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If you are looking for WordPress hosting for high traffic, your focus would be on the three most important factors – performance, reliability, and price.

High website traffic has its unique challenges! You need a hosting service that guarantees high performance and better availability standards with high volumes of daily traffic on your website. After all, the last thing you’d want is your website to crash during peak traffic.

If you are looking for trusted high traffic WordPress hosting, your considerations would be a lot different than cheaper entry-level solutions. Reliability and performance takes a center stage here and price becomes less important.

9 Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers (2023)

For Agencies
From 25,000 ⇢ 3 Million+
Best Overall
From 45K ⇢ 400K
For Advanced Users
From 10K ⇢ 840K+
Traffic (per month)
Traffic (per month)
From 25,000 ⇢ 3 Million+
From 45K ⇢ 400K
From 10K ⇢ 840K+
Site Limits
Site Limits
From 1 ⇢ 150+
From 1 ⇢ 30+
No Limit
50GB (CDN)
50GB (CDN)
1 TB
Starting price
Starting price
From $30/month
From $25/month
From $10/month

Let’s begin with some of the best-managed WordPress hosting for high traffic that is high-rated, yet economical.

#1 WP Engine

wpengine monthly traffic
WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers, ensuring top-notch stability, security, and speed that you need to start & grow your website. Advanced caching for faster website speed, built-in CDN service, performance monitoring, and AWS cloud infrastructure are some great features to power your high-traffic WordPress website.

Some of the popular high-traffic WordPress websites hosted at WP Engine are Jobvite, Under Armour, and AMD Developer Central.

Key Features

  • Server-level caching powered by Memcached and Varnish.
  • Free CDN service for reduced server load and faster load times globally.
  • 95% uptime guarantee.
  • NGINX server stack.
  • AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • Dedicated, high-availability architecture that allows you to scale the resources as your website grows.
  • Dedicated Page Performance tool and continuous performance monitoring through Ne Relic to identify bottlenecks when a page loads.


WP Engine has four Managed WordPress hosting plans in addition to one Custom Dedicated Hosting plan. Pricing is mentioned herewith:

  • Startup – $25/month; supports 25,000 unique monthly visits.
  • Professional – $49/ month; supports 75,000 unique monthly visits.
  • Growth – $95/ month; supports 100,000 unique monthly visits.
  • Scale – $241/ month; supports 400,000 unique monthly visits.

#2 Cloudways

cloudways start free
Cloudways is another popular WordPress hosting service, designed for high-traffic sites. It offers performance-based WordPress solutions, while you can seamlessly scale your website as it grows. Choose your preferred web hosting from any IaaS provider to achieve high security, constant availability, and maximum performance.

Key Features

  • SSD-powered hosting to offer maximum reliability and speed, while meeting your growing website needs.
  • Built-in cache mechanism, including Redis, Varnish, and Memcached that helps to improve the speed of your WordPress websites.
  • NGINX and Apache web servers, combined with MariaDB/MySQL and PHP-FPM databases for improved performance.
  • CloudwaysCDN helps improve response times and reduce latency when serving high-traffic WordPress websites.
  • In-house Breeze cache plugin for better performance.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers for guaranteed uptime and performance even during sudden traffic surges.


Cloudways has an array of managed hosting plans available under their free trial offer:

  • DO1GB – Free trial; Up to 25 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth.
  • DO2GB – Free trial; Up to 50 GB storage and 2 TB bandwidth.
  • DO4GB – Free trial; Up to 80 GB storage and 4 TB bandwidth.

#3 Kinsta

kinsta monthly visits
Kinsta is one of the most widely used managed WordPress hosting providers that use cutting-edge infrastructure, powered by Google Cloud Platform.

The fully-managed hosting is reckoned for its performance-focused architecture, designed for high-traffic WordPress sites and blogs. It also offers a wide array of features like automatic daily backup, easy staging, and ultimate speed.

Kinsta managed WordPress hosting premium plans can support more than 3 million website visits.

Key Features

  • Equipped with Kinsta CDN, powered by Cloudflare, which helps speed up delivery of your website images, CSS, JS, etc.
  • Based on the Google Cloud Platform and leverages premium tier network to ensure secure and fast transport of data.
  • LXD containers, Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP 8.0 on Google Cloud Platform for lightning-fast speed.
  • Automatic scaling depending on website requirements. As your website grows, you can get optional add-ons like external backup, extra backup, disk space add-on, or Nginx reverse proxies.
  • Even if your website utilizes the complete disk space, CDN or visits, it will still be online. All you need is to pay a nominal overage cost.


Kinsta provides the following plans under managed WordPress hosting:

  • Starter – $30/month; supports 25,000 monthly visitors.
  • Pro – $60/ month; supports 50,000 monthly visitors.
  • Business 1 – $100/ month; supports 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • Business 2 – $200/ month; supports 250,000 monthly visitors.
  • Business 3 – $300/ month; supports 400,000 monthly visitors.
  • Business 4 – $400/ month; supports 600,000 monthly visitors.
  • Enterprise 1 – $600/ month; supports 1,000,000 monthly visitors.
  • Enterprise 2 – $900/ month; supports 1,500,000 monthly visitors.
  • Enterprise 3 – $1,200/ month; supports 1,500,000 monthly visitors.
  • Enterprise 4 – $1,500/ month; supports 3,000,000 monthly visitors.

#4 SiteGround

siteground visits monthly

SiteGround is one of the best-known WordPress hosting solutions, widely popular for its budget-friendly plans and a wide range of advanced features like automatic updates, server-level caching, and staging. The low-priced packages support high-traffic WordPress websites and blogs to a certain point.

The top-tier GoGeek Plan supports ~100,000 monthly visits, while you can also go above that using SiteGround’s smart optimization/caching feature.

However, for high-traffic websites, we would recommend the cloud hosting plans offered by SiteGround that offer managed (and dedicated) resources. If their cloud pricing plan is more than your budget, then rest assured, there are cheaper cloud options out there.

Key Features

  • Supports up to ~100,000 monthly visits.
  • SuperCacher technology, combined with built-in NGINX-based dynamic and static cache.
  • The WordPress hosting platform is based on Google Cloud and comprises of free optimizer plugin (SG Optimizer) and free CDN for image and front-end optimization, this ensures the best website performance.
  • Powerful caching and PHP version control.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • The highest tier of server resources provided with GoGeek plan, including higher process execution time, more CPU seconds, more processes & simultaneous connections.
  • Automated WordPress installation along with ‘WordPress Starter’ for creating a functional WordPress website quickly.
  • Free SiteGround migration plugin for WordPress transfer.
  • Automatic updates for WordPress applications and plugins along with pre-installed SiteGround security plugin.
  • WordPress hosting is backed by the Google Cloud Platform that provides a free CDN and free SG Optimizer plugin for powerful caching and faster speed.


SiteGround shared hosting offers three plans:

  • StartUp – $4.99/month; supports ~10,000 visits monthly.
  • GrowBig – $7.99/month; supports ~25,000 visits monthly.
  • GoGeek – $14.99/month; supports ~100,000 visits monthly.

#5 Nexcess

nexcess traffic limits

Nexcess is designed to manage mission-critical high traffic sites, trusted by thousands of customers, including top-notch brands like Xerox, FedEx, ESPN, GM, and Fila. Their fully-managed WordPress hosting is optimized for more scalable and secure high-traffic sites.

It provides image compression, advanced caching, and many other features for high-traffic sites.

Key Features

  • No metered page views or traffic limits. Additionally, there are no overage fees if your traffic increases.
  • Built-in CDN and advanced caching that ensure your website loads ultra-fast.
  • Image compression helps minimize browser load times even during traffic surges.
  • Intuitive auto-scaling to support traffic spikes.
  • Manage up to 250 websites with iThemes. Seamlessly update multiple WordPress websites easily.


Nexcess has 7 unique managed WordPress hosting plans available at a budget-friendly price:

  • Spark – $9.50/month; supports unlimited traffic.
  • Maker – $39.50/ month; supports unlimited traffic.
  • Designer – $54.50/ month; supports unlimited traffic.
  • Builder – $74.50/ month; supports unlimited traffic.
  • Producer – $149.50/ month; supports unlimited traffic.
  • Executive – $274.50/ month; supports unlimited traffic.
  • Enterprise – $499.50/ month; supports unlimited traffic.

Best Scalable Managed WordPress Hosting

For sites that require hosting for high traffic surges, here are some of the best scalable managed hosting solutions.

These high traffic WordPress hosting plans can help you handle an increased workload, ranging from anything like the influx of traffic, a bulk volume of simultaneous transactions, or activities that push your website beyond its capacity.

#6 Pressidium

pressidium visits per month
For tech startups, large digital agencies, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and media outlets that constantly need to scale their business, Pressidium is one of the best wordpress hosting providers. It has a fully scalable and highly available architecture for improved performance and security. Pressidium supports up to 1 million unique visits per month.

From enterprise high availability to HTTP/2 powered CDN, load-balanced server clusters, and automatic scalability, their shared hosting is designed with high-traffic sites in mind.

Key Features

  • Supports millions of monthly visits.
  • Dedicated server cluster, which is powered by highly available and fully scalable load-balanced architecture.
  • Automatic scalability ensures that your website continues to perform uninterrupted even during a sudden increase in traffic.
  • They do not charge an overage fee for unexpected traffic surges.
  • You can upgrade to a suitable plan anytime to prevent your website from exceeding the limitations.
  • Dynamic load balancing and multi-layer adaptive caching to meet your high traffic WordPress needs.


Pressidium package pricing and supported monthly visits are mentioned below:

  • Personal – $42/month; supports 30,000 unique website visits.
  • Professional – $125/ month; supports 100,000 unique website visits.
  • Business – $250/ month; supports 500,000 unique website visits.
  • Business Plus – $500/ month; supports 1,000,000 unique website visits.
  • Enterprise Plans – $790/ month; supports millions of unique monthly website visits.

#7 Pressable

pressable monthly visitors
When it comes to high traffic WordPress hosting, Pressable does not follow the one-size-fits-all concept. As your business scales and website visits grow, Pressable offers customized hosting plans that suit your needs. Its Premium plan is feature-rich and scalable, ideal for MSPs, agencies, and other high-traffic sites. The plan supports up to 400,000 unique monthly visits.

Key Features

  • A global CDN, automatic failover, redundant data centers ensure your high-traffic WordPress website has 99.99% guaranteed uptime and enterprise-level speed.
  • Customized plans that scale as your website visits or storage needs increase.
  • Optional plan upgrade available at a nominal overage fee. It encompasses 100K visitor increments, extra storage, additional installs, and on-demand support with a dedicated Slack channel.


Pressable managed hosting package pricing:

  • Personal – $25/month; supports 30,000 unique monthly visits.
  • Starter – $45/ month; supports 50,000 unique monthly visits.
  • Pro – $90/ month; supports 150,000 unique monthly visits.
  • Premium – $155/ month; supports 400,000 unique monthly visits.

#8 GetFlyWheel

getflywheel monthly traffic
If you are looking for high-traffic managed WordPress hosting with a free trial, then Flywheel is a reliable solution. The hosting provider ensures high-end security, reliability, and fast loading times while giving you the tools to meet the needs of your growing website. GetFlyWheel offers a 14-day free trial; you can pay when your website goes live. You can setup a demo website on FlyWheel, once your website is ready to go live, you can either pay or you can transfer the billing and the website ownership to your client.

Key Features

  • Managed WordPress hosting powered by FlyCache, designed for ultra-fast loading speed. It works in combination with CDN to improve performance and decrease load times.
  • CDN backed by Fastly, to speed up page loading time.
  • Auto healing technology that allows your WordPress site to heal itself in case of service failure at the face of increased traffic.
  • Personalized hosting plans to meet your growing traffic needs.
  • As your website grows, you can get more add-ons.


Flywheel has 4 managed hosting plans along with a custom plan that meets your unique website needs.

You have to pay once and you get 2 months of free hosting for the following plans:

  • Tiny – $13/month; supports 5,000 monthly visits.
  • Starter – $25/ month; supports 25,000 monthly visits.
  • Freelance – $96/ month; supports 100,000 monthly visits.
  • Agency – $242/ month; supports 400,000 monthly visits.

#9 Convesio

convesio managed hosting free trial
Convesio provides enterprise-grade high traffic WordPress hosting for businesses, e-commerce websites, and agencies. All the plans are optimized for high-traffic sites and allow scaling under traffic load as well. Load balanced, cache bypass, faster response & turnaround times, and built-in caching ensure you can meet your traffic spike needs efficiently.

Except for their custom hosting plan, all other plans are available for a free trial of 30 days.

Key Features

  • Designed for high-traffic websites that require constant speed and performance under traffic load.
  • Load balanced with the distributed cache.
  • Tiered caching and Edge image resizing ensure faster website loading even during peak traffic times.


The following Convesio plans are available with a free trial:

convesio high monthly traffic

  • Foundation – $50/month; supports 10,000 monthly visits.
  • Growth – $100/ month; supports 50,000 monthly visits.
  • Performance – $150/ month; supports 150,000 monthly visits.

Can WordPress Handle Heavy Traffic?

Yes, WordPress can efficiently handle high traffic sites. It has no limits in terms of the website traffic it supports.

However, it all depends on the web hosting and on-site performance optimization measures that help determine the ability of your website to withstand heavy traffic.

Best Hosting for 50,000 Visitors/day on WordPress site?

Among all the managed high traffic WordPress hosting plans discussed above, WPengine is our top choice to meet high traffic sites demands. It is feature-rich and well-balanced, with every aspect that can help efficiently handle a high traffic site.

One of the best aspects of Kinsta WordPress hosting plans is that it is suitable for small and large organizations and has perfect hosting options that suit many. The Kinsta hosting platform is designed to keep beginners in mind and it is extremely user-friendly.

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