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CouchDB is an open-source NoSQL database usually used for huge projects. Due to its scalability and ability to store the data in JSON, it is used in many applications where resource usage is high. There are many benefits of using CouchDB which we will discuss later in this guide.

Let’s come to the hosting part now. You will need reliable hosting that is capable to handle CouchDB. Unlike other databases, here you can’t simply choose any hosting. You will need to find the best one that has special permissions and can manage the load as well. If you are planning to host CouchDB, you surely might have technical knowledge.

So, you can choose the server that will also allow you to host other apps and websites with it. We will see some of the best CouchDB hosting providers as well as we will see the managed CouchDB web hosting services.

5 Best CouchDB hosting providers

Best Overall
Best Support
A2Hosting (Runaway 1 plan)
Best Performance
LiquidWeb (1st Linux plan)
Hosting plans
Hosting plans
A2Hosting (Runaway 1 plan)
LiquidWeb (1st Linux plan)
1 vCPU (2.66 Ghz) ⇢ 32 vCPU
1 core ⇢ 8 cores
2 vCPU Cores ⇢ 8 vCPU Cores
RAM (Memory)
RAM (Memory)
1 GB ⇢ 13 GB
1 GB ⇢ 32 GB
2 GB ⇢ 16 GB
Disk space (SSD)
Disk space (SSD)
20 GB ⇢ 4 TB
150 GB (SSD) ⇢ 450 GB (NVMe)
40 GB ⇢ 200 GB
Starting Price
Starting Price

#1 Kamatera (Editor’s choice)

Kamatera is the best cloud provider you can choose as CouchDB cloud hosting. It’s easier to scale up your server with this. You can select the configuration and you will get the pricing of the server. People prefer the cloud because it will give you the best performance and you can easily scale up and scale down if the cost is high.

kamatera free trial vps

Here, the TCO is low. TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership. The support team here is incredible. You will get a powerful backup system. So, you don’t need to worry about your CouchDB data going anywhere. All the data will be safe on the server.

The thing that we like about Kamatera is that there is no need to maintain the hardware. The configurations are automatic. You can add extra addons such as load balancer, firewall, etc.

Features of Kamatera

  • 95% uptime
  • There is no need to worry about the hardware here.
  • The total cost of ownership is less.
  • Full control over the server. You can add, remove, or restart the server anytime you want.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • 14 Global data centers.
  • Easy and fast to set up the server.
NOTE: Kamatera offers a free trial of 30 days. So, this provider can be a great free CouchDB hosting during this 1-month period.
kamatera trustpilot reviews
kamatera user reviews at trustpilot

#2 A2Hosting

How can we forget one of our favorite hosting services? If you want to go with VPS, you can always choose A2Hosting.

a2hosting couchdb

There are managed and unmanaged VPS servers available here. You can choose anyone you want. However, here we are going to talk about unmanaged VPS as this is the best-recommended hosting pack for your CouchDB app. Before we learn more about it, you need to understand that you need a bit of technical knowledge here.

On the positive side, it will cost you less. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable CouchDB hosting, here is the choice for you. A2 is known for its speed and reliable support. You can expect high-performing servers with up to 20x speed.

It also has a great uptime of 99.9% which is yet another good thing. All of their plans are scalable which gives you the upper hand. You can always scale up the server whenever you want. You will also get root access here. Therefore, you are in proper control of the entire server.

Features of A2Hosting

  • 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Easy to manage and full root access.
  • The server speed is super-fast and the servers will perform 20x faster.
  • Easy to install and deploy tools. So, the CouchDB installation part will be easier.
  • 24/7 support with knowledgeable staff.
  • Backup system for regular backups.

#3 Liquidweb VPS

liquidweb premium vm server

Yet another great VPS that you should try out is LiquidWeb VPS. It’s premium hosting where you have your private server. Liquidweb claims to be faster than AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Rackspace. Therefore, you surely don’t need to worry about the speed when it comes to Liquidweb.

Here, the plan we are talking about is the VPS. You will get the managed VPS here with 100% uptime. The support is great here. You can contact them anytime you want and one of their executives will be there to answer your question.

liquidweb vps features

No doubt, if you compare the price with Dreamhost, it’s expensive but if you compare the features, Liquidweb has better features and will give you more performance for your CouchDB app.

Features of LiquidWeb

  • 24/7 support
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Security is great
  • Unlimited websites.
  • They have a high-speed server with gigabit bandwidth.
  • Even though it’s a VPS, here the scalability is great.
  • Interworx, Plesk, and cPanel available for management,

#4 Digital Ocean

without a doubt, one of the best hostings that you can go with is the Digital Ocean. The reason why we are suggesting you go with Digital Ocean is because of the developer-friendly servers. All the servers are configured very well and it is very easy for the developers to host their apps in the hosting.

It takes hardly a minute to set up a virtual machine of your choice. You can choose from various configurations and then install CouchDB to start using it. The pricing is affordable even for the beginner. If you are planning to deploy a huge app, you can surely choose a better configuration.

digital ocean free trial vps

Features of DigitalOcean

  • Easy to deploy servers. You can set up the server within a few seconds.
  • Developer-friendly cloud.
  • 99% uptime SLA with high-performing servers.
  • Global data centers and KVM Support.
  • Various OS and configuration options to choose from.

#5 Dreamhost VPS

Now, we will talk about the VPS, also known as (Virtual Private Server). This will cost you a bit less compared to the cloud. If you are new to CouchDB hosting and want to deploy the app, you can use Dreamhost VPS. VPS is easier to manage as compared to the cloud. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to the deployment of the app and managing it.

You will get the best resources. Here, the technical knowledge required is very little. So, it will be easier for you to deploy the CouchDB app and push it live. However, the scalability is limited and so are the resources. Therefore, you will have to keep this in mind. Above all this, it will cost you less.

dreamhost vps plans

Features of DreamHost

  • Managed server – performance, security, as well as updates.
  • You will get the complete unhindered performance and resources.
  • Bandwidth and traffic are unlimited.
  • Affordable price.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • You are in total control.

Hosting Requirements

couchdb get database list web interface

We will now talk about the most important thing that you need to consider when you are planning to host CouchDB. We will talk about hosting requirements over here. These are some of the things that you will need to see when choosing a hosting.

1. High Performance

High performing server is one of the most important things to look for. By high performing, we mean to say that the server should have good resources that you can use. You can go with VPS or a cloud server here.

These are usually full of resources and will give you the best performance. Therefore, you can surely go with either VPS or you can opt for cloud hosting.

2. Knowledgeable Support

Here, you don’t need to find the hosting provider with “great” support. Instead, you will have to find a hosting provider that can provide you with knowledgeable support. The staff must have the technical knowledge to help you out in case of any problems. Usually, the problems with the CouchDB server can only be solved by the technical team.

3. Reliable Uptime

This goes without saying. You will have to find a hosting provider that has great uptime. You can look for an uptime guarantee here if you want. Most of the hosting providers will give you details about the uptime and speed. You can also test the speed if you want.

4. Backup System

Backups are crucial if you are looking for the best CouchDB hosting. This will surely help you. You always have peace of mind if you are taking regular backups on the cloud. That’s the reason why some of the cloud hosting services provide extra storage for the cloud. So, you can also look for this feature.

What are the Benefits of using CouchDB for my app?

Now, we will talk about some of the benefits you will get here. If you are new, you surely might be wondering “why should I use CouchDB for my app”, right?

couchdb list of features and advantages

Here are the benefits of using it.

  • The indexing is easy. This also means that you can easily retrieve the data when you want. Overall, this will help you in getting the response to any query much faster.
  • It works with JSON. In simpler words, the document format here is based on JSON. Therefore, you can easily translate it to any other language you want.
  • If you want to replicate the database, it will just take a few minutes to replicate the database to any other server instance. This will again give you the upper hand if you are using a good hosting provider. There is no transport cost, no latency, and the topology doesn’t change. Additionally, there is infinite bandwidth with a homogeneous and reliable network.
  • The document insertion, updates, retrieval, and deletion will work just like REST technology.
  • You will get proper flexibility here. You can store any type of data you want.
  • The optimization is good. You can use RedcueMap here.
  • It’s great for all the common applications.
  • There are various tools to build large applications with the help of CouchDB.
  • Overall, it’s a modern technology that has enough flexibility and scalability.

Who uses CouchDB?

This can be a very unique question that you might have in your mind. You might be thinking about who will be using CouchDB. Well, there is no proper answer here.

Anyone who wants to utilize the above-mentioned features can use CouchDB. It is as simple as that.

However, we won’t leave you directly here. That’s why we will dig a bit deeper here and see who all can use CouchDB.

  • The main usage of CouchDB is for synchronizing the data. This can be used in many industries.
  • You can use it for Finance, data logs, IT works, real estate, and many more. Anywhere if you need the data synchronization, you can use CouchDB.

Many people might be looking for the name of the popular companies that are using CouchDB. We won’t disappoint you either. Companies like Grubhub, Verizon, Boeing, etc uses CouchDB. It’s quite popular and many companies who need data synchronization will be using CouchDB.

What is the difference between MongoDB and CouchDB?

The people who know a bit about the databases might know that MongoDB and CouchDB look quite similar. However, there are some of the big differences for which both of them are completely different.

We will see a quick brief about how both of these are different.

  • CouchDB uses JSON format to store the data. The document consists of the data stored in the JSON format whereas MongoDB stores data schema-free using the BSON format. The data stored in the document of BSON format are quite different from data stored in JSON.
  • CouchDB will use REST API or RESTful HTTPI to read, write, update, and delete the documents. Here, the documents will have fields such as numbers, texts, lists, etc. On the other hand, the data isn’t stored in a particular structure when it comes to MongoDB.

These are the big differences between both of them. You can use the one that suits you the most.

Conclusion: Why should you use CouchDB?

If you are still confused about whether you should be using CouchDB for the database, then our recommendation would be yes. You can surely use CouchDB for your app. It stores the data in JSON format and you can easily call it with the help of REST. These are the two most popular methods you can use.

Programmers and developers surely know that REST and JSON are the best way to get the data. Additionally, the replication is super-easier here. You will need this if you are developing a large app. So, you can surely use CouchDB.

Just make sure that you choose a good hosting provider that supports CouchDB. We have listed a couple of them which are the best CouchDB hosts. You can choose anyone from there.

We hope this guide has served you well!

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