4 Cheap High RAM VPS

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Choosing the best Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your website is important to ensure its smooth functioning. Though shared hosting is the cheapest solution for beginners, moving to a VPS is a more viable option when your website grows.

If you need a lot of memory space for your website content at an affordable price, you have come to the right place. This article is a roundup review of the cheapest VPS hosting providers that offer high RAM.

5 Cheap High RAM VPS in (2023)

The following list of the cheapest virtual server providers will introduce you to the hosts. It will also make you aware of the RAM offered by them and the VPS plans they have to offer. You will also know the price range of these VPS plans here:

1. Contabo

vps contabo pricing
Contabo is a German host providing high-quality hosting services globally since 2003. The host is known for offering some of the cheapest plans with plenty of features.

You will receive fully-independent VPS with Gen 4 NVMe drives that deliver super-fast performance. The host also provides you an option to choose SSD storage in case you do not need NVMe storage.

When choosing SSD storage, you will receive more space with Contabo VPS plans to save your website data. Still, if you cannot decide between these two storage options or need both for any reason, Contabo offers an add-on for NVMe storage expansion.

The host offers 4 VPS plans, namely, VPS S, VPS M, VPS L, and VPS XL. These plans offer:

  • RAM ranges between 8 GB and 60 GB.
  • Cores ranging within 4 vCPU cores and 10 vCPU cores.
  • Storage that ranges between 50 GB NVMe and 400 GB NVMe or when choosing SSD storage, the range lies between 200 GB SSD and 1.6 TB SSD.
  • The bandwidth of 32 TB outgoing and unlimited incoming traffic.
  • Prices range between $8.49 per month and $40.49 per month.

Additionally, Contabo also offers storage-optimized VPS plans for those having high storage needs. There are currently 3 such plans with SSD storage and offer:

  • RAM ranges between 4 GB and 20 GB.
  • Cores range between 2 vCPU cores and 6 vCPU cores.
  • Storage that ranges between 300 GB SSD and 1.4 TB SSD.
  • The bandwidth of 32 TB outgoing and unlimited incoming traffic.
  • Prices range between $5.99 per month and $16.99 per month.

2. Time4VPS

time4vps vps hosting
Time4VPS is a European hosting provider offering both Linux and Windows VPS hosting plans since 2003. Their VPS plans are extremely affordable with a range of features on offer.

The host uses enterprise-class components and server hardware. Your data is stored using RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) technology that increases its safety. No matter what happens to your data, Time4VPS can offer you a backup and keep your server running.

To offer you a high-performing website, Time4VPS uses Gen 10 HP ProLiant DL360 server and Intel Xeon Gold 6132, multi-core processors. Each node contains 768 GB of RAM and receives a dedicated network connection of 4 Gbps.

You will receive Error Correction Code (ECC) RAM with Time4VPS which is much more powerful and reliable than non-ECC RAM. The host offers 8 VPS plans with:

  • DDR4-2666 ECC REG RAM ranging between 2 GB and 64 GB.
  • Cores range within 1 X 2.6 GHz CPU cores and 16 X 2.6 GHz CPU cores.
  • Storage ranges between 20 GB SSD and 640 GB SSD.
  • Bandwidth between 4 TB and 128 TB.
  • Prices range between $2.25 (€1.99) per month and $145.68 (€128.99) per month.

3. AlphaVPS

alphavps kvm vps in europe
AlphaVPS is a European hosting provider that started offering reliable and affordable VPS infrastructure in 2013. Since then the company has grown its customer base in over 100 countries. It specializes in providing high-resource servers at cheap prices.

The host uses RAID 10 SSD arrays to offer data security at all times. To ensure consistently high performance for your website even with your most demanding projects, AlphaVPS utilizes Intel Xeon CPUs and ECC RAM.

The host offers 8 VPS plans with:

  • RAM ranges between 2 GB ECC and 16 GB ECC.
  • Cores range between 2 vCPU cores and 8 vCPU cores.
  • Storage ranges between 15 GB SSD and 120 GB SSD.
  • Bandwidth between 1 TB and 4 TB.
  • Prices range between $5.66 (€5) per month and $45.25 (€40) per month.

4. VPSDime

vpsdime cheap vps
VPSDime has been offering reliable VPS services at cheap prices since 2013. You will receive Error Correction Code (ECC) RAM with VPSDime which is much more powerful and reliable than non-ECC RAM.

The host uses Intel Xeon E5 CPUs and enterprise-grade, powerful Solid State Drives (SSDs) that perform extremely well for I/O-intensive websites and applications. Your storage remains all yours and is never shared.

VPSDime does not oversell its servers and carries out consistent performance at all times.

The host offers 7 Linux VPS plans with 4 CPU cores. These VPS plans come with:

  • RAM ranges between 6 GB ECC and 72 GB ECC.
  • Storage ranges between 30 GB SSD and 360 GB SSD.
  • Bandwidth between 2 TB and 24 TB.
  • Prices range between $7 per month and $84 per month.

5. Hetzner (For Europeans)

hetzner cloud hosting

If you are looking for easy scalability using a load balancer, Hetzner is a great choice to go with. They use a premium network which is ideal for running Kubernetes. You will get complete data protection and security protection from DDoS. They have a powerful API using which you can use all the features. It’s great for the development environment as the server is easy to scale.
One of the best things about Hetzner is that there is no minimum contract required.

If you want the self-managed VPS for less than a month, you pay on an hourly basis. Also, there are many plans from which you can select your preferred one. You will get three data centers including one in the US and Europe. You will get amazing support here. If you want better performance, you can also go with a dedicated CPU. You can choose from Intel or AMD processor. Along with this, there is enough volume block available. So, you can also add the SSD as per your wish.

Rounding Up

The above roundup review of the cheapest VPS hosting providers offering high RAM will help you choose the best host for your server needs. The cheapest VPS host from the above list is Time4VPS with its starting VPS plan price of just $2.25 (€1.99) per month.

On the other hand, the highest RAM is offered by VPSDime at 72 GB. All these 4 VPS hosting providers are fully reliable and have the experience to handle your VPS server needs efficiently. So you can choose one from them based on the features you are looking for in a virtual server.

Do you know any other cheap VPS hosting provider offering high RAM?

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