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When you finally decide to go with a hosting company, you need to see the server location of the hosting company. As the title says, this guide is all about A2Hosting server location. We will see where are the data centers located.

When you select the right server for your hosting, you will get the best performance. Therefore, you need to select the right data center. Let’s start the guide and see where the A2 data centers are located.

Where are A2hosting servers located?

Now, let’s come directly to the point. If you are wondering where the A2Hosting data center is located, there are 4 locations.

We will now see the four locations where the data centers are located. Luckily, there are 3 different continents covered. So, you can choose the data center as per your wish. You will get complete diversification here.

a2hosting data centers comparison

NOTE: If you find any other page in A2Hosting where you see a bunch of flags, that’s not where their data centers are.
They only have 4 data center locations.

1. Michigan (USA)

The primary data center they have is in Michigan in the USA. Even the company is based in the same state. It’s located in Ann Arbor.

For the people who don’t know, Michigan falls in the upper midwestern region of the USA. Therefore, if you are located in the country/state near it, you can go with this server. It’s highly recommended for people who want a data center on the east coast.

IP Address:

2. Arizona (USA)

A2Hosting has two data centers located in the USA. You can either go with Michigan or you can also choose the state of Arizona.
This is a secondary data center in the USA.

Arizona falls in the southwestern region of the USA. It’s great for the people who want the server on the west coast.
On the other hand, if you have traffic from the European side, you can surely go with the European data center.

IP Address:

3. Amsterdam (Europe)

The next data center is in the capital of the Netherlands. It’s the only data center they have in Europe.

So, if you have traffic from nearby countries, you can surely go with the Europe data center.

IP Address:

4. Singapore (Asia)

Singapore is the perfect location for people who have data coming from Asian countries.
Just like Europe, this is the only data center they have in Asia.

So, if you have traffic from Asia, you can surely go with this.

IP Address:

A2hosting change of server location

Now that you know where the data centers are located, we will see more about the specifications of the data center. This will give you a complete idea of how reliable their data centers are.

a2hosting data center room

Redundant Network

When it comes to the data center, the first thing you need to see is the network connection. They have got multi-homed networking connectivity. This simply means that there is more than one internet provider available. So, if there are any internet problems with one provider, the server will still be working by the internet connection of the second provider.

Along with this, they also have dual fiber entrances. This makes the network more reliable. So, when it comes to the network, you can surely rely on it.

a2hosting redundancy

Redundant Power Supply

The power supply is also important when it comes to the data center. Here, you will get uninterrupted power to the data center. Even if the power goes off, there is a diesel generator to keep the servers on. Here are the technical specifications regarding the power supply. This proves that the power supply is redundant and reliable.

  • 300kVA UPS which also includes uninterrupted power.
  • 480V 3-Phase is the building power.
  • 20A 120VAC UPS circuit.
  • 750kVA Cummins Diesel Generator.
  • They also have a huge power plant of 1200 AMP -48 DC.


Datacenter security is the utmost priority of the company. If you are trusting a company with the data, it must be properly secured. Here, there are all the means taken for the security of the data center.

It is SSAE16 certified. This means that the data center is secured. Now, many people don’t have an idea about the certification. So, we will surely talk more about it.

To begin with, it has a gated parking lot with key entry. So, no one can enter the data center without proper permission.

Now comes the interesting part. You will need a security key to enter the data center. This is only given after successful verification. Further, if you want to access the server rack, you will again need the key for the same. The server rack is locked and only key people have permission to go in. It requires a key to unlock and access the server.

a2hosting security features

Last but not the least, it also has video surveillance to see what is going on inside the data center. There is constant monitoring done on video surveillance to ensure the security of the data center. You will also get all the security features like DDoS protection, and a Firewall.

Monitoring and Regulating

There are certain regulations needed when you are running a data center. Here, A2Hosting ensures that the data centers are always at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. In the same way, the climate is controlled properly. There is a proper humidity level that needs to be maintained. Here, it’s maintained at 30-40% which is considered great.

In the same way, there is static-free flooring. All these things will keep the data center regulated and at a cool temperature. When there is a lot of server usage, it will heat the data center which will cause problems. Therefore, the data center company has to take measures to ensure cooling. A2Hosting takes care of all the things.

Green Hosting

Well, this is one of the core specifications of the data center. It’s not the technical specifications but you can surely contribute to the world by using it. Not just limited to the servers, they also have green policies for employee telecommuting practices and their old hardware.

They use renewable energy for the data center. So, the server won’t emit any carbon dioxide. Not just limited to the servers, they also have green policies for employee telecommuting practices and their old hardware.

Their offices are also in tree town. We will talk more about it as we move further. Before that, let’s see how you can choose a perfect server location.

How to choose the best A2hosting server location?

Now, we will see how you can select the right data center location for your server. All the data centers have the above-given specifications. So, you will get equal technical specs everywhere. You just need to select the right location.

So, we will first see the process of selecting the location. Thereafter, we will also see the criteria to select the right location.

Steps to Select the Location

We will begin with the steps for selecting the data center.

  • You can simply choose the hosting package that you love from the packages they have. Once you select the hosting, you can simply move ahead with the hosting.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the domain.

Thereafter, you will see the cart where you will also have the option to select the data center. You can refer to the below image.

choose a2hosting server location in checkout

Please note that you don’t have to select from the above flags. The flags are for the currencies and not for the data center. Some people often get confused there.

available currencies a2hosting

So, keep that in mind. If you want, you can also choose a different currency for the payment.

Now, we will see the factors that you need to keep in mind before selecting a data center location. This will help you in choosing the right data center for your A2Hosting package. So, let’s see the criteria and you can match the data center with it.

Selecting the Right Data Center

Well, there are many ways you can select a data center when it comes to A2Hosting. We will see a few things you can keep in mind here. Based on that, you can select the data center.

a2hosting servers locations world map

Audience location

You can always check for the audience location before you choose a data center. You need to choose a location that is near your audience location. If you have the majority of the audience from Asia, you can choose the Asian data center. This will increase the performance of the website as well.

Speed of the Data Center

You can always check the speed of the data center before you make your decision. Luckily, all the data centers have similar speeds which makes it easier for you to choose any data center.

Here is the quick link for the speed test.


The last thing that you can look for is privacy. This doesn’t apply to the majority of people. Each country has its own laws that you need to obey. In most cases, all the websites will be complying with the laws due to the terms and conditions of A2Hosting.

However, if you are having a website where you post political content or it has confidential information, you can host the data in your country only.

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A2hosting change of server location

If you want to change the server location, you can do so. A2Hosting allows you to change the data center to another location.

Before you start thinking about changing the data center, it’s important to know the process. There is one thing to keep in mind. If you want to change the data center of A2Hosting, you will have to pay a small fee. You can only change the data center for a fee of $25.

NOTE: Now, if you want to waive that fee, you only got one option. You will have to upgrade the hosting for that.

For the people who want to upgrade their hosting, you can only pay the difference of the hosting.

As part of the upgrade, the data center migration fee is waived off. So, you can change the data center without having to pay the fee.

Well, if you are thinking about whether the location matters that much, the answer is no. The only thing that matters is the location of the audience. If the location of the audience is near the data center location, the website will load slightly faster. Even if they don’t have the location there, you can still use a CDN.

cloudflare data centers

CDN will distribute and cache your data in various locations. Thereafter, it will serve the data from the nearest possible location of the visitors. Therefore, the visitor can load the website at a faster speed. You don’t need to pay any fees for the CDN, you can use it for free.

A2Hosting provides free CDN for all their packages. You can use it for better performance of your website. It will also increase the security of your website as it filters out malicious traffic and bots.

Where is A2 Hosting based?

Most of you might have guessed it when we said that A2Hosting has headquartered in tree town. For the people who don’t know, it’s Ann Arbor. It’s located in Michigan where they have their primary data center. This is the same place where their offices are located.

It has more than 50,000 trees or 150 parks and that’s the reason it’s called Tree town. A2Hosting has been in the industry since 2003. However, they started using renewable energy after a few years in 2007. Since then, they use 100% green energy for the servers. Therefore, you are contributing to the future of the planet when you are using A2Hosting.

Final Words

To conclude, these are the data center locations of A2Hosting. They have four data centers of which 2 of them are in the USA whereas the other two are in Europe and Asia. You can choose the one that is near to your audience’s location. A2Hosting already has a free CDN to use. So, it won’t affect you so much. You can surely test the speed if you want.

So, which data center location have you finalized to go with? Feel free to comment below about your choice.

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