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A high port speed with a cheap rate is extremely important if you have just built a web app and want a stable and faster connection. For the same reason, we will see 7 cheap 10gbps VPS hosting providers that you can rely on for your resource intensive applications.

Let’s see now in-depth reviews for the best vps providers out there.

3 Cheap 10gbps VPS Hosting Providers

It’s always hard to find the best and the cheapest 10 Gbps VPS hosting providers. So, here are the top 3 best services you can use.

Best Overall
Kamatera (Free Trial)
Best Runner-up
InterServer (1st plan)
Highest Specs
(Dedicated - 2nd plan)
Hosting plans
Hosting plans
Kamatera (Free Trial)
InterServer (1st plan)
(Dedicated - 2nd plan)
Connection Speed
Connection Speed
5 TB/month connected at 10 Gbit/sec
150TB (10Gbps Port)
10 Gbps (paid addon)
RAM (memory)
RAM (memory)
1 GB
32 GB
256 GB (REG ECC)
Disk space
Disk space
20 GB (SSD)
2000 GB
Starting Price
Starting Price
$369.58/month (+ setup fee)

#1 Kamatera

kamatera free trial vps
If you are looking for the best cheap 10gbps VPS hosting provider, Kamatera is without a doubt the best service you can go with. There is no hardware maintenance needed and the total cost of ownership is also minimal. Even though the price is affordable, there are no compromises made on the performance. That’s why Kamatera promises 99.95% uptime for all the servers.

Further, you can configure the server as per your needs. The “build your server” feature allows you to select the type of server, RAM, data center location, storage, etc. Not to mention, as the server is flexible, it even makes it easier to scale up whenever you need it.

Overall, Kamatera is great for anyone who wants to get started at a very affordable rate and wants to scale up the server as time passes. With Kamatera, you can set up the server in minutes and have full control over it. It’s our #1 choice for most people out there.

kamatera cheap 10 gbps


You can choose traffic from either 5000 GB per month at 10 Gbit/sec or 50 Mbit/sec burstable at the same speed.

Starting price

$4 per month

#2 Hetzner

hetzner europe servers

If you are looking for a European-made server, Hetzner is the best choice you can make. If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry, you can also buy their cheap auction servers.

It has a secure infrastructure with a 10 seconds deployment time. Additionally, you will get 99.9% uptime with DDoS protection and full redundancy. It’s a plan-based hosting service. You can still configure bandwidth overage and disk space. Not only do they have servers in the USA, but also in Germany & Finland.

They have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Therefore, you can rely on their servers. Hetzner is great for people who are looking for an affordable 10 Gbps server that has an hourly-based pricing.


The outgoing traffic limit is 20 TB per month. There is no bandwidth limitation. However, overusage is billed with €1 per 1 TB.

Starting price

They have different dedicated servers in their auction which prices are changing occasionally. However, you can either order initially a server with the Uplink speed you want, or buy any server and then ask their support to transfer your server to an proper rack with the 10gbps port speed.

Please note additional fees for the transfer may apply.

#3 Javapipe (shared port)

Javapipe is a KVM-based VPS provider that offers a 10 Gbps shared network port. However, their strong hardware and multi-homed carriers make up for the shared port. You will get decent speed here. You can select from managed or unmanaged as per your wish.

They have multiple options for managed servers, you can choose from managed, semi-managed, support-based, and many others.

It’s a premium-quality network and hardware. The charges are cheap and it will get cheaper if you go with a 24 or 36 months billing cycle. As it’s based on KVM, it becomes super easy to upgrade the server whenever you want. Javapipe has various plans from which you can choose one.

If you want more resources, you can even configure the server on your own. This is possible once you add the plan to the cart.

Overall, Javapipe is for people who want KVM-based VPS at a very cheap cost. It’s great for people who want to choose the best one from various management options.

javapipe cheap 10 gbps


10 Gbps shared port with 5 TB bandwidth (You can upgrade it for an extra cost)

Starting price

$8.67 for annual billing and $6.12 for a 36-months cycle

Now, if you don’t want any limit on the bandwidth, you should look for a server with unmetered bandwidth. There is one amazing provider we found here. let’s talk about it next.

3 Cheap 10gbps Dedicated Servers

For the people who want more control over the server and better performance, you should prefer a dedicated server. So, we will now see 3 of the best-dedicated servers with 10 Gbps ports.

#4 Contabo

Contabo is great for people who have a decent budget and want to go with dedicated services. The servers come with powerful control and performance. You get uninterrupted raw computing power along with custom storage configuration. There are 5 different regions and 8 locations available to choose from.

They use German-quality hardware for better performance. You can also adjust the hardware by adding more resources. They have IPMI-KVM for virtualization. If you want to go with 10 Gbps bandwidth, it will cost you a setup fee along with extra charges. We will talk more about it later.

Contabo is surely expensive and not suitable for most people. However, if you want a stable connection with all the features, you can surely go with Contabo.

contabo cheap 10 gbps


10 Gbit port with 32 TB traffic

Starting price

$310.97 per month and it will cost a $129.99 one-time setup fee.

#5 Interserver

interserver dedicated servers
Want a 10 Gbps dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth? You should surely check out Interserver. It’s one of the few servers that provide unmetered bandwidth at a very affordable price. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you also want better reliability, you will love their hardware replacement guarantee. All of these make it the best dedicated 10 Gbps unmetered dedicated server.

The support is incredible here. You can use the live chat to get instant replies and solutions to your query. They use KVM (remote) for virtualization. You will also get IPMI or ILO Access which helps you with management. They have two options for bandwidth.

The first one has a 150 TB transfer limit with a 10 Gbps port, it will cost you $15 extra. If you want unmetered bandwidth, it will cost you $200 (per month) more.

Interserver is best if you want unmetered bandwidth. It has got a lot of features that you can rely on and the support is awesome. Even if you go with metered bandwidth, the traffic limit is enough for everyone.

interserver cheap 10 gbps


Metered comes with 150 TB or Unmetered with 10 Gbps port.

Starting price

$64 per month (for 150 TB bandwidth) and $249 per month (for unmetered bandwidth)

#6 Vultr

vultr infrastructure cloud servers

Vultr’s bare metal dedicated server is one of the cheapest 10 Gbps dedicated servers out there. You will get a lot of features here starting from direct access to hardware with 100% resources to 100% uptime. There are 16 data center locations to choose from. You can also install any OS you want along with your favourite application.

They also have a powerful API. All their plans suit the requirements that you might want. If you are still wondering whether Vultr is for you or not, you can try out their server for a few days. They offer $200 worth of free credits. You will get full control over your server. To control the server, you will have an easy interface with an interactive UI.

You can install any app including Minecraft and cPanel with just one click. If you want a different OS, you can also upload your ISO file.

Vultr offers great performance with affordable pricing. It’s recommended for people who are looking for a dedicated server for gaming, SaaS, streaming apps, etc.

vultr cheap 10 gbps


10 Gbps network starting with 5 TB bandwidth

Starting price

$120 per month

#7 Linode

linode free trial vps

Linode is a cloud hosting with a dedicated CPU. One of the best things about Linode’s cloud services is the predictable pricing. You will know exactly what you are paying for the server. As the resources are dedicated, there are no issues of noisy neighbors. You will also get DDoS protection along with a cloud firewall.

You will get amazing performance with a 99.99% uptime SLA. They have a private VLAN with 11 data centers across the globe. If you want to try out Linode, you will get $100 credits for free. With these credits, you can see whether it fit your requirements or not. You can also add extra addons such as backups, node balancers, and others as per your wish.

They offer you one of the most affordable cloud services compared to their peers. The marketplace allows you to add any apps with just one click.

Linode will be great for private trackers, proof of concept, and large deployments such as SaaS. There is also a managed service you can buy. However, the managed service is much more expensive and suitable for a few people only. Others can use the VPS service.

linode cheap 10 gbps


40 Gbps network in and 4 Gbps out with 4 TB transfer.

Starting price

$30 per month.

7 Factors to consider when buying a 10gbps server

At first, you should understand that if you want to go with a 10 Gbps dedicated server, it’s going to cost you a decent amount of money. The cost will depend on the provider, CPU, location, and a few other things. So, you should be prepared for that.

cheapest 10 gbps vps

Now, let’s see the 7 factors to look out for:

  • To begin with, you should see if the connection is metered or not. The unmetered connection means that you can push the entire bandwidth of 10 Gbit all the time.
  • If the connection is metered, you should know how much TB is the limit per month.
  • The next thing you need to see is the bandwidth allocation. In simple terms, you should see what the limit is for incoming traffic and outgoing traffic. In the same way, you should also see what’s the uploading and downloading speed. This only applies if the connection is metered.
  • You should also see the packet and speed delivery guarantee. Usually checking the SLA will give you the answer to this question. It will be useless if the 10 Gbit port is shared with 1000 other servers. If so, the speed will decrease a lot. This brings us to the next point to see.
  • See if the port is shared or dedicated. A dedicated port will cost you a fortune. However, if you want the same speed, it’s advisable to go with the dedicated port.
  • Now comes the hidden terms. You should see if there is any limit. Some hosts use packet limits. So, even if the bandwidth is unmetered, there will be a limit on the maximum packets per month (only some hosts have this limit).
  • Lastly, you should always see how many carriers are available. The recommended carriers that you should see are at least 3 carriers.

Many articles say bandwidth in Europe is cheaper than in others. This is false. Some hosting providers will use tricks to lure you into buying the service. Most customers find out about such tricks after using them for a few months whereas some people don’t find them at all.

Final Words

To conclude, these are the best cheap 10 Gbps VPS hosting servers you can go with. If you want to choose the best one, we will recommend you go with Kamatera.

Kamatera is not only the cheapest service out there but it’s also one of the best servers with a lot of features. They have an excellent uptime of 99.95% which is yet another advantage. The starting price is cheap and you can even scale up. They use amazing hardware that is constantly monitored.

Overall, Kamatera is the best hosting whether you want to start small and go big or you are already big enough and looking for a cheap 10Gbps hosting service with fantastic performance.

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    I would not trust personal nor business data from myself or from customers to this company.

    • Hi Fernando,

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