If you’re new to Bluehost and their hosting services then one of the features you might come across is the Codeguard basic add-on.

Bluehost is one of the major web hosting companies recommended for WordPress website hosting, along with their hosting services they also offer several other Package Extra features and in this article, we’re to learn about the CodeGuard Package Extra as it’s amongst the main Package Extras you will come across when purchasing a BlueHost plan.

So you might ask yourself if CodeGuard basic Bluehost worth it? We answer this question in our article.

What is BlueHost’s CodeGuard?

Codeguard is 3rd party backup service integrated into Bluehost which has a partnership with the company.

It is owned by Sectigo Limited and on it’s can be purchased and used with any kind of website.

It is one of the most powerful backup services online right now and with the partnership with Bluehost comes a discount.

Purchasing a CodeGuard subscription for one site directly for would cost about $60 annually.

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With a Bluehost Hosting package, you only have to pay $38 for the same subscription which almost half the price and you still get the same features offered.

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It is embedded right in the dashboard of your Bluehost account so you can easily monitor your backups and other features provided by CodeGuard.

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This is one of the major reasons why adding this Package Extra is considered a good option.

What are the benefits of using CodeGuard Basic?

Daily Backups

CodeGuard creates backups automatically every day for your site and creates Timestamps so you can always restore back a version of your site at a specific date.

If you’re used to Backing up your WordPress Websites with 3rd party plugins like Duplicator, you would understand just how hard it is to keep your backups arranged.

Sometimes, you might even forget to backup for days, weeks even especially when you’re busy with other important things.

With CodeGuard (even the Basic plan), you don’t have to ever worry about backing up your site or keeping track of site changes, its all automated and you have access to them whenever there is a need.

NOTE: CodeGuard excludes from backup the following files: Cache files (generated to reduce bandwidth and server load), Log Files, Other temporary files.


Just like the backup feature, CodeGuard also constantly monitors your website for changes.

Changed a CSS property or deleted a few files? CodeGuard has a record and has copies stored on older backup dates so all your files are always recoverable as well.

This is also good for detecting unauthorized access to your site if a hacker tries to break in, more often than none they will inject a few malicious codes into a file of some sort.

CodeGuard will log the change and when you go checking you would be able to tell exactly how access was gained and rollback to an earlier version if possible.

This really saves you a lot of headaches and for the price, you know it’s worth it.

One-Click Restore

Working hand in hand with the backup feature, CodeGuard also allows you to restore any of your BackUps in just one click, there’s no extra steps or settings required.

You just select and backup by date and click the restore button.


Old copies of your site backups are not deleted. instead, they are stored in different secure servers around the globe (like a CDN).

Bluehost CodeGuard Plan Details?

Bluehost offers 4 tiers of the Codeguard backup service which all have different specifications to be able to accommodate your usage needs.

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  1. Bluehost CodeGuard Basic:

The Codeguard basic plan comes with 1GB of allocated storage and allows up to 5 domains. It’s also able to backup an unlimited amount of databases.

It has an Automatic Backup Frequency of 5 days, which means it only creates a single backup every 5 days.

You’re only allowed to do a Full Website Restore 3 times a month and 5 individual file restores monthly as well.

You do not have any control of when a Backup should occur and it only happens on set intervals.


  1. Bluehost CodeGuard Professional:

The Codeguard basic plan comes with 5GB of allocated storage and allows up to 10 domains. It’s also able to backup an unlimited amount of databases like the Codeguard basic plan.

It has an Automatic Backup Frequency of 24 hours, which means it creates a single Backup daily.

You’re only allowed to do a Full Website Restore and Individual/Zip files download without any limits

Finally, this plan and other higher tiers give the ability to back up whenever you want (On-Demand) without any restrictions with Priority Queueing included.


  1. Bluehost CodeGuard Premium:

This plan is an upgrade of the Professional and offers 10Gb worth of storage and allows up to 25 domains to be backed up daily.

It also does not limit any file downloading or Website restoration.


  1. Bluehost CodeGuard Enterprise:

This is the highest plan and is actually extensible but by default comes with 25GB worth of storage, up to 100 domains allowed, and the same unrestricted features offered by the Codeguard Premium plan.


How Much does BlueHost Codeguard Basic Cost? (Pricing)

Under normal circumstances, CodeGuard plans are quite pricey but because of the partnership between the backup service and Bluehost, the pricing on Bluehost is way cheaper.

Bluehost CodeGuard Basic

This is the basic plan offered by Bluehost on all their shared hosting plans, it has all the main features offered by Codeguard and costs $2.99 every month or about $35.55 a year.

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It is also offered for free if you purchase either the Choice Plus or Pro shared hosting plan.

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Bluehost CodeGuard Professional

The Bluehost Codeguard Professional plan costs $5.99 a month or approximately $59.95 a year.

Bluehost CodeGuard Premium

The Bluehost Codeguard Premium plan is moderately priced at $9.99 a month or approximately $99.95 a year.

Bluehost CodeGuard Enterprise

The Bluehost Codeguard Enterprise plan costs $23.95 a month or approximately $239.95 a year and is extensible depending on your needs.

Can I use CodeGuard Without a BlueHost plan?

Yes, whether you decide to use CodeGuard directly with Bluehost or not, it can be used on any website.

The only downside to this is that you have to pay the full price with no discount.

In fact, other hosting companies like Hostgator also offer CodeGuard Basic as an Addon so you’re not limited to using it on Bluehost plans alone.

Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth it?

If you’re serious about protecting your WordPress website then Codeguard is a must-have.

Yes, there are many other alternative ways to backup and secure your website which will we see next, but for the price, Bluehost is offering this and the ease of use CodeGuard Basic has to offer, no other backup service comes close.

You could create a website without Codeguard basic and it would run smoothly but when it comes to having total peace of mind that your website is always being backed up and secured with several logging features, no other service can do it better than Codeguard.

It saves you time, money, and gives you peace of mind as all backup tasks are done on time.

NOTE: For whatever reason, if you ever decide to cancel your Bluehost account, you should know in advance that Bluehost refund policy doesn’t cover the add-ons fees.

CodeGuard Free Alternatives: Other web hosts with Free Backups

Aside from BlueHost paid add-on, there are other web hosting providers who offer a better automatic backup system for free.

A2 Hosting Server Rewind Backups

A2 Hosting offers free backups on all its packages. It’s a great file recovery program, so far it’s the best we have seen with no limitations. It allows you to easily restore your data from saved snapshots with great precision for specific files if needed.

Using the Server Rewind feature, you can restore a file, or a set of files, databases with just a few clicks. The backups are automatic and conducted regularly. If you choose to go with A2 Hosting you will save $59.95 that you would have needed to pay for CodeGuard every year.

A2 Hosting plans start from $2.99/month you get 66% OFF. Here is our full review.

InMotion Backup Manager

InMotion Hosting shared hosting offers for its users an automated remote backup service. You can Generate and restore full, individual, or partial backups. Automatic backups are generated every 24-36 hours.

You can check out our full review of InMotion Hosting plans.

SiteGround Backups

SiteGround has daily automatic backups for shared hosting and cloud hosting accounts that save all MySQL databases, folders/files, and even Emails. On top of the automatic daily scheduled backups, you can initiate your own manual backup if you like.

Learn more about SiteGround.

Third-party backups

Additionally, if you prefer to handle everything from one place, you can use BackWPup WordPress plugin to backup your site on a daily basis.

Another way would be to use the third party ManageWP which offers a lot of features such as automatic updates for your WordPress, themes, and plugins. Constant monitor of your website’s uptime, Migration, and a lot more.


In this article, we have gone over all the features and benefits of using the Bluehost CodeGuard Package extra as well as the pricing offered exclusively by Bluehost. Along with that, we presented you with the best free alternatives to CodeGuard.

With this information, you should be able to decide if Codeguard Basic is something you will be needed for future and existing projects being hosted on Bluehost. If you wish to know more about the SiteLock addon as well, we have a full review of it.

If you have any questions related to Codeguard Basic or other Solutions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.