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HostGator is a huge web hosting company providing super-fast yet affordable hosting packages. Of course, most of you might already know about this web host.

Let’s get directly to the point. If you are wondering about HostGator data center server locations, then you are at the right place. Data centers location is important for many reasons.

The two primary reasons why people check for the server location are for the speed and the second one is for privacy.

If your server location is in Utah and most of the visitors are from Brazil, your server will slow down. Instead, you will need to find the nearest location to increase the speed.

Now, we will see where are Hostgator servers located.

Overview of HostGator Server Locations

international web hosting hostgator

If you make a simple search about the location, you will find the following locations

  • Houston, Texas
  • Provo, Utah

However, that’s not completely true.

HostGator has various versions or we should say brands that operate under different extensions.

For example, they have a for Indian users. In the same way, there are many more versions for different countries.

The above-given server locations are only for the main website is However, if you are from any other country, you will be asked whether you want to register on the main website or you want to head over to the country website.

Now, the country version has a different server location as compared to the main one. Therefore, it’s not completely true that the above given are the server locations for all the HostGator accounts.

Where are HostGator Server Locations?

hostgator west locations

Before we start checking out the server location, we will first see a quick list of the websites that are managed by HostGator.

  • HostGator USA –
  • HostGator India –
  • HostGator Brazil –
  • HostGator Singapore –
  • HostGator China –
  • HostGator Russia –
  • HostGator Mexico –
  • HostGator Colombia –
  • HostGator Chile –
  • HostGator Africa –
  • HostGator Malaysia –
  • HostGator Indonesia –

We bet most of you didn’t even know about these many websites. Did you? Do let us know in the comment section.

Coming back to the point, the last three versions (Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia) are a part of Google’s Get Business Online Program.

hostgator east locations

Now, each of these versions has a different server location and works independently. In simpler words, you will need to create a separate account on each website. You can’t use the same account for all the websites. The support team and offices are also different.

So, the data server location is different for all the websites. We will see the details of each version.

HostGator USA

Of course, we already saw this website.

The main website is has data centers in two main places.

  • Houston in Texas
  • Provo in Utah

Other than this, there are some other data center locations that HostGator doesn’t want to reveal. However, the main data centers are in a given location.

hostgator usa

The ace data center is in Provo Utah and the Cyrusone data center is in Houston Texas. Unfortunately, HostGator doesn’t allow us to select the data center location. The offices and support staff are also from the same location.

They are PCI compliant servers with frequent upgrades to maintain the security of the server. You can try them out thanks to their trial offer.

HostGator India

The next popular website is HostGator India which can be accessed at

The server location is surely different from the above-given one.

HostGator India has an FPX datacenter in the following location:

  • Mumbai, India (Asia)

The office is in Mangalore, Karnataka. Mumbai server location is perfect for all Indian entrepreneurs and bloggers. The speed and security of the server are too good.

HostGator Brazil

For Brazilian customers, the primary language of the website is Portuguese accessible through Other than this, there are various other languages supported here.

The data center locations are as follows

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Provo, Utah

HostGator Brazil homepageBoth of these HostGator data centers are in the USA and not in Brazil. However, the speed is awesome and proper privacy is maintained concerning Brazilian customers and laws.

Not to worry about the support as their offices are in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo in Brazil. So, you will get support in the Portuguese language.

HostGator Singapore

The next server location is in Singapore. Singapore’s website data center is in India.

The website is and their data center server is located at:

  • Hong Kong

Hostgator SingaporeThe exact Softlayer data server location for the HostGator website of Singapore in India. The main office is in Singapore whereas the support staff is from Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

Just like most of the websites, HostGator has also combined data centers/offices when it comes to Singapore. Most hosting websites follow the same pattern. Sometimes, the Indian version of the website will have the data center in Singapore whereas sometimes, the reverse. Either way, the speed is not much affected and most people don’t even have an issue with that. The privacy and speed are great at both locations.

HostGator China

HostGator China operates completely differently than other HostGator.

The primary language is Chinese with the server location in:

  • Hong Kong

HostGator China HomepageHere, the privacy laws are very different from other websites. Further, if you have a customer base from China, you will have to register at HostGator China by going to

Due to the great firewall of China, websites hosted in other countries won’t be accessible to the people of China.

China blocks the entire server if one of the websites is not accessible in their country. Let’s say, there is one website that is hosted in Utah. If China wants to block that particular website, it will block the entire server. As a result, your website which is hosted on the same server will no longer be accessible to the people of China.

Therefore, if you have a customer base from China, you should surely go with this version. We don’t at all recommend you to go with any other variant in such a case. Moving on to the next, we have Russia.

HostGator Russia

Russian servers are also based in the United States.

If you plan to register at the Russian website at, you will have a server located in the United States. The server location is at

  • Austin, Texas, United States

Hostgator Russia HomepageThe primary language of the website is surely Russian. You can surely change the language if you want.

New customers are currently not accepted on this website. So, this is only for the people who are currently using this website. They might open the registrations in the future. As a result, you will see the following options (refer to image) when you open the website.

HostGator Mexico

The server location for is at

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Provo, Utah

HostGator Mexico HomepageBoth of the HostGator data centers are in the United States. The primary language of the website is Spanish.

HostGator Colombia

The people of Colombia will provide can access the website at and the primary language of the website are Spanish.

As you might have guessed, the primary location of these HostGator servers of this specific website is also in the USA.

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Provo, Utah

HostGator Colombian HomepageThese are the two locations where you will find HostGator’s data center.

You will also get support in the same language. So, don’t worry if you don’t know English properly, you can surely access the support in the Spanish language.

HostGator Chile

Chile’s version is very much similar to the above-given ones.

The server location is in the United States.

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Provo, Utah

HostGator Chile HomepageThe primary language of the website is Spanish. You will also get support in the same language. The website is accessible at

Google’s Get Business Online Program

The next three versions of HostGator are a part of a massive program launched by Google. We will surely discuss the server locations of the last three versions of HostGator that are for Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Before that, let’s have a quick overview of the program that they are part of.

Google’s Get Business Online or Get Your Business Online (GYBO) is a program launched by Google to increase the online presence of small businesses. There are various facilities you will get here. Google makes things extremely easier for those small businesses in this program.

You won’t find more details with the particular same search as Google refers to this program as “Small Business with Google”.  You can surely open to know about the program and how it works.

There are three brands of HostGator that work as a part of this program. We will now see the data center location of these versions.

Now, we will get back to our main topic which is the server locations of HostGator.

HostGator Africa

HostGator Africa supports the English language and the server location in Austin, Texas.

It has a Datafoundry Datacenter in Austin TX.

Hostgator africa homepageYou can access the website at The website isn’t allowing new registrations as of now. You will either have to wait or you can also use the USA version.

You can still log in to the website if you already have an account. However, if you don’t have an active account, you will have to find another version of the website.

HostGator Malaysia

The next version is on Datafoundry DC in Austin TX.

HostGator malaysia homepage

You can use the website at You can surely register a new account on this website. As it is a part of GYBO, you will get it at affordable pricing.

HostGator Indonesia

The last website which is a part of GYBO is HostGator Indonesia. The primary language is Indonesian which is the best thing for the users.

The Datafoundry data center is located in Austin TX.

Hostgator indonesia homepageYou can access the website at The Indonesian language is one of the best things you will get here.

Please note that this website is not working properly. The given image is from the main website ( The company might have closed the website or it might be simply under maintenance. Either way, this was a part of Google’s program.

You can still log in to the website. However, it won’t be possible to register a new account on the Indonesian website. You can either head over to the main website. Alternatively, India or Singapore versions of the website are also suitable. You can register in any of them.

Features of HostGator Data Center

A data center is where all your data is stored. If something happens to the data center, your entire data will be gone in no time. So, you need to ensure that there is proper security in the datacenter. Here are some of the features of HostGator’s datacenter.

  • PCI Compliance: HostGator data centers are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance. In simpler words, your credit card data are completely safe and no one can harm them.
  • Hippa Compliance: HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This is to maintain the proper health of the server.
  • Regular Upgrades: All the datacenters need regular updates. This will ensure that all the HostGator servers are working fine and in a good state. HostGator replaces the server’s data if there are any faults. Further, they also make sure that the migration process is simple and with almost no downtime.
  • Physical Safety: Like all the datacenters, HostGator has physical safety as well to save it from natural disasters.
  • Power Outrages: HostGator has made sure that all the data centers are in a place where there are no power outages. So, your website won’t go down. This is the main reason why they offer an uptime guarantee.
  • Datacenter selection: The datacenter selection is only available for some websites of HostGator and not all.
  • Cloudflare: Last but not the least, you can also integrate Cloudfare which will expand the datacenters to 23 locations globally. This will ensure the speed of the website.

Which is the Best Website to Register?

< Now that you know about all the data center locations, we will see which is the best website you can register at. We recommend you to choose the website which has a data center near your audience’s primary location.

So, if you have maximum visitors from the United States, you should choose the server that is in the United States. In this way, your website will load in no time.

Before you choose one of the websites, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of them.

  • Not all websites are allowing you to register. HostGator has closed the registrations for new users on many websites. So, you need to make sure that the website you are planning to register on is open for new users.
  • The reviews, pricing, and features are different for all the website versions. The same thing applies to speed and performance. For example, if you see that HostGator loading time is 0.2 seconds and the same thing might not be true for other websites.
  • Support language and emails are also different.
  • You will need a different account for each website. You can’t use the same account on every website.

Lastly, on some websites, they might give you a safety warning and not allow you to open the website. You can ignore it and open the website if you already have an account.

However, if you don’t have an account on that particular website, you can continue to which is the main website. This is because HostGator has closed the registrations for many websites (like we mentioned above).

How to Choose a Datacenter in HostGator?

You might be wondering if HostGator has these many datacenters, then how you can select one, right?

Well, it’s not possible for all the websites. However, you can surely choose the server location in some of HostGator’s international brands.

For example, if you visit India’s website at, you can choose the data center location. You can choose whether you want to go with an Indian server or you can also go with the US server if you want.

Hostgator choose data center india

The same applies to many other websites. For example, if you go to Singapore’s website, you can either choose the Singapore server or you can also go with the US location.

hostgator choose data center in singapore

The server selection depends on the version you are using. For example, if you go to the main website at, you will be given no option to choose the server. There is no way to switch the server if the option is not given in the pricing section.

Talking about price, the price will also change if you change the server. There is no specific answer to which is affordable. This depends on the country version you are using. Sometimes the local server is affordable whereas sometimes the server in the USA is more affordable. So, you can check it out yourself. It hardly takes a second to check the pricing.

However, if you are still not satisfied with this and want to change your server location, there is one way that you can use it. Let’s discuss it and see how you can change it.

An alternate way to Change the Server

Honestly, you can’t “change” your server but you can surely have one or more datacenter.

Well, you can use a CDN. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. There are various CDN providers out there. If you are looking for the best and free CDN, you can use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare CDNA CDN will store your website on different servers across the globe. Whenever someone visits your website, Cloudflare will serve the website from the nearest location possible. This will decrease the loading time of the website.

Not to mention, it will also improve the security and the overall performance of the website. therefore, even if you don’t want to change the location of your server, you can still use CDN. It will be beneficial for your website. Lastly, it is free and hardly takes 15 minutes to complete the setup.

HostGator has direct integration with Cloudflare. So, you can integrate it directly from the panel. You will have to create an account at Cloudflare, HostGator will guide you on this.

So, you can surely use Cloudflare as your CDN. In this way, your website will load faster and it will also increase the security of the website.

Does Data Center Location Matter?

Now, let’s have a look at the quick point before we sum up the article. If you are stressing about the data center too much then we highly recommend you not to do so. Datacenter surely affects the speed but they are not that big.

In simpler words, it might just make your website a fraction of seconds late which won’t be noticeable for most audiences.

However, we don’t want to take any chances of slowing down the website. So, we can use CDN as we mentioned earlier. A CDN will take care of the location and serve the website from the nearest place removing the distance barrier.

So, in the end, the data center location doesn’t matter when it comes to speed.

Talking about privacy, HostGator has strict laws when it comes to privacy. You can read the privacy policy on each website. This will give you a clear idea of privacy laws.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you ever need the help of the support team, it’s always better to make sure they communicate in the same language you do. So make sure to take this factor into consideration when you are about to signup through one of HostGator websites.

Final Words

To conclude, this was all about HostGator’s data center location. You will now have a clear idea about the location of the data center and its features. Further, we also saw that the data center location doesn’t play an important role if you are using a CDN.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to use CDN for your website. This will eradicate the problem of the server locations. Lastly, it is surely your choice which server you want.

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If you have any doubt regarding any of the things we discussed, feel free to comment below. We will try to answer each of them and resolve any doubts.

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