized hosting for the WordPress CMS. We analyzed for you the formulas really powerful and adapted to the CMS WordPress. We tested according to various criteria the performances of the formulas of the hosts proposing this software.

Think about the size of your website, your technical skill level, and the amount of traffic you expect from your website.

If you choose WordPress hosting, look at the fine print and consider the cost of a separate email hosting provider, if needed.

You want to create a website but you do not know what technology to use? WordPress has become one of the easiest CMS to use. Ideal for professionals as for the beginner, the CMS was initially essential for the creation of a blog. Today, WordPress is suitable for all kinds of web projects thanks to its flexibility and power.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

All the functionalities needed to have a smooth run of any kind of business website are handled by the CMS. Free and easy to install, it’s very intuitive and simple to use. The security is granted.

Definitely not. WordPress lets all its customers take benefit of the plugins and themes that are on its website. If you wish to manually change the theme, then some very basic coding knowledge will be needed.

Yes. You can download it for free.

It’s very simple. On the website, you’ll find a tool Import/Export to succeed in your steps. However, this won’t migrate the whole installation of WordPress, nor the settings/email accounts.

Make sure to choose a web host that will move your website in your place and for free. You can learn more by reading the terms and contacting the sales team. For instance, SiteGround, A2Hosting, and InMotion Hosting offer free migration.

If you migrate from and to the same control panel, then it will be extremely easy and the websites will be clones of each other.

However, if the control panels are different, then you may have to pay. Moreover, if you migrate from a managed WordPress host, you will be required to import the database backup by yourself.

It becomes easy to create a website, as well as to administrate it. It’s the most famous CMS on the market with software that doesn’t require registration/subscription fees.

It’s easy to use, with free/paid themes and plugins. You will find a theme that suits your style. No technical knowledge will be required, which is perfect for people who wish to create a blog, an e-commerce store and so on.

Yes. Every day, billions of plugins are developed to adapt them to customers’ needs. Many extensions such as Yoast SEO are there to optimize your SEO.

WordPress understood that a website with bad referring isn’t interesting at all. Therefore, the CMS was created to improve your position on Search Engines.

A webserver with PHP 7.x (or higher) & MySQL 5.0.15 (or higher) is required. Many plans from OS Linux and Windows are suitable for WordPress.

Note that WordPress will kindly ask you to move to VPS Hosting Server if your website needs a high quantity of resources.

Yes. WP recommends you to use Apache / Nginx as web servers. Also, the mod_rewrite module from Apache will be required to take advantage of the SEO optimization. The PHP tool will be a great idea to ensure more security for your website.

Using a one-click installer will push the script to make assumptions about default settings. But for Blogs and Online Stores, for example, the one-click installation tools won’t be a problem.

It’s the target of many hackers for the simple reason that it’s the dominant CMS on the market. A great idea is to use two different usernames on your administrator account and the account used to create/manage the content. This will hide the administrator’s username from malicious users.

Use a security plugin to detect malicious login attempts, file changes, and malware. You will find many security plugins in the repository of WordPress plugins.

Visit DreamHost

Plans from $7.99 $2.59/month

All DreamHost plans come with 97-day money-back guarantee
Disclosure: We earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through referral links in this review. Thanks for your support!

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