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Dreamhost is a hosting company that has one of the fastest data centers and comes as an official recommendation by WordPress.

The reason why people prefer Dreamhost is because of transparency. They provide all the information you need about the server or the data center. You can also know on which server your files are hosted. This makes Dreamhost one of the top selections for users.

This article will cover all the things you should know about Dreamhost server locations, starting from the types of servers, to how you can choose and change their locations.

Overview of DreamHost Server Locations

Dreamhost has various server locations just like most of the other web hosting companies. However, unlike most of the web hosting companies out there, Dreamhost is clear about their data center locations.

A data center consists of various servers such as a mail server, database server, and many others.

Most companies will surely tell you about the server locations but you won’t know where are your files located. With Dreamhost, you can even know where your files and database are located at. This will give you one plus point about Dreamhost.

Further, Dreamhost uses DreamCompute for VPS and Cloud services. Dreamcompute is a cloud service provided by Dreamhost. Of course, the location of the Dreamcompute data center is different from the regular one.

So, coming to the point, there are some of the points that we will see in this article.

  • Dreamhost data center locations
  • DreamCompute location
  • How to see your data center location?
  • Whether or not you can select the data center

Along with this, we will also see some of the important things to keep in mind. Not to mention, we will also see some new things that you might not be aware of.

Where are Dreamhost servers located?

As mentioned, we will see the location in two segments. First, we will see the main data center for web hosting, and thereafter, we will head over to the cloud data center (DreamCompute).

Let’s start with the regular server details.

Dreamhost Data Center Location

Dreamhost has a data center in the United States.

The current Dreamhost data centers are in:

  • Ashburn, Virginia (US-East)
  • Portland, Oregon (US-West)

All your data will be hosted in one of the two data centers. All your data will be stored on one of these servers.

where are dreamhost servers locatedThere might be a slight chance that all your data is not on the same server. For example, occasionally, they might change the database server for a while and the webserver will be in another location. This is very rare and your website will be still operational if this happens. If one of the servers is facing any difficulties, they will quickly migrate the server to avoid downtime.

The speed might decrease for a while but the difference is not noticeable. Most people (including you) might not even figure it out. So, there is nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, you can always request them to put them back together if this happens.

DreamCompute and DreamObject Data Centers

For the cloud hosting services, Dreamhost uses DreamCompute data center. DreamCompute is the service provided by Dreamhost where you can easily get cloud hosting and scale it as per your need.

Here, there are two different data centers for computation and object.

  • DreamCompute data centers are in Ashburn, Virginia (US-East) data center.
  • DreamObject is located at the Irvine, California (US-West) data center.

where are dreamcompute data centers located

Dreamhost Spanish Version

If you don’t know, there is a Spanish version of Dreamhost. Here, the primary language is Spanish and you will also get chat support in the same language. So, it’s a gem for people whose first language is Spanish.

The Spanish website is not a subsidiary of Dreamhost. In simpler words, the data center location is the same as the US version. You will only get the Spanish language while all the other things will remain the same. No doubt, there are different staff members as the support is provided in the Spanish language.

dreamhost spanishAll the other things are operating the same as the main version of the website. So, you shouldn’t be confused about this. Dreamhost doesn’t have other servers except for the US.

How to find your Data Center Location?

Now, let’s come to the main point. How can you find where your data is located?

If you want to know where your data center is located, you can easily find out from your panel itself.

click on support data center
DreamHost Data centers status

All you have to do is head over to the “Account Status” in the top right corner and go to the data centers page. You will see a complete list of the services you are using and right next to it, you will see the data center location. Alternatively, you can directly head over to this page.

For example, if your files are hosted at Ashburn, you will see the name. In the same way, if your mail servers are at the next location, you will see the name of the location correspondence to it.

Many people have questions about knowing the exact location of the data center. When we checked the forums, many people were asking “How to know where my files are located?” and similar questions.

So, here is the simple answer to all of that.

You will find most of the information on the account status page as we mentioned. If you want to know more about it, you can contact the support. The Dreamhost support team will surely help you and tell you where is your data center location.

Posting on the forum won’t help you much. This is because the location will depend on your account. So, it will change from person to person. The community manager or the support staff won’t be able to guide you properly on forums.

You can surely post about it if you are not satisfied with the answer from the support. This will save you time and effort.

Talking about the forum, there is one thing that we noticed in the forums, let’s talk about that.

A Quick Word about DreamHost Forums

If you have searched about Dreamhost data center location, you might have got a variety of answers from the forum. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind here is that don’t trust the forum’s answers directly.

Let us make things more clear. Most of the questions on the forum are more than 10 years old. In simpler words, if a question is from 2008, we can’t trust it directly. There might be many things that have changed since then.

For example, in 2010, Dreamhost found a huge bunch of cables on their server. That’s when they innovated a new thing called “Wireless data centers”. With this, the data center would have been full of dongles hanging everywhere instead of a huge bunch of cables.

dreamhost server room cablesThis was a very interesting thing carried out by Dreamhost.

In the same way, recently a few years back, they scaled up the cloud servers with the next-gen OpenStack cluster.

dreamhost cluster locationThe location and all the things were available on the official blog post.

In simpler words, many changes are continuously going on. So, it is highly recommended that even if you see the forum posts (particularly about the data center and the dynamic things), you should see the date on which the question was posted.

In simpler words, there will be a lot of changes in the way Dreamhost data center works as well as there will be changes in the panel user interface over time. So, it’s highly advised to see the date of posting.

Does the location of the data centers matter?

Enough with the information about data center location, now let’s see does it matter or not.

Two main factors might get affected due to the location of the hosting data center.

  • Performance
  • Privacy Policy

Talking about performance, Dreamhost will make sure that the hosting performance is good for all the servers. Performance gets affected because if your data center is in the United States and you have visitors from India, it might take some time to load the website. However, in most cases, the speed is not that slow. So, that’s not a problem.

However, if your files and database are not in the same data center, it might slow down the speed. It’s easier to get the details from the data center. However, it will take time to get the data from a data center at a different location. You can see if the files and database are in the same location or not. If they are not, you can surely request them to change it.

Don’t worry about the performance as we will soon see the best way to eliminate the location barrier of the data center. Before that, we will quickly see about privacy.

The privacy policy of Dreamhost is the same for all the data centers. It doesn’t matter where your data is stored, you will have to follow the same terms as well as the privacy policy will be the same for all. So, there is nothing to worry about privacy as well.

How to Change Dreamhost Data Center Location?

Now, let’s come to the main point on how you can change the location of the Dreamhost data center.

The first question is “Can you change Dreamhost data center location?”.

Yes, you can surely change the Dreamhost data center location.

To change the server location, all you have to do is head over to the data center page from the account status. You will find the link in the top right corner. When you go there, you will have to first see where your current data centers are.

Now, note all the services in which you want to change the data center. For example, if the database is hosted at A data center and files are hosted at B data center, you might want to bring them together. Just note all the services in which you want to change your data center.

Thereafter, you can contact the support and request them to change the server. A live chat will also do the work. You can also open a ticket and request the staff to change it for you. You will soon get a reply with the next steps or confirmation.

dreamhost servers locationPlease note that in most cases all your services will be in the same data center.

How to Remove DataCenter Location Barrier?

So, if you have visitors from other countries along with the US, you might want to speed up your website for them. That’s where you can use this alternative.

You can use a CDN such as Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a free CDN you can use for your website.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. They have various locations across all continents in which your content will be stored. When the visitor visits your website, the website will be served from the nearest possible location.

cloudflare data centers serversThis will increase the performance of your website and will also increase security. There are many more places where a CDN will be helpful. So, even if the location is not a barrier, you can surely use the CDN. It will also make sure that your website is available 100% of the time.

In simpler words, there are many benefits to getting a CDN. So, if you are not using one, you should surely create an account with Cloudflare.

Final Words

To conclude, these were the locations of the Dreamhost data center. Honestly, you shouldn’t worry about the data center location much especially when you are using a reputed hosting service like Dreamhost. As mentioned earlier they are Officially recommended by WordPress.

dreamhost is a recommended hosting by WordPressThey will make sure that you will get the best performance for your website. They have been giving awesome speed for a lot of years. So, there is nothing to worry about the performance.

Lastly, if you still have any issues, you can surely use the Cloudflare CDN as we mentioned. This will solve all your problems giving you the best performance and security.

If you have further doubts, the comment section is always open for you. You can also contact Dreamhost support for more information.

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