Cheap Storage VPS (Best of 2024)

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The hosting industry is growing at a rapid pace, bringing new technologies and services for hosting and storage needs. This gives you excellent opportunities to explore different types of hosting solutions as your business scales.

As your business grows, you might consider switching to the Virtual Private Server (VPS) – thanks to its matchless storage, functionality, reliability, and security. A cheap storage VPS server is perfect when you don’t want a dedicated server and you need more space and specifications as compared to a shared server.

You can choose to have a dedicated server powering all your website/application hosting needs with exceptional storage, RAM, and CPU power. If you want faster page loading speed, high-end security, and robust service that is affordable as well, VPS hosting is the best choice.

10 Unmanaged & Managed Cheap Storage VPS Services

Not sure which VPS hosting service provider is suitable for your website or business needs?

Let’s explore the top 9 VPS hosting service providers, comparing the key features and pricing of their Unmanaged, and Managed Hosting packages.

#1 Time4VPS (Best Overall)

Big Data Storage

time4vps big data storage

Time4VPS servers are great if you are looking at higher resilience. These VPS storages are a complete value for money with seamless options to select your desired amount of storage, RAM, and data transfer. You pay only for what you need!

Developer-friendly and affordable, this unmanaged hosting solution provides lightning-fast speed up to 20X faster. So, you’ll never have to worry about your website or applications taking decades to load!

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, starting from 256 GB SSD storage, 1 Core CPU, ongoing security, and 24/7 technical support, Time4VPS is definitely worth considering.

Price: $2.77 / Month

#2 Contabo

contabo ssd storage

Contabo VPS storage plans offer SSD storage for superior performance and lightning-fast speed.

The price is a complete stunner though! And at this affordable price, you get a bagful of capabilities with utmost flexibility!

Leverage the potential of cutting-edge technology and hardware. You can expect “Quick Provisioning” along with selecting your preferred Linux service provider or Windows Server 2012 and 2016. The plans include pre-configurable DDoS protection. Customize your VPS plan and pay for only what you want.

Get guaranteed 4 GB RAM with 2 vCores CPU and outstanding 400GB SSD storage space + “1 IP address“. Featuring unlimited traffic with a 100 Mbit/s port, Contabo storage Hosting is designed for experts!

Starting Price: $8.49 / Month

#3 AlphaVPS (Best Prices)

alphavps kvm storage servers

This KVM storage server offering includes everything from Full Root Access, Instant Setup, Easy Control Panel, hardware node maintenance to backups, and much more.

Additionally, you get 2GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 2 CPU Cores, and a generous monthly bandwidth. All these features are available at an affordable price that makes this hosting platform a complete value for money!

alpha vps storage pricing
Price: $6.94 / Month

#4 InterServer

interserver storage optimized vps

InterServer Storage Optimized VPS saves you the time and hassle of setting up, managing and maintaining your VPS. you can easily upgrade and downgrade your server’s resources from your account.

The managed service offering includes a friendly control panel that uses “DirectAdmin“, and the server is quite fast.

Additionally, you get up to 16 TB in storage, with 99% uptime, and high monthly bandwidth. If you are considering managed storage hosting with a wide range of disk space, then InterServer is what you want.

Price: $6.00 / Month

#5 Cherry Servers

storage vps cherry servers

VPS storage servers powered by KVM hosting environment – this is what you get from Cherry Servers at an affordable price.

It combines best-in-class processors with dedicated compute hyper-threads, good memory, impressive HDD storage, and high-speed transfer.

You can start off with the “Basic plan” at low cost and limited resources and then you can continue “resizing” the plan as your business scales.

Interestingly, with the basic plan, you get 700 GB HDD storage, 1 vCore, 2GB RAM, and up to 1Gbps transfer speed.

6. Impreza (Offshore Storage)

impreza backup

Impreza Backup is an exceptional service for safeguarding your website’s data. It offers a comprehensive backup solution with a user-friendly interface and powerful features.

The automated backups ensure your files, databases, and even entire websites are securely stored, protecting against data loss. The service’s flexibility allows you to choose backup frequency and storage locations, providing peace of mind.

With easy restoration options, you can effortlessly recover your website in case of emergencies. Impreza Backup’s robust security measures and encryption protocols ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Overall, it is a reliable and efficient backup service that ensures the safety of your website’s valuable information.

NOTE: You can access the backup service by going to the menu at “Products” -> “Backup Servers”.

7. Vultr (Scalable Object Storage)

vultr object storage
Vultr Object-Storage brings high-performance, reliable uptime and secure storage clusters that are perfect for storing the media assets of your applications.

It features leading-edge fast NVMe caching. It is easily scalable by either increasing or removing storage objects. You only pay for what you use.

The basic resources start from 250GB storage with 1TB of bandwidth to a maximum of 1TB of storage with 10TB bandwidth. So you can seamlessly increase your storage and bandwidth as your needs grow.

Deploy just in a few seconds while you get your media storage across 17 server locations.

Vultr object-storage offers S3 compatibility as well. Additionally, High redundancy, Data durability with Automatic backups are some cool features you will get. Deploy your highly scalable storage globally at a cheap price!

Starting Price: $5.00 / Month

#8 Hetzner

hetzner storage box

The Hetzner Storage Box is a cheap, scalable, and highly-secure online storage, making it an excellent option for both individuals and businesses in search of a reliable cloud-based storage.

You can obtain a storage box from one of Hetzner’s data centers located in Germany or Finland. Thanks to Hetzner Storage Boxes, you can easily access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. These Storage Boxes function like an additional storage drive accessible from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Hetzner Online Storage Boxes support various protocols like FTP, SFTP, RSYNC, and SCP so that you can easily and securely access your Storage Box. Additionally, switching to a different package is a simple process, whether you want to upgrade or downgrade.

Most interestingly, you can renew the hosting plan every month at the same cost!

Price: €3.81 / Month

#9 VPSDime

vpsdime storage vps

VPSDime is another great alternative to store your data at an affordable cost.

Thanks to their Redundant HDDs in RAID10 you can rest assured that your backup data is well managed. Their technical staff is constantly monitoring and ensuring that their servers provide you with an uptime of 99.99% SLA. So if you decide to try their services, you can expect to get your server up and running within 10 -15 minutes of provision time.

Price: $3.33 / Month

10. Linode (Object Storage)

S3-compatible Linode Object Storage is a great and affordable solution to manage all your content assets online and accessible offline. You get billed only for the actual storage you are using.

linode object storage

The robust and intuitive Cloud Storage hardware is a power-packed combination of high storage performance, excellent security, and ultra-fast connectivity.

At an affordable price, the starting offer begins with 250 GB HDD storage, and 1TB Bandwidth – which is ideal for supporting the standard storage hosting requirements.

Free transfer offred + availability in 3 continents, and improved reliability – the entry configuration is just what you need for your small business. Want more? You can easily increase your disk space with no OS installation or restart required!

Price: $5.00 / Month

This quick chart will help you compare these cheap VPS Hosting providers based on pricing and customer ratings on Trustpilot.

Best Overall

  • Features: Scale up-to 8TB, Fast Servers, Newbies Friendly
  • Storage capacity: 250GB ⇢ 8TB
  • Starting price: From $1.75/month (30-days money-back)
Claim Discount
Best Specs

  • Features: Free Webmin panel, DDos protection, Multiple Linux-OS
  • Storage capacity: 400GB ⇢ 3.2TB
  • Starting price: From $8.49/mo (14-days money-back)
Visit Contabo
Best Price

  • Features: Instant Deployment, Full Root Access, Easy Control Panel
  • Storage capacity: 128GB ⇢ 4TB
  • Starting price: From $1.46 (14-days money-back)
Visit AlphaVPS
For Scalability

  • Features: High Performance, DirectAdmin, Owncloud Support
  • Storage capacity: 100 GB ⇢ 10 TB
  • Starting price: From $3/month (30-days money-back)
Visit InterServer

Unmanaged VPS

Cheap unmanaged VPS hosting storage

Unmanaged VPS is a hosting plan with no (or few) additional features and services. The complete control of the VPS lies with the user – right from setting up the server to configuring applications and monitoring the VPS. The responsibility of the web hosting service provider ends with providing the hosting platform and network connection.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting is a great choice if you or your team have technical expertise and knowledge about how to configure, manage, and maintain the VPS as well as other applications and services that come with it.

Good Things About The Unmanaged VPS Server:

  • Gives more control in terms of accessing and managing the VPS and associated services or applications
  • Affordable as compared to managed VPS

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Also Comes With Responsibilities Like:

  • Requires the expertise of a tech-savvy professional for managing the VPS.
  • You get less time to concentrate on your core business functionalities as you have to take care of various technical aspects and issues.
  • If the VPS and its applications are not updated regularly, it can lead to reduced reliability and security.
  • You need to continuously keep up with security patches and OS updates

Managed VPS

Cheap managed VPS hosting storageManaging a VPS server demands technical expertise, time, and effort. In a managed VPS plan, the hosting service provider is responsible for handling all the core server-related aspects like software installation, maintenance, and technical issues. It is more of an auto-pilot approach that enables businesses to leverage the technical know-how of the web hosting provider in managing the server. The web hosting company executes all the essential tasks while you can focus on growing your business.

In Managed VPS Hosting, the following tasks are managed by the VPS provider:

  • Software upgrades and updates
  • Server backup
  • Security patches
  • 24/7 server and application monitoring, support, and guidance

Managed VPS Is A Good Hosting Option Because:

  • It saves you time and effort; ideal for clients with minimal technical expertise.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring ensures excellent performance and 99.99% uptime at all times.
  • Higher scalability in terms of access to bandwidth, RAM, and CPU based on your VPS requirements
  • Higher level of security and timely updates.

Guidelines For Selecting The Best & Cheapest VPS Storage

For businesses upgrading from shared hosting, VPS is considered one of the ideal solutions. At a pocket-friendly price, VPS hosting is high-performance, secure, and reliable. When you scale, switching to VPS hosting might be the right decision. However, choosing the right VPS hosting service provider and plan might become an intimidating task at times. Here are some vital guidelines you can use for selecting the ideal VPS provider:

  • Determine why you need a VPS: Every VPS package comes with different CPU, storage, and RAM capabilities. Consider for what purpose you need VPS hosting and likewise, choose the right package by the volume of resources you require.
  • Unmanaged or Managed VPS hosting: Depending on your technical expertise and budget, determine whether you need an unmanaged VPS hosting plan or one with managed support. The latter requires the least technical expertise and time but is more expensive than unmanaged plans.
  • The type of applications you need to deploy: As your business grows, you would need more applications such as access control, employee tracking, remote working, and more. Depending on your need to deploy applications, choose a VPS package that provides enough resources and storage.
  • Security: Choose a VPS hosting provider that guarantees high-end security with robust firewalls, anti-DDoS and intrusion protection, anti-malware, SSL certificates, VPNs, and more.
  • Specifications – Look beyond mere numbers: Yes, size matters but you also need to consider what you will do with it. Do not fall for flashy technical specifications; keep the bigger picture in mind. A combination of high-specification tech and collective optimization is what you should eye for.
  • Is the CPU powerful: Seamless performance and flexibility, even during peak times, should be your priority when considering VPS hosting. Make sure that you get sufficient CPU power for managing the website functions.
  • Is the RAM size enough: The show must go on and you need just the right RAM size for it. If you have multiple websites, databases, and applications to manage, it is recommended to look for a RAM size that is more than 4 GB.
  • Storage: If you are looking at optimized performance, robust storage is just what you need for speed and flexibility. Check if you are getting fast performance, instant boots, rapid transfers and resilience.
  • Nothing less than 24/7 customer support: Make sure the web hosting provider offers round-the-clock support for all your problems related to VPS hosting, management, and maintenance.
  • Trustworthy and reliable hosting: Switching to a new host or using between Unmanaged and Managed plans can be complicated. It’s exciting but you won’t get hands-on in one day. Therefore, you need a hosting service provider that offers seamless migration with a dedicated and lifelong support guarantee.
Related: If bandwidth is important for you, you can always go check our list for the Cheapest VPS hosting with Unlimited bandwidth.


While Managed VPS Hosting comes costlier, it can add value for businesses in the long run. You will have complete peace of mind that your VPS hosting is managed professionally, while all security issues are handled in time to reduce system downtime and offer an improved web experience to the clients.

On the other hand, if your team has the technical expertise and knowledge to set up and manage VPS hosting, then unmanaged VPS hosting is a more affordable is a better option with improved flexibility and control. Even unmanaged VPS hosting plans come with high uptime and ultra-fast transfer speed with excellent SSD storage.

The choice would depend on the type of website/application you want to host, your future needs, budget, and the technical know-how of your team.

Hope this article provides you with a better insight on selecting the right VPS storage that is affordable and fits your requirements. We would love to have your comments and feedback about this article and about the VPS you are using and your experience with it.

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