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If you’re thinking about buying a web hosting plan from Godaddy, you must have seen a plan called “Economy” under Linux Hosting, but What is exactly this so-called Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel?

We’ll go over exactly what and who this economy Linux plan is for, as well as it’s limitations.

What is Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel?

godaddy shared web hosting plan

The Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel plan offered by Godaddy is an entry-level Linux web hosting plan for running single websites.

It is capable of handling the needs of a new website with minimal or moderate traffic. It comes with an unmetered bandwidth allocation, which makes it capable of serving a lot of visitors at the same time.

Features of Godaddy Economy hosting plan with cPanel

The Godaddy Economy Linux with cpanel comes with a mixture of entry-level features which include the following:

Single Domain

The Godaddy Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel only allows you to host a single domain, so if you have plans of using more than one domain, then you would need to buy a new plan or opt-in for a higher-tier shared web hosting plan like Godaddy Deluxe or Ultimate plan.

Tip: It is highly advisable to purchase your domain name from another registrar like Namecheap and point it at Godaddy, simply because the renewal rates are much cheaper with Namecheap.

Free Domain For One Year

Free domain godaddy

When you purchase any Godaddy economy hosting plan, you get a free domain to go with it for the first year, which is something you don’t see most linux hosting providers do.

NOTE: The Free domain freebie only applies to a plan purchase duration of 12 months minimum, if you purchase a plan for one month, you will not be eligible for a free domain name.

Free Business Email Account

Free business email account godaddy

You also get a free business email account for the first year when you purchase any Linux hosting with cPanel.

The email mailbox comes with 5GB worth of dedicated storage for receiving emails, storing contacts, and other email features.

NOTE: The freebie only applies to a plan purchase duration of 12 months minimum, if you purchase a plan for one month, you will not be eligible for a  Business Email Account.

100GB Worth of Allocated Disk Storage

The Godaddy Economy plan offers a substantial 100GB SSD disk storage allocation, which is not common with most entry-level hosting plans provided by other companies.

Unmetered Bandwidth

This plan, as well as other higher-tiered Godaddy Linux hosting with cPanel offer unmetered bandwidth.

unlimited bandwidth Godaddy

You should be aware that Godaddy has a Fair Usage Policy on Bandwidth usage, which enforces a few restrictions not mentioned on the sale page of the Economy Linux Hosting plan.

Cpanel Access

All Godaddy Linux hosting plans come with Cpanel access, including the Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel plan.

One-Click Software Installation

Although Godaddy economy hosting plan does not come with the Softacolous Add-on in the Cpanel, it does offer a custom solution for installing software like WordPress & Joomla quickly, including (125 Applications like Drupal, AngularJS, etc…)

On-Demand Resource Upgrade

Resources ondemand Godaddy

Need more RAM? Or maybe you’re almost out of storage, with the Godaddy Economy hosting Plan or any other Linux hosting plan, you can pay for any add-on resources in just one click.

1 GB of Allocated Database Storage

All Godaddy Linux Hosting plans come with 1GB worth of database storage, the Godaddy’s Economy Linux hosting plan is no exception.

Note: Though you have 1GB worth of Allocated Database Storage, you can only create about ten databases on the Godaddy economy Linux hosting with cPanel plan.

Standard Performance (Uptime)

All though they claim to have a 99% uptime, I found that not to be true, Godaddy experiences massive downtimes during the year.

NOTE: Many customers have complained about the slow speed of Godaddy for their sites, I can confirm this because I had my own clients that faced the same issue.
Godaddy Server Response Times
Slow Godaddy
slow Godaddy server response time
Slow Server response times on Godaddy
IMPORTANT: Be aware that Godaddy has a list of WordPress plugins that they blacklisted which include the caching plugins that are supposed to improve the site speed.

Pricing of Godaddy Economy Linux Hosting Plan

As of when writing this article, Godaddy offers a 33% discount on all Godaddy linux hosting with cPanel accounts for the first year.

economy plan godaddy

For the first year, Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with Cpanel Plan would cost you $72, which is about $5.99 a month.

After the first year, the renewal price for the subsequent years would be $108, which is also about $8.99 a month.

NOTE: Godaddy actually charges you for the SSL certificate which you will have to pay for a sum that goes up to $63/year, which is ridiculous in my opinion when almost all the other top linux web hosting services offer the SSL for free.

Luckily, I got a special 89% Discount for my readers, you can buy it for as low as $1/Month + Free domain (for the first year).
In total it will cost you $12 for the first year (higher renewal rates will apply the second year).

Who Is Godaddy Economy Linux Hosting Plan For?

If you’re running a small business and want to create an online presence or display a portfolio of your work, then this linux hosting plan would definitely be ideal.

Trying to run a streaming website or something resource intensive would definitely not perform as well as you’d hope except it’s limited to a number of users.

Is Godaddy Economy Linux hosting with cPanel worth it?

No, it’s not. There are far better options like Bluehost that offer better linux hosting with cPanel services in terms of quality and price.

Bluehost most searched hosting provider

Bluehost is Officially Recommended By WordPress for a good reason.

wordpress recommends bluehost hosting
Bluehost Officially Recommended by

From my personal experience, you should expect with Godaddy slow loading times for your sites on all their shared hosting plans, unfortunately, people don’t get to know that until they sign up for the Linux web hosting plan.

In addition to that, the domain name renewal rates keep on increasing over the years after.

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