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This guide shows the IONOS server locations available for VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. If you look at the IONOS website, there are small mistakes.

The data centers that you see on the “data center” page might not be available in your hosting package.

So, this guide provides a complete list of IONOS data center locations and gives information about which locations are available for your hosting package.

Let’s begin.

IONOS server locations

To begin with, IONOS mainly has 5 major countries where servers are located. They have multiple cities. However, you can’t select the city.

IONOS shared hosting data center locations are mirrored in 2 locations. You don’t have any option to select the data center in shared hosting.

Before further server details, it’s worth noting that you will get Cloudflare CDN with IONOS. A CDN allows you to serve your website from the nearest locations to your visitors.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter which server you go with, it’s highly recommended to add Cloudflare CDN.

You will also get Cloudflare with shared hosting.

server locations provided by ionos

Now, let’s see data center locations for various hosting packages.

IONOS VPS locations:

IONOS VPS has a maximum number of servers including France.

ionos locations for vps

You will have to choose a data center before you hit the configure button. Once you select the data center, the server plans will refresh.

  • North America: United States (Las Vegas in Nevada, Newark in New Jersey, and Lenexa in Kansas)
  • Europe: Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), France (Paris), Spain (Logroño), United Kingdom (London and Worcester)

IONOS Dedicated server locations:

Dedicated servers have almost the same locations as VPS except in France.

There are multiple dedicated server types. You have AMD and Intel servers. Along with that, you can also select storage servers. All these dedicated servers have the same number of server locations.

ionos dedicated server locations

  • North America: United States (Las Vegas in Nevada, Newark in New Jersey, and Lenexa in Kansas).
  • Europe: Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), Germany Baden, United Kingdom (London and Worcester), and Spain (Logroño).

For dedicated servers, you can select from Germany or Germany Baden. You don’t have permission to select the city name except for these two options.

IONOS Cloud server locations:

In cloud servers, you will have to click on the “configure” option to select the server location.

ionos locations for cloud server

  • North America: United States (Las Vegas in Nevada, Newark in New Jersey, and Lenexa in Kansas)
  • Europe: North Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), South Germany (Baden), United Kingdom (London and Worcester), and Spain (Logroño).

Just like dedicated servers, the IONOS server locations for cloud servers are the same. However, here, you will have the option named North Germany and South Germany.

NOTE: You can only select IONOS data centers for cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Server Location

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right server locations. Firstly, you can check the basic details about the data center. For instance, IONOS has this brief to get an idea about the data center.

ionos data center features

Target audience and website visitors

You should always select a location which is near to the visitors. For instance, if you have maximum visitors from Europe, you should select the server in the European data center.

For country-specific websites, you can try to find the data center in the same country to speed up the first byte. Your website will load faster if the server is near to the visitors.

Legal and compliance requirements

Make sure the hosting service is reliable and in compliance with legal requirements. IONOS servers are ISO 27001 certified (by this, the company keeps proper security in the personal data they process).

So, you can fully rely on IONOS.

In the same way, if you are running a sensitive country-specific website, you should try to host the website in your own country to ensure that the internal matters stay within the country.

Scalability and future growth

The data centers should be big enough for you to scale up. If the servers are running out of stock in that location, you need to think twice before buying it.

IONOS has more than 90,000 servers in operation and growing continuously.

Disaster recovery and redundancy

Security is the key to this data-dominated world. The data centers should be protected from disaster. IONOS data centers have amazing physical security such as fencing, fire protection, armed guards, protection from natural calamities, etc.


In conclusion, we can say server locations of IONOS lie in the United States, France, United Kingdom, and Germany. France is available only if you go with VPS.

For dedicated and cloud servers, you can also select South Germany (Baden) as your location.

If you want more location options, you can look for another alternative such as Kamatera.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is IONOS UK based?

No, IONOS is not a UK-based company. IONOS headquarters in Montabaur which makes it a German-based company.

Why is IONOS so cheap?

IONOS is cheap as there are small compromises such as worse IT infrastructure with more downtimes, slow support, and poor performance (more first-byte time).

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