How To Turn Off Auto Renew on GoDaddy? (Guide)

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Auto renew might sound like the best option for few people but for most people, it is a nightmare. In the case of hosting and domain, nobody wants to auto-renew them. If you are the one who has kept the auto-renewal option on, you need to read this article.

At first, we will go through the top reasons why you shouldn’t keep the auto-renewal option on, and thereafter, we will see the exact step by step guide to turning it off with ease.

Please note that Godaddy keeps the auto-renewal option turned on by default which is the most important thing you need to know. So, even if you have not turned it on manually, you will have to read this article and turn it off manually.

Let’s begin the guide.

Why you should turn off auto-renewal on Godaddy?

Like we mentioned, they have turned on the auto-renewal option by default. Most people don’t like to automate this. That’s the first reason why you need to turn it off.

Other than this, you should surely turn it off in Godaddy’s account. Godaddy has a very negative outlook in the market due to the high renewal price. In many cases, you will not even know the renewal rate of the domain name. Due to the attractive initial price, you might have bought the domain but the renewal pricing will be a lot more than you expected.

This is why people hate Godaddy. Even if you know about the pricing, the cost is way more than the initial price. Even if you compare it with the market price, you will find Godaddy’s price is high as compared to others. This will give you another reason why you shouldn’t keep your domains in auto-renewal.

Some might argue saying that they can keep the hosting package on auto-renewal. However, we won’t suggest you do so. There are many affordable and better hosting out there where you can migrate your website to. Even though, it depends on you. If you like the hosting and you don’t have an issue with the expensive renewal fee, you can surely keep the auto-renewal turned on.

How to Turn Off Auto renew in Godaddy Products?

We will now begin the actual tutorial where we will see how you can turn off the auto-renewal.

The procedure to stop the auto-renewal process is different for the domain names. You will have to take one extra step for the same. Don’t worry, we will see that too.

The extra step is to cancel the privacy protection or ownership protection from your domain name. While registering the domain name, if you have set up the whois protection, you will need to turn it off. That’s the only way you can cancel the renewal.

Once you turn it off, you will be able to cancel the domain name too.

Turning Ownership Protection Off

We will here see the steps to turn off the ownership protection.

At first, you will have to head over to the products and services. On the right side, you will see your profile icon, you will need to click on it and it will show a drop-down menu. In the drop-down, you will see an option called “My Products”. You can click on it and it will take you to the new page of products and services.

In the products and services, you will need to click on the domain name where you want to disable the ownership protection. Right next to the domain name, you will find an option called “Manage”. After clicking on the manage button, you will see all the information about the domain name.

click manage domains products services godaddy

Just scroll down a little and you will find the option of privacy protection. You will also see the button to turn it off. The section is called “Privacy Settings” and you will find the option where you can turn it off directly with one click.

click turn privacy protection off godaddy

After clicking on “Turn off”, they might ask you for further confirmation where you can just confirm the settings and you are good to go. With this, you have successfully turned off the ownership protection.

Now, our goal is to stop the auto-renewal option.

Head over to Renewal and Billing Section

Of course, if you want to stop the auto-renewal, you will need to head over to the billing and renewal section. Most people already know where the option is, if not, you can follow the below method and you will get to the place.

You can simply click on the profile icon. When you click on it, it will open a drop-down from where you will see a couple of options. If you still can’t find it, it’s in the top right corner.

click godaddy renewals and billing

In the menu, you will see the billing and renewal option. Just click on it and you will be taken to the new page of billing.

Turn off the Auto-Renewal

You have almost reached your destination. From the billing page, you can turn off the auto-renewal option.

Select the domain name or the product where you want to stop the auto-renewal process. When you select it, you will see the option to “Cancel Auto-renewal” on the top.

godaddy disable auto renewal

When you click on the cancel renewal option, you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked for confirmation.

On the next page, Godaddy will tell you that it’s totally fine if you want to stop the auto-renewal. After reading the small notice, you can click on the “cancel renewal” button and you are all done.

In some cases, they will send you an email with the confirmation of the same. Whereas in most cases, it will be automatically turned off. You will surely get a confirmation email about the same.

godaddy cancel auto renewal

The “Remind me later” is the option you can select if you don’t want to cancel the auto-renewal now. In that case, you can surely click on the Remind Me Later button and they will send you a notification when the domain or the product is about to expire.

Stopping Auto-renewal in Multiple Products at Once

Many people have got the idea when we said that you will have to check the product box and then you can stop the auto-renewal.

We just told you to select one domain or product where you want to stop the auto-renewal but you can surely select multiple ones. If you have a huge list of domain names, it’s always good to stop the renewal at once.

There is no advantage in stopping all of them one by one. Instead, you can simply select all the domains and the products that you want to renew, and then you can select “Cancel auto-renewal”. This will do the work and Godaddy will stop the auto-renewal.

Stop Auto-renewal Without Turning off the Ownership Protection

When we said that you need to turn off the privacy protection, many people might not have liked it. If the domain renewal is not near, nobody would want to disable the privacy protection, right?

Well, we can surely understand you and that’s why we are here with the small method that you can use.

At first, you can try to stop the auto-renewal without downgrading the privacy protection. Godaddy allows you to cancel the auto-renewal without downgrading the privacy protection. However, this only applies to certain countries and certain payment methods.

godaddy renewal cancellation confirmation

You will have to verify your identity in that case. It will send you an SMS or an email with a pin. You will have to confirm the pin to disable the auto-renewal. You can surely try it instead of researching more about it. It hardly takes a minute to check it all yourself. Therefore, you can surely try it.

If it doesn’t work for your country, you can surely wait till the time of the renewal. This brings us to the next topic.

Right Time to Cancel the Auto-renewal of Domain Name

Most people don’t want to pause the ownership protection. In that case, we already discussed one option that you can try. However, if you don’t want to try that option, we also have another option for you.

Here, you can simply stop the auto-renewal when the renewal date is near. When you click on the Renewals and Billing Page, you will see that the date of auto-renewal is also mentioned. You will have to stop the auto-renewal before that particular date. It’s as simple as that.

You can surely set a reminder for yourself. Godaddy will also send you a reminder with this. So, you don’t need to worry. However, if you are still not sure about this. You can start the process of auto-renewal. When you reach the last stage where you will have to confirm the changes, you can simply hit the “Remind Me Later” option. With this, Godaddy will remind you about the auto-renewal a few days before the actual date. You can then turn off the auto-renewal and you are all set.

Even if you have to turn off the ownership protection at that time, it’s completely alright. As you only have few days left, it’s alright to turn it off. If you are planning to transfer it out, you can directly transfer the domain after you have stopped the auto-renewal.

Not yet Satisfied? Need More Assurance?

Now, there will be many people who are not yet satisfied by just turning off the auto-renewal. If you have had a bad experience where the money was deducted from your account, here is how you can get the assurance of the same.

The first way is to double-check the details that we have just sent. If you go to the Renewals and Billing page, you will see all the domains and products. Now, you will just have to verify that all the domains and products don’t have the auto-renewal turned on.

click godaddy account settings renewals billingThe second way is where you can directly remove the payment method. If you no longer have the card saved in the system, they won’t be able to charge you. This is surely not needed. However, if you want extra assurance, you can surely do it.

Just head over to the Payments page and you will see an option to delete or update your payment method. You can simply remove all the payment methods from there and you are completely safe.

NOTE: If you ever contact Godaddy’s customer support for the purpose of canceling, they tend to offer discounts on their renewal fees to lure their clients to stay. Don’t let that tempt you into moving to a better hosting provider.

What Next?

So, you have stopped the auto-renewal of your domain and hosting, what next? This is always a problem for many people.

There might be many reasons for the same. Some people might be stopping the auto-renewal because they don’t want the money to be deducted from the account directly. Whereas most of the people are tired of the high renewal rates of Godaddy.

In that case, you can surely migrate your hosting to somewhere else. The question is “where”?

You can always go with Bluehost. It’s one of the most affordable options you can go with. They provide the best features to host your website.

And unlike Godaddy that charges you extra with their features, well with Bluehost you get to have a free domain name & Free SSL certificate when you sign up with them.

Final Words

To conclude, this is how you can easily cancel the auto-renewal of the Godaddy products. If you find any problem while following the steps, you can comment below and we will help you with this. You can also contact Godaddy’s customer support for more help.


Does Godaddy automatically renew?

Yes, Godaddy has an auto-renewal option turned on by default. So, they will automatically renew your product. You can surely turn it off.

Can I get Godaddy auto-renew refund?

Yes, you can surely get the refund if you requested within few days. The number of days depends on the product. Typically, you can get the refund if you ask within 45 days (for a .com domain name auto-renewed for one year). There are some exceptions where you will ask for a refund within 3 days.

How much is it to renew a domain on Godaddy?

The renewal price is high and depends on the domain name. A .com domain will cost you $17.99 for renewal, and sometimes more depending on Godaddy’s value assessment for your domain name.

How do I cancel my subscription to Godaddy?

You can cancel your subscription by heading over to the Renewals and Billing Section. You will find all the options there.

What happens if I don’t renew my domain Godaddy?

If you don’t renew your domain on Godaddy, it will go on the grace period. You will still have a chance to renew it at a standard rate. However, the domain will be parked and won’t show your website.

What happens if I delete my domain GoDaddy?

If you delete your domain, you won’t be able to access it and it will be deleted from your account forever.

Can I delete my Godaddy account?

You can go to the account settings and delete your account from there. There will be an option to close your account. How to turn off auto-renew for SSL?

How to turn off auto-renew for SSL?

You can easily turn off the auto-renewal of SSL by going to the Renewals and Billing section.

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  1. Great advice! I plan to move my domains and website hosting to Bluehost because not only is GoDaddy expensive, but whenever I cancel “auto-renewal” for a free one-month trial for website builder and hosting, it WILL then show it expires on a certain date without auto-renewal. But then the next month, it shows another auto-renewal of a free one-month trial of website builder/hosting coming up for that SAME domain and I have to cancel auto-renew again. Now, I check GoDaddy every few weeks to cancel any new “Auto-renews” that pop up. Either their system has a glitch that keeps doing this, or it is deliberate to rip off consumers who don’t check what they’re being charged for!


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