If you’re wondering about Hostinger server locations, you are at the right place. In this article, we will see all the information you need about Hostinger data center location. Not just the data center, we will also see some of the cool features it provides.

No doubt, the server location is an important thing that you need to see when you are choosing a hosting. Especially, if you have a lot of daily visitors, you will need to see the location. If the hosting company has the nearest data center, it will load the website faster.

For example, if you are visiting a website from the United States, and the server is located in the US, it will load the website faster. However, if the data center is located in Singapore, it might take a little bit more time.

Without wasting more time, let’s get into the server location of Hostinger.

Hostinger Data Center Locations

Hostinger is a huge company. If you have been researching about the hosting companies, you might know that most of the hosting providers only provide 2 or 3 data center locations. That’s where Hostinger wins the game.

Here, you will get more than 7 data center locations.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore, Asia server
  • Netherlands
  • Lithuania

hostinger server location
Where are Hostinger servers Located?

Remember, we told “more than 5 locations”, right? That’s because Hostinger servers are globally connected to Tier-3 data centers.

Most people think they have only four data center locations which is not true. There are more than 5 server locations. We will surely clear this doubt as we move on to the article. So, don’t leave the article from here. It’s going to be much more interesting ahead.

hostinger data centersDon’t worry, you can also choose your preferred location but let’s keep it aside for a while. First, we will talk about the country domains of Hostinger.

Country Domains

If you are not aware of this, Hostinger is a huge website. It offers the website in multiple versions. For example, if you head over to hostinger.com, you will open the main website. However, if you are from India, you can also visit hostinger.in for the Indian version.

The main differences between these websites are the support language and currency selection features. Let’s talk about the Indian version (hostinger.in).

hostinger multilingual supportNow, if you register a hosting with them, you will see the pricing in INR (Indian Rupee) instead of USD. So, this is the major change in different websites. You can also get support in the local language (doesn’t apply to all the websites).

To select the language/version, you can click on the dropdown menu near the logo and it will redirect you to the country’s website (if any).

The server location is the same as the main one. Unlike other hosting websites, here you won’t get different server selections.

So, it doesn’t matter on which Hostinger’s website you sign up on, the server location, as well as the features, will remain the same. There is no difference when it comes to the data center location.

If you are still wondering that on which website you should register, it’s surely up to you. If you are comfortable with English support and paying in USD, you can go with the main website instead of others. However, it’s surely your choice. We won’t waste more time here. Instead, we will move back to our main topic which is about the data center.

We have already seen Hostinger data center location, we will now see some features that you will get.

Features of Data Center

Now, it’s important to see the features as well. Just because the location of the server is good doesn’t mean that the data center is good. You will also have to see the features. With that being said, we will now have a look at some features of Hostinger data centers.

Regular Backups and Integrity

The server must be fail-proof. Imagine if you are running a Facebook advertisement and the server crashes, how much money you will lose? So, it’s necessary to have a RAID protected server. In simpler words, the server must be fail-safe. Hostinger provides the same kind of servers. All the servers are RAID 10 protection (also known as RAID 10).

hostinger backup with data redundancy serversHostinger takes daily or weekly backups depending on your plan. So, your data is fully safe when you are hosting with Hostinger. Almost all companies provide backup services but Hostinger goes one step ahead. The data backups are done by real humans and not by any automatic machine. So, there is no chance of your data getting lost.

DDoS Protection

If you run a website, there are very less chances that you don’t know about DDoS. It’s an attack that will slow down the entire server and sometimes it might even crash the server. Even if one of the websites faces DDoS attacks, all the other websites might go down.

Hostinger has real-time DDoS protection on all their data centers. So, you don’t even need to worry about any attacks. Not to mention, it’s even good for the performance of your website and SEO.

hostinger ddos protectionIf you want to get technical. It has Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer to analyze the traffic. Further, the traffic will be filtered with Cloudflare which is free for all accounts. Before the request gets into the server, it will have to clear the Bitninja or Imunify360 WAF (Web Application Firewall). It has strong firewall rules to catch the attack.


It has a lightning-fast speed. That’s the main thing most people are looking for. You can even check the speed on various online tools. The average response time of the server is 143 ms which is awesome. The server-level caching makes it more efficient.

hostinger litespeed cacheIf you are planning to host WordPress here, it will give you even better performance. The server technology can handle 3x more requests in a second. So, the website won’t go down even the peak hours when you have the maximum amount of traffic.

Disaster Protection

Hostinger also has disaster protection. In case there is a natural calamity that will ruin your server, Hostinger will restore the server in just a few minutes. There are very fewer chances of anything happening like this but we can’t be 100% sure about this, right? So, it’s always better to choose the hosting service which can restore the account in the least possible time. Hostinger is one of those companies you can trust.

hostinger data recovery protectionOther Features

Let’s have a quick look at all the features of Hostinger data centers before we head over to our next part. This might get technical. So, we won’t go in-depth here. Instead, we will just have quick look at the features.

  • Global Datacenter
  • Multi-level server caching
  • Daily and Weekly backups
  • Memcached (Twitter fork – Fatcache)
  • DDoS protection
  • Disaster protection
  • Data redundancy
  • Raid 10 protection
  • Custom panel (hPanel) to manage server
  • CloudLinux, HTTP/2
  • IPV6 Enabled for WordPress
  • Litespeed caching with GZIP for WordPress
  • HTTP/2 HTTP/3 (Quic) for WordPress
  • Live containers to isolate account
  • SSD for better speed
  • Wanguard protection
  • Fast Server Deployment in under 10 minutes
  • Cloudflare and LetsEncrypt Integration
  • Web Application Firewall
  • 1Gbit lines
  • Fast serving (3x requests in a second)
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4114 CPU

Of course, along with this, you will get all the other basic features such as PHP 7+ support, SSH access, and many more.

We will now see how you can choose the location.

How to Choose Hostinger Data Centers Location?

We will now get into the main topic that many people are waiting for. How can you select the data center location in Hostinger?

You surely might have checked the Hostinger website, right? We bet none of you have seen a place where they can select the data center, right?

hostinger web hosting plansDoes this mean you can’t select the data center location in Hostinger?

Of course, not. You can select the data center location in Hostinger. To select it, you will have to create an account first.

When you select your preferred plan, you can head over to the hPanel. HPanel is the panel they offer where you can manage your hosting.

As soon as you select your plan, it will ask you to map your domain and select your server. In most cases, you won’t even have to go to the hPanel part.

Once you select the server, it’s almost impossible to change the server. So, think twice before you select the server location.

If you don’t know how to select the server location, you can head over to our next section.

hostinger change data centerComing back to the point, when you are selecting the location, you will only see 2 options instead of 5.

The four options you will see are:

  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Europe (Netherlands)
  • Europe (Lithuania)
  • North America (USA)

So, how can you select other server locations? Well, for that, you will have to use the live chat support.

You can contact them and tell will set your server location to the next three locations if you want.

hostinger change server locationIt’s almost impossible to change the location. However, if you made some big blunder and you need to change the server, they will change the server for you in special circumstances. You can contact the support to change it.

Choosing the Right Server Location

The server location is the important thing that you will have to see. Most people will select any server location thinking it won’t affect them. That’s the biggest mistake they make.

Along with this, there is a big misconception among people. People think that selecting the United States server will give them maximum speed. Even that thing is not right at all.

The best server location will depend on your website’s traffic and nothing else.

You can analyze your traffic and see its location. Now, you will have to select the nearest server location possible.

If most of your traffic is from the United States, you should surely select the United States as the server location. However, if you have more traffic from Asian countries, you should select Singapore as your server.

If you choose the location which is nearest to your website visitors’ location, the website will load in less time.

But, what if you have mixed traffic from all the countries? In that case, you will have to analyze all the traffic and see which country has the maximum amount of visitors. You can select the location accordingly. If you have 2 countries with the same amount of traffic, you can select the location which is nearest to you.

For the people who are planning to host multiple websites, you will have to analyze the traffic of all the websites. Even if you don’t select the best server location, there is nothing to worry about. As you can surely use the alternative way to serve the visitors. We will soon talk about the other way to serve your website to visitors.

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Alternative to Data Center Location

Earlier, we have seen various situations to consider using which you can choose your server location. We will now see what is the best alternative you can use for the data center location.

You can use a CDN like Cloudflare. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. When you start using CDN, your website will be served from various locations apart from your data center.

In scenario 1, let’s assume that you have a datacenter in the US, and somebody visits your website from Singapore. This will surely slow down the website as the data is served from the US server.

If you are using CDN, such things won’t happen. A CDN will cache your website into various other locations. The number of locations depends on the provider. Hostinger provides easy integration with Cloudflare and Cloudflare has a free plan too.

Cloudflare has more than 100 countries in which your website will be cached. It will try to serve the website from the nearest possible location of the visitor.

cloudflare data centersLet us understand that by a scenario.

In Scenario 2, if a visitor visits your website from Singapore, Cloudflare will look for the nearest possible location. It will then serve the website from the Singapore server (if it’s available). In the same way, if someone visits your website from India, Cloudflare will serve your website from the Indian datacenter. Here, your actual datacenter location doesn’t matter.

You can easily speed up your website by this. No doubt, you will also get an extra layer of security when you are using CDN. It will increase the performance and give you a lightning-fast website. So, even if the data center location isn’t an issue for you, you should start using CDN.

Should you go with Hostinger?

Now, the last question that might be in your mind would be whether you should go with Hostinger or not.

Hostinger is one of the oldest hosting providers that has been on the internet. You might have seen many people using it. Before many years, there was a free plan due to which Hostinger got a lot more popular. Now, it has affordable plans with many more features.

It provides you one of the most affordable options to publish your website live. You can easily use the managed hosting environment to create your WordPress website. Hostinger gives extended support for WordPress. There are many interesting features that you might like.

hostinger hosting services

They offer many hosting services from which you can choose your favorite one. Most people (beginners) will choose to go with the most

Final Words

To summarize, this was all about Hostinger Datacenter locations. They currently have a data center in 5 locations as we have mentioned. However, you can surely use CDN along with this to extend it. Again, it’s important to know which server location you should select as it will be difficult to change it later on. You can spend some time here and check our “Choosing the right server location” section again to know more. Once you have finalized the location, you can sign up for the hosting.

If you have any more questions, you can comment below or you can even ask the same thing to Hostinger live support, you will get the answer in both places.


How do I change the Hostinger server location?

You can set the Hostinger server location after signing up. To change it, you will have to contact support. They will change the server under special circumstances else it will be hard to change it.

Does hosting have servers in India?

Hostinger currently doesn’t have servers in India. Seeing the growth and popularity of Hostinger in India, they might add their data center in India too. However, there is no official announcement about it.

Which server location is best for Hostinger?

The server location will depend on your website’s visitors. You should select the location from which you have the maximum amount of website visitors.

How Good is Hostinger?

Hostinger is an amazing hosting provider to get started. The basic plan has certain limitations, other than this, the hosting provider provides great performance and security.

Does Hostinger support WordPress?

Of course, Hostinger supports Managed WordPress. They have cutting-edge technology to manage a WordPress website. This will increase your WordPress website’s performance.