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Iceland has emerged as a global leader in the field of fiber optics Internet usage and deployment. High-speed internet powers homes and businesses in Iceland, and it also provides support for net neutrality.

Additionally, the country has strict privacy protection laws and freedom of the press. All these factors have contributed to making Iceland a preferred destination for data centers. There’s no doubt that many good hosting providers provide high-quality services through the data centers located in Iceland to keep your website up and running.

The choice of the right web hosting company in Iceland will depend on several factors like the types of servers used, best features and benefits, website uptime guarantee, support services, and competitive pricing.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Iceland web hosting and the best Iceland hosting providers, which provide quality services at the best prices.

Let’s get a deeper insight into Iceland hosting.

5 Best Iceland Hosting Providers in 2024

Best VPS Hosting
Impreza (Offshore VPS)
Best Shared Hosting
FlokiNET (Shared - Iceland 1 plan)
Hosting plans
Hosting plans
Impreza (Offshore VPS)
FlokiNET (Shared - Iceland 1 plan)
Payment Methods
Payment Methods
PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 20 more
Paypal, Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies)
Starting Price
Starting Price

If you are considering offshore website hosting in Iceland, here are the best hosting companies that offer reliable services at competitive prices.

Let’s review each Iceland hosting provider in detail.

1. (Top Choice)

impreza iceland servers is one of the top offshore hosting providers offering vps servers and VPS hosting solutions in Iceland.

It is a preferred choice for hosting any kind of TOR browser because you have the flexibility to publish any content on the server without worrying about being monitored. Impreza ensures complete privacy of your data and facilitates anonymous operations.

Features of Impreza

The primary features of Impreza offshore website hosting are discussed herewith:

  • High Bandwidth & SSD Storage Space: Their offshore hosting plans in Iceland offer up to 5TB bandwidth, ensuring your website is up and running, always. Additionally, you get access to exceptionally high storage space of up to 2 x 500GB SATA SSD.
  • Excellent Performance: Their dedicated servers in Iceland are powered by 2x Hexa-Core Intel Xeon X5650 and 2x Octa-Core Intel Xeon E5-2650v2. This ensures superior performance of your website, with faster loading time.
  • 100% Privacy and Anonymity: Being a Tor-supported website hosting provider with data centers in Iceland, Impreza ensures complete privacy and anonymity of your website data.
  • Pay Using Cryptocurrencies: They accept payments through Bitcoin, which further helps secure your data and maintain the anonymity of all transactions.

Pricing of Impreza

Impreza offshore VPS servers hosting plans start at $40/month. The packages are affordable, and offer a wide range of features to ensure the best website hosting experience.

impreza offshore vps servers

2. FlokiNET (Best for shared hosting)

flokinet shared hosting plans

FlokiNET is an Iceland-based website hosting company that provides a secure and reliable framework for whistleblowers, free press, and freedom of speech projects.

They provide flexible, incorruptible, and autonomous hosting solutions that support the publishing of unique ideas through your website.

Features of FlokiNET

Key features of FlokiNet shared hosting plans include:

  • Quick Setup With Softaculous: To offer a hassle-free experience, FlokiNET servers are built on Softaculous which aids in one-click installation. You can choose from over 374 scripts and build your website in minutes.
  • Fully Secure: All plans feature Let’s Encrypt automatic SSL certificates, brute force protection, high-security firewall, and optional security scans.

    They also provide DDoS Protection, Whois Protection as well as other solutions that keep your information safe. FlokiNet is known to use the TOR (The Onion Router) nodes and encrypted communications. FlokiNET does not share your data with third parties and also provides legal support to clients in matters related to data infringement.

  • SSD Hosting: SSD server performance is relatively higher as compared to the average HDD, offering up to 5x more bandwidth, 300x higher response time, and 1000x better I/O performance. You get the benefits of fast SSD servers provided by FlokiNet.
  • Unlimited Resources: They do not have any limit on the number of email accounts, domains, and sub-domains that can be attached to your website.
  • Denial-of-Service Mitigation: For websites hosted in Iceland, the company ensures protection under a DDoS filter that has a capability of around 1700 Gbps. This provides one of the best DDoS protection you can ever have in the market.

Pricing of FlokiNET

FlokiNET shared hosting plans in Iceland start at $3.50/month, offering 4GB SSD web storage, 1GB RAM, unmetered traffic, DDoS protection, and 2 MySQL databases.

3. OrangeWebsite

orangewebsite homepage

When it comes to offshore Iceland hosting, Orange Website is a name you can trust.

It has data centers located in Iceland, providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee, fast connectivity, secure hosting solutions, and superior customer satisfaction. Today, Orange Website is becoming one of the most preferred offshore website hosting providers owing to its stringent policies regarding data protection and privacy.

They are against the policies of PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Orange website has a proven track record of safeguarding the interests of its clients.

Features of OrangeWebsite

Discussed here are the best features of Orange Website offshore hosting:

  • Monthly Traffic: OrangeWebsite’s shared hosting plans support websites with monthly traffic from 100 GB to 2000 GB. That means even bigger, enterprise-grade websites with huge traffic can be hosted on this platform without affecting the speed and performance. The plans also support up to 20 GB of webspace.
  • Hosted In Iceland: It gives you additional peace of mind to know that your website is hosted in Iceland. So, you can be assured of high-speed Internet connectivity, reduced downtime, excellent data privacy, freedom of expression, and customer service.

    Website owners, bloggers, and journalists have the freedom to publish any information without being harassed and without worrying about getting the website blacklisted.

  • High-end Security: To safeguard your website against a growing number of cyber threats, the hosting company provides extensive security auditing, 256-bit SSL encryption, DDoS protection, SpamExperts spam filtering, and the ability to sign up anonymously.

    Outgoing filtering enables the hosting provider to protect their IP ranges from malware, filtering spam, ransomware, phishing, and other threats.

  • Reliability: Their high-speed servers ensure a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means your visitors will continue to have uninterrupted access to your website, with minimal downtime and fast loading time.

    All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing of OrangeWebsite

Orange Website offshore shared hosting plans start at just $4.02 per month. Here is the pricing for their plans:

orangewebsite pricing

3. Internoc24

Internoc24 provides a comprehensive range of fully protected, secure, reliable, and private offshore web hosting services, with over 100 data centers globally.

Iceland is one such data center where the company provides a full suite of solutions for shared hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting. Having servers in Iceland ensures complete privacy protection, anonymity, and freedom of expression.

Features of Internoc24

Discussed here are the key features of Internoc24 offshore plans in Iceland:

  • Robust Offshore Hosting Infrastructure: Internoc24 is one of the top offshore web hosting companies in the world, with state-of-the-art infrastructure that facilitates hosting with complete anonymity and privacy.
  • High Bandwidth & Disk Space: Hosting plans by Internoc24 offer disk space from 2000 MB to 15,000 MB, with 75GB – 500GB bandwidth. You can also link up to 50 email accounts and 50x FTP accounts with the server.
  • Data Protection & Security: Internoc24 supports privacy protection regulations implemented in Iceland, providing its clients absolute flexibility to publish any content with freedom of expression and press. They maintain the complete anonymity of websites hosted on their servers. Their plans are Let’s Encrypt enabled, ensuring data security against potential cyber threats.
  • Multiple Payment Options: To further maintain the anonymity and privacy of your website and its data, they accept payments through Bitcoin and Paysafecard.

Pricing of Internoc24

Offshore shared hosting plans at Internoc24 start at $4.68/month only. Check out the plans and features here:

internoc24 pricing plans

4. Sectorlink

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable hosting partner in Iceland, Sectorlink is a name you can count on for server colocation hosting, dedicated servers, cloud web hosting, domain registration, and SSL certification.

They provide secure and powerful Iceland hosting for businesses that want to leverage the benefits of offshore website hosting.

Features of Sectorlink

Key features of Sectorlink iceland hosting include:

  • Get Your Website Built & Hosted Right Away: Hosting at Sectorlink supports 200+ applications like Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and WordPress that enable you to build your website in no time. Sectorlink application installer also allows the applications to be monitored and updated automatically upon a new update release.
  • 95% Uptime Guarantee: Server uptime plays an important role in determining the success of your website and establishing a powerful web presence. Sectorlink provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee so that your website is always running uninterrupted.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth: You can get more flexibility with unmetered bandwidth support and unmetered website storage with Sectorlink web hosting plans in Iceland. You can also link up to 1000 email accounts.
  • Data Security & Privacy Protection: All hosting plans are secured by imunify360 and free SSL certificates. Having a data center in Iceland also means they ensure complete privacy and anonymity of your website data and personal information. You have the freedom to publish any content without being harassed and without the fear of getting blacklisted.

Pricing of Sectorlink

The basic Sectorlink web hosting plan in Iceland starts at just $6.95/month.

sectorlink web hosting plans

Advantages of Hosting Your Website in Iceland

Several reasons make Iceland one of the top choices for website hosting:

iceland advantages

Iceland Enjoys Outstanding Internet Service

Perhaps this is one of the primary reasons that ensures reliable website Iceland hosting.

It has become a globally recognized name in robust fiber Internet connectivity, providing high-speed and stable internet connectivity.

Excellent Privacy Protection & Freedom of Speech

Iceland is a big supporter of net neutrality and maintains strict regulations to protect the privacy of websites hosted in the country. Their Data Protection Act guarantees 100% security of all personal and business data.

Furthermore, the country has implemented Equal Access to the Internet resolution that ensures everyone accesses the Internet as their civil right. Iceland also prohibits censorship of online content partially.

Freedom of speech and expression is another aspect of why Iceland is a popular choice for website hosting.

The Modern Media Initiative 2010 made Iceland a “haven for freedom of information, freedom of expression and speech.” These give businesses the flexibility, privacy, and reliability to host their websites in Iceland.

Top Choice For Offshore Website Hosting

Iceland is one of the leading adherents of privacy protection and freedom of expression. The country has also implemented strict regulations supporting the security and privacy of Internet usage and website data. They maintain an independent voice in matters related to data privacy and freedom of the press.

Most importantly, Iceland is not a member of the European Union, and most website hosting companies here do not have any U.S. or EU tie-ups. There is complete flexibility in hosting a website here with no influence from the U.S. or European governments. The hosting providers here cannot hand over website data or other personal information without the consent of the Icelandic court.

These factors make Iceland a haven for offshore website hosting. That means that even if your business is located in another country, you can host your website in Iceland.

This will give you complete peace of mind related to the safety and privacy of your website data, freedom of expression, and the flexibility to publicize any content without the prying eyes of the government and other authorities to take down your website.

With high-speed internet connectivity, data privacy, and freedom of expression, Iceland stands to be one of the best destinations for offshore website hosting.

However, the only box that website hosting in Iceland does not tick is its pricing. This is primarily because Iceland has exceptionally high taxes, which you may have to incur while buying a hosting package. Generally, website hosting is expensive in Iceland. But given the facilities and benefits you get, it is worth every dollar you pay.


Needless to say, Iceland is one of the most preferred choices for offshore website hosting with complete privacy, freedom of expression, and anonymity.

Several good hosting companies provide hosting services in Iceland or have data centers in the country – offering a range of benefits as discussed above.

Compare the hosting providers based on their performance and pricing, and pick one that fits your hosting needs.

If you wish to add to the information about Iceland web hosting, you can mention your views in the comments section below.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which country server is best for hosting?

When it comes to storing your data privately and securely, Iceland and Switzerland are the best countries where you can host your websites at.

Does server location really matter?

The physical location of your data center is a crucial factor in determining the loading speed of your site. Ideally the closer it is to your audience the faster it will load for them. However, you can always use free Cloudflare CDN to benefit from worldwide locations.

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