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For passionate bloggers, website owners, or journalists who publish sensitive topics or those who want to avoid unwanted attention on the internet, anonymous web hosting can be the best way to protect privacy. Freedom of speech is your human right and choosing to go anonymous to speak out without fear can help protect you from being tracked down.

Surprisingly, wanting to remain unidentified on the web has often been misunderstood even though there are numerous instances where maintaining online privacy makes sense. Anonymous hosting does not require your personal data while signing up and it also provides the option to use cryptocurrency payment gateways such as Bitcoin.

This helps in maintaining security and ensures the privacy of your personal information. It allows you to build a website that is undetectable and helps protect your identity on the Internet. However, finding the right service provider to create a fully anonymous website can be difficult at times, because there are innumerable options available and a wide range of factors to be considered.

So, if you are looking for the best anonymous web hosting solution, then this is just the right article for you. Read on to learn more about the top 6 best anonymous hosting providers and what you should consider before making the final choice.

Top 6 Best Anonymous Web Hosting Solutions

Best Overall
Shinjiru (Linux Basic plan)
TheOnionHost (Shared BASIC plan)
Hosting plans
Hosting plans
Shinjiru (Linux Basic plan)
TheOnionHost (Shared BASIC plan)
Payment Methods
Payment Methods
Bitcoin, Ethereum
BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash
Starting Price
Starting Price
Server Locations
Server Locations
Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Bulgaria, Russia, Netherlands

Here is an insight into some of the best hosting providers in the industry that accept encrypted currencies and ensure complete anonymity.

1. Shinjiru (Best Anonymity)

shinjiru offshore hosting

Unlike the other web hosting providers, is an offshore hosting provider in its true sense that helps secure your online identity and maintaining anonymity. If you are looking for offshore web hosting that ensures high levels of privacy and reliability, then is a good choice for you.

Key Highlights of Shinjiru

  • Offers reliable Bitcoin hosting solutions with utmost discreteness
  • Does not require personal details to sign up
  • High network uptime guarantee
  • Ensured privacy
  • Three types of anonymous hosting plans are available: Bitcoin Shared Hosting, Bitcoin VPS Hosting and Offshore Virtual Private Server

This hosting provider offers top-notch domain registration and hosting infrastructure, with a host of security features and high privacy protection. More importantly, they support freedom of speech and therefore they do not takedown requests. They have support centers in Europe and Asia. Owing to all these factors, this is one of the best choices for anonymous hosting purposes. accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment currencies, ensuring complete encryption so that your payment details cannot be traced back.

2. Bitlaunch (VPS Anonymous)

bitlaunch vps

When it comes to VPS hosting, Bitlaunch has carved a strong foothold in the industry by offering a broad range of tools and features at an affordable price. However, it is also a good choice when you are considering anonymity at an economical price, starting at $10/month.

Key Highlights of Bitlaunch

  • Free Trial available
  • Instant setup
  • Get up to 5TB of bandwidth
  • SSD KVM Storage
  • Linux and Windows hosting are available

While they do not offer shared hosting, they provide you with the option to buy VPS hosting. They do not require a full name or address, and give you the ability to pay with cryptocurrency, so you can sign up for their hosting plans and enjoy high-end security and anonymity.

One-click apps for privacy including OpenVPN, and WireGuard are available with Bitlaunch. This ensures that your private and confidential domain information remains anonymous and cannot be retrieved by anyone looking up the WHOIS directory.

Regarding cryptocurrency payments, Bitlaunch accepts only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

3. (A lot of Anonymous Locations)

impreza anonymous web hosting is another great pick for anonymous hosting that operates in a secure and reliable environment. This hosting provider offers affordable prices for all types of hosting, ensuring the highest levels of privacy protection and utmost obscurity.

Their anonymous hosting plans are safe and can be hosted DMCA-free in any of their offshore locations.

Key Highlights of Impreza

  • No personal information is stored on their servers
  • They don’t request any documents from you
  • Multiple DMCA ignored locations where your data won’t be exposed
  • Tor compatible servers for private browsing
  • DDoS protection that ensures top levels of security and confidentiality of your website or blog
  • Private domain name purchases available
  • Instant activation with no setup fee
  • Blazing-fast servers
  • 24/7/365 personalized customer support

All you need to do is register a domain with and signup for your preferred hosting plan suitable for your anonymous purposes. They offer shared, anonymous VPS, and dedicated servers. They accept payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum, 18 other cryptocurrencies.

4. OrangeWebsite (Iceland located)

orangewebsite homepage

OrangeWebsite is another great option for Anonymity. The main purpose of this hosting provider is to offer anonymous hosting solutions to their users.

Their servers are based in Iceland which is known for its laws of privacy in the web hosting industry. With over 10 years of experience, you can rest assured that your site will be kept in safe hands.

Key Highlights of Orangewebsite

  • Anonymous Registration
  • Freedom of speech policy
  • Highly secured hosting servers
  • Independent nation (Iceland-based)
  • 3 types of anonymous hosting categories are available: Shared Hosting, Bitcoin Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Additionally, you can also register your domain name with them (privately of course). So, you can expect top-notch privacy and lower-online censorship compared to other countries, simply because they’re not a member of the European Union, and because they value the privacy of their customers, that’s what makes it a great anonymous host. accepts Bitcoin for complete privacy with your payments, additionally, you can also use PayPal, and Wire transfer.

5. The Onion Host

theonionhost vps offshore dmca

If you are looking for a professional and reliable anonymous hosting provider, then TheOnionHost is one of your best choices. The platform provides fast and secure hosting plans for businesses and personal users. At the same time, they have a wide spectrum of managed and unmanaged hosting solutions, with a variety of benefits and tools.

Key Highlights of TheOnionhost

  • DDoS protection
  • Free website & domain transfer
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Dedicated servers for high levels of anonymity, with cutting-edge technology and software that provide the ideal platform to build a fast, anonymous and responsive website
  • 24/7/365 customer support and comprehensive knowledgebase
  • Free SSL installation to provide improved security and privacy for your website

The basic shared plan starts at $3.99/month. It might not be the cheapest price out there, but in exchange, you get a host full of features and benefits that ensure anonymity and reliability. Regarding payments, TheOnionHost accepts 3 types of cryptocurrencies you can choose from.

6. Hostinger

hostinger single wordpress plan price

Hostinger is one of the best choices for anonymous hosting. It combines the simplicity of shared web hosting combined with the power of cloud computing. But most importantly, it offers high levels of anonymity and data privacy.

Key Highlights of Hostinger

  • Unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and databases
  • Free website builder, backups, domain, and SSL certificates
  • 99% network uptime guarantee
  • Free migration from other hosting providers
  • Multiple data centers for 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers offshore hosting services across multiple data centers

Hostinger is a widely used web hosting provider in general and also offers high levels of anonymity. The basic plan starts at $1.99/month and consists of a wide range of features and tools that provide an improved web experience. Thus, privacy-seeking websites get complete value for money with Hostinger.

To ensure anonymous hosting payments, Hostinger accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many others.

How To Choose An Anonymous Web Hosting Provider?

Choosing the best hosting provider is important to have a completely anonymous web presence. A good anonymous hosting solution is one that maintains high-end security and never reveals any personal information.
anonymous web hosting
Discussed here are some important factors to consider when choosing an anonymous web hosting provider:

  • Domain Privacy Protection: According to ICANN’s WHOIS protocol, contact information and other confidential data regarding a domain is public information that can be seen by all. That means anyone can look up your private information and misuse it. Make sure the anonymous hosting solution provides domain privacy protection that keeps your information secure and private from third-party use.
  • Fast & Simple Registration: Remember that you are signing up for private hosting with an unknown hosting provider. So, if they are asking for too much personal information such as your name, contact information, billing account, or any other confidential data, then keep away from choosing such a hosting provider.
  • Full Data Privacy: Most often, hosting providers have a master panel that gives them access to your hosting. This can allow them to have a sneak peek at your private space online. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a hosting provider that gives you complete data privacy. Check whether they provide the option to password-protect the hosting where they do not have access.
  • Private Servers: Ensure the hosting provider has private servers that are secure and keep your data unidentified. Unfortunately, there are many hosting providers that rent hosting from third parties and resell it to you. That is because owning a private server can be extremely costly. However, the disadvantage is that the anonymous hosting provider does not control the server. This can pose a serious threat to your privacy and data confidentiality.
  • Offshore Hosting Provider: Choosing an offshore anonymous hosting provider has several advantages. Firstly, they have a broader list of content acceptability, and secondly, they do not work in close connection with the DMCA. Most bloggers or websites using anonymous hosting are ideally engaged in creating content that will otherwise not be allowed on regular hosting. As such, choosing offshore web hosting prevents you from getting banned.
  • Encrypted Currency: It is important for the hosting provider to accept only encrypted currency such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. These are fully encrypted and must be used to ensure that your payments are not traced. You should generally not consider the hosting providers that offer anonymous hosting; but accept payment through bank transfer, PayPal, or other non-encrypted modes.

Now that you are aware of the factors you should consider before choosing the right anonymous hosting provider.

Why You Should Go For Anonymous Web Hosting

anonymous hosting
So, why you should consider anonymous web hosting, or in which scenarios offshore hosting can be the best option for you? Find out the top reasons for opting for anonymous hosting:

  • Practice Freedom of Speech & Press: When you publish controversial or politically sensitive information, there are chances that you are running into conflict with the cultural norms, regulations, or a country’s laws. Authorities may seek to remove the content from the web, and you might face the risk of punishment.

    At the same time, there are press websites or journalists who are constantly working toward bringing the truth of the government and other bodies to the forefront. However, there is a lack of freedom of speech in many countries.

    Keeping your identity a secret through anonymous hosting is one of the best ways to express your freedom of speech and press. It not only helps keep your privacy well-protected but also ensures your content cannot be taken down forcefully.

  • Complete Anonymity: If you are a journalist, blogger, or whistle-blower who is engaged in publishing sensitive content, then choosing anonymous hosting for your website or blog would be the ideal choice.

    When creating an account with an anonymous hosting provider, you need not provide any information. So, you can be assured that your data is completely secure. Additionally, they accept payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which protects your payment details from getting traced.

    Most hosting providers also ensure that all communication is strictly handed through an anonymous email account.

  • Avoid Local Regulations: Most countries have specific regulations regarding what content, products, or services can be published on the internet. Anything against these local regulations can get you penalized or a lawsuit can be filed against you.

    However, by anonymously hosting your website or portal in the right jurisdiction, you can avoid these regulations or penalties. Firstly, anonymous hosting protects your domain information and other data from being exposed to the government and the public at large.

    So, you can fearlessly express your right to speech. Secondly, hosting your site in an offshore jurisdiction where the regulations are not as strict will prevent getting banned.

  • Secure Payments: Another reason why you should consider anonymous hosting is because they accept payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

    If you try to make a payment through the standard currency or through the standard modes of payment to access anonymous hosting, you can be easily traced down. Luckily, these cryptocurrencies are highly encrypted and your payment details will remain unidentified.


A good anonymous hosting provider is one that provides high levels of privacy and protection of the user’s identity. But at the same time, it should deliver optimum website performance, security, reliability, and affordability.

Based on the above factors, I can conclude that The Onion Host is one of the best anonymous hosting providers today. They provide superior server performance, high network uptime, free migrations, improved security, and affordable pricing. Additionally, they accept payment via a variety of cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin.

Shinjiru and Bitlaunch are also good choices for anonymous hosting, especially Bitlaunch which offers the most affordable VPS pricing options.

So, which anonymous hosting plan suits your needs best? Compare the solutions and set off to build your anonymous web presence now.

If you need any information about the anonymous web hosting solutions mentioned above, you can leave your comments and if you have anything to add to this information, you can mention that in the comments as well.

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