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WordPress CMS and GoDaddy website builder are the easiest ways to build your website. However, the main question is which one among these two is better? For that, we will do a comparison between these two. We are going to see everything you need to know about Godaddy website builder vs WordPress CMS. This is the only comparison you will need to see.

What is a Godaddy website builder?

Godaddy is a hosting company where you can buy a domain name, hosting, and many other things. There are many other services and products that Godaddy has to offer. One of the things that they provide is a website builder.

They have their website builders where you can build your website with a drag and drop builder.

godaddy website builder

You can create beautiful designs with the help of the website builder. There are various elements by which you can add elements and the website you build will be completely responsive. In this way, you can easily create the website you want.

You can select a plan from Godaddy’s website and then they will provide you the complete platform. Everything is done from Godaddy’s website only.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) from which you can create any type of website such as a blog, e-Commerce website, etc. Please note that there are two types of things to consider here. One of these is is a software where you can create a basic blog but the thing we are talking about here is

wordpress themes

This is where you can download the script and upload it to your web hosting server. You can then do the customization, add the theme, and then add the plugins to do the rest of the website building. You will need to register and get your web hosting. Thereafter, you can install WordPress.

Difference between Godaddy website builder vs WordPress

Now, we will see the complete difference between Godaddy website builder vs WordPress. We will see an in-depth comparison of the top things that matter. With this, you can easily decide which is better and which one you should choose.

Are you ready? Let’s start seeing all the factors one by one and see which is the best platform to create the website.

Ease of use

We will start with ease of usage. If you are a beginner, the first thing you might be wondering is which one will be easier for you, right?

Godaddy’s builder comes with the drag-and-drop builder. You can move and place the elements you want. It will allow you to create the page and then you can add all the elements to it. This will include elements like images, slide shows, text, etc. Adjusting the size of all the elements is very easy as you will get the options for the same.

godaddy drag and drop

To add functionalities, you will have to move the element and then do the rest of the settings from the panel. If you want to create an eCommerce store, you can add the product and then do the rest of the settings from the panel. This is how you can use the Godaddy website builder.

We will now talk about WordPress. CMS WordPress doesn’t have the same approach as Godaddy’s website builder but it is sure to use. You can install WordPress on your hosting with one click. Thereafter, you can choose from various themes and activate the theme. The customization is extremely easy. You can choose the colors and select the elements from the panel.

Astra Theme with Guttenberg builder
Astra Theme with Guttenberg builder

To add more functionality, you will have to install plugins. Don’t worry, installing the plugin is a piece of cake but takes even less time than eating a piece of cake. It will hardly take 1 minute to find and install the plugin. You can then configure the plugin to set up the correct options. You can also install a drag-and-drop builder plugin to design beautiful pages.

Winner: WordPress looks complex/technical at first look, but it is still extremely easy to use. So, we will say that it’s a tie here.


People measure flexibility in different ways. For some people, implementing new features and moving head to head with the technology is flexibility whereas, for some people, it might simply mean the ability to scale up your website. Either way, you must see the flexibility of the website before you select one of the platforms. Therefore, this is where we are going to learn about flexibility.

Godaddy’s builder comes with all the latest trendy features that one may need. The new features will also depend on Godaddy. If you want any new feature, you will have to wait till Godaddy releases it for the website builder. There is no way you can add your custom code or custom functionality.

godaddy website builder features

The scalability will also depend on Godaddy. There are a total of 4 premium plans here. You can easily upgrade from one plan to another. However, the scalability is limited to the fourth plan. You can’t expand any further. So, if you think, your site will grow into a huge website, Godaddy’s website builder won’t help you in any way. You will have to create a new website on a new platform because you can’t migrate your Godaddy website to any other platform.

On WordPress, you can add as many functionalities as you want. There are thousands of plugins to help you with this. Most of them are free but you can also go with the premium plugins. If you need a very unique functionality that is not available in any plugin, you can surely hire a WordPress developer and they will develop it for you.

wordpress plugins repository

The scalability potential is huge. You will surely need better servers for that. There are plenty of options for choosing a good scalable web hosting.

Winner: WordPress is definitely more flexible.

Pricing comparison

We will now talk about one of the most interesting things that people want to hear. We will talk about the pricing here.

The most basic plan of Godaddy hosting is for personal use only which starts at $6.99 per month. This is only applicable if you pay the money annually. If you want to go with the higher plans, it will cost you more. Therefore, you can choose the plan accordingly. There is also a free plan which just gives you the overview as all the features are very limited and you will get almost nothing in the free plan. For eCommerce, you will have to $15.99 per month.

godaddy wordpress hosting plans

Please note that Godaddy has a bad reputation when it comes to renewal rates. Their renewal rates go high for many of their product and services.

You will also have to get a domain name if you want to have a custom domain name. It will cost you roughly around $10 to $15.

WordPress is free to use. However, you will have to pay for the hosting as it’s self-hosted. The hosting plan will depend on your need. We recommend you go with Bluehost shared hosting which is the best web hosting company for WordPress. It will cost you $2.75 per month if you go with 36 months plan. If you go with a yearly plan, it will cost you $4.95 for the first year. The regular renewal rate is just $8.99 per month. You will also get a free domain for the first year. You can also create an eCommerce website with the same plan. Therefore, it’s almost 2.5x affordable than Godaddy.

bluehost wordpress hosting plans

We have considered the best hosting provider here. You can also go with affordable hosting that costs you less.

Winner: WordPress is the clear winner here.


Performance is a major reason why people will choose a platform. If the speed and the uptime are not good, they will surely lose all the visitors and it will leave a bad impression among people. So, here we will compare the uptime and speed of the two platforms.

Godaddy claims to have a good uptime of 99.9% but the customer reviews say that it’s a bit less. Although, having slightly less uptime is still good. So, there are no issues with the uptime. The real game begins with the performance. The performance of the Godaddy website builder is average. It’s less than many websites out there. You can’t do more things here as all the things are very limited. You won’t be able to increase the speed in any possible way.

Bluehost most searched hosting provider

In WordPress, the majority of uptime and speed will depend on the hosting and theme you choose. If you go with the standard hosting (such as Bluehost or DreamHost), you will get an uptime of 99.99% which is great. The speed will be great if you choose a popular theme. The good thing here is that you can plenty of things to optimize your WordPress website for speed and performance. Various plugins can help you with the speed. For example, there are plugins for caching and you can even use the plugins to compress all the images on the webserver. This will improve the speed of the WordPress website.

Winner: WordPress is again a winner here as you can optimize the speed by tweaking it a little bit. Also, you have various hosting options from which you can choose the one you like.

Is Godaddy’s website builder any good?

So, in all the factors, WordPress is far better than Godaddy. So, you might be thinking is Godaddy website builder any good or not?

We will surely answer this question.

If you talk about the functionalities, WordPress has a lot of functionalities that Godaddy site builder doesn’t have. You can add plugins and do a lot more things in WordPress. Additionally, you are in proper control. Godaddy can ban you from using its website builder and your website will be gone but that won’t happen with WordPress. The performance is not good if you are using Godaddy website builder.

All the things were development-specific. Now, let’s see it from the other side. There are few other things to consider.

The high and unreasonable renewal rates of Godaddy are something that everyone is fed off. The price of Godaddy hosting is way too expensive if you see it with the features. They provide very basic features and charge a lot. Even the servers are not good. Not to mention, there are various limitations in Godaddy’s website builder.

Should I use Godaddy site builder or WordPress?

You already know the answer, right? It’s always WordPress.

WordPress provides a lot more functionalities than Godaddy’s website builder. You can create almost anything you want with the help of WordPress. The scalability of WordPress is more. You can scale up your website from a simple blog to a huge eCommerce website. All of them are possible with the help of WordPress.

You don’t need to pay for the most basic things here. For example, in Godaddy website builder, you will have to go with the most expensive plan just to create an eCommerce website. In WordPress, you can simply install the free WooCommerce plugin and that’s it. You can then add the products and your online store is ready. Isn’t it great?

Along with this, there are many other factors such as SEO, user management, payment gateway integrations, and many more things for which WordPress is better. You can also hire developers and implement your unique ideas here which is not possible in Godaddy website builder.

wordpress functionalities

In simpler words, you will have better control in WordPress as compared to Godaddy’s website builder. You can surely choose to go with any of them as per your wish. However, we would recommend you to go with WordPress.

Final Words: Godaddy vs WordPress – Who’s the Winner?

To summarize, these were all the things you need to know in the battle between GoDaddy website builder vs WordPress. The clear winner in almost everything in WordPress. Therefore, you can always go with WordPress. For some people, it might sound a bit technical but it is one of the easiest CMS platforms to use.

What are your thoughts on WordPress and Godaddy website builder? Do let us know in the comment section.

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