Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting can be based on different technologies like Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), OpenVZ, etc. OpenVZ is exclusive to Linux operating systems and allows sharing of RAM and other server resources when not consumed.

If you are looking for a cheap OpenVZ VPS hosting provider for your server needs, you have come to the right place. This article is a roundup review of the best VPS hosts using OpenVZ virtualization technology.

Before looking at the list of VPS hosting providers, let’s get an overview of the OpenVZ hosting in our next section.

What is OpenVZ hosting?

OpenVZ is a popular virtualization technology that works at the operating system level. It allows the building of multiple isolated instances or containers of a physical server for creating virtual environments called Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Each of these virtual servers or containers created by OpenVZ performs just like a physical server. You can reboot them independently and have root access as well. Like a physical server, these containers have their IP addresses, system libraries, users, files, processes, configuration files, and memory.

4 Cheap OpenVZ VPS hosting providers in (2022)

Finding the best OpenVZ hosting provider requires a lot of research and we have done most of the job for you. Here is a list of the best and affordable OpenVZ VPS providers that will help narrow down your search and make your task easier:

1. Time4VPS

time4vps container vps
Founded in 2003, Time4VPS is a reliable VPS hosting provider using both OpenVZ and KVM-based virtualizations. The host allocates dedicated RAM, network resources, and disc space for each VPS without sharing it between different containers in the same node.

For the container VPS plans, Time4VPS utilizes OpenVZ 7 virtualization with a 3.10.0 kernel version. On the other hand, for the storage VPS plans, the host utilizes OpenVZ 6 virtualization with a 2.6.32+ kernel version.

The cheapest OpenVZ VPS plan with Time4VPS comes with the following specs:

  • 2 GB of RAM – DDR-4 2666 ECC REG
  • 1 X 2.6Hz CPU core – Intel Xeon Gold 6132
  • RAID protected SSD storage of 20 GB
  • 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps bandwidth of 4 TB
  • Optional daily or weekly backups

Price details of the above plan:

  • Initial price: $2.25 (€1.99) per month
  • Renewal price: $4.51 (€3.99) per month

The host allows both monthly and yearly payments. If you decide to choose the yearly VPS plans, the cheapest plan will cost you:

  • Initial price: $22.61 (€19.99) per year
  • Renewal price: $45.23 (€39.99) per year

2. MilesWeb

Milesweb managed VPS hosting
Founded in 2012, MilesWeb offers different types of VPS hosting plans to suit the needs of businesses at all levels. It offers both managed and unmanaged plans for Linux and Windows VPS hosting.

MilesWeb uses both OpenVZ and KVM-based virtualization and utilizes high-performing SSDs for reliability and superior server speed. All virtual servers have their dedicated resources including RAM, CPU, and storage space.

The cheapest VPS plan with MilesWeb comes with the following specs:

  • 1 dedicated IP
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 2 vCPU cores
  • SSD disk space of 50 GB
  • The bandwidth of 500 GB

Price details of the above plan:

  • $8.44 (₹630) per month for an initial term of 1 year
  • $10.13 (₹756) per month for an initial term of 6 months
  • $11.25 (₹840) per month for an initial term of 1 month

3. InterServer

interserver pricing
Founded in 1999, InterServer offers Linux VPS, Windows VPS, and storage VPS plans with different features. The host uses OpenVZ, KVM, Hyper-V, and Virtuozzo platforms for virtualization.

All virtual machines are physically secured in a jail environment. Different virtual servers are separated on the same node for data security. InterServer offers SSD storage with its cloud VPS plans to ensure high performance for your websites and applications.

The cheapest OpenVZ VPS plan with InterServer comes with the following specs:

  • 2048 MB of RAM
  • 1 CPU core
  • SSD disk space of 30 GB
  • The bandwidth of 1 TB

Price details of the above plan:

  • $6 per month for an initial term of 1 month

The host does not offer any quarterly or yearly VPS plans. All billings are handled only on a month-to-month basis. You can prepay or maintain credit in your InterServer account for your next monthly billing to avoid any delay in payment later.

4. HostSailor

hostsailor linux kvm vps
Founded in 2014, HostSailor is a UAE-based hosting provider offering affordable VPS plans with plenty of features. The host utilizes OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM for virtualization. You will find 6 Linux OpenVZ VPS hosting plans with HostSailor and a variety of hosting add-ons as well.

The host uses RAID 10 technology for storage to protect data loss in any situation. So you can recover your website or application data at all times in case such a need arises.

The cheapest OpenVZ VPS plan with HostSailor comes with the following specs:

  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Virtual swap of 256 MB VSwap.
  • 1 CPU core
  • Storage space of 15 GB HDD
  • The bandwidth of 256 GB
  • 1 Gbit of network speed
  • DDoS protection of up to 20 Gbps
  • SolusVM control panel

Price details of the above plan:

  • $1.99 per month when paid monthly
  • $5.97 per quarter when paid quarterly
  • $11.94 for half a year when paid semi-annually
  • $23.88 per year when paid annually

Rounding Up

The above list will help you choose the best OpenVZ VPS hosting service for your website or application. From the above OpenVZ VPS hosts, the cheapest plan is available with HostSailor for just $1.99 per month. On the other hand, you will get the highest SSD disk space of 50 GB with MilesWeb.

You must first determine the specifications you are looking for in a virtual server before choosing a plan. Then select an OpenVZ VPS plan based on your requirements.

Have you tried any OpenVZ VPS hosting service for your website or application? Please share your experience to help others know about different VPS hosts and the quality of services they deliver.