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When you sign up with SiteGround, you might be interested to know whether SiteGround offers a free trial for their services? It is likely for you to ask for a SiteGround free trial because it will help you test the hosting platform for speed, security, and scalability. And if you are happy with their service, you can upgrade to a paid hosting plan.

In this article, we will discuss everything you should know about the free trial of SiteGround website hosting offer. Let’s get started!

Does SiteGround Have A Free Trial Offer?

Yes, there is a Free trial, but it’s not accessible to everybody.

Publicly, SiteGround doesn’t have a free trial account “officially.” But they provide a “30-Days Money-Back Guarantee” with all their shared hosting plans and managed WordPress hosting plans.

siteground web hosting

A Secret Way To Get Free Trial of SiteGround!

Are you looking for a free web hosting trial offer, but surprised with SiteGround because they do not have one?

Don’t worry! We’ve got a secret for you to get SiteGround hosting plans absolutely free of cost for 30 days. Join SiteGround affiliate marketing program!

When you join their affiliate program, you will get access to a wide range of tools that will help optimize your campaign, drive more leads, and earn big. More importantly, you will enjoy the perks of “complimentary hosting.”

siteground complimentary hosting affiliates

According to this service, when you sign up for the program, SiteGround provides you the option to activate their shared hosting plan “Startup, Growbig, or GoGeek plan” for 1 month absolutely free. This package offers a comprehensive range of web hosting services that are available to you for trial before you can share the experience with your visitors.

As the hosting company believes, “Genuine reviews deliver the best results,” this is a great way to enjoy SiteGround hosting for FREE along with earning some additional income.

And trust us! Very few SiteGround customers know about this trick!

However, candidates from only some countries are allowed to join the affiliate marketing program. Therefore, if you want SiteGround free trial offer, make sure you sign up from a country that they support.

IMPORTANT: For country selection, avoid third-world countries, and favor instead a big country.

Sign up for their affiliate program & use their hosting option

Step 1: Visit the official site – and click on “Affiliates” on the top menu.

siteground affilite program link

Step 2: You will be directed to the SiteGround “Hosting Affiliate Program” page. Read more details about the program and click on “Join Now”, You will be directed to a Sign-Up Application Form that will take just a few minutes to complete and submit. Once you get approved, you can sign in to your affiliate account using the login information sent to your registered email address.

Step 3: Under the “Services” tab from the top menu, click the option “Hosting”, You will see a message showing “You Have Not Activated Hosting Yet” (refer to the image below). Click on the option “Get Free Hosting”.

siteground get free hosting

Step 4: SiteGround offers three hosting plans to choose from for a free trial. Have a close look at the features and benefits offered and choose a plan that is perfect for your hosting needs.

siteground free hosting trial

We recommend starting with the GoGeek web hosting plan which is most suitable to host unlimited websites and supports up to 100,000 visitors monthly. Additionally, you will enjoy 40 GB of web space along with all essential features + premium features + geeky features that SiteGround has to offer you.

When you make your choice, click on the option “Select Plan”.

Step 5: Your plan details will be shown at the bottom and you will have to select your data center. Remember, SiteGround now bans members from several countries to join the affiliate program. So, make sure you choose the right data center.

In the example given below, we have selected the “StartUp plan” as our preferred hosting plan and USA, Iowa as our datacenter:

choose siteground data center

Step 6: Under Plan Details, set the Period for 1 month and it will automatically show “Your Price”, which is $0.00 (exclusive of VAT). SiteGround provides the term & conditions of the offer here – “The special price is applicable for only the first invoice. After the completion of the initial term, the regular renewal prices are applicable..” Click “Order Now” and follow the instructions to sign up for their free hosting plan.

siteground 1 month trial offer

This is the only way through which you can get the SiteGround free hosting trial offer – by joining as an affiliate marketer. Once the 30-days free period is over, you will be automatically upgraded to the 1-month paid plan.

Why SiteGround Does Not Officially Offer A Free Trial?

You might be wondering why SiteGround’s free trial offer is not available as many other hosting companies. There are several reasons why SiteGround does not offer a free trial is, reasons are mentioned below:

1. They Don’t Need To Over-Promote

Usually, new hosting companies offer a free trial to attract more clients initially and then upgrade them to premium plans. Similarly, hosting providers that are not well-established in the industry often choose this strategy to prove their potential to prospective customers. However, in the case of SiteGround, the scenario is different.

They are one of the most popular web hosting platforms today; thanks to their robust servers, unmatched uptime, excellent speed, and friendly customer support team. SiteGround is ranked among the top web hosting providers for WordPress, battling neck-to-neck with tough competitors like Bluehost, A2 Hosting, and HostGator.

SiteGround believes in offering the best website hosting experience to its clients through continuous innovation, superior service quality, and excellent customer service.

siteground best website hosting experience

For a globally recognized website hosting company like SiteGround, providing a free trial would be something like over-selling or over-promoting their brand. They do not require any cheap promotion like a free trial offer to attract customers.

Their high standards of service speak highly about their brand, and this is quite evident from positive customer reviews and ratings SiteGround has on different platforms.

2. Free Trial Comes At A Cost

Another primary reason why SiteGround does not support offering a free web hosting trial is the substantial cost a hosting provider has to bear in this case, and that too without generating any revenue. Whenever a customer signs up for a free trial, they’d still be using the server’s resources like any other paid customer.

This is a cost to the company and they aren’t generating any revenue in return. There is also no assurance that the customer will upgrade to a paid hosting plan after the free trial period. So, it is a loss scenario for the hosting provider.

Furthermore, SiteGround has recently migrated to Google Cloud server to offer improved robust performance, lightning-fast speed, and top-notch security to its clients.

However, their server running costs have increased exponentially with this new upgrade. So, offering a free trial will not justify the rising costs as well as their continuous effort to provide top-notch web hosting services to the clients.

3. Possibilities Of Spamming Websites

Maintaining high-end security is another reason why SiteGround does not have a free trial offer. Some fraudsters might abuse this offer by opening multiple accounts, creating spammy websites, or using the same for hacking purposes. This can hurt the overall performance and security of SiteGround servers as well as clients’ websites.

To partner with a reliable web hosting platform like SiteGround, you do not need any free trial offer. Their excellent hosting solutions, round-the-clock customer service, and unmatched uptime guarantee are more than enough to make SiteGround stand ahead in the competition. Additionally, their hosting plans are quite competitive, starting at just $4.99/month.

Best Alternatives For SiteGround Free Trial

If you do not want to join as an affiliate marketer to get the SiteGround website hosting free trial offer, then you have more alternatives.

We would recommend you to purchase the hosting plan for “one month”. This will cost you significantly lesser than paying for an annual plan. Most website hosting companies offer discounted prices for annual payments, but eventually, you’ll be paying more – especially if you just want to test a plan before signing up for it annually.

siteground monthly billing payment

For instance, SiteGround’s StartUp plan begins at $4.99/month but only when you sign up for their 12-months plan. That means your initial payment amount will be $59.88. Many small website owners might not be able to afford this amount as an upfront cost, particularly when their requirements are limited.

NOTE: During the checkout, you will be suggested to select an SG-Site scanner (security add-on), you don’t actually need it, simply because SiteGround’s default security is reliable, and selecting this addon will only add an extra cost to your bill.

On the other hand, you’d only need to pay $14.99/month when you choose their 1-month StartUp hosting plan. This amount is more economical if you are considering using the plan for about 30 days on a trial basis.

Once you pay for one month, you can opt for their money-back guarantee and get a complete refund if you are not happy with their services. This way you can test their hosting solutions without spending a dollar from your pocket.

And if you are happy using their services and customer support, you have the option to continue with the plan or upgrade to a better hosting plan at any time. However, it is important to remember that SiteGround (like any other hosting company) only allows upgrading to a premium plan from your existing plan. You cannot switch from a premium plan to a basic plan.

Conclusion – Is SiteGround Worth it Without a Free Trial?

Are you looking if SiteGround offers a free trial period to use their website hosting service? Is it worth it without a free hosting account?

Yes, it’s totally worth it! SiteGround is a top-tier website hosting company, and it does not require bells and whistles to establish its potential and attract customers. You are entitled to several benefits by signing up for any of their web hosting plans. And the experience is worth every dollar you spend to purchase a plan.

siteground security features

Here is a quick insight into the pros of using SiteGround web hosting:

  • End-to-end hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and cloud hosting.
  • Fast and hassle-free WordPress website management using a wide range of tools that help integrate and manage your website.
  • High uptime guarantee of 99.99%.
  • Quick website loading time and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Excellent customer support services through phone, 24/7 live chat, and ticket support.
  • Complimentary CloudFlare CDN account, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, and two-factor authentication for improved website security.
  • Advanced server security, a defense mechanism against hacking, and free daily site backups.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee with shared hosting plans and 14-days money-back guarantee on cloud hosting plans.

However, there are some drawbacks too – they ban affiliates from certain countries (in case you are considering joining their affiliate program to get the free trial offer). Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough research about the hosting company before making long-term commitments.

SiteGround is a good web hosting option when it comes to flawless performance, trusted uptime, high speed, top-notch support, and high-end security. Most importantly, it has a dedicated client base, with a 99.7% satisfaction rate, claims SiteGround. We recommend following the above tactics to test their website hosting solutions and then you can make an informed decision.

If you have any suggestions or if you would like to add up to the information mentioned in this review, you can add your views in the comments section.

Let us know if this guide worked for you 😊

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