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Is Bluehost good for UK?

Whether Bluehost is good for hosting a website from the UK or not depends on the region where your target audience is located. If your target audience is in the US, Bluehost is an excellent choice.

But if your target audience is located in the UK, Bluehost is not the best choice. Instead, choosing a local host over Bluehost would be a better option.

Using the services from a distant host located in a continent far away does not make sense when your website audience is located in the UK. A local host with a physical data center in the UK will be the ideal choice for your business to serve its needs better.

Does Bluehost have UK servers?

No, Bluehost does not have any physical servers in the UK. The host has its servers only in these 3 locations worldwide:

  • USA
  • India
  • China

That said, Bluehost does have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that serves the needs of website owners from different parts of the world. You can use it for a website targeting the UK audience.

Let us find out more about this in our next section:

Can I use Bluehost in the UK? Is it possible?

Yes, there is a way to use Bluehost in the UK even when the host does not have any physical servers in the region.

You can use the Cloudflare CDN, which you can easily set up from the dashboard of your Bluehost account. It is entirely free to use and has data centers all over the world, including the UK.

setting up cloudflare in bluehost

With your Bluehost website connected to Cloudflare, whenever your website receives a visitor from the UK, Cloudflare will serve a cached version of your website to the visitor from its UK server. It ensures fast delivery and loading time for your visitors, thereby improving the performance of your website.

Can I transfer a domain to Bluehost?

No. It is not possible to transfer an existing domain from a different registrar to Bluehost.

I confirmed it with a Bluehost executive over a chat to bring the correct information for you:

bluehost transfer of domain impossible

But you can purchase a new domain directly with Bluehost for the first time.

The exact online support chat revealed this fact:

bluehost purchasing a new domain

If you ever decide to transfer this newly purchased domain from Bluehost to another registrar in the future, it is possible to do so.

Here is what the Bluehost support executive revealed about this:

bluehost domain transfer

Bluehost UK Prices – How much does it cost?

Before getting started with Bluehost, let us consider the pricing offered by the host for new domains and hosting.

Bluehost Domain pricing

You can buy a domain from Bluehost for as low as £1.45 for the first year. The host offers dozens of domain extension options to provide you with enough choice.

The most popular UK-related domain extensions are available at these introductory and renewal prices.

Domain extension Bluehost introductory price £18.27 £18.27

Both these UK-related extensions can be renewed at £21.92

Check out the pricing of other popular domain extensions offered by Bluehost, arranged in prices from low to high, here:

Domain extension Bluehost introductory price
.website, .space £1.45
.site £2.19
.tech, .online £3.65
.org £7.30
.com, .store £9.50
.net £10.96
.biz £12.42
.us £13.14
.me £13.15
.blog £16.81
.co £20.46
.info, .ca £26.28
.life £29.23

The renewal prices of these domains are different from the initial prices and are higher than the above promotional rates.

Bluehost charges a fixed price of £8.68 per year for domain privacy and protection. But since GDPR has made privacy protection mandatory, you do not need to consider this cost when purchasing a domain from Bluehost.

This is what Bluehost has to say about GDPR domain masking:

bluehost domain privacy

Bluehost Hosting prices

You can purchase a hosting plan from Bluehost for just £2.16 per month. The Bluehost Basic shared hosting plan allows you to start your online journey by hosting a single website at a highly reasonable price.

Here is the pricing structure of the entry-level or the cheapest shared hosting plan from Bluehost:

Term Length of the Basic plan Bluehost per month pricing Total dues when signing up
12 months £2.16 £25.88
36 months £3.62 £130.26

You will find this information on the Bluehost Checkout page:

bluehost 12 month pricing

bluehost 36 month pricing

The above-listed prices are valid only for the initial term of hosting since these are promotional discounted prices offered to new customers by the host. The renewal costs will be higher than these prices after the initial period ends.

If you plan to buy both the domain and hosting from Bluehost, you will be glad to know that the host offers a free domain for the first year with all its hosting plans.

bluehost free domain with all plans

How do I call Bluehost from the UK?

The host offers phone support for both its US and international customers. You can call Bluehost from the UK at its international number +1 801-765-9400.

Best Alternative to Bluehost hosting in the UK

An excellent alternative to Bluehost in the UK is Krystal. It is a UK-based hosting service provider with experience of over 18 years in the industry. You will find all types of hosting plans with Krystal, as are available with Bluehost.

Benefits of choosing Krystal when hosting a website from the UK:

  • Krystal has its physical servers in London, UK.
  • The host maintains offsite backups of all your website data to keep a cover for any disaster. Its backup site is also located in London, UK.
  • The company Krystal Hosting Ltd. is registered in England and Wales and has its headquarters in London.
  • Krystal provides technical support according to the regular business hours in the UK. The company has an in-house support team that allows you to receive support from the company’s local staff belonging to the same country.
  • Krystal offers a free domain with some of its hosting plans, and you get more variety when it comes to UK-specific domain extensions.

krystal offering uk specific domains

  • If you are planning to use WordPress on your website, you will be delighted to know that all hosting plans from Krystal are well optimized for WordPress.

krystal plans optimized for wp

  • The company allows you to choose your server location on the Checkout page. You can select “London” on this page when you are targeting the UK audience.

krystal choosing server location on checkout pag

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you get the cheapest price with BlueHost?

The cheapest price with Bluehost can be obtained when signing up for a 12-month Basic shared hosting plan. You will receive hosting at just £2.16 per month along with a free domain for these 12 months.

Does Bluehost charge monthly or yearly?

Bluehost charges either yearly to its new customers or for 36 months. However, it does offer monthly billing terms to its existing customers on the renewal prices of its hosting plans.

Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Yes, Bluehost is excellent for beginners with no technical or coding knowledge. The host offers a highly easy-to-use website builder with a drag-and-drop feature for creating a beautiful and well-functional WordPress website.

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