It’s always hard to find the best and cheap NVMe VPS hosting. We tried more than 10 hosting providers and found out Vultr to be the #1 choice of all. They have the highest speed as compared to all the other hosting providers. Also, with their 100% uptime guarantee, you don’t ever have to worry about your website going down.

However, this list is not just about Vultr, we are going to see the 7 cheapest NVMe VPS providers that turn out to be the best in the industry. So, make sure you read the complete guide to know the best VPS companies with affordable pricing.

7 Cheap NVMe VPS hosting providers in (2021)

We will now see the list. For your convenience, we will also list out the pros and cons of the hosting providers. So, you will have a clear idea about each hosting provider. Now, let’s begin the list of the best NVMe VPS providers with cheap pricing.

#1 Vultr

vultr nvme

If you are looking for cheap yet powerful NVMe VPS hosting (self-managed), Vultr is the best choice you will make. They also provide high computing instances. The high compute instance will increase the overall performance by more than 40% which makes it the best server to go with. In the high computing instance, you will get CPUs with 3GH+ speed.

There are infinite OS combinations you can use. The server can be configured as per your need. You can also upload your custom ISO file. They have got 19 global locations for the data centers. Moreover, they will handle the backups and security for you. So, there is nothing to worry about these two things. It just takes a few seconds to launch your server, there is no waiting. It’s even easier to scale up the server.

Configuration starts from 32 GB space, 1 CPU, 1 GB memory, and 1 TB bandwidth.

Disk Space: 30 GB to 768 GB

Starting Price: $6 per month
vultr nvme pricing


  • They have an advanced network for better performance.
  • The control panel is easy to manage.
  • You can use any operating system you want and can also upload one.
  • The server performance has a higher Geekbench score.
  • Your website will not go down as there is a 100% uptime guarantee.


  • The support might sometimes take a while.
  • They provide all the features but the website lacks some information.

#2 Contabo

contabo nvme

Contabo offers the best service as it powers the VPS with super-fast Gen 4 NVMe drives. Whenever you select a plan, it will ask you to either choose from NVMe storage or a simple SSD. With that being said, you can also customize the server based on resources, OS, data centers, etc.

They already have enough bandwidth allocated for the traffic. In case you break the limit and your traffic spikes, you won’t be charged extra fees. That’s another amazing thing about Contabo. There are 8 different locations for data centers across 5 different regions. You can choose any of the data centers you want.

Basic configuration starts from 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 32 TB incoming traffic (unlimited outgoing), and 50 GB NVMe. It will cost you extra to install a control panel.

Disk Space: 50 GB to 400 GB

Starting Price: $6.99 per month

contabo nvme pricing


  • There is quick provisioning of the server.
  • You get unlimited incoming traffic and a decent outgoing traffic limit.
  • If you want more space, you also get an option to choose SSD instead of NMVe.
  • They have German-quality hardware.
  • They have more than 4-star ratings on various review platforms such as Google, TrustPilot, Hostadvice.


  • The support can be quite late sometimes.
  • Some people find it hard to navigate around the web interface.

#3 nvme is perfect for people who are looking for smaller VPS at an affordable cost. Their plans are priced as low as shared hosting plans. You get 100% unmetered traffic. So, if your website is small and has a huge amount of traffic, you just got the right host to select.

They use KVM for virtualization which is a great thing. You will also get a “No matter what” guarantee. In simpler terms, it means that no matter what happens, your server will be protected. This also includes natural disasters. So, you can have peace of mind if you go with this reliable hosting. There is also a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The configuration for 1st plan will include 512 MB of RAM, 10 GB NVMe, and unmetered traffic. Not to mention, there is 1 shared CPU in the base plan.

Disk Space: 10 GB to 20 GB

Starting Price: $2.99 per month pricing


  • The “No matter what” guarantee gives you peace of mind.
  • Most of the plans are reasonably priced.
  • There are daily and weekly backups are done for you.
  • The setup is instant and the speed is amazing.


  • There is limited customization available.
  • For the first few plans, you will have shared CPU cores.

#4 Digital Ocean

digitalocean nvme

Digital Ocean is the developer’s cloud that is also beginner-friendly. They offer a few types of droplets where you can host your website. All of them have NVMe storage. The best thing is that you can also choose Intel or AMD as your processor. Only premium processors come with NVMe storage. So, make sure you select Premium when choosing the plan.

There are 14 data centers across the globe. You will also get 99.99% uptime. It will only take you a few seconds to deploy your app and get it running. Digital Ocean allows you to run any workload in the cloud VPS. If you are facing any issues, there are a couple of developer tools you can use. Not to mention, they also have a marketplace full of useful apps.

You will get 1 GB memory and 1000 GB transfer is the base plan of 1 core Intel CPU.

Disk Space: 25 to 320 GB

Starting Price: $6 per month

digital ocean nmve pricing


  • It’s beginner-friendly as well as developer’s friendly.
  • You can either go with AMD or Intel.
  • The security is great to have peace of mind.
  • You can configure the server however you want.
  • They have a big marketplace from which you can choose the best apps.


  • They don’t have a CDN.
  • Most of the articles in documentations are outdated
  • Like most of the hosts, the customer support team is slow.

#5 Ramnode

ramnode nvme

Romnode is an affordable KVM NVMe VPS hosting you can go with. There are many startup scripts, OpenStack API, etc. Not to mention, you can also choose your favorite OS or upload your ISO file. It’s a cloud VPS that offers various types of VPS. For NVMe storage, you will have to go with premium KVM hosting. They have recently increased the storage capacity for all the plans. So, you will get better storage space here.

It comes with DDoS protection and other security features. There are 5 data centers across the globe. It has Tier-1 networking. Therefore, the network is reliable and gives 99.9% uptime. You can see the uptime status on the “server-status” page. Another great thing about Ramnode is that you can also pay using Bitcoin. Not to mention, it surely accepts other ways of payment such as credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, etc.

The base plan of premium KVM comes with 2 GB Memory, 50 GB storage, and 1 CPU core. You will also get 3000 GB of bandwidth.

Disk Space: 50 to 400 GB

Starting Price: $12 per month

ramnode nvme pricing


  • You will get decent support on many channels.
  • They have a lot of features included for free such as APIs, firewalls, etc.
  • The uptime is great and the network is reliable.
  • You will also get enough customization options including custom ISO.
  • Many discounts are running to get more cloud credits.


  • There aren’t many reviews about Ramnode.
  • The website contains less information about the server.

#6 OVHCloud

ovhcloud nvme

Are you looking for a dedicated solution for your website hosting needs? You can go with OVHCloud in that case. OVHCloud offers a dedicated solution at a reasonable price. The VPS resources are completely allocated to you. It means that there is no sharing of resources. So, no need to worry about other people stealing your resources.

The number of CPU cores increases as you choose a higher plan. They have a scalable environment. You can have unlimited traffic. There are 32 data centers across 4 different continents. Moreover, you can also choose the preferred operating system including Windows OS.

The basic plan is perfect for beginners. You will get 1 core, 2 GB RAM, and a bandwidth of 250 Mbps. Not to mention, the bandwidth is unmetered.

Disk Space: 40 to 640 GB

Starting Price: $5.52 per month for the annual plan
ovhcloud nvme pricing


  • You can have unlimited traffic.
  • The plans are flexible which makes it easier to scale.
  • There is a dedicated solution where the resources are fully allocated to you.
  • You can also get a discount if you go with a higher plan.
  • There is a no-commitment option available which costs you slightly more.


  • The registration process is manual which takes more time for deployment.
  • The support is worst as it takes more time and the response is not satisfactory sometimes.
  • Refunds are not processed properly and even customer support is unsupportive at that time.
  • As per some reviews, their software has some issues related to security and faulty networking.

#7 Cloudways

cloudways nvme

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. You can work with many popular cloud providers. It will cost you a bit more as compared to the original provider but as they manage the server for you, it’s surely worth the price. They have five different cloud providers from which you can choose one.

You can either go with Vultr – High frequency compute or you can select Digital Ocean Premium droplets. These are the two providers that offer NMVe storage at an affordable rate. The management not only includes support and monitoring but they will also take regular backups for you. They have an easy-to-use panel and management services are great for all cloud providers.

The starting configuration will depend on the host you select. You can get 1 GB RAM, 1 core, and 1 TB of bandwidth for Digital Ocean as well as for Vultr.

Disk Space (For Digital Ocean): 25 to 320 GB

Starting Price (For Digital Ocean): $12

Disk Space (For Vultr): 32 to 768 GB

Starting Price (For Vultr): $12

cloudways pricing features


  • Their team will handle the security for you.
  • There are automatic backups to keep your data safe.
  • It also includes real-time monitoring with self-healing technology to keep your servers safe.
  • There are multiple cloud options.
  • Support is great.
  • You will also get access to other products like CDN, private Slack channel, API, Rackspace email addon, etc.


  • The price will increase a bit as it’s a managed cloud.
  • You will have to register your domain, and email account at another place as there is no such service.


To conclude, these were some of the best affordable NVMe VPS hosting providers which you can use. By listing out all the pros and cons of hosting, you might have already got a clear idea of which is the best provider for you. Still, confused? We are here for you. Here is a quick list to choose the best VPS to go with as per your need.

You can choose the best NVMe hosting from the above-given hosts and you also have the 7 VPS that we discussed earlier.

Feel free to comment below on your favorite cheap NVMe VPS hosting.


📌 What are the advantages of NVMe hosting?

NVMe hosting will offer more speed as transfer between storage and server is faster. It reduces latency and uses less power.

📌 What is the Best NVMe VPS for the UK and Europe overall?

For the US, you can surely go with Vultr. On the other hand, HostWord VPS ( is great for the UK and Hetzner Cloud ( located in Germany and Finland.

📌 Is NVMe good for servers?

Yes, NVMe will increase the speed and efficiency of the server. So, it’s surely great for the servers.

📌 What is NVMe VPS?

NVMe stands for NonVolatile Memory express. It’s a storage type where latency is reduced and speed is great.