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Wouldn’t it be great if you get over 1GBps network speed and unlimited bandwidth for your website to open at a lightning-fast speed! Think of the endless possibilities that having unmetered bandwidth could unlock for your website or online storefront.

The concept of “Unlimited traffic” is exhilarating! It means you can transfer any amount of data you want at a specific time, your web pages load at an ultra-fast speed regardless of high website traffic.

1. BlackHOST (Unmetered with fast port-speed)

blackhost unmetered bandwidth
BlackHost is another good unmetered bandwidth VPS provider, with 1 Gbps dedicated bandwidth.

They offer KVM Hypervisor VPS with good performance, and loading time. Most importantly, all their VPS plans come with NVMe storage.

Pros of BlackHost
  • Unmetered disk space offered with higher plans
  • Fast network speed of 1Gbps
  • 24/7 customer support available through calls, and email
  • Anonymous & Secured hosting provider
  • Bitcoin payment available
Cons of BlackHost
  • No datacenters in Asia
  • No Free domain name
  • Limited customizations for their VPS plans

Features of BlackHost

Discussed here are the important features that make Blackhost one of the best VPS web hosting providers with unlimited traffic:

  • 1 – 4 vCores, which power your website for superior performance and lightning-fast speed.
  • High-performance memory starts from 1 GB RAM and up to 8 GB RAM for premium plans.
  • Experience ultra-fast performance with enterprise-level NVMe storage; the basic plan offers 20 GB of storage and can be upgraded to 80 GB with costlier plans.
  • 99% uptime guarantee, ensuring your website applications and data are available always.
  • Daily Backups, you can rely on their system to keep your data protected.

Pricing of BlackHost

Blackhost basic plan is priced at $11.99/month. Below is an overview of their pricing plans:

Blackhost vps pricing plans

2. OVHCloud (Good Storage)

ovh cheap vps for vpn
Unlimited bandwidth with all plans, easy scaling, full root access and dedicated resources are some powerful features that make OVH a good choice for unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting.

Monthly traffic is “unlimited”, which means you need not pay based on the bandwidth or amount of disk space you use.

Pros of OVHCloud
  • Unlimited bandwidth that ensures fast loading times and superior performance
  • Anti-DDoS protection provided
  • Weekly off-site backup of your private server data
  • Full root access enables you to choose your custom code and CMS for your VPS
  • A host of value-added tools like script installers, site templates, site development tools, etc.
Cons of OVHCloud
  • Customer support response time is slower
  • Backup restore may require additional fees
  • Site performance and speed are not always consistent and reliable
  • The dashboard can be confusing for first-timers
  • Email account is a paid addon

Features of OVHCloud

So, what are the features that put OVH on the list of top VPS hosting? Check out here:

  • Supports up to cores vCPU for improved website performance and fast loading.
  • 2 GB – 32 GB RAM. That’s enough memory to make any site run faster.
  • Supports NVMe storage from 40 GB to 640 GB.
  • 1 Dedicated IP is available with all plans, with the option to pay for additional IPs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, which means you will not be charged based on the amount of bandwidth or disk space you use.
  • Centralized DDoS protection, weekly offsite backups, manual and scheduled backups available.
  • Flexible Scaling for both RAM and Storage. You can increase them whenever you wish.
  • A variety of operating systems to power your website with high speed and low latency.

Pricing of OVHCloud

The starting price of OVH VPS hosting is $6.44/month when you sign up for a 12-month term.

3. Shinjiru (Best for Anonymity)

shinjiru vps
Shinjiru is an Offshore VPS provider that offers KVM and OpenVZ VPS hosting packages. The hosting resources offered by Shinjiru are ideal for small, medium, and large websites.

One of the best things about Shinjiru is that it offers unmetered VPS hosting across 10 different locations at affordable prices that offer maximum operating efficiency.

Shinjiru makes use of a web-server technology known as ‘NGINX’ to give a speed boost to the websites so with Shinjiru you can experience fast website speed during peak traffic times as well.

Pros of Shinjiru
  • Free Migrations
  • Great customer support available 24/7
  • 1Gbps of Free DDoS Protection
  • Shinjiru comes with Anti-DMCA Policy
  • Accepts Crypto payments
Cons of Shinjiru
  • No servers are available on the American continent

Features of Shinjiru

  • Globally distributed servers across Europe and Asia ensures that your website loads faster always in these locations.
  • Fast server deployment which allows you to start using your VPS within the same day of ordering.
  • Both Linux & Windows vps plans are available to help you manage all kinds of web apps.
  • Offers various control panels such as Vesta/WHM/cPanel with their plans.
  • Capacity to add up to 8 GB RAM and 4 vCores CPU.

Pricing of Shinjiru

The pricing of the basic plan starts from $11.90/Month and the other two plans are priced at Advanced SSD – $14.90/Month and WHM/cPanel – $28.90/Month. Although Shinjiru does not offer very competitive pricing, you can opt for the right plan according to your hosting requirements.

shinjiru vps pricing plans

4. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

hostinger web hosting plans homepage
Hostinger offers VPS hosting powered by the cloud platform. This means that you get the cloud computing capacity for your VPS web hosting.

You can experience up to 4x faster website loading speed as they have a dedicated customer support team working in the backend. The unlimited VPS hosting plans offered by Hostinger provide sufficient room for growth for any business with its features and hosting configurations.

Pros of Hostinger
  • 99% uptime guarantee, ensuring your website is running smoothly with less downtime
  • Supports unmetered monthly traffic
  • SSL supported with NEVER Reboot Protection
  • SpamExperts feature available with all plans to ensure improved security
Cons of Hostinger
  • Automatic backups are not available with the basic plan
  • A wide choice of Mochahost VPS web hosting plans with too many features can be confusing for beginners
  • The basic plans support only light traffic. When your website starts getting higher traffic, it might not provide the same speed or performance. Scaling to a costlier plan is required
  • Starting prices are low, but you need to pay for add-ons, which cause the overall cost to rise
  • The “Server Response time (SRT)” can be slow compared to its competitors which can affect the “Time to First Byte (ttfb)”

Features of Hostinger

  • Ensure perfect website loading time through 100 Mb/s network.
  • Full root access to get complete control of your server.
  • VPS hosting comprises of dedicated IPv6 internet protocol. With the use of a dedicated IP, your work becomes faster.
  • 30-day money back guarantee is offered.
  • Simplistic web script and OS installer are offered with every VPS.
  • Unlimited sub-domains and email accounts are offered.

Pricing of Hostinger

The Cloud Startup VPS plan is priced at $9.99/Month. You can opt for the Cloud Professional plan – $18.99/Month or the Cloud Global plan – $56.99/Month depending on the hosting resources you need. Below is an overview of the pricing plans.

hostinger vps plans

5. Mochahost

mochahost vps hosting
Another leading name in the field of VPS hosting is Mochahost with 19 years in the business. They have a whole lot of VPS server plans to choose from and they also provide managed vps services.

Unmetered bandwidth servers and enterprise-level SSD storage ensure your website runs superbly fast and uninterrupted regardless of the amount of traffic it gets.

Pros of Mochahost
  • 99% uptime guarantee, ensuring your website is running smoothly with less downtime
  • Supports unmetered monthly traffic
  • SSL supported with NEVER Reboot Protection
  • SpamExperts feature available with all plans to ensure improved security
Cons of Pros of Mochahost
  • Automatic backups are not available with the basic plan
  • A wide choice of Mochahost VPS web hosting plans with too many features can be confusing for beginners
  • The basic plans support only light traffic. When your website starts getting higher traffic, it might not provide the same speed or performance. Scaling to a costlier plan is required
  • Starting prices are low, but you need to pay for add-ons, which cause the overall cost to rise
  • The “Server Response time (SRT)” can be slow compared to its competitors which can affect the “Time to First Byte (ttfb)”

Features of Mochahost

Key features of Mochahost VPS hosting are:

  • Guaranteed server memory RAM from 0.5 GB to 8 GB.
  • Supports burstable RAM starting from 1 GB and up to 16 GB. This means you have additional server memory in case the guaranteed memory allotted is running low. The memory can only be used during spike loads and peak hours.
  • The basic plan features 1 CPU Core and can support up to 4 CPU Core for premium plans.
  • Disk space 40 GB to 300 GB SSD for premium Linux hosting plans.
  • SSL is supported but you will get unlimited free SSL for a lifetime when you sign up for costlier plans.
  • Let’s Encrypt Support, VPN Support and Free CDN.
  • Lightning-Fast Guarantee and Super Memory Cache are available with premium plans.

These are some features and benefits that make Mochahost one of the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting providers today. An unmetered traffic server with high uptime is a good choice for beginners and high-traffic websites.

Pricing of Mochahost

The basic plan starts from $7.98/month but when you sign up for a 3-year term, you need to pay only $11.17/month. The premium plan, with a host of features, will cost $69.97/month for a 36-month term. Below is an overview of their VPS pricing plans:

mochahost vps plans

6. DreamHost

dreamhost managed vps hosting
When it comes to VPS hosting, DreamHost is one of the best choices for you.

With every VPS hosting plan, you get dedicated resources that only your site can use. This ensures low latency, high speed, and superior performance.

And as your business scales and your website gets more traffic, you can seamlessly upgrade storage and RAM in less than 10 seconds!

Pros of Dreamhost
  • No limit to the amount of traffic your site can send or receive
  • They provide a 100% uptime guarantee and in reality, you can experience excellent
  • server uptime with DreamHost VPS
  • Host unlimited number of websites and domains
  • Customer support from USA (in-house support)
  • Free domain (1st year) & SSL certificate
  • Automated backups
Cons of Dreamhost
  • 1 Gbit port not available
  • No free site migration
  • Unlimited SSD storage not provided
  • Long waiting time with the customer support via live chat, and only available during working hours (7 days a week)

Features of DreamHost

Here are the key features of DreamHost unmetered bandwidth VPS hosting:

  • Powered by Ubuntu OS using Linux-VServer to virtualize.
  • The basic plan offers 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD storage, all expandable based on your growing needs.
  • Simple and intuitive control panel and easy setup.
  • They guarantee 100% uptime. They promise to compensate you for little downtime as well.
  • 20x faster and high-performance Solid-State Drives (SSDs), ranging from 30GB to 240GB.
  • Fully managed VPS service with automated OS updates, security patches and more
  • Customer support is reachable via live chat and email, but they do not provide support through the phone.

Powerful uptime, high-performance SSDs, and fully managed VPS service.

Pricing of DreamHost

DreamHost VPS Basic plan, or the entry-level plan, starts at $10.00/month for a 36-month plan. Find the pricing plans below:

dreamhost vps plans

VPS providers with High bandwidth

To offer you an even wider variety of hosting choices, we thought mentioning VPS hosts who have a high bandwidth limit would be a great addition, as some of them come with some really cheap prices.

That way, you’ll know all your options.

7. Contabo

Contabo has been providing high-quality hosting products with features that are easy to use.
Contabo offers impressive VPS server options where they are quick to setup your server according to your preferences.

Pros of Contabo
  • Extremely cheap prices
  • Both Managed and Unmanaged VPS hosting are available
  • Their servers are KVM-based, so you can expect to get the full server resources for yourself
  • You can upgrade your plan with no downtime, so at the beginning pay only for what you need
  • Transparent pricing with no increase in renewal rates.
Cons of Contabo
  • Backup feature is a paid addon
  • SSL certificate is a paid addon (you can use Cloudflare's as a substitute)

Features of Contabo

  • Their starting bandwidth is at 32TB
  • SSD-powered virtual private servers that are built for ultra-fast speed, faster write/read speeds and greater efficiency.
  • Both Windows & Linux VPS are available.
  • They use Xeon CPUs for all their plans.
  • VPS servers utilize KVM for Windows, and Linux distributions.

Pricing of Contabo

The basic VPS hosting plan offered by Contabo is priced at $8.49/month. The price of the VPS hosting packages increases as you opt for more configurations. Below is an overview of the pricing plans.

vps contabo pricing

8. Time4VPS

time4vps kvm linux vps

Time4VPS is an Unmanaged VPS hosting where you can run multiple applications such as Drupal, Laravel, Joomla, or Custom PHP.

Their servers are fully supported with VPN & Gaming servers.

Pros of Time4VPS
  • You can quickly setup the VPS under 5 minutes
  • Thanks to KVM-virtualization, your server resources are not shared
  • Perfect for European users
  • Their support is super-friendly and willing to give you a hand to manage your server at the beginning
  • All plans come with a Free trial and a 30-days money-back guarantee
Cons of Time4VPS
  • No datacenters outside of Europe
  • No phone call support

Features of Time4VVPS

So, let’s discover some of their coolest features:

  • Powered by Xeon 14 cores CPUs for fast loading speed and improved website performance overall.
  • 2 GB – 64 GB RAM; enough memory to run big sites. This makes the sites run faster.
  • Supports storage from 20 GB to 640 GB.
  • Uses KVM-technology with all their plans.
  • The lowest bandwidth plan starts from 4TB, but if you run out of bandwidth, all they will do is reduce your port speed 10 times until the end of the month, with no extra fees.

Pricing of Time4VPS

The starting price of Time4VPS VPS unmanaged hosting is 1.99/euro per month.

time4vps unmanaged vps plans

But is a cheap VPS with unlimited bandwidth a reality?

To be honest, there is no such concept as unlimited bandwidth. To this date, network servers or ethernet connections are not built to deliver unlimited data transfer and lightning-fast loading speed even in high traffic conditions.

The speed at which data gets transferred to and from a server typically depends on the port size and network speed. This would vary from one web hosting provider to another.

Best Support
Unmetered Monthly Traffic
Best Price
32 TB Traffic
Unmetered Monthly Traffic
32 TB Traffic
Server Management
Server Management
RAM (memory)
RAM (memory)
1 GB - 8 GB
1 GB - 16 GB
8 GB - 60 GB
Starting Price
Starting Price

So, if your website features high-quality content and experiences lots of limitation problems, a VPS hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth is the way to go. The fact is that you wouldn’t get unlimited resources even if you see them on your hosting plan. However, when you choose the top VPS web hosting, you will not have a restrictive bandwidth limit like other plans.

To ensure you have the best value and “near to unlimited” bandwidth, I have discussed here the 5 best & cheap unlimited bandwidth VPS service providers. Get a detailed comparison of the features, pros & cons, and pricing of the VPS hosting services. This will help you make a wise decision.


Depending on your website size and VPS hosting needs, your choice of cheap VPS with unlimited bandwidth hosting plans will vary.

It is important that you understand the technical specifications, features, and pricing of different VPS plans discussed above to choose one that fits your unique needs. At the same time, OS support, virtualization type, and ease of use should also be taken into consideration.

From the information presented in this review, I recommend DreamHost and Mochahost to be the best VPS hosting providers, server reliability, the best of features and unmatched speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest VPS?

DreamHost, Mochahost, and Hostinger are three VPS hosting providers that offer affordable plans, especially when you sign up for a 36-month period.

Are there any free VPS?

No. VPS hosting is a premium service and often comes with dedicated resources that only your website can use. Therefore, a completely free VPS is not provided by any of the hosting companies discussed above.

What is unmetered and unlimited bandwidth?

Unmetered bandwidth refers to the speed at which data is transferred. Here, the maximum server speed you get is limited, but the amount of data you can transfer is unlimited. On the other hand, unlimited bandwidth means you can upload and download as much amount of data as you want at any given time.

Hopefully, this review will help you choose the best VPS hosting for your website. If you have any suggestions or if you would like to add to the information given in this review article, you can leave your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “#7 Cheap VPS with Unlimited Bandwidth”

  1. I need I vps provider were I can host a community platform like facebook.
    Please what is your instinct on contabo

    • Contabo is “not recommended” for this specific hosting purpose. To host a community platform you’ll need a lot of bandwidth with a lot of flexibility to scale your bandwidth and also a host that can offer consistent and reliable performance while receiving that much traffic.

      So, with that said, the best two options for you would be:

      • Vultr (1st Choice)
      • Time4VPS (use it with Cloudflare for more server locations)

      Hope this helps Emmanuel 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback. Mochahost has been one of the first couple of hosts that we’ve had our hands on.

      Nonetheless, it’s convenient and extremely affordable, but we would only recommend it for small businesses. As to the interface, till this date, it’s still a bit outdated.

      So perhaps you were referring to WHM or cPanel, in that case I agree ^^


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