Web Hosting with Money Back Guarantee “Longest Period”

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Finding the right web hosting solution is a challenge. In your research of finding the best hosting company, you never know if you would find a particular service to be good enough.

If you know about web hosting with money back guarantee offered by the top web hosts, you will be able to get yourself a better hosting solution.

This is a profound review of how the money-back guarantees of different web hosts work.

Longest Web Hosting With Money-Back Guarantee

No matter how good a web hosting service provider is, it is always good to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Therefore, it is logical to pick a company with a reliable money-back guarantee policy. You would also want to make sure that the refund period is long enough to allow you to run your website on the hosting platform and check for issues.

Here are the eight longest web hosting money-back guarantees offered by different service providers:

1. DreamHost (97-days)

dreamhost money-back guarantee

DreamHost is one of the most reputed and popular hosting service providers that offer the highest 97-day money-back policy. Thus, if you cancel the services within 97 days since the initial signup, you would promptly receive a refund.

DreamHost Refund Support

Usually, DreamHost offers refunds only during the 97-day guarantee period or within 30 days of renewing a yearly plan. You would receive the refund only after you close the account and DreamHost confirms that the credit remaining on your account is refundable. The last payment method should be active as well.

However, you might want to note that in case of a violation of the Terms of Service or Spam Policy, DreamHost may close the account without paying a refund. If you decide to cancel the service plan but keep the account active, the company would convert any remaining time on the plan into prorated credit. You may use this credit on other DreamHost services.

Only shared hosting is refundable, while domain registrations, SSL certificates, and the value of AdWords credit are not refundable.

How To Get A Refund?

Here is how you can cancel your DreamHost subscription and initiate the refund process:

  • Visit your DreamHost dashboard.
  • Select ‘Manage Account’ under the Billing section.
  • Click on ‘Close Account’.
  • Click on ‘Proceed to Next Step’ on the next two consecutive pages.
  • Complete the Exit Survey.
  • Confirm cancellation and submit.

You would receive the refund promptly after service cancellation and account closure. Only the payments made through a credit card are refundable.

Best Features

  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • Free SSL Certificate & Free Domain
  • Automated backups

Comprehensive features along with a 97-day money-back policy make DreamHost a popular choice.

2. InMotion (90-Days)

inmotion hosting moneyback guarantee

With a refund period of 90 days, InMotion is another good hosting option to consider. This hosting service provider holds a reputation, particularly for their competitively priced plans. InMotion is known for reliability, powerful and fast servers, excellent uptime, and good customer support.

InMotion Refund Support

In case you choose to cancel the hosting services with InMotion within 90 days of starting the initial term, they provide a full refund. However, the full refund does not include any of the non-refundable fees. InMotion provides a refund for all the fees that you paid to the company in connection with the hosting service.

You can apply for a refund after the 90-day period is over. In this case, you would receive a pro-rated refund that would exclude the setup fees. If you register a domain name under the “Free Domain Name” promo code, there will be a deduction of $11.99 per domain, on the refund.

How To Get A Refund?

For deactivating your InMotion hosting account, you will have to contact their support team. You can do this either through call, chat, or opening a ticket. Once you contact the customer support team, they will initiate the process of account deactivation for you. You would then receive an email for the confirmation of the account cancellation.

One of the perks of InMotion hosting is that the refund process is smooth and quick. You receive the refund within 48 hours of account cancellation. The refund is processed through any payment gateway through which you made the payment – Check, Credit Card, or PayPal.

Best Features

  • US-based support team
  • Free Domain & Free SSL certificate
  • Free website transfer

3. TMD Hosting (60-days)

tmd hosting guarantee period

For about a decade, TMD Hosting has been around as a reliable hosting service provider. TMD hosting is known to provide feature-rich hosting platforms for building functional websites. The company offers a 60-day money-back period for shared hosting and cloud websites.

TMD Hosting Refund Support

TMD Hosting provides a refund for the hosting fees as long as you cancel the services within the money-back period. However, the hosting company does not offer a refund for the setup fees.

How To Get A Refund?

Follow these steps to close your TMD Hosting account and get a refund:

  • Login to your account and go to your Dashboard.
  • Find the service that you wish to cancel and click on ‘View/Edit’.
  • Click on ‘Cancellation’.
  • While filling out the form, do not forget to leave a note requesting a refund.
  • You would receive an email stating that your request is pending.
  • Contact support and confirm the cancellation within 96 hours.

You would receive the refund soon after canceling the services. The refund is processed through the payment gateway through which you made the payment – it can be credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer.

Best Features

  • Helpful customer support
  • Easy to use interface
  • Great performance

4. StableHost (45-days)

stablehost refund policy
StableHost offers a wide range of web hosting plans, with variations such as the CPU quality, the number of websites allowed, and VIP support system access. They provide a 45-day money-back guarantee, giving the users enough time to consider if they want to continue with StableHost.

StableHost Refund Support

For the shared hosting and reseller plans at StableHost, you get a 45-day refund period.

However, do note that StableHost does not provide any refund for VPS servers, domain name purchases, custom software installation fees, administrative fees, and addons. You are not entitled to receive a refund if it is your second account with StableHost or if you signed up, cancelled, and started an account again. Only first-time accounts are eligible for the refund policy.

How To Get A Refund?

To get a refund, you will have to cancel your account with StableHost:

  • Login to the customer portal and click on ‘Services’.
  • Select ‘My Services’.
  • Choose the service that you wish to cancel.
  • Select ‘Request Cancellation’.
  • Fill up the feedback form and click on ‘request cancellation’.

Upon cancellation, StableHost will send you the refund or money back depending on the eligibility criteria. The payment is processed through the original payment gateway used like a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Best Features

  • Unlimited disk space
  • 99.9% SLA uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth

5. HostGator (45-days)

hostgator 45 days money-back

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting providers that currently hosts more than ten million domains. They offer a 45-day money-back period during which you may request a refund for the hosting services.

HostGator Refund Support

In case you cancel the services within 45 days of signing up, HostGator will provide you with a complete refund of the hosting fees. This refund is available for the VPS, reseller hosting, and shared hosting services. You would not receive a refund for any fees paid for dedicated servers, Sectigo WebDNS, or any additional products or services.

How To Get A Refund?

Here is how you can receive a money-back for your HostGator account:

  • Complete the ‘Cancellation Form’ on the Dashboard.
  • Request a refund in the ‘additional comment’ box.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.
  • Select ‘No Thanks, Cancel My Account’.

HostGator pays the refund amount within 2 weeks. Only first-time customers are eligible for a refund. The refund is processed in the same way you pay – debit card, credit card, and PayPal.

Best Features

  • Flexible billing periods (monthly, yearly)
  • Free Domain name
  • Unlimited bandwidth

6. FastComet (45-days)

fastcomet 45days money-back guarantee
FastComet has come a long way from a small startup to a reliable and leading web hosting company. With servers in 11 major cities around the globe, FastComet supports a diverse customer base. This web hosting company offers a 45-day refund period for the hosting services.

FastComet Refund Support

Apart from certain non-refundable services, FastComet offers a full refund in case you cancel the services within 45 days according to their terms and conditions. The non-refundable services are either:

  • Products and services that FastComet has purchased from a third party.
  • Services that you have already utilized fully before cancellation.

How To Get A Refund?

Canceling your FastComet account and claiming a refund is quite simple.

  • Request an account cancellation by submitting a support ticket.
  • Contact a support agent through live chat and provide your ticket number.
  • The agent would cancel your account and confirm the refund.

The refund is processed within 3 business days to your registered bank account.

Best Features

  • Free daily backups
  • Fast and personal support
  • Strong uptime and fast speed

7. Hostwinds (3-days)

hostwinds basic shared hosting plan

Founded in 2010, Hostwinds is another reliable hosting service provider. However, their refund period is of 72 hours is much shorter compared to some of the other hosting companies. You are entitled to get a pro-rated refund according to their Refund Policy.

Hostwinds Refund Support

Upon cancellation of refundable services within 72 hours of the payment transaction, you would receive a prorated refund from Hostwinds. The company would provide a refund only if you have already cancelled the services within the client portal before claiming the refund.

You would not receive any refund for certain products and services, such as:

  • SSL certificates
  • Software licenses
  • Domains
  • Any product or service billed on an hourly basis
  • IP addresses

Any product or services terminated due to a violation of the Terms of Service are ineligible for refunds too. Refunds are available only for payments made through credit card, PayPal, or Alipay. In case your claim is not eligible for a refund, you would receive account credits instead.

How To Get A Refund?

You can get a refund by canceling your hosting account. Follow the steps below to cancel your account and claim a refund:

  • Login to your dashboard and find the service you are trying to cancel.
  • Click on ‘Manage’.
  • Select ‘Request Cancellation’ from the Actions option.
  • Enter the reason behind the cancellation and submit it.
  • This would create a ticket with the subject ‘Hostwinds Account Cancellation’.
  • Copy and paste the pre-prepared bold statement from the ticket.
  • Create a support ticket to request a refund.

Best Features

  • Great customer service
  • Free migration
  • Free unlimited email accounts

8. WPengine (Anytime)


WPengine is an extremely popular hosting service provider that offers easy integration with various WordPress services. They used to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee but they no longer offer this for any of their hosting plans.

WPEngine Refund Support

At WPEngine, they do not offer a money-back guarantee and they also don’t lock you in any contract period. You can cancel your hosting at WPEngine at any time and you are entitled to a pro-rated refund. This means that if you cancel your hosting services mid-month, you will be refunded the amount that you have not used.

How To Get A Refund?

WPEngine offers a quick and easy account cancellation process through the following steps:

  • Login to your user portal and click on ‘My Account’.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Account
  • Choose the reason behind the cancellation and add a comment.
  • WPEngine will immediately cancel your account.

The pro-rated refund is processed through the original payment method through a credit card.

Best Features:

  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL & SSH
  • One-click staging site

What Does Money-Back Guarantee Mean?

A money-back guarantee for web hosting services implies that in case you feel dissatisfied with the services, you may choose to discontinue and claim a refund.

To let their customers try out the services themselves, web hosting companies offer a money-back option. However, as described above, not every fee or payment is refundable.

It is crucial that you read the terms and conditions carefully to know what the money-back policy of the hosting company covers.


When it comes to investing in a hosting service, having a good money-back guarantee is a great way to try new technology. You have the option to switch to a different hosting company and get a refund, as long as you do it within the money-back period.

If you have canceled a hosting service before, was it easy for you to get a refund? Mention your experiences in the comments section.

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