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Bare metal servers can be very expensive if you don’t find the right one. If you don’t want noisy neighbours and want to go with affordable single-tenant servers, you are at the right place.

We will see some cheap dedicated and cloud bare metal servers. Let’s have a glimpse of what is coming.

  • Best Dedicated bare metal server: Vultr.
  • Best Cloud bare metal server: Fasthosts.

Excited to know more about these affordable servers? The below-given list is just for you, where we have also covered 5 other cheap bare metal servers.

cheap bare metal servers

#7 Cheap Bare Metal Servers Hosting

Best Specs
Contabo (INTEL 10-CORE)
Best Performance
Vultr (Intel E3-1270v6)
Best Price
(Single CPU Instances)
Hosting plans
Hosting plans
Contabo (INTEL 10-CORE)
Vultr (Intel E3-1270v6)
(Single CPU Instances)
Intel Xeon (10 x 2.20 GHz)
4 cores (3.8GHz)
4 cores (3.4 GHz)
32 GB memory
1 Gbit/s Port (Up-to 10 Gbps)
10 Gbps Network
2x1 Gbps
Starting price
Starting price
$149/mo (setup fee $129.99)

These 7 bare metal servers are a combination of dedicated servers and cloud. We have covered everything you need to know about them such as specs range, starting price, data center locations, and much more. So, that will help you make the best choice for you.

Lastly, we have also given our recommendation to choose the best bare metal hosting.

#1 Vultr (Best Overall)

vultr cheap bare metal
Vultr’s non-virtualized bare metal server hosting is without a doubt the best bare metal server hosting you can go with. It’s not only the most affordable hosting but the performance is also outstanding. You get direct access to the hardware with a single-tenant environment.

The servers are built to handle intense amounts of workload easily. There are 21 data center locations to choose from.

You get high-speed networking with dedicated performance. You can easily deploy your server in seconds. Vultr is known for speed, security, and configuration flexibility. You can also upload your OS ISO file. There is a marketplace that allows you to choose the best app and deploy it in seconds. They have great security with private networking. The network is fully reliable as it has 100% SLA uptime.

The support is also incredible. Not to mention, the control panel is beginner-friendly and easy to control.

vultr bare metal pricing

Server Location

  • US: New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, and Miami.
  • Europe: Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, and Warsaw.
  • Others: Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore.


  • RAM: 32 GB to 256 GB
  • CPU Range: 4 to 24 cores
  • Disk storage: 2×240 GB to 2×480 GB SSD

Starting Price: $120 per month

#2 Accuwebhosting (Best Runner-Up)

accuwebhosting cheap baremetal
Accuwebhosting has got some of the cheapest bare metal dedicated servers with high availability and advanced networking. You get complete flexibility here. For instance, you can go with AMD or Intel processor. In the same way, you can also go with the managed server or a self-managed one.

In simple words, we can say that there are all types of servers available. You can also choose from SSD or NVMe.

They have been in the industry for more than 19 years. So, you can rely on the server. It’s known for its stable performance. Therefore, if you are looking for a server for your game, you can surely go with Accuwebhosting. There are many dedicated servers from which you can choose one.

The specs will depend on various factors such as server region, storage type, etc. On the pricing page, you can also use the filters to find a suitable server.

accuwebhosting cheap bare-metal pricing

Server Location

  • US: Denver and Vent Hill
  • Europe: UK, France, Amsterdam, Poland, Germany
  • Others: India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Canada.


  • RAM: 8 to 512 GB
  • CPU Range: 4 to 16 cores
  • Disk storage: 1 TB 6×3.8 TB

Starting Price: $105

#3 Fasthosts (Best for UK)

fasthosts cheap bare metal hosting
Fasthosts is a cloud-based bare metal server. You will get dedicated resources here. You can choose from Intel or AMD processor. It comes with integrated load balancing. The performance is super-fast. If you go with an AMD processor, you will get better scalability and faster speed. It will also cost you less. So, if you are planning to save some money, Ryzen plans will be better for you.

The higher plans are usually sold out but you can contact them if you want them. The team will help you with your request.

Fasthosts is a UK-based host. So, they have servers located in the United Kingdom. You can also host the server at a few other places. You will also get UK support as the primary data center is located there. The support is incredible. They reply to all the live chats in less than 10 seconds.

They use CloudNX which is an enterprise-level IaaS. You can configure the server and also install Windows OS if you want.

fasthosts cheap bare-metal hosting pricing

Server Location

  • US: United States
  • Europe: Spain, Germany, UK


  • RAM: 32 to 128 GB
  • CPU Range: 6 to 16 cores
  • Disk storage: 2×960 GB to 2x1TB

Starting Price: €50 (Roughly $57)

#4 OVHCloud

ovhcloud cheapest baremetal
OVHCloud offers various types of dedicated servers such as Rise, Advanced (privacy-focused), Game servers, and infrastructure servers. The cheapest and most preferable for people will be the Rise servers. It comes with a 99.90% uptime guarantee.

Once you select the best plan, you can also add more storage and RAM. There are many addons available for free such as anti-DDoS protection. The support is also great.

On the other hand, if you have advanced usage, you can surely go with advanced servers. Advanced servers are next-gen servers. In the same way, there are game servers where uptime and stability are more. Here, not all the servers are available in all the regions.

Therefore, you might have to compromise on the location in some cases. You can also select the type of storage you want. They have all types of storage here. Let’s have a quick look at the locations and the specs.

ovhcloud cheap bare metal pricing

Server Locations

  • US: USA
  • EU: France, Germany, UK, and Poland
  • Others: Canada, Australia, and Singapore.


  • RAM: 16 to 128 GB
  • CPU Range: 4 to 16 cores
  • Disk storage: 2×480 GB to 2×2 TB (differs on type)

Starting Price: $56.75

#5 Heficed

heficed cheap bare metal
Heficed is a cloud and bare metal hosting provider. They offer 99.9% uptime with great scalability. They have a low latency network. It’s an emerging hosting provider with new features coming regularly. It’s a dedicated server. So, you don’t need to worry about sharing the resources. You will get full control over the server. There is flexibility over the server.

If you have a major storage requirement, you can go with higher plans of Heficed to get more space. It provides one of the largest storage spaces to go with.

The company is also focused on providing IPs. So, you will get floating IPs where it’s possible to assign up to 4096 IPs per server. There are very few other hosting providers who provide this flexibility in IPs. They always have some discounts going on which will make your first invoice even cheaper.

Further, you will also get a money-back guarantee for 14 days.

heficed affordable bare metal pricing

Server Location

  • US: Chicago, Reston, Los Angeles.
  • Europe: London, Frankfurt, Milan (Italy).
  • Others: Lagos, Nigeria, South Africa.


  • RAM: 16 to 96 GB
  • CPU Range: 4 to 6 cores
  • Disk storage: 240 to 10×1.92 TB SSD

Starting Price: $79 due to ongoing discounts ($129 is an original price)

#6 Contabo

contabo bare metal cheap
Contabo provides bare metal dedicated servers. It’s the raw power of hardware as there is no virtualization added. They have some great plans from which you can choose. However, if the plans don’t suit you, you can always go with the custom hardware. The hardware is of German quality giving you the ultimate performance.

One of the reasons to choose Contabo is the security. Contabo focused a lot on the security of the server. The basic security is provided for free. You can also add addons to ensure better security.

Other than security, you will get decent support. The price is a bit more than the other hosts we have discussed so far. However, the added features surely make it one of the best choices to go with. You can also configure the server as per your need.

You will get a lot of bandwidth (of up to 324 TB) and storage (12 slots). There are all types of storage available. You can also add virtualization directly.

contabo cheap bare metal pricing

Server Location

  • US: West, Central, and East
  • Europe: Germany
  • Others: Singapore


  • RAM: 256 GB to 2 TB REG ECC
  • CPU Range: 10 to 32 cores
  • Disk storage: 1 to 12 TB (Depends on type)

Starting Price: $169.99

#7 PhoenixNap

phoenixnap cheap bare metal
If you are looking for a cloud bare metal server, you can go with PhoenixNap. The cloud server allows you to run any workload and you can also automate the work. With automation, you can build custom-built IaC modules which will accelerate your work. It has also got Rancher Kubernetes management. They have got various bare metals servers.

You can choose the best server as per your need. As we are going with the cheap bare metal server hosting, the preferred server will be general-purpose.

Even in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about sharing resources, you will get dedicated resources. The scaling is super-easy here. The support is also great. You will get almost 100% uptime here which is a great thing for advanced web apps.

If you have a SaaS, you should surely host it here as they provide specialized support for SaaS. Also, the features are developer-friendly.

phoenixnap affordable bare metal price

Server Location

  • US: Chicago, Seattle, Ashburn, Phoenix, Atlanta (coming soon).
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt (coming soon).
  • Others: Singapore.


  • RAM: 16 to 128 GB
  • CPU Range: 4 to 8 cores
  • Disk storage: 2×240 GB to 2×1 TB

Starting Price: $50.87

Dedicated server vs Cloud: Which one to choose for Bare-metal?

In most cases, the cloud is better compared to a dedicated bare-metal server. Cloud has easy scalability. So, even if your business doubles or triples overnight, the servers can easily handle it. Cloud will decrease the upfront cost and will give you better flexibility. Once you are stable, you can start thinking about internalizing your IT.

Most people think that won’t require redundancy. However, most of you will want it as you start using the server and your traffic start to increase. If you are a startup, you should use cloud infrastructure. When starting, the needs aren’t high but the requirements can easily jump. If you own a dedicated server, you will require decent capital to react to the drastic changes.

Therefore, cloud servers are better for startups as well as for most businesses out there.

So, the answer is pretty clear. You should prefer a cloud over a dedicated server. In some of the above-listed dedicated servers, the upfront cost is almost zero. So, you can surely go for it.


To conclude, these were some of the best and cheapest bare metal server hosting providers you can choose from.

If you are still confused and want to choose the best one, our recommendation would be Vultr. Vultr is not only the cheapest but the best bare metal server provider you will find. They give you dedicated performance and direct access to hardware.

Talking about software, they have a custom panel that is easy to use even for a beginner. So, it’s highly recommended for everyone.

The plans are affordable. If you are not sure, you can try out Vultr for free. Yes, they provide $50 worth of free credits to try Vultr services. It’s a risk-free trial. After using the services for a couple of days, you can make the exact decision. So, it’s worth trying out the service.


What is a bare metal server?

A bare-metal server is a single-tenant physical server with only one consumer. Therefore, the customer can adjust the performance as per their need. There is no virtualization, so you will get full raw power.

What is the advantage of bare metal servers?

The biggest advantage is that there are no noisy neighbours. You will get all the resources of the server. Unlike a virtual server, the same resource is not used by multiple servers.

Is VPS bare metal?

No, VPS shares the same resources with multiple servers. Even if you go with a dedicated VPS or a dedicated virtual server, the provider will be using virtualization to share the resources. Therefore, it’s not considered a bare metal server.

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