Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is an extremely powerful virtualization technology offering both VPS hosting and storage solutions. It creates multiple isolated virtual environments on a single host server in Linux.

What is KVM Storage VPS?

When Linux-based storage is connected to a KVM, it is called KVM Storage VPS. Such VPS offers ample storage to save all your website data even if you own a very large website.

Best Hosting Companies offering KVM Storage VPS

Here is a list of the best hosting companies offering KVM Storage VPS to help you get started. You will get to know about the data centers, pricing structure, and features offered by these hosts to decide better as to which plan will suit your storage needs the best.


Founded in 2016, HostNamaste is an Indian web hosting company offering a large variety of hosting services around the globe. The company hosts over 100,000 websites from its 15,000+ servers deployed throughout.

HostNamaste Data Centers

HostNamaste has its servers located in seven different locations spread across different continents to cover your website audience worldwide:

In Asia

  • Mumbai, India

In the US

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas

In Europe

  • Roubaix, France
  • Moscow, Russia

In Canada

  • Quebec

HostNamaste KVM Storage VPS plans and their Pricing

HostNamaste KVM Storage VPS plans start at  $4.99 per month, offering 128 GB storage. It offers 12 KVM storage VPS plans with the biggest one offering 8192 GB storage at $129.99 per month.

Here is an overview of HostNamaste pricing for its KVM Storage VPS plans:

HostNamaste KVM Storage VPS Plans Storage offered Pricing
KVM-Storage-128 128 GB $4.99 per month
KVM-Storage-256 256 GB $8.99 per month
KVM-Storage-512 512 GB $15.99 per month
KVM-Storage-1024 1024 GB $29.99 per month
KVM-Storage-1536 1536 GB $44.99 per month
KVM-Storage-2048 2048 GB $59.99 per month
KVM-Storage-3072 3072 GB $74.99 per month
KVM-Storage-4096 4096 GB $89.99 per month
KVM-Storage-5120 5120 GB $99.99 per month
KVM-Storage-6144 6144 GB $109.99 per month
KVM-Storage-7168 7168 GB $119.99 per month
KVM-Storage-8192 8192 GB $129.99 per month

HostNamaste KVM Storage VPS Features

The top features of HostNamaste storage plans are:

  • Availability of full root access
  • Ensures stability and maximum uptime with Intel Xeon processors
  • Instant server setup from the host
  • SolusVM control panel for easier management of your VPS
  • 9% server uptime guarantee
  • Availability of 50+ operating systems – both Windows and Linux
  • Availability of RAID disk protection to prevent loss of your data even in case of complete drive failure


Founded in 2010, BuyVM offers a limited variety of services to cater to your specific hosting needs.

BuyVM Data Centers

It offers three server locations to deploy your VPS:

In the US

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Piscataway, New Jersey

In Europe

  • Roost, Luxembourg

BuyVM KVM Storage VPS plans and their Pricing

BuyVM offers four KVM Storage VPS plans with a starting price of $7 per month. This lowest plan comes with 250 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Apart from that, the host also offers two high-volume Storage VPS plans for website owners requiring higher storage.

Here is an overview of BuyVM pricing for its KVM Storage VPS plans:

BuyVM KVM Storage VPS Plans Storage offered Pricing
Storage 250 250 GB $7.00 per month
Storage 500 500 GB $15.00 per month
Storage 1000 1000 GB $30.00 per month
Storage 2000 2000 GB $60.00 per month
High-volume storage plans    
Plan 1 3000 GB $90.00 per month
Plan 2 4000 GB $120.00 per month

BuyVM KVM Storage VPS Features

The top features of BuyVM storage plans are:

  • Full virtualization
  • Ensures powerful performance with Intel Xeon processors and RAID drives.
  • Includes free Microsoft Windows server
  • Availability of over 100 pre-built operating system templates for easier installation
  • A custom control panel from BuyVM called Stallion for easy VPS management
  • The host offers free Anycast IP addresses to create a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for lower latency and faster loading of your website
  • BuyVM also offers DDoS protection as an add-on with a starting price of $3 per month per IP address.


HostSailor is a domain registrar and hosting service provider offering a wide array of web services. Using advanced storage technology, HostSailor offers you excellent storage solutions for your data on virtual servers.

HostSailor Data Centers

The company has its data centers in:

  • The Netherlands
  • Romania

HostSailor KVM Storage VPS plans and their Pricing

HostSailor offers 6 storage plans out of which two are available only for an annual term while the other four can be purchased both for a monthly or a yearly term.

The most affordable plan comes at $5.95 offering a 256 GB HDD. Here is an overview of HostSailor pricing for its KVM Storage VPS plans:

HostSailor KVM Storage VPS Plans Storage offered Pricing
Seaman 256 GB $5.95 per month
Lieutenant 512 GB $11.95 per month
Captain 1000 GB $21.95 per month
Commodore 2000 GB $42.95 per month
Yearly-only plans    
Mini Sailor 80 GB $23.4 per year
Sailor 128 GB $35.4 per year

HostSailor KVM Storage VPS Features

The top features of HostSailor storage plans are:

  • Offers data redundancy and stability with RAID 10 storage systems
  • The plans support multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris, and BSD
  • All KVM storage VPS plans from HostSailor include DDoS protection against attacks up to 20 Gbps.
  • Backed by Red Hat, these KVM storage solutions provide you with the support necessary for your growth
  • All the plans come with SolusVM control panel for easier management of your virtual server
  • The host allows you to upgrade your KVM storage VPS plan at any time thereby offering greater flexibility

Rounding Up

The above list of the best hosting companies offering a KVM storage VPS along with their plans and pricing will help you choose the most suitable host for your storage needs. The best decision will be to select a plan that offers a little larger amount of storage than your current requirement to keep a cover for any emergencies.