If you want to ensure that your website is not subject to arbitrary takedowns under Digital Millennium Copyrights Act, then having an offshore DMCA ignored hosting might be the best option. Offshore hosting that ignores DMCA enables you to host your website in a different country rather than your own country and be online always, without worrying about getting your legitimate content forcibly removed subject to the DMCA regulations.

However, not all offshore DMCA ignored hosting services are created equal. Not making a wise choice can cause your website to land in legal arbitrations and eventually, get it offline. Some hosting providers promise that they allow DMCA-protected content, but when the website removal notice arrives, they may not stand up against the politically influenced or government groups.

Therefore, it is important to know which content they approve of and to test their performance before you make a decision. So, let’s get started with reviewing the 5 best offshore hosting providers that ignore DMCA.

But before that, here’s what you should look for in a DMCA ignored hosting service.

5 Best Offshore hosting with DMCA Ignored

#1 The Onion Host

theonionhost vps offshore dmca

The Onion Host is another widely used hosting company that provides secure, fast, and affordable DMCA-ignored hosting, with DDoS protection and a 100% money-back guarantee. Their servers are located outside the USA, providing complete DMCA-ignored web hosting for utmost privacy and anonymity. That means if a DMCA removal request is sent for your site or any of its content, The Onion Host ensures ignoring it.

At the same time, they ensure superior performance, excellent website loading speed, premium support, complete DDoS protection, and anonymous hosting.

  • Offshore Server Locations: The Onion Host has server datacenters outside the USA, in locations that do not accept DMCA removal requests. This ensures that your site and its content cannot be taken down for any unnecessary removal requests, i.e., most DMCA removal requests will be denied.
  • Security Features: The hosting company offers a free SSL certificate with its offshore hosting plans. Additionally, they have an advanced DDoS Attack and Intrusion Prevention system that can help reduce and protect your site or a network from DDoS attacks and ensure only legitimate traffic reaches your website.
  • Methods Of Payment: As one of the top offshore hosting providers today, The Onion Host accepts a wide range of payments. These include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Payment through cryptocurrencies ensures that all financial transactions are safe, anonymous, and secure. They also accept PayPal, credit/debit Cards, Perfect Money, and other modes of payment.
  • Hosting Packages: Catering to different website requirements, The Onion Host has a wide range of hosting plans in place. These include Offshore DMCA Ignored Shared Hosting, Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting, and Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers.

#2 Shinjiru

shijiru bitcoin hosting plans

Shinjiru is one of the best offshore hosting companies, with 8 global data centers and a proprietary Anti-DDoS Attack network. It is headquartered and registered in Malaysia, with offshore server locations in many other countries that ignore DMCA regulations. This ensures complete hosting anonymity and peace of mind that your site will probably never be taken down.

As a part of their DMCA policy, they never honor takedown requests. No personal details are required to sign up for an offshore hosting plan, ensuring complete anonymity. Additionally, they accept Bitcoin payments; no card or bank details are needed. This further allows you to protect your identity and stay anonymous.

  • Offshore locations: Shinjiru offers one of the best choices for multiple offshore locations that ensure maximum anonymity and privacy. The Malaysia-based web hosting company has data centers in Moscow, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sofia, Vilnius, Holland, and Singapore.
  • Security Features: One of the best things about Shinjiru is that they provide high levels of security. Their built-in Anti-DDoS Attack network is capable to detect and mitigate malicious attacks even before they could reach your server. They also have built-in behavioral and statistical analysis methods and attack profiles to identity attacks easily. A sophisticated monitoring network system analyzes network traffic in real-time, which helps in detecting anomalies, blocking harmful traffic, and isolating attack packets.
  • Methods Of Payment: To ensure anonymity, Shinjiru allows you to pay through Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, they also accept payment through Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Perfect Money Payment, and Wired Transfer.
  • Hosting Packages: Shinjiru is one of the best web hosting providers, offering a wide range of offshore hosting solutions that include: Budget offshore shared hosting, Strongbolt offshore shared hosting, Offshore dedicated server, and Offshore virtual private server

#3 WebCare360

webcare360 dmca ignored offshore hosting

When it comes to ensuring the complete privacy and anonymity of your website or its content, then WebCare360 is one of the best choices. They strongly advocate network neutrality, anonymity, and privacy…and consider these as absolute prerequisites for any website or entity. With this objective, they offer secure, anonymous, and DMCA-ignore offshore web hosting that is powered by CloudLinux.

As a part of their DMCA-ignore policy, they primarily focus on security and reliability. Websites have the freedom of content and they can use the server for whatever needs they have. WebCare360 guarantees not to monitor anything on their server while ensuring the complete secrecy of all information. But at the same time, they do not allow bulk mailing, hacking activities, phishing sites, and botnets on their network.

  • Offshore Server Locations: For utmost anonymity and privacy, WebCare360 provides servers data centers in multiple offshore locations where DMCA regulations are not applicable. These include Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. Their DMCA policy is to promote freedom of expression and content, and therefore, ensures that clients can host their content without worrying about the site being taken down due to unnecessary arbitrations.
  • Security Features: WebCare360 takes security and privacy as their topmost priority. They guarantee not to sell, rent, or share any personal data or information with a third party. Moreover, they do not require any documentation during setting up an anonymous web hosting account; having a valid email address is enough. For improved security, they offer an Anti-DoS Attack that helps mitigate the risks of DoS attacks while keeping services available round-the-clock.
  • Methods Of Payment: Since WebCare360 prioritizes anonymity, they accept a variety of payment methods that also include digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their system is fully automated to accept crypto payments, ensuring privacy and discreteness of the transaction.
  • Hosting Packages: As one of the most trusted offshore hosting companies, they provide a broad range of web hosting plans under Offshore Shared Hosting, Offshore VPS Hosting, and Offshore Dedicated Hosting. These plans include high storage, 99.99% uptime, privacy, unmetered traffic, and DMCA ignore.

#4 Scopehosts (VPS)

scopehosts dmca russia vps

Scopehosts offers affordable and reliable web hosting services, with an easy & powerful website builder, free domain registration, and 30 days money-back guarantee. For websites that want anonymity and protection against DMCA arbitration, they also offer offshore hosting solutions.  Other than being registered in India, Scopehosts have datacenters in three offshore locations where you can take advantage of less stringent DMCA regulations and lower taxes.

They have a strict DMCA policy in place, stating their authority to terminate and/or disable user accounts that have been involved in intellectual property rights violations or copyright infringement.

scopehosts offshore hosting

  • Offshore Server Locations: Scopehosts has three offshore server locations, including Netherlands, Germany, and Russia. Russia is regarded to be most tolerant to DMCA regulations and only sends out removal requests when a site infringes Russian content.
  • Security Features: They provide top privacy protection that ensures all your personal data is secure and anonymous. Brute-Force Protection helps identify and block repeated hit and trial attempts from a given IP with the purpose to access the server. Additionally, you can protect your sensitive data through SSL certificate installation.
  • Methods Of Payment: Like other offshore hosting companies, Scopehosts also offers multiple payment options that ensure the complete anonymity of your transactions. Methods of payment include wire transfer, AliPay, and PayPal.
  • Hosting Packages: They have dedicated offshore VPS hosting plans for Linux and Windows. Their VPS hosting plans for Netherlands and Russia are suitable for a freelancer and for the large enterprise web applications as well.

#5 Bitcoinwebhosting

bitcoin web hosting plans
Bitcoinwebhosting is one of the most trusted web-hosting companies, offering fast and reliable hosting solutions for enterprises of all sizes. They also ignore DMCA, making it an ideal choice for websites looking to host content that may come under arbitration regulations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. They have five global data centers, all of which are 99% tolerant to DMCA removal requests.

While they ensure to be tolerant to DMCA guidelines, their Acceptable Usage Policy clearly mentions that they will fully cooperate with any type of criminal investigation of information, content, or data hosted on their servers. So, in case DMCA sends removal requests, you might find your website taken down if they are not ready to face legal hassles.

  • Offshore Server Locations: If you are looking for offshore hosting to prevent the hassles of DMCA arbitration, then Bitcoinwebhosting provides you the option to choose from multiple data centers in prominent locations like Asia (Singapore), the USA, and in Europe.
  • Security Features: Bitcoinwebhosting hosting services have a model that provides private and anonymous access to a computing environment. It further offers the security of a private network that often ignores DMCA. Additionally, their Firewall is a cutting-edge safeguard system that protects your cloud servers against code injection, viruses, malicious attacks, and more.
  • Methods Of Payment: A limitation of Bitcoinwebhosting is they accepts only cryptocurrency payments, which are regarded as safer and anonymous for offshore hosting. Some of the cryptocurrencies they accept are: Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Monero, Dash, and many more.
  • Hosting Packages: Bitcoinwebhosting offers a full suite of hosting solutions that include Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated servers, and many others. So, you have plenty of plans to compare and pick one that is suitable for your business.

How to Choose The Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Service?

anonymous web hosting

Offshore Server Location

It is crucial to know about the offshore locations provided by the web host. Besides the U.S, there are many other nations that fall under DMCA jurisdiction. It is better to have server locations in countries that do not fall under the purview of the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act.

A Clear DMCA Policy

Simply saying that the hosting service is “DMCA ignored” or “offshore” is not enough. They should provide clear guidelines as to what type of content can or cannot be hosted.

Server Hosting Security

Ensure the level of security they provide to protect the website from DDoS attacks, phishing, spam, malware, hidden DNS, and other threats.


When it is about protecting your website and its privacy from DMCA agreements and government regulations, do not forget to look for features like fast loading times, large resources to get started, and high steady uptimes.

Payment Methods

Making payments using your credit card is often not the right solution when you are trying to keep the transfer anonymous. Check if the hosting company provides alternative payment methods like Bitcoin or PayPal. This will help safeguard against privacy breaches and legal infringements.


Our recommendations for secure and reliable offshore hosting are The Onion Host, and Shinjiru because of the choice of locations provided for offshore DMCA-ignored hosting and for the wide options of payment methods. These web hosts provide you with a wider scope of hosting your content with very few restrictions.

Best Hosting Overall
  • Server Location: Bulgaria
  • Security features: DDoS protection + Free SSL
  • Bandwidth (traffic): Unmetered
  • Starting price: $3.99

For complete Anonymity, you can register by using cryptocurrencies, and you can rest assured that they ignore DMCA takedown requests.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations or if you want to add up to the review mentioned above, you can leave your comments below.