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When it comes to selecting a server, it’s important to ensure that you are getting the best location of the data center. When you have the data center at a good location, you will get better speed. Some people even check the data center location for privacy issues. Either way, it’s important to know where your data is stored.

In this guide, we are going to see Linode data center locations.

What is Linode?

Linode is a cloud services company that provides cloud computing products. It has been in the industry for a very long time and has been constantly giving the best performance.

linode cloud computing homepage

Simple cloud and predictable pricing are the two most major advantages of using Linode. People often want something predictable when it comes to pricing. Linode makes sure that you know what are you paying.

Not to mention, their servers are great. You will get an awesome performance here.

Linode Data Centers Locations?

There are a total of 11 data centers across 8 different countries and each of them in a different city. With this, you can host your app or website anywhere you want. The cloud server allows you to use most of the products in all the data centers. However, there are some of the products that are not yet available in specific data centers. Linode is already trying its best to ensure that all the data centers have all the features.

Now, let’s have a quick look at Linode data center locations.

  1. USA – Newark, Dallas, Atlanta, and Fremont
  2. Singapore – Singapore
  3. The UK – London
  4. Germany – Frankfurt
  5. Canada – Toronto
  6. Australia – Sydney
  7. Japan – Tokyo
  8. India – Mumbai

linode data center locations worldwide

You probably might want to know more about each of them, right?

Let’s discuss more each of them and see what are the products allowed.

1. United States

There are 4 locations available in the United States. You can go with any of these four locations as per your requirements.

We will talk about all the four locations here where we will see the city name and the product’s availability.

Let’s begin with the first location.

#Location 1

The first location that you can go with is in Newark. It has all the products available. Some of the products that are not yet available will be available soon.

  • City: Newark in New York Region
  • Products: Kubernetes, Dedicated CPU, High Memory GPU, Storage Block Storage, Backups, Object Storage, NodeBalancers, DDoS Protection, and DNS Manager
  • Products Coming Soon: Networking Cloud Firewall and VLAN

#Location 2

If you don’t want to host your app in Newark, you can surely go with the next location. The second location is in Dallas.

  • City: Dallas
  • Products: Kubernetes, dedicated CPU, high memory, Block storage, backups, node balancers, DDoS protection, and DNS manager.
  • Products coming soon: GPU, Object storage, cloud firewall, and VLAN.

#Location 3

Now, the third location is pretty popular among the people. It’s Atlanta where there are many servers hosted. Here is more information about this.

  • City: Atlanta
  • Products: Dedicated CPU, high memory, backups, cloud firewall, NodeBalancers, DDoS protection, and DNS manager,
  • Products coming soon: Kubernetes, GPU, Object storage, and VLAN.

#Location 4

If you are looking for a server in other regions, you might want to try out this server located in the San Francisco region.

  • City: Fremont in San Francisco Region
  • Products: Kubernetes, shared high memory, dedicated CPU, block storage, backup, NodeBalancer, DDoS protection, and DNS manager.
  • Products coming soon: GPU, Object Storage, Cloud Firewall, and VLAN.

2. Singapore

If you are looking for an Asian data center, you can always go with Singapore. Singapore data center is the choice of many people due to its fast speed. If you have most of the visitors from Asian countries, you can surely try out their Singapore data center. It lacks a firewall but it will soon be supported.

  • Location: Singapore
  • Products: Kubernetes, Shared, CPU, dedicated CPU, high memory, GPU, block storage, backups, object storage, node balancers, DDoS protection, DNS Manager.
  • Products coming soon: Cloud firewall and VLAN

3. United Kingdom

People often want the UK as their data center for any reason. One of the reasons is because of the popularity and the number of website owners from Europe. There are many people located in the UK who want a local server. Other than this, EU privacy law is something that people love. Most people from Europe will want a server that is located in their continent.

  • Location: London
  • Products: Kubernetes, High memory, Dedicated CPU, Shared, block storage, backups, Nodebalancers, DNS manager, and DDoS protection.
  • Products Coming soon: GPU, Object storage, and VLAN.

4. Germany

Yet another country where you can host your data at, is Germany. If you want your data center to be in Europe but not in the UK, you can choose Germany here. The server is fast and supports most of the products you want. Therefore, you can surely choose this server.

  • Location: Frankfurt
  • Products: Kubernetes, High memory, GPU, dedicated CPU, Block storage, backups, cloud storage, Nodebalancers, DDoS protection, and DNS Manager.
  • Products Coming Soon: Cloud firewall and VLAN.

5. Canada

Canada is one of the best places to keep your data at. Here, the data center is not fully equipped to support all the products. However, it will soon come. Meanwhile, you can surely access all the other features they are offering.

  • Location: Toronto
  • Products: Kubernetes, Deducted CPU, high memory, shared, block storage, backups, cloud firewall, Nodebalancers, DDoS protection, and DNS manager.
  • Products coming soon: GPU, object storage, and VLAN.

6. Australia

Linode also has a data center in Sydney. So, if you are planning to host your app in Sydney, there are most of the products supported here.

  • Location: Sydney
  • Products: Kubernetes, high memory, dedicated CPU, block storage, backups, cloud firewall, Nodebalancers, DDoS protection, and DNS manager.
  • Products coming soon: GPU, Object storage, and VLAN.

7. Japan

Many people are running a Japanese website or app. If you want to store your data at the nearest location, you got Tokyo here. There are very few cloud servers that have a location in Japan, one of the Linode servers locations is in Tokyo. So, you will get more benefits here.

  • Location: Tokyo
  • Products: Kubernetes, shared high memory, dedicated CPU, block storage, backups, NodeBalancers, DDoS protection, and DNS manager.
  • Products coming soon: GPU, object storage, cloud firewall, and VLAN.

8. India

The digital industry is growing in India. Many people are shifting to the cloud. There are many websites on the internet where maximum visitors are Indians. If you have a similar app, you can use the Mumbai data center location.

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Products: Kubernetes, shared, dedicated CPU, high memory, GPU, block storage, backups, Cloud firewall, NodeBalancers, DNS manager, and DDoS protection.
  • Products coming soon: Object storage, GPU, Cloud firewall, and VLAN

How to choose the best data center for you?

Choosing one data center out of the 11 Linode locations is one of the hardest tasks you can do. So, here are some tips to choose the right data center location.

choose linode data center

You can always choose the server that is near to you and the data center that has a maximum amount of speed. Now, it’s easy to find which data center location is near to you but what about the speed?

You can check the network latency by sending the ping and you can always try to download the file to see the downloading speed. They have a complete tutorial on how you can check the speed.

Now, you surely might be thinking that all these will need access to the cloud, right?

That’s where the good news is. You can try out Linode for free. They have a free trial where you can test the data center to see the overall speed.

linode speed test for servers

If you don’t want to create an account at Linode, you can use this link to check the speed of each data center.

Here is a quick link to test the speed of the data center. You can do it without creating an account. There is also a file given which you can download and test the downloading speed.

Linode Server Features

There are many great features that you will get here. We have collected some of the best features that we think you are getting in Linode. Here is a complete list for them.

linode choose distrubution operating system

Developer Friendly: If you are a developer and looking for a simple yet advanced cloud server, Linode is the best choice for you. Here, you will get API and CLI access to manage your apps easily.

Predictable pricing: You don’t need to worry about high billing rates and most importantly unpredictable rates. Linode is affordable as well as it’s predictable.

Performance: The performance of the cloud is too good. It provides 99.99% SLA which is awesome.

Hardware: You will get AMD and Nvidia hardware to increase the performance. It’s the best deal you will get as the price of Linode is affordable.

Support: You will get 100% human support anytime you want. No talking to bots who won’t understand your problem.

Easy UI: The user interface of Linode is simple and easy to use. This will surely save you time.

Products and Integrations: There are various products available on Linode. The same goes with the integrations too. You can integrate with any app you want.

linode server features

Now, there are many more features except this that you can surely check out. Now, many people might be looking for migration features, right? Let’s talk about that.

Migrating the Data Center

“Is it possible to change/migrate to another data center after I have chosen the first time?”, surely many people who are reading this might have this question.

Sometimes, you might mistakenly choose another data center and then you want to migrate it. It becomes quite a headache to migrate the data center. Even worse, some of the cloud providers don’t allow you to migrate the data centers. In that case, you will be stuck with the old data center and you will have to bear with the problem it has.

linode data center migration

In Linode, you can change the data center and migrate your data to another data center for free.

All you have to do is create a support ticket and the support team will do it for you. Here are the three important things to keep in mind.

  • Your backups will be lost.
  • Linode’s IP will be changed.
  • When migrating, Linode will be taken offline for a while.
NOTE: If you can address the first two points in the tickets themselves, it will speed up the process as they don’t need to confirm it with you.

Once it’s transferred, you will have to set it up again. As the data center and IP has changed, it won’t be directly accessible. You can do the setup again. If you are facing any issues here, you can always ask the support team for help.

Is Linode a VPS?

Many people are mentioning Linode as VPS and some of them are referring to Cloud. You might also find some of the websites that have stated Linode as Cloud VPS.

So, you surely might be thinking is Linode a VPS?

Linode is a cloud service provider that offers you various products. If you are looking for VPS, you will get similar access here with better resources and probably at the same price.

linode products resources

Cloud will combine all the resources and you can use them as per your need. Therefore, it’s clear that the cloud is better than VPS. Pricing is an issue for most people when they are going with the cloud but that’s not a problem with Linode. It provides unbeatable pricing.

Final Words

To conclude, this was everything about Linode server locations. To quickly summarize the location part, there are 11 data center locations for Linode. You can choose from Newark, Dallas, Atlanta, Fremont, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, and Mumbai. All of them have great speed.

Talking about Linode, it’s one of the affordable and best cloud providers out there. You can certainly go with it. There is a free trial for you to see if it meets your expectations.

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