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ColdFusion is one of the oldest platforms for rapid web development. Mostly, people use it to create data-driven websites or use it for intranets. After the rise of mobile apps, people even started using them for remote work such as REST services, web sockets, etc.

If you are working on ColdFusion, you might be looking for the best ColdFusion hosting where you can host your app. We have collected some of the top ColdFusion web hosting providers that will fulfil your requirements.

Best ColdFusion Hosting Providers

Now, we will talk about the top ColdFusion web hosting services. These are some of the best companies that you can go with.

Whether you are planning to go with a dedicated server or you want a cloud platform, we have the best hosting for you. So, let’s begin with the list.

#1 Hostek

hostek coldfusion vps hosting page
Hostek is the official hosting partner of Adobe ColdFusion. Hostek’s hosting services and its server management features are something that makes it the best hosting provider.

They provide ColdFusion shared hosting as well as server management services. You can go with any of them as per your choice. Currently, we are going to discuss shared hosting.

This ColdFusion hosting is great. One of the things that we love is transparent pricing. There is no “*”. In simpler words, the renewal rates won’t go higher. Everything is clear when you register.


  • They provide complete free migration assistance.
  • You will always have the latest Coldfusion versions. As of now, you can choose from the 2021 version of the 2018 version.
  • Transparent pricing is the next best advantage of going with Hostek.


  • The personal hosting plan will cost you $6.99 per month.
  • A personal plus plan will cost you $10.99 per month and only allows 1 domain name.
  • The business plan starts at $20.99 per month

The pricing given here is for the shared hosting. If you have the budget, you can also go with the dedicated server. Their pricing is more but the features are great. So, you can surely plan to go with that.

#2 Eukhost

eukhost logo
Eukhost is yet another great hosting that you can go with. It supports ColdFusion. It has an enterprise edition installed on the shared hosting.
It’s a UK-based hosting provider. So, if you are looking for top ColdFusion servers based in the UK, EUKHost is surely a choice for you. There are very few hosts based in the UK and people are always looking for a server in Europe location. In that case, you can definitely go with EUKHost.
eukhost windows hosting pricing plans


  • The domain name is free and comes with daily backups.
  • You will also get free SSL.
  • Free migration facility.
  • You will get unmetered bandwidth.
  • The server is great.
  • They have 24/7 support.


  • It will cost you £2.78 excluding VAT.
  • The windows intermediate plan will cost you £4.16 per month.

#3 DigitalOcean

digital ocean free trial vps
Digital Ocean is one of the most affordable and reliable cloud hosting providers. DigitalOcean is better known as the developer cloud. It is a budget-friendly cloud hosting provider and gives you full control over the server.

They support ColdFusion. You can surely rely on them as a cheap Coldfusion Cloud hosting. Cloud servers have the best resource allocation and are extremely easy to scale. If you are sure that your Adobe ColdFusion application will soon need to be upgraded, you can go with DigitalOcean.


  • Extremely easy to deploy. You can surely rely on that.
  • Easy to scale
  • The real-time alerts and resource metrics make it easier for you to monitor the traffic.
  • It is best for the ColdFusion developers because of the control panel and API.
  • Easy to integrate with other web applications.


Pricing depends on the CPU you have chosen and the number of resources you will need per month. They have customizable plans where you can select the configuration yourself.

  • If you go with Regular Intel with SSD, it will cost you $5 per month for 1 GB space with 25 GB SSD and 1000 GB transfer.
  • The price will go up by $5 if you want one double resource with 2 GB of space. 50 GB SSD, and 2 TB transfer.
  • The price goes up by $5 if you want more. There are various ColdFusion hosting plans from which you can choose one.

#4 HostGator Windows Dedicated Server

hostgator dedicated server plans page
HostGator is one of the best hosting companies that you can go with. They have an amazing infrastructure with fast servers. You can surely rely on them if you want to host your app.

Talking about ColdFusion, you can surely use their dedicated Windows server. It doesn’t come preinstalled. So, you will have to install and configure it on your own. Further, support is not provided here. Therefore, you are on your own.

However, HostGator is one of those ColdFusion hosting services where you will face little to no stress. They have been in the industry for a while. Therefore, you can surely rely on them.


  • You get complete control over the server.
  • The security and performance are great. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • All the coldfusion hosting plans come with Intel Xeon- D CPU.
  • They also have great support.
  • It has 45 days money-back guarantee.
  • Unmetered bandwidth is the next reason why you should go with them.


  • The value plan will cost you $89.98 per month for the first invoice.
  • The power plan will cost you $119.89 per month.
  • If you are planning to go with the Enterprise plan, it will be roughly $139.99 per month.

#5 DailyRazor

dailyrazor coldfusion hosting page
If you are looking for the easiest and the best hosting that officially supports ColdFusion, you can go with Adobe ColdFusion hosting provided by DailyRazor. It’s one of the best hosting companies out there.

The hosting that we are talking about has the server configured specially to run ColdFusion. So, the performance will be the best here. It’s a shared hosting but the big difference is that it is just made for ColdFusion. You will surely get better performance here.


  • Comes with a free domain name.
  • The performance is great as the hosting is specially made for ColdFusion.
  • You will get unmetered disk space.
  • They have 90 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • You get a Plesk control panel.


  • The price starts from $7.98 per month.
  • The next ColdFusion hosting plan CF-Plus will cost you $11.98 per month.
  • If you want to host 10 websites, you can go with the third plan with $19.98 pricing.

The pricing given here is for the first invoice only. The renewal price will cost you more.

NOTE: Their customer support has gone downhill, it’s no longer reliable, so if you decide to go with DailyRazor, if any problem occur, you are on your own.

Choosing the Best ColdFusion Web Hosting

We will now see some of the top factors for choosing the top ColdFusion web hosting. These are some of the things to keep in mind when you are finalizing your ColdFusion hosting.

1. Knowledgebase Support

We usually keep the support in the end. However, when it comes to ColdFusion, you will have to make sure that there is enough support as well as a proper knowledge base available.

As the software is kind of outdated and there are very few people out there who are using it. As a result, there will be fewer resources available on the internet that can help you with Adobe ColdFusion.

Therefore, you will need to find a Coldfusion hosting company that has enough technical knowledge or documentation that can help you with your ColdFusion applications. In this way, you won’t face any issues during the development process.

2. Performance

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is performance. As the software gets old, compatibility issues are common. Therefore, you will have to find the top ColdFusion hosting that supports ColdFusion fully.

When you go with ColdFusion hosting, you will get the best performance from it. Uptime and speed are also important. Your app should be live as well as it should load fast. Therefore, make sure you check the uptime guarantee and speed of the server.

3. Security

You will also have to keep in mind that the security of your web app is great. Most of these things will depend on hosting. If you have good ColdFusion hosting, you are already halfway there. Therefore, you can surely rely on the hosting provider’s security here.

To sum up, you also need to make sure that there is enough security provided by the hosting company. If everything is good, you can surely get the hosting.


To conclude, these were some of the top ColdFusion hosting providers that you can go with. All of them are best concerning their features. Depending on your budget and the features, you can choose any of them.

Please note that some of the top hosting solutions that we saw will provide a huge discount when you are registering an account and buying your first ColdFusion hosting plan. The price will increase when you are renewing it. So, make sure that you keep in mind all these things when you are buying the ColdFusion hosting.

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2 thoughts on “Best ColdFusion Hosting Providers”

  1. Daily Razor has gone downhill, they used to have 24/7 technical support, now they just have a chatbot 24/7 but technical problems don’t get resolved until the next day. My site has been down over 12 hours, I just get the run around from tech support.

    • Thank you Mark for your valuable feedback. Indeed, it seems the quality of their technical support has fallen dramatically. We made sure to mention that and move this host at the bottom of our list.

      Appreciate your comment.


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