7 Best Tomcat Hosting (2024)

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Tomcat is an open-source software by Apache Foundation. It works under the Jakarta project. Java Serverlet and Java server pages technologies are directly implemented as java servlets containers using Tomcat.

Developers use Tomcat to create interactive web apps. It’s free to use and you can surely rely on it. If you are creating an app on java, you can certainly go with Apache Tomcat as it’s the most suited one. The same goes true for the people using JSP.

So, the next thing that you might want to know is what is Tomcat hosting, right? Let’s get to the point.

7 Best Tomcat hosting providers (2024)

We will now have a look at the best Tomcat providers.

#1 Kamatera (Quick Setup)

Kamatera is a cloud service that allows you to host Tomcat-based web apps on their server. They have various products you can choose from. The express server allows you to host Tomcat.

The cloud infrastructure allows you to increase the app’s performance. It combines various resources and you can use all of them at once. When you choose the server, it asks you which service you want to deploy. You can simply select Tomcat and they will install it on the server.

kamatera tomcat apache deployment

Kamatera allows you to choose the server and then install it on the server directly. There are configurations from which you can choose the best one suitable for you. The pricing will depend on the server you choose.

Why Kamatera?

  • Fast-Deployment of Tomcat
  • Custom configuration
  • Various data center locations
  • SSD storage
  • Easy to setup
  • No setup fee or commitment
  • Better access control
  • Great backup options
  • CPU monitoring and demand monitoring

#2 A2Hosting

A2hosting is known for its great speed. If you are looking for hosting that can give you the best speed and support, you can go with A2Hosting. A2 has two types of Tomcat hosting types. They have standard VPS or you can choose Turbo VPS which has better features and performance.

a2hosting apache tomcat

Each of the plans will come with a 40% faster CPU. The tomcat server can 9x load with ease. You will also get 3x read/write speed. The hosting is completely developer-friendly and allows you to manage it in the way you want. There are almost no restrictions here.

You will also get great support from the team if something goes wrong.

Why A2Hosting?

  • 40% faster CPU
  • 20x speed in the turbo server
  • 24/7 support
  • Tomcat pre-installed
  • Guides and knowledgebase to help you
  • 99% uptime guarantee

#3 LiquidWeb (Most Secure)

Liquidweb offers managed VPS hosting for the Tomcat server. They claim to be faster than AWS. Either way, fully managed VPS can surely make your work easier especially when you are using Tomcat.

You can also choose the panel you want here. There are various panel options from which you can choose including cPanel and Plesk. At first sight, you might know that it will be expensive. Java is already secure enough but if you want better security, it has site remediation and a threat-protection system.

liquid web features

Managed hosting is highly recommended for people who are looking for fast, secure, and managed hosting. If something goes wrong, their support team is there to help you. The support is available all the time to guide you in case of an emergency. They also have a video on how to install Tomcat on the server.

Why Liquidweb?

  • Managed hosting
  • Easy Tomcat installation (video and knowledge base)
  • Threat attack oversight detection system
  • Site remediation
  • Install any version of Tomcat
  • Free 100GB of backup quota
  • Premium business email
  • 24 hours support

#4 Mochahost (Great for people with tight budgets)

If you are looking for shared hosting and don’t want to go with the VPS one, you can surely go with Mochahost. It’s affordable and will give you the best features. They have two plans if you want to go with the Tomcat shared hosting. Both plans allow you to host unlimited websites on it. They are one of the few hosts that provide a 100% uptime guarantee.

You will get the latest version of Tomcat installed on the server. If you want to know the rest of the details, you will surely get them on the pricing page. They also have a cloud server. If you don’t have a money issue and want better speed and control, you can certainly go with the cloud server. Things like java heap size will increase as well as you will get better performance.

mochahost tomcat java hosting

They support all the major frameworks in shared hosting. You will get a private JVM. This will increase the security and performance of your hosting. They are more stable and secure as compared to the public ones. Other websites won’t affect your JVM. There is a huge list of features we can cover when it comes to Mocha hosting. We will surely cover the best ones.

Why Mocha Hosting?

  • Attractive price in shared hosting
  • Supports all the framework
  • Free CDN and SSL for a lifetime
  • Java Servlet container support
  • JNDI and JDBC support
  • Netbeans, Spring boot, and Tomcat manager are included
  • Free migration assistance
  • Private JVM Health monitoring

#5 Rose Hosting

Rose hosting is one of the oldest Java hosting solutions out there. The awesome new features are just one reason why you should go with the hosting. It’s a managed hosting that comes with full support for Tomcat. You can use their VPS server for hosting the java app.

rosehosting tomcat web hosting

It offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. There are many features available here that you should surely check out. The VPS has great server features and comes with a free migration service. You can choose from various plans available. Their servers are super optimized for Tomcat. Therefore, you will get the best performance here.

Why Rosehosting?

  • Free fully managed support
  • Full root access
  • Control panel availability (extra charge)
  • Server optimized for Tomcat
  • Various plans to choose from

#6 DailyRazor

DailyRazor is known for shared hosting. If you are looking for another great Tomcat shared hosting, you can go with DailyRazor. Their Tomcat web hosting allows you to host many java applications as well. If you want to use the XML libraries, parsers, frameworks, etc. You will get the complete list of things here.

dailyrazor tomcat hosting

If you talk about the negative things, the resources are very limited. The first plan will only allow you to restart the SSL with the request. If you upgrade, you will get SSH access or you can also use the one-click restart in such a case.

Why DailyRazor?

  • Various Java framework
  • The latest Tomcat versions and JDK
  • Various plans to choose from
  • Many libraries available including chart and graph
  • Document manipulation feature
  • XML partners
  • Past performance

#7 Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the most affordable hosting providers out there. For Hostinger tomcat web solutions, you can check out their VPS server. You have two options here.

You can either go with the VPS or you can go with the dedicated server. Depending on your budget, you can choose the best one that suits you.

hostinger vps

All the VPS plans come with NVMe storage. You will get full root SSH access through which you can install any software you want. The same allows you to install Tomcat. There is a quick tutorial on how to install Java on Hostinger. You can have a look at it to know more about it.

They have a multi-server management feature and give you complete access control. This makes it easier for you to manage the server. Their uptime is great and you will also get awesome speed. Hostinger has been in the industry for many years and provides great services you can rely on.

Their support is great and you will get the query solved without waiting for a long time.

Why Hostinger?

  • NVMe storage
  • Full root access SSH
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 1-click installer
  • DataCenters in 3 continents
  • Weekly Backups & Snapshots
  • Multi-server management

Free Tomcat Hosting Providers

Let’s not create suspense and give the spoiler at first. All of them will just offer a free trial. Within this trial, you can see if you can handle the unmanaged hosting or not.

Note: These are unmanaged hosting servers. In simpler words, you will need technical knowledge to install Tomcat and use the hosting. Luckily, all three given below offer a free trial with fixed credits. You can try out the server and use the credits to see the estimated charges. If you don’t have technical skills, you can go with the above list.

#1 Kamatera

kamatera tomcat apache deployment

#2 Vultr

Vultr is yet another amazing free Tomcat web server you can go for. The cloud VPS has various configuration options to choose from. You can choose the OS, location, and then select the size to deploy the server. There are 17 locations from which you can choose the best one.

It allows you to install a Tomcat server on the server. With just a couple of lines of code, you can install Tomcat on the server. Make sure you have selected Ubuntu or CentOS. Once installed, you can deploy your java app and make it live.

They have a great infrastructure that can monitor the server’s health and make sure you get the best service that you are looking for. You can track the server’s health and monitor the insights as well. Last but not least, they have easy account management options.

Trial Details: 30 days free java hosting trial with $50 credits.

#3 Digital Ocean

If you are looking for free Tomcat web hosting, there are good chances that you are running low on budget. Digital Ocean will provide you with the best service with affordable pricing options. If you are a developer, it will give you the best performance here.

The server is also known as a developer-friendly cloud. It’s easy to deploy your app here and make the changes. You will have to install Tomcat on the server. The trial period is long enough to check out the entire cloud. The price isn’t huge once the trial is over.

Trial Details: 60 days free java tomcat hosting trial with $100 credits.

digital ocean free trial vps

Why go with DigitalOcean?

  • Developer friendly
  • Easy to deploy
  • Less cost
  • Developer tools
  • Support is great

#4 Linode

If you are new to the world of cloud servers, you surely might be worried about the pricing, right? Linode offers a solution to that problem. Here, you will get predictable pricing. That’s one of the reasons why people use Linode.

The cloud server is a great alternative to AWS. When it comes to pricing, Linode has predictable and low pricing.

Trial Details: It offers 60 days free JSP hosting trial where you will get 100 credits to use.

linode free trial vps

Why go with Linode?

  • Predictable pricing
  • Global infrastructure
  • Awesome Support
  • Marketplace for apps
  • Various configuration options are available

Criteria for choosing the best tomcat server hosting?

Before you choose any provider, there are certain criteria to keep in mind:

1. Pre-installed or Manual Installation

The first thing that you need to see is whether Tomcat comes installed on the hosting or you will have to install it on your own. If it comes pre-installed, it’s good for all. However, if you have to install it on your own, you will need technical knowledge for the same. Even if you know how to install Tomcat, it’s better if it comes pre-installed.

2. Version and Support

You will have to see the tomcat version, JDK, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Etc. You should also see if it supports all the popular frameworks such as JSF, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, etc. You can look for java servlet support too. If all the things are available. You can see whether it supports other languages like PHP or not. Further, you can also look for JNDI/JDBC support.

3. Basic Hosting Needs

You should always look for the basic hosting server features:

  • Storage: it will define how much storage you have.
  • Uptime: If the server is offline once a day, you should look for another hosting. The server you are choosing must be available all the time. You can look for at least a 99.9 % uptime guarantee.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth will determine how much data you use. If your web page is 100 kb and 4 people visit it, you will use 400 kb of bandwidth. Make sure you get enough bandwidth.
  • Support: Look for the support. You should if they provide live chat support or phone support.
  • Websites: You can see how many java websites you can host in the plan.

Which one to Choose?

You might be thinking which of these is the best, right? Well, depending on your budget, you can go with any of them. We would recommend you go with Mochahost if you have the budget which also offers shared hosting.

Please note that the above-mentioned hosts are managed servers. Here, the server is managed by the company. If you have a bit of technical knowledge or you are ready to look at some tutorials, you can go with unmanaged hosting.

What is tomcat web hosting exactly?

Not all servers can run java apps. You will need Tomcat installed on the server if you want to host java apps. For the same reason, you will need to find a web hosting service that allows you to host java apps. In simpler words, you will have to find the hosting that already has Tomcat installed on their server or they will allow you to install it.

As most websites are using WordPress and other CMS, many web hosting companies don’t have Tomcat installed on the server and they don’t even provide the same. Therefore, you will have to find the hosting that does so.

Advantages of using tomcat JSP hosting for web apps?

If you are wondering why you should be using Tomcat host for web apps, here are some of the reasons for it. Of course, there are many reasons why you should be using it. We will just see a couple of them.

  • It is easy to configure and run.
  • The performance is great. You can run multiple instances at the same time without any issues.
  • If you want to improve the security of your apps, you can do it with the help of Tomcat. It has the best security features you can go with. So, Apache Tomcat can handle all the security for you.
  • Apache Tomcat is open-source and free to use.
  • There are some great hosting providers offering Tomcat hosting at a very affordable price. You can also get any VPS and install Tomcat on it.
  • There are a lot of customization options that make it more flexible.
  • The lightweight of the server gives you another reason to use it.
  • More than 60% of Java developers use Apache Tomcat as their server. Therefore, it’s one of the most popular servers there.
  • The community and the documentation are great here.

Final Words

To conclude, these were some of the best Tomcat hosting services you can use. Depending on your budget, you can choose the best hosting that is applicable to you.

You can surely see the tomcat version information when you are going with any of the services.

Best Choice

  • Features: Easy Tomcat install, Multiple datacenters, Easy to scale
  • Starting price: From $4.00 (Free Trial 30-days)
Free Trial
Best Specs

  • Features: Easy Tomcat install, DDoS protection, SSD storage
  • Starting price: From $4.99/month $8.99 
Visit A2hosting
Best Price
(Shared hosting & VPS)

(Shared hosting & VPS)

  • Features: Tomcat Manager, Free SSL, Unlimited Websites
  • Starting price: From $2.59 $6.99 
Visit MochaHost
Highly Performing

  • Features: Nvme storage, Free SSL & backup, Unlimited websites
  • Starting price: From $32.95/month $43.95 
Visit RoseHosting

If you are a technical person, you can go with unmanaged hosting else we suggest you go with the managed services as that will be a better option for you.

TIP: To help you choose and test a hosting provider that is suitable for you, here is a carefully selected list of Free Cloud hosting that includes managed and unmanaged hosting services. You can certainly use their free trial offers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Hostinger support Java?

TomCat is not supported on their shared hosting plans, but it can be configured on one of Hostinger’s VPS plans.

How much does Java hosting cost?

Java hosting cost depends on the hosting provider and the type of hosting package you go for. But with some providers, it can start as low as $3.49.

What is the best hosting for Java applications?

Hostinger would be the best hosting that can provide you with good value in terms of performance and price.

Can I start with free Java web hosting?

The only way you host it for free would be to use one of the mentioned hosting companies that offer a free trial.

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