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If you are looking for an upgrade from your VPS, one of the cheap dedicated servers Europe will be the perfect choice to go with.

Finding a reliable service is extremely important when you are looking for affordable servers. We have collected some of the best reliable servers which have data centers in European region.

Before buying the server, you should know why the server is available at a cheap rate. So, we have also listed the pros and cons of each server. Let’s begin the list now.

12 Cheap dedicated servers in Europe

We have also mentioned the data center locations in the Europe continent.

1. AlphaVPS (Best Price)

alphavps best cheap dedicated servers europe

When it comes to cheap dedicated servers Europe, AlphaVPS tops the competition. They use Intel E5 processors along with DDR3 ECC RAM. Due to their low-latency premium network in Bulgaria, you will get better performance.

With that being said, you will get a port speed of 1 Gbps.

Coming to OS, you can choose from the top OS or upload your custom ISO. You will have to open a ticket for a custom OS. They also provide firewall-protected IPMI or KVM-spider on request.

You can get up to 35 TB of bandwidth.

Starting price: €29.00 per month ($31.40)

Pros of AlphaVPS

  • Premium CPU with great benchmark score.
  • 24/7 fast support.
  • Multiple plans to scale up your dedicated server.
  • It also supports IPv6.
  • User-friendly control panel included.

Cons of AlphaVPS

  • For a few server configurations, it takes 1 to 3 days for the setup.
  • The server location is only available in Sofia, Bulgaria.

2. Contabo (Best Storage)

contabo high-spec germany server

To deploy resource-intensive apps, you will need a better server config. Contabo is the savior in that case. It offers 8 core CPUs and 64 GB of RAM in the base plan. It’s one of the most affordable dedicated servers with unlimited incoming traffic.

The outgoing traffic is limited (up to 324 TB).

The servers can be configured as per your need. They allow you to add more bandwidth, disk, RAID, etc. as add-ons. Their primary data center is in Germany. You can also choose the UK location for a few plans.

Starting price: $137.99 per month (setup fee waived off for annual plan).

Pros of Contabo

  • High-spec CPU with unlimited incoming bandwidth.
  • Multiple OS support along with Windows and custom ISO.
  • German-quality hardware.
  • Always-On DDoS Protection
  • Dedicated GPU as well as AMD/Intel CPUs available.

Cons of Contabo

  • Their support doesn’t reply to most of the queries or it takes weeks.
  • Downtime is quite common in Contabo.
  • Addons are expensive.

3. FastHosts (Best for UK)

fasthosts amd intel dedicated hosting

FastHosts is yet another dedicated hosting that offers AMD and Intel CPUs. It comes with unlimited traffic at 1 Gbit port speed. They offer 10 Gbit speed for some private connections.

You can either choose a Linux distro or go with the Windows operating system. The first few plans have HDD, thereafter, you will get SSD or NVMe. For security, you will get e free 2GB Cyber Protect Basic in all the plans.

Starting price: £25 ($30.95) for the first month, £50/m ($61.90) thereafter.

Pros of FastHosts

  • Intel or AMD CPU choice.
  • Multiple data centers in Europe (UK, Spain, and Germany).
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • It utlizies DDR4 RAM with NVMe drives.
  • User-friendly control panel.

Cons of FastHosts

  • Servers are often out of stock.
  • Auto-renews plan without any warning.
  • Support is worst when it comes to billing issues.

4. Impreza (Most Locations)

impreza offshore dedicated servers

Impreza is an offshore dedicated server provider. It’s a Tor-friendly hosting company with almost 100% uptime. Their support is incredible. You can request support via WhatsApp, Telegram, and other similar communication apps.

Due to multiple plans, you will get high scalability. You will also get a hardware RAID controller to manage RAID arrays. You can install Linux distributions, and Windows, or even add custom ISO. The plans include a 1 Gbps uplink. However, you can pay a little extra and add up to 10 Gbps.

They also offer unlimited bandwidth in certain plans. They have 14 data centers in Europe on all major locations including the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, and more.

Starting price: $90 per month

Pros of Impreza

  • No identity verification is needed.
  • Multiple data centers (14 locations in Europe).
  • The average response time for tickets is 2hrs, and 90% of cases are solved in 30 minutes.
  • Cryptocurrency accepted.
  • Almost 100% uptime.

Cons of Impreza

  • The cost varies depending on the data center locations.
  • Different plans for different locations.

5. TheOnionHost (Best for Privacy)

theonionhost offshore dedicated servers in bulgaria

As the name says, TheOnionHost is a Tor-friendly provider offering unmetered bandwidth in all their plans. They only have one location in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their tier-3 data center uses many Bulgarian and international carrier networks.

It has a redundant fiber-optic network for maximum performance.

They have 24/7 support to help you. During checkout, you can add your preferred panel or apps. The server is managed.

Starting price: $99 per month

Pros of TheOnionHost

  • Privacy-focused Tor hosting (offshore).
  • Free basic DDoS protection is included.
  • Multiple plans for scalability.
  • Unmetered bandwidth is an added advantage.
  • Cryptocurrency is accepted.

Cons of TheOnionHost

  • The port speed is at 1 Gbps shared.
  • Only 1 location is available.
  • It takes from 12 to 72 hours for server setup.

6. Hetzner (Best for Europeans)

hetzner europe servers

Hetzner is a decent service provider where you can find AMD and Intel pre-configured and customizable servers. You can also find auctioned servers if you are looking for cheap dedicated servers in the European region.

These are the servers that were assigned to someone but were terminated.

You can add more RAM, disk space, and IP addresses, and choose from the preferred OS with the control panel. They also have a Windows server.

Starting price: €44.39 which is $48.18 (€46.41 setup fee which is $50.37 for the base plan)

Pros of Hetzner

  • 100s of pre-configured and configurable server options.
  • Auctioned servers are available at a cheap rate.
  • You can add more resources (even a USB stick).
  • Juniper routing is used for better performance and security.
  • Data centers in Germany and Finland.

Cons of Hetzner

  • They may require identity proofs to set up your server.
  • Their support is not good.
  • Even the setup fee increases as you go with higher plans.

7. Eukhost

eukhost managed dedicated servers uk

If you are looking to get rid of all the technical management, you can go with Eukhost’s managed dedicated servers. They use Intel Xeon processors with 1 Gbps port speed. It even uses DDR4 RAM.

You can choose from Linux or Windows OS. During the checkout, you can add more RAM or SSD. They have three data centers in England (United Kingdom). You can scale up your servers with just a few clicks.

Starting price: £83.45 ($102.77) per month

Pros of Eukhost

  • Managed server at an attractive rate.
  • Their technical support is knowledgeable and fast.
  • Security is amazing (FortiGate firewall available as an addon).
  • The servers can be customized (RAM, disk, etc. can be added).
  • User-friendly interface.

Cons of Eukhost

  • It becomes expensive when you scale.
  • The add-ons are also a bit costly.
  • IPv6 is missing.

8. Ikoula

ikoula cheapest dedicated server in europe

Ikoula offers many types of servers. Their micro-servers are the cheap dedicated servers Europe that costs as low as shared hosting. It’s perfect for small projects. Once you are familiar with Ikoula, you can scale up to a large extent.

With a 99.95% uptime warranty, the performance is incredible. The base plan uses Raspberry servers. As you go with higher plans, you will get Intel or AMD servers.

Starting price: €3.99 ($4.33) per month

Pros of Ikoula

  • Starts at a very cheap rate.
  • You will get unlimited in and out traffic.
  • You can scale the server to a large extent.
  • It comes with a user-friendly control panel.
  • You can get support in Dutch, French, and Spanish language.

Cons of Ikoula

  • They have strict ID verification which takes a while.
  • Support is good but their English isn’t fluent.

9. Alexhost

alexhost dedicated server with a money back guarantee

Alexhost offers unmanaged dedicated hosting services in Moldova. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the server. The dedicated server includes a shared port of 1 Gbps.

You can get their addon for a dedicated port of the same speed. The traffic is unmetered in all the plans.

It supports IPv6. The OS selection options are wide. You can even choose Proxmox, Scientific Linux, or VMware ESXi along with all the other regular OS options such as Cent, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.

Starting price: €26.40 ($28.69) per month

Pros of Alexhost

  • 30-day money guarantee.
  • Unlimited traffic is yet another advantage.
  • Their data center is a former military plant.
  • RAID level can be customized.
  • The servers are customizable.

Cons of Alexhost

  • Some configurations might invite errors. However, their support will usually solve the issue.
  • Extra cost for the dedicated port.

10. Scaleway

scaleway eu unlimited traffic server

Scaleway offers cheap dedicated servers Europe. Their data centers are in Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company offers many types of servers known as Dedibox.

To get it at a reasonable rate, you can take a look at their “Start” range.

It comes with unlimited traffic and Intel processors. You can use it to test your game servers or other similar scripts. Due to a few disadvantages, it’s not recommended to run medium and large projects on the server.

Starting price: €9.99 ($10.86) per month.

Pros of Scaleway

  • You are getting unlimited traffic.
  • Their REST API works great for automation and maintenance.
  • They use Terraform for enriched infrastructure.

Cons of Scaleway

  • Their support answers regular questions. However, it fails to solve big issues.
  • It requires ID verification which takes a lot of time.
  • Some configurations have a few bugs.

11. Kimsufi

kimsufi auctioned dedicated servers

Kimsufi is a part of the low-cost brand OVHCloud. Their Kimsufi servers cover some of the best features such as anti-DDoS, unmetered public bandwidth, etc.

There are multiple locations available in Europe. Usually, the Kinsufi servers are only available in France locations for the European region. We would not recommend going with Kimsufi if you have other options.

Wondering why? Let’s see the pros and cons.

Starting price: $5.99 per month (installation fee is $5.99)

Pros of Kimsufi

  • Super-cheap dedicated servers in Europe.
  • SATA drives even in the base plan.
  • Cloud platform with a lot of extra paid services.

Cons of Kimsufi

  • Almost no support is available.
  • Some reviews say that Kimsufi didn’t provide the server after payment.
  • The Port speed is 100 Mbps.

12. Ultahost

ultahost cheap managed dedicated hosting

Ultahost provides managed dedicated hosting services from Frankfurt, Germany. They also have servers in Istanbul, Turkey. It comes with managed services and unlimited bandwidth at a very attractive price.

They have a huge amount of SSD storage even in the base plan.

Along with excellent features, they guarantee 99.99% uptime. The security is great with their dedicated firewall as well as HTTP/2-enabled servers. You can get up to a 2 Gbps port.

Moreover, their servers are also optimized for all the technologies.

Starting price: $129.90 per month, renews at $136.74/m.

Pros of Ultahost

  • They have a 30-day money guarantee.
  • Free domain, SSLs, daily backups, and control panel.
  • BitNinja’s security with regular patching.
  • Support is incredible (24/7).
  • Multiple OS support along with custom ISO.

Cons of Ultahost

  • It doesn’t support IPv6.

What to look for in a European Dedicated Server?

Ideally, you should look for CPU, RAM, bandwidth, setup time, and a few other things. Let’s see the top things to look at.

things to see in dedicated hosting

DataCenter Location

Data center location is the core thing to see. If you have an audience from a specific part of Europe (Eg: West Europe), you can see if the data center is near it. In this way, you will get better performance.

Performance Requirements

Coming to the performance, you can see the server specs (CPU, RAM, etc.) as well as performance requirements such as uptime. See if they are enough for your needs.


After checking the performance requirements, you can see if the server has enough upside. Meaning, you should be able to scale up your server to higher performance specs.

24/7 Support and Customer Service

Great customer support is mandatory when you are going with cheap dedicated servers Europe. Live chat support is an added advantage.

Backups and Data Redundancy

Check for automated and manual backups. Don’t forget to check if the data centers have redundancy (see if they have RAID, and N+1 or N+2 servers).

Connection Speed

Most hosting providers will have Looking Glass from which you can test the connection speed. The speed could range from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps depending on the server. Additionally, you can analyze how much traffic (combined for upload and download) you will need each month.

Make sure the dedicated server provider allows the same amount of traffic.


The above-mentioned are some of the cheap dedicated servers in Europe. It’s always recommended to keep the cons in mind before you make the purchase. You should get a server that is suitable for your needs.

Here are a few best choices you can make depending on the requirements.

  • Best Overall: AlphaVPS
  • Best Price: Ikoula
  • Best Performance: Impreza

Looking for more servers? Feel free to have a look at Cheap Bare Metal servers


Who needs dedicated hosting?

Typically, dedicated hosting is best for people with high bandwidth requirements or if you need dedicated resources.

How much RAM do I need for a dedicated server?

It depends on the web app you want to run. Usually, people start with 8 GB RAM for affordable servers and scale up as required.

Are there free dedicated servers?

Unfortunately, there are no free dedicated servers. However, some providers do offer a money-back guarantee.

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