#7 Best VPS Hosting in Australia

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Are you looking for an Australian VPS? You are at the right place. We will see here the best VPS in Australia. Not just the location, we will also see some of the best features you will get in the hosting.

No matter what your requirements are, you will surely find the best hosting services to go with. So, without wasting more time in the intro, let’s get into the list and see the top web hosting providers you can go with.

Best Overall
Digital Pacific
Best Runner-up
Best Price
Hosting Provider
Hosting Provider
Digital Pacific
Server Locations
Server Locations
Sydney & Melbourne
Sydney & Melbourne
Starting Price
Starting Price

7 best VPS hosting in Australia

We will see the 7 best VPS hosting providers in Australia. You can go with any of these as per your choice.

#1 Digital Pacific (Offers the best security)

digital pacific vps

The best Australian hosting provider you can go with is Digital Pacific. There are two types of VPS available here. You can either go with the managed VPS or you can go with the self-managed VPS.

The coolest thing here is that you will get cPanel if you go with the managed VPS. If you have used shared hosting before, you probably know that cPanel is an easy-to-use panel. So, the entire management process will become a lot easier in this.

You can either go with the Linux VPS or if you want to host a Windows app, you can also go with the Windows VPS. They have a robust infrastructure you can rely on. If you are facing any issues with the management, you can take help from their 100+ help articles. The support will also help you.

The servers are high-speed and will give you awesome performance. The deployment is instant. It hardly takes few minutes to get access to the account and start using the server. This is yet another great thing.

Data Center Location: Sydney


  • 24/7 DDoS protection
  • 24/7 support
  • You will get fast servers.
  • You get complete control where you can start, stop, and even reboot your server anytime you want.
  • 20+ Linux Operating system
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money back
  • Free setup with instant access

#2 Crucial (Best Value for Money)

crucial vps

Crucial is yet another great Australian VPS service you can buy.

There are various options here. If you are looking for cPanel VPS, you can surely get that. Further, there are two options even if you go with cPanel VPS. You can either choose fully managed VPS or you can choose self-managed VPS. In self-managed cPanel VPS, you will get the panel but the configuration and management should be done by you.

If you don’t want the cPanel, you can surely choose other plans. There are more than 10 operating systems available to choose from (for Linux).

Crucial has made sure that even individuals can use it. Their plans are very affordable. If you are looking for a VPS at a low cost, you can go with this server. In the same way, there are also great plans if you have got the budget and want the best performance. No matter what your budget is, you will get a Crucial plan to go with.

Data Center location: Sydney


  • DDoS protection
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • There is no lock-in contract. Therefore, it gives you complete flexibility here.
  • The cPanel VPS is activated instantly. So, you can start using it directly after you register.
  • 10+ Linux OS.
  • Robust network.
  • Blaze SSD VPS is also available.
  • 5 types of VPS hosting to choose from.

#3 VPSBlocks (Most Locations in Sydney)


VPSBlocks is a great choice if you are looking for a fully configurable VPS. You can go with VPSBlocks. Instead of choosing a plan, here you can choose the OS, RAM, storage, and get the pricing accordingly. The flexible pricing will make sure that you get the best virtual private server hosting.

There are tons of features here. As the service is dedicated to VPS, you can surely expect more. Starting from self-healing failovers to a wide range of OS, you will get all these cool things here.

Self-healing failover is a computer feature that detects system failure in VPS. If something is detected, the system will mount your VPS to another computer. This will give you extra safety.

You can also choose from many other optional features. Please note that the optional features are paid for and will cost you extra.

Data Center location: Melbourne & Sydney


  • Self-healing computer
  • Private ram and great virtualization
  • Instant setup with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Australian support
  • SSD raid storage with DVD library for all the common apps.
  • A wide range of OS
  • RAID Storage
  • Limited/no impact of scheduled maintenance due to self-healing failover

#4 Vultr (Best Price)

vultr infrastructure cloud servers

Vultr is popular for its great infrastructure and high speed. You can surely go with the company if you want.

There are more than 17 data center locations here. In Australia, you will get a data center in Sydney. The charges are surely affordable.

You can choose from various operating systems. If you don’t want to get any one of them, you can surely use a custom one. Yes, Vultr allows you to upload your custom ISO file and use that as your OS. This is how you can use the custom OS. Therefore, if you are looking for something similar, you can certainly use Vultr.

They have got a high-speed private network you can use. The entire network works on SSD that will ensure the speed. Moreover, all the servers are backed by 100% SLA.

Data center Location: Sydney and Melbourne


  • High performing private network
  • Various OS to choose from
  • Custom ISO Support
  • Secure and scalable
  • You can also check the server’s health.
  • Easy to use control panel with all the features
  • More than 17 data center locations globally
  • The marketplace has a lot of apps you can try.

#5 Linode

linode free trial vps

Linode is the best competitor or we can say an alternative to AWS (Amazon Web Services) which has a data center in Australia. Linode is best for the developers.

The virtual cloud is best for people looking for predictable pricing. You can easily know what will be the bill for the end of the month. Therefore, it gives a better idea of your budget. Not just the transparency but the affordable cost is also one of the reasons you should choose Linode.

It has been in the industry for a very long time. It was in the industry 3 years before AWS. So, you can surely expect better quality service here as it has been in the industry for a very long time.

There are various data center locations including Australia from which you can choose. Just like the data center location, you can also choose any Operating system you want. Overall, it’s a great choice of server. You will get a simple UI with a team of experts for your support.

Data center Location: Sydney


  • Transparent pricing
  • Affordable cost
  • A wide range of OS
  • Faster server. It’s even faster than AWS.
  • Secure and enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • Great support
  • User-friendly UI
  • Pay-as-you-go model.

#6 Cloudways

cloudways free trial vps

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting that uses different cloud services for storage. Cloudways is the right option for you if you are planning to have a managed hosting in Australia.

There are many data center providers from which you can choose. However, if you want Australia as the location, you will have to choose from AWS, Linode, Vultr, or Google Cloud. Only these servers have Australia as the location.

Here, the security is great and the pricing is completely transparent. You will know what you are paying for. The main reason why people go with Cloudways is because of the management. You can manage all the virtual private servers with ease. All the servers have great performance and come with auto-healing technology.

Also, you don’t have to pay separately for any other cloud. You can pay the pricing here and you will have the data stored in the given data center. All the things are managed from Cloudways only.

Data center Location: Sydney (only for AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, and Linode)


  • Innovative and easy to manage control panel.
  • Easily scalable
  • Great security
  • 5 cloud providers to choose from (4 of them have servers in Australia).
  • Automated backups
  • Highly recommended for WordPress websites.
  • Team collaboration
  • Various plans to choose from.

#7 ARZHost

arzhost vps

Enough with the cloud, now if you want to go with the traditional VPS hosting in Australia, you can go with ARZHost. For the first invoice, plans are very much affordable. It will surely go up (back to normal cost) during the renewal. Therefore, you can expect to pay the original price here.

The servers are fast and you will also get awesome security here. They monitor the servers to ensure that there are no issues there. In case of any issue, they will change the server with zero downtime.

A wide number of plans to choose from will make your work easier. You can go with any plan you want depending on your need. It supports unlimited traffic and you can also use any of the operating systems. There are various control panels also.

The unlimited traffic is something that you might love. You don’t have to worry about the number of visitors you are getting to your website. This helps you focus more on the business.

Data center location: Sydney and New Zealand


  • Unlimited traffic or bandwidth
  • A wide range of operating systems and control panels.
  • Great security with anti-DDoS protection.
  • 24/7 support from the team.
  • There are many plans for all the budgets.

Criteria for choosing VPS hosting

Let’s have a quick look at some of the things to keep in mind while choosing VPS.

Data center location

Location is the most important thing to focus on when you are getting a VPS. You can always know where the target audience is located and get the VPS in the same location. For example, if your audience is from Australia, you can get the VPS with the Australian data center. In this way, you will get better speed.

Customer Support

When you are running a VPS, you will surely need support from the team. Therefore, make sure that the support is great. It would be great if there is 24/7 support.


Of course, you also need to see the resources available for your VPS. Things like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc are the key points to see. You can also see the Operating system you are getting. In some cloud services, you can select the configuration and get the pricing accordingly.

Server management

You can see whether the server is managed or unmanaged. Further, you can see which panel you are getting. You can also see the UI of the panel if it’s the custom one. Moreover, you also need to see how much control you have over the server. In simpler words, you can see what are the things you can do.


The VPS should be easy to scale. You surely don’t want to have downtime when you are upgrading the server. It should be upgraded without downtime. You can surely go with a cloud server for better scalability.

Security / Backup

For security, DDoS protection is something that you need to see along with other security. It would be great if you get free backups. Even if the backups are considered as a paid addon, you can surely go for it.


Of course, you will have to see the price of the VPS. Don’t forget to see the renewal cost. Some of the VPS hosting providers will give the first invoice at a huge discount but the renewal rates will be more. So, make sure you check that.

Uptime / Speed

At least 99.9% of uptime is mandatory if you want to go with the best VPS hosts in Australia. So, always look for that. Along with this, you can see if the speed of the service is good or not.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the top VPS hosting providers in Australia. We also saw some of the factors you need to consider when you are getting VPS hosting. You can surely keep that in mind to get the hosting you need.

If you have any doubts, you can surely comment below. We will try to solve all your doubts and queries.

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