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When websites run resource-intensive applications, allocation and memory usage become challenging for optimal performance. As more resources get consumed, higher load times and server errors become primary bottlenecks.

Using VPS hosting with cPanel helps optimize your website the way you want, without compromising on performance or a drop in traffic.

It is difficult to get yourself a cheap VPS with cPanel, takes a lot of time and research. We have assembled a list of some very good cheap VPS hosting options with cPanel that you can consider.

Best Overall
Time4VPS (Linux 2 plan)
Best Price
Shared Kernel VPS (1st plan)
1st Managed plan
Hosting plans
Hosting plans
Time4VPS (Linux 2 plan)
Shared Kernel VPS (1st plan)
1st Managed plan
Control panel
Control panel
cPanel & WHM / Plesk
cPanel + Default Control Panel
Starting Price
Starting Price
$24.33/month (cPanel included)
$20/month + (cPanel license)
$20.98 (cPanel included)

9 Best Cheap VPS with cPanel in (2024)

Here are our top picks for the best VPS hosting with cPanel and affordable pricing.

NOTE: We have compared the VPS hosting options based on the features and pricing of their starter plan.

#1 AlphaVPS (Best Price)

alphavps openvz

AlphaVPS brings all the capabilities that you require to develop and scale your websites and applications – all in one place.

Their VPS plans are based on OpenVZ virtualization that you can quickly deploy to efficiently run any workload. From low-traffic websites to storage-intensive, mission-critical apps, they have the right solutions for you to grow and scale without impacting performance.

Key Benefits

  • The cheapest plan comes with a good CPU (Intel® Xeon® E5) enough to handle medium-sized sites.
  • Their servers offer Great uptime thanks to their Redundant network.
  • Multiple data centers (USA, UK, Bulgaria, Germany)
  • 2 GB memory with 15 GB SSD (RAID10) and 1 TB transfer speed.


alphavps pricing

The VPS plan starting price is $3.50/month. You can use their one-time fee Addon to pre-install cPanel for you.

Afterward, you can add to this cPanel Solo or other premium plans to get yourself the best VPS hosting and control panel together at an affordable price. The total cost will be $20/month, including for cPanel Solo (1 account).

#2 Time4VPS (Best for Europeans)

time4vps vps hosting

Time4VPS is one of the most reliable unmanaged VPS hosting solutions that offer cPanel as an optional add-on. With quite an impressive list of features, it is also one of the cheapest plans out there in the market.

Key Benefits

  • 20 GB SSD disk space that fits the needs of fast-growing websites.
  • 4 TB bandwidth ensures your application never wavers even during traffic surges.
  • 2 GB RAM with daily/weekly backups designed for resource-intensive sites.
  • Optional cPanel with addon pricing.


The pricing of Time4VPS unmanaged hosting starter plan with the cPanel license is $2.93/month for the 1-year billing cycle. cPanel is an optional add-on and is available with three licensing options. The pricing per month will vary depending on the license option you choose.

time4vps cpanel pricing

Suppose you choose Time4VPS Linux 2 plan for a 1-year billing cycle at $70,51 along with the cPanel Admin License (up to 5 accounts) at $16.99/monthly. The total pricing will be $203,88 for 1 year, except that you have to purchase a cPanel Pro License every month. There are no triennial plans for cPanel licensing.

The total cost that you will have to pay for this package will be $292,12.

placing new order time4vps

#3 NameCheap

NameCheap brings complete control, flexibility, and high-end security with VPS hosting. It is one of the cheapest hosting plans with cPanel, perfect for growing websites that get medium to high traffic.

Key Benefits

  • Top-notch security standards, with state-of-the-art hardware, internal security package, and software firewalls.
  • Choice of your preferred Operating System – CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian.
  • 40 GB SSD Raid 10, ensuring 20x faster storage and significant improvement in website performance.
  • 1000 GB/month bandwidth for uninterrupted performance and minimal loading time.
  • cPanel is only available for CentOS.


NameCheap starter VPS hosting plan, “Pulsar,” is priced at $9.88/month when you choose their annual billing cycle. The total annual cost is $118.56 and it also renews at $118.56/year. cPanel starts at $8.88/month for the Solo tier.

If you choose their yearly billing cycle, the total cost with only cPanel add-on will be = NameCheap VPS at $118.56/year + cPanel Solo at 106.56/year – $225.12/year.

namecheap checkout

#4 InMotion

inmotion hosting
InMotion offers Linux-based VPS hosting that speeds up your website up to 20x faster with zero downtime. It integrates easy & simple cPanel and Web Host Manager, which allows adding up to 5 free licenses as well as a free WHM license.

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited bandwidth with 45 GB SSD for faster data storage and improved performance.
  • Free website transfers and server setup.
  • Hassle-free server care and maintenance.
  • cPanel and WHM included.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee to let you buy with confidence.


The basic cost of the InMotion Managed VPS hosting starter plan is $47.99/month. But when you choose their 3-year plan, the plan pricing goes down to $19.99/month. Additionally, cPanel Admin 5 (5 accounts) + WHM is included in this plan.

However, if you wish to upgrade your cPanel plan to add more accounts, the following rates will be applicable.

inmotion cpanel

Taking into consideration that you choose their 3-year subscription at $719.64 with cPanel Admin 5, launch assist, Softaculous app installer, and standard configuration for 3 years, the total price will be $719.64.

inmotion checkout

#5 A2 Hosting

a2 hosting
A2 Hosting offers powerful unmanaged VPS hosting plans, with dedicated resources and virtual servers that are built for performance. It has several hosting plans, with a vast choice of features that help meet the growing needs of your website.

cPanel control panel license is available with all plans and provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your software, databases, domains, and more.

Key Benefits

  • 1 GB RAM with RAID-10 SSD Storage ensures faster storage speed and uninterrupted website performance.
  • 2 TB data transfer allocation, supporting websites and applications that receive medium to high traffic.
  • Turbocharged speeds up your website 3x faster and enables you to handle up to 9x more traffic.
  • Ultra-reliable servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • A wide range of Operating Systems to choose from.


A2 Hosting is one of the cheapest VPS hosting solutions with cPanel, with a starting price of $4.99/month when you select their triennial billing schedule. Otherwise, the monthly plan of $6.99/month may seem a little pricey. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for annual, biennial, or triennial billing schedules.

hosting billing

However, one thing you should understand here is that A2 Hosting seems to be an affordable VPS hosting with cPanel in the first year, or the first three years. But their renewal costs are relatively higher after the selected billing cycle. This should also be taken into consideration when choosing a cheap VPS hosting with cPanel.

hosting checkout

IMPORTANT: One thing you should understand here is that A2 Hosting seems to be an affordable VPS hosting with cPanel in the first year, or the first three years. But their renewal costs are relatively higher after the selected billing cycle. This should also be taken into consideration when choosing a cheap VPS hosting with cPanel.

In addition to the VPS hosting plan, the cPanel licensing cost for the basic Solo plan (1 account) costs $8.99/month. You can upgrade the cPanel license depending on the accounts you want to add.

But with the basic plan, your total cost will be as shown below (for a 3-year billing cycle):

If you choose a long-term plan (say for 3 years), this plan will be relatively cheaper than paying the monthly costs.

#6 HostWinds

Offering enterprise-grade features on a budget, HostWinds is one of the best and cheapest VPS hosting providers, powered by WHM. The cPanel web panel is available as an addon feature, including all the features needed to run the hosting account seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Automated nightly backups to keep your Managed Linux virtual server’s data protected.
  • 99% uptime.
  • Real-time monitoring to provide instant support in case of technical issues.
  • Transfer your website to HostWinds at no additional cost.
  • Increase server resources as your website scales and upgrade to the next tier instantly.
  • The number of cPanel accounts will depend on the tier type.


The HostWinds starter pack is priced at $8.24/month, providing features like 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 1 TB bandwidth, and 30 GB storage. Adding to this is the cPanel tiered plans, starting at $15.99/month (Solo plan for 1 account). So, the total cost per month will be $24.23.

You have the flexibility to upgrade your plan and features instantly, the pricing will vary likewise.

shopping cart hostwinds

#7 Bluehost

bluehost pricing
Whether you are hosting one high-performance website or multiple resource-intensive applications, you need a robust and reliable VPS hosting provider like Bluehost. The hosting plans include both – cPanel and WHM, included in the plan.

It is an affordable hosting solution and also provides excellent support and advanced features.

Key Benefits

  • Bluehost provides cPanel with an improved interface, with all the tools that make it easier to control your websites, emails, domains, and much more all in one place.
  • One-click WordPress installation to let you get started right away.
  • 30 GB SSD and 2 GB RAM.
  • 1 TB bandwidth for improved website performance and faster loading times.


While Bluehost VPS hosting isn’t the cheapest in the market, you can choose a longer billing cycle to pull down the overall costs to “19.99“. Furthermore, disabling the extra addons during checkout will also lower the costs. The starter plan is priced at $29.99 for 1 monthinclusive of cPanel and WHM.

checkout bluehost vps

#8 InterServer

interserver pricing
InterServer offers one of the cheapest VPS hosting plans with cPanel. They provide unlimited email, storage, free transfer, and free SSL certificates. You can create and maintain up to 20 websites, all these at the most affordable prices!

Key Features

  • 30 GB SSD storage for faster website loading time and efficient performance.
  • 1 TB transfer speed.
  • A wide range of supported scripts with a one-click installation feature.
  • Get complete control over the website.
  • Top-notch security powered by Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, KVM, Hyper-v virtualization platforms.
  • 99% uptime guarantee and remote backup.


InterServer cloud VPS hosting starter plan is priced at $6.00/month. In addition, you can opt for cPanel tiered plans depending on the number of accounts you want to add. Let’s say, you choose cPanel Solo, which is ideal for freelancers, small businesses, or anyone who wants to add just one hosting account.

interserver cpanel pricing

If you choose their monthly VPS hosting plan at $6.00/month + cPanel Solo at $15.00/month, then your total pricing will be $21.00/month.

#9 BONUS – ScalaHosting

scala hosting pricing
ScalaHosting is a fully managed cloud VPS hosting, offering faster load times, robust security, unlimited bandwidth, and affordable pricing. Instead of cPanel, they have their proprietary SPanel, which is a cloud-based hosting platform and fully compatible with cPanel. It offers a host of free services and “cloud democracy” that helps determine new features.

Key Benefits

  • Fully managed VPS that is customizable.
  • 100% SSD storage for ultra-high speed and performance.
  • SShield advanced security that blocks 99.98% of cyber security attacks.
  • Robust control panel.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.


ScalaHosting managed VPS hosting starter plan is priced at $25.95/month for a 1-month billing period. However, you can opt for a 36-months billing cycle and lower the cost to $9.95/month. The plan renews at $19.95/month after the first three years. If you choose SPanel with this plan, there is no additional cost.

You also have the option to add cPanel, which will cost $576 for a 5 accounts license.

scala hosting billing

The only difference with this web host is that you can use the SPanel; this control panel is similar to cPanel and is available for free. You can easily manage your website and applications with the SPanel.

Is it beneficial to use SPanel instead of cPanel?

  • The dashboard is similar to cPanel.
  • No software limitations.
  • Easy user interface to manage the emails, forwarders, anti-spam settings, domain names, SSL certificates, and more.
  • SPanel includes a free migration service for unlimited websites.
  • Every SPanel is fully managed.
  • You can opt for the SPanel demo, it is available on request.

Can I Use cPanel for Free With VPS Hosting?

cPanel is not available for free with VPS hosting. It has an extra add-on/extension that you have to buy during checkout.

You will have to pay a monthly fee to buy a third-party cPanel license for your VPS hosting platform. However, there are some hosts like Bluehost that include cPanel in their hosting plans but tend to charge a higher hosting price because of this.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a cPanel license separately because it will cost cheaper.

What To Look For In A Cheap VPS Hosting?

cheap cpanel vps

When you are considering cheap VPS hosting providers, here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Good price: Regardless of the features the host provides, it should be able to get you competitive prices for its VPS plans.
  • Performance: Loading speed, uptime guarantee, the scaling of resources, and RAM are crucial performance metrics that determine the efficiency of the hosting provider.
  • Can It Support cPanel: This is vital because, with cPanel, you get the flexibility and tools to manage various aspects of your website and ensure superior performance, even during traffic surges.
  • What Type of VPS: Depending on your unique hosting needs, check whether it is NVME, OpenVZ, or KVM hosting. Choosing the right VPS is important because it depends on website performance, speed, and resource allocation.
  • Managed / Unmanaged VPS: If you want industry experts to manage every aspect of your website hosting, performance and optimization, choose managed VPS. However, they are costlier than unmanaged plans where you choose to manage the site on your own.
  • Scalability: Does the VPS hosting allow you to upgrade and get more features as your website scales and grows? More RAM, more storage, more bandwidth?
  • Reliability: What is their uptime guarantee? What type of servers do they have? What security measures do they provide to protect your website and its resources? Do they provide prompt customer support for technical issues? It is important to check all these factors before signing up.
  • Data Center Location: Choosing a data center located in the same country where you host the website can help enjoy benefits like efficient server resources, excellent bandwidth, and faster page loading.

The Verdict

  • Best Choice For Performance: “NameCheap” supports exceptionally faster websites, minimal downtimes, and superior website performance.
  • Cheapest VPS: “AlphaVPS”, with a total starting price of only $20.00, including a solo cPanel account license.
  • Overall: Based on performance and pricing, “Time4VPS” wins the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VPS come with cPanel?

Mostly, cPanel is not inclusive of VPS hosting pricing and is offered as an addon. You will have to purchase a cPanel account license separately during checkout when buying a hosting plan. If any VPS includes cPanel in its package, the pricing tends to be higher than buying cPanel standalone.

Are cPanel and WHM the same?

No. Here are some basic differences between cPanel and WHM:

cPanel WHM
Access Provides users access to only web hosting accounts on the server. Provides root-level access.
Controller An end-user control panel that is used to manage their own hosting accounts under a hosting provider. A reseller control panel is used to manage all the hosting accounts under their reseller plans.
Domains Allowed to add or remove domains and subdomains. Can only add domains; does not allow adding subdomains.

Do I need cPanel hosting?

If you do not have experience as a hosting system administrator or do not want to handle the technicalities of maintaining a server, then it is crucial to have cPanel hosting.

It makes website management a lot easier and provides useful insights as well.

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