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Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies out there on the internet. When it comes to web hosting, the server location matters a lot. It decides the performance of your website in terms of speed and latency, and it’s important for security to ensure that the Bluehost data center is located in a physical location where it doesn’t run the risk of being compromised.

Here, we will see Bluehost data centers locations.

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Overview of Bluehost Data Centers Locations

bluehost data center server locations

Before we get into the actual topic, let’s understand some of the important things.

Bluehost is Officially recommended by WordPress. It has various domain names that work differently from each other. Mostly all the domains are country-specific.

The three main parts are:

  • Bluehost USA (main)
  • Bluehost India (secondary)
  • Bluehost China

All of them operate independently and also have different domain names. With that being said, they also have different server locations. So, we will see the locations of all of them one by one.

Where Are Bluehost Servers Located?

The server locations of all the domain names are different. For example, if you registered on, you will have a specific server location. In the same way, if you registered on, you will have an Indian server location. (Primary)

The first and most popular one is Most of the users will have registered their accounts on this website.

There are two main Bluehost data centers for the primary website. Both of them are located in the United States only.

bluehost cheap postgresql

Location 1 Provo, Utah – This is the main Bluehost data center

The IP Address is and the nameserver used for this is

Location 2. Orem, Utah – This is the secondary Data Center is the IP address of Orem data center and the nameserver is

The hostnames are – (India)

Concerning the customer base in India. Bluehost has a separate data center and domain name which is applicable to India.

The Bluehost server is located in Mumbai data center – (India). The IP Address is unknown. The nameservers are and

Bluehost India
Bluehost India

When you visit the Bluehost website from India, you will be automatically redirected to the Indian version ( If you don’t want your server location to be in India, you can register your account by heading over to

You can change the currency to USD instead of INR and it will redirect you to the US website. In this way, users can change the server location from the Mumbai data center (India) to the USA data center.

This is much needed as many Indian entrepreneurs work with US clients. Therefore, they can use any of the domain names to change the data center locations.

Bluehost China

There are two main domains here. One can be accessed at and the other domain is

The first website has various data center locations.

Bluehost data centers location for includes 4 locations.

  • Hong Kong, China Data Center
  • Mumbai, India Data Center
  • London, UK/Europe Data Center
  • Utah, USA Data Center

These are for the Chinese customers who want to expand their business to other countries too.

The second website ( has a server located in Shanghai, Mainland China Data Center.

Bluehost China
Bluehost China

Both of these websites are only available in the Chinese language. The currency is also Chinese. So, if a customer in the UK wants to go with the UK server, it won’t be possible to do so.

You can easily access both of these websites at the domain name given. You can surely change the language in but for, the website will only be viewable in the Chinese language.

Most Chinese people prefer to go with as the Bluehost data centers are on the mainland. In this way, their data is safe.

Bluehost Brasil

If you are know of Bluehost, you will be surprised to discover that they have a different website version for Brasil.

NOTE: Please note that they are no longer accepting new orders. You will see the notice to head over to instead. So, you can’t place a new order there. So only existing customers can log in.

The domain name for Bluehost brazil is

However, there is not enough information about the server locations for this domain. It might be using the US server or there could be another server located in Brazil. The information is not yet known to anyone.

Talking about anonymity, you might be wondering why Bluehost has not yet disclosed the information about their server locations on their website, right? Let’s learn more about it.

Why is Bluehost Server Location not Disclosed?

One thing that you might be wondering is why there is no information on the website about the server location. Even if you tried to look in the FAQs or knowledge base, you won’t find it anywhere. It is not even mentioned in their blog about it.

bluehost data centers

Now, depending on the web hosting companies, some might reveal the server locations whereas some of them just keep it private. There are various reasons why Bluehost server locations are private. Here are some of the possible reasons why the Bluehost server locations are private.

  • Privacy and Security Concerns are the biggest and the most important factor why EIG is not revealing the Bluehost data center location. If the location is public, they are vulnerable to attacks. So, by not revealing the location, they are increasing the security and privacy of the users as well as their own.
  • The next point might be simply because they don’t want the users to choose it. It is not possible to select a data center location when you are registering with Bluehost. They will assign a data center and you won’t even know about it. So, this might be one of the reasons.
  • After getting acquired by EIG, Bluehost is expanding its business by providing better infrastructure and servers to their customer. They are looking for more opportunities to work with. This might be one of the reasons why they are not revealing it.

Officially, we don’t know why they are keeping it private. It is surely for privacy and security purposes but the exact reason is still unknown. So, if you are looking for something like that, you won’t find the answer anywhere.

How to Choose the best Bluehost Data center?

As we already mentioned before, Bluehost doesn’t provide any option to change or choose the server locations. You can’t select it during registration neither you can select it after registration.

It will be automatically assigned to you. You can’t even change the server location.

So, what’s the way to choose the server location? Well, there is only one way to do so.

You can go with the specific domain name. As we mentioned, if you want an Indian server, you can go with

Other than this, there are no ways you can choose or change the server locations. Technically, you can only choose from two locations. That is, you can either go with the US location by going to or you can go with the Indian server by going to

Unfortunately, there is no way to choose between the US and UK.

However, there is nothing to worry about as Bluehost also offers free CDN for all its customers.

Don’t know what CDN is? Let’s discuss it.

Bluehost CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a distribution network of data centers and proxy servers.

In simpler words, the website is saved in a different location and the website will be loaded from the nearest location of the visitors. This removes the barrier of the original data center location.

There are various Content Delivery Networks available on the internet that you can use.

Luckily, Bluehost provides free Cloudflare CDN. So, if you are a Bluehost customer, you can take the advantage of it easily. Cloudflare has various locations in the world. This will improve the speed of the website globally.

Cloudflare CDN

This will decrease the number of requests that sends to the server. This also means that you won’t reach the resource limit.

So, if you have more visitors from the United Kingdom, the Cloudflare CDN will load the website from its UK location.

Let’s see more advantages to decide whether you should add it or not.

Advantages of Cloudflare CDN

  • It will decrease the loading time of the website as it increases the speed.
  • The website is served to the user from the nearest location. So, the requests sent to the server are very less.
  • Your resource limit won’t be reached. Therefore, you will see lower CPU usage.
  • Adding a CDN will also change the nameserver that you pointed to. So, the random person won’t be able to find out which web hosting you are using. They will only see the Cloudflare details. Therefore, if you want to keep your web hosting private, here is one way to do it.
  • It’s spam protection too. It will automatically prevent unwanted attacks. Attacks are DDoS become hard to perform when you are secured with CDN. So, your website’s security will also increase with this.
  • Bluehost already provides 99.98% uptime. Cloudflare handles the rest of 0.02%. There is a feature called “Always online”. Here, Cloudflare will load the website in case the server is unreachable. The website is loaded from the cache memory of Cloudflare. So, that’s a great advantage. You almost got 100% uptime here.
  • If the visitor’s computer is infected or the user agent is not identified, Cloudflare will ask to verify it via a captcha. So, your website is always safe.

Activating Cloudflare

If you are already a customer of Bluehost and you are not using Cloudflare CDN, you can activate it in two steps.

First, open your panel and head over to the Cloudflare option.

bluehost cloudflare integration

After clicking on it, you will see the name of the websites that are hosted on your server. You can activate the Cloudflare for that website and you are done.

Bluehost setup Cloudflare activationYou are now using CDN.

Final Words

Our final recommendation is:

  • if you are targeting indian audience and closeby countries then go for the
  • However, if your audience is outside of Asia, then go for and activate the free CDN to server your site from worldwide servers

The speed of all the locations is good. Along with the speed, you also don’t need to worry about uptime. Bluehost makes sure that the uptime of all the server locations. So, you can rely on Bluehost and Cloudflare CDN without any issues.

bluehost cloud speed comparison

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Bluehost good for the UK?

Yes, Bluehost is recommended for the United Kingdom. Even though they don’t have servers in the UK, the Cloudflare CDN will handle the speed for them and will act as Bluehost servers in Europe.

Is Bluehost good for India?

For Indian users, is a preferable hosting as compared to As the data center is in India, the websites will load faster with the India data center. However, if you have more visitors from the US, you can go with

Does Bluehost work in China?

Bluehost has its Chinese version. You can go to instead of the regular one to access Chinese websites. If your website is hosted in the USA data center, your customers in China might not be able to access the website. If one of the websites on the same server is blocked, China’s golden shield will block all the websites on the same server. You can go with a dedicated IP in that case.

Is Bluehost a good web host?

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies out there. It provides great features at affordable pricing. The support is also awesome which makes it one of the best web hosting services on the internet.

Does Bluehost offer cloud hosting?

Yes, Bluehost also offers Cloud Hosting. You can either go with Cloud or VPS.

Is Bluehost better than Godaddy?

When comparing Bluehost and Godaddy, Bluehost wins the competition when it comes to web hosting services in terms of performance and features.

When it comes to pricing, unlike Godaddy, Bluehost has cheaper renewal rates and offers both SSL certificates and domain names for free.

How much does Bluehost cost? (shared plans prices & domain)

The pricing starts at $2.95 a month for shared web hosting services where you can host one website. This is applicable only if you go with a 36-month payment cycle. They provide a free domain name for annual plans.

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