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Umbraco has recently gained a lot of popularity as it’s easy to use and is one of the best CMS made on C#.

It makes your work a lot easier as it’s scalable and reliable. Here, we are going to check out some of the best Umbraco hosting providers that you can go with.

You can have a look at the below-given list where we will see the best Umbraco hosting for all web hosting categories.

3 Best Umbraco (shared hosting)

Let’s start with the best Umbraco shared hosting. This will cost you less and is suited for small websites.

#1 Mochahost (Best Overall)

Want another host with attractive pricing and with almost a decade of experience? You can surely go with Mochahost. They have small plans which are highly recommended for individuals and small businesses. It has a 99% uptime guarantee. You will get an enterprise-level server and SSD. This will increase the performance of the website.

There are tons of features that you will surely love. The best feature that you will get here is the 180-day risk-free guarantee where you will get the money for the remaining term if you don’t like the service within the time frame.

umbraco hosting mochahost

Top Features

  • 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited traffic and disk space.
  • It supports a lot of technologies such as ASP.Net, .NET core 3 and 5, IIS 10, MVC, MS SQL, Maria DB, and of course, Umbraco.
  • Lifetime discount for all the plans.
  • The servers are GDPR complaints with the Plesk control panel.
  • It has a Windows server 2019.

#2 DiscountASP

If you are thinking that DiscountASP is the cheapest option that might have fewer features, you are partially right. It’s surely an affordable option but the features here are awesome. Each website is stored in an isolated application pool.

This will increase the performance of the website. It also supports Full trust. Talking about technologies supported, there are hundreds of technologies here including IIS, Microsoft server, Umbraco, etc.

umbraco hosting discount asp.net

You will get technical support too. The data centers are located in the US and Europe. They have a custom panel that is easy to use and also includes many awesome tools such as backups and security. They also offer free website migration. Overall, it’s a great choice for people who want a lot of features at an affordable price.

Top Features

  • 99% uptime.
  • Daily backups to ensure security.
  • Great security with automated DDoS protection.
  • Tier 3 data centers.
  • Web Application Gallery for quick installation of Umbraco.

#3 Eukhost (Best for UK)

EUKHost has been in the industry for more than 18 years and has been providing great services to its clients. They have a high-performing cloud where you can host your website or app. As the name says, the data centers are located in the UK. They simply have a fair usage policy and no bandwidth limit which is a great thing.

Further, it has MSSQL 2017 with an intuitive panel. There are many complimentary services like free backups, domain, and SSL. It also includes Pro support that is available 24/7. You can contact them anytime you want and they will give the best possible response.

umbraco hosting eukhost

Top Features

  • Free domain and SSL with daily backups.
  • Unmetered bandwidth for UK servers.
  • NET and MSSQL 2017.
  • It’s all powered by Windows server 2019.
  • You will get the one-click installer to install the apps.
  • The technical management is done from their side.

3 Umbraco cloud hosting

Want to upgrade a little? You can surely go with Umbraco cloud hosting or cloud VPS.

Here are a few best providers for Umbraco VPS.

#5 HostWinds

umbraco cloud hosting hostwinds

HostWinds is a VPS service that provides reasonable pricing. It has various plans from which you can choose the best one. Being in cloud VPS, it has an uptime guarantee of 99.9999% Uptime. It has enterprise-level hardware and is completely managed by the team. Therefore, it becomes quite a great choice for people looking for a decent performance.

You can choose from Windows server 2012, 2016, or 2019. It also supports custom ISO. The scalability is something that you will surely love. Overall, the security and the performance are great.

Top Features

  • Managed Cloud hosting.
  • It has a 99.9999% great uptime guarantee.
  • Scalability is easy as there are multiple plans that you can choose from.
  • They have a redundant network with server monitoring.
  • They take nightly backups.
  • The servers are located in the US and Amsterdam.
  • You also get an enterprise firewall.

#6 LiquidWeb

If you are looking for Umbraco cloud VPS that has features like the ones above, then you will certainly love this. Liquidweb comes with a lot of features that make it one of the best Windows cloud VPS providers. It includes Multi-level DDoS Protection and you will also get off-server cloud backup. Their Windows server costs more compared to others. So, you will have to spend more money here.

You will get complete root access to the server. Their 100% uptime SLA is surely impressive. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable cloud, Liquidweb is a great choice. It comes with Windows server 2019 and MSSQL 2019 Express.

umbraco hosting liquidweb

Top Features

  • 100% uptime SLA.
  • CDN and SSL.
  • Proactive Monitoring by Default
  • Standard DDoS protection.
  • Great support anytime you want.
  • Easy scalability.
  • There are various panels from which you can choose your favorite.

#7 ScalaHosting

Scala hosting is for the people who want better configuration with high availability. You can configure the server as per your choice. This gives you the ultimate freedom to cut down the price or have better resources. They have fully scalable services.

They have 100% control over your server configuration. You can build your virtual server which will help you in save some money. They have a lot of extra add-ons that you can use as per your requirement.

Overall, it will cost you less. The base price is more than others. So, you should treat it as a premium cloud for Umbraco. It comes with powerful servers and is 100% automated.

umbraco hosting scalahosting

Top Features

  • 100% network uptime with 10 Gbps redundant network.
  • Datacenters are in the US and Europe.
  • You get complete control over the server.
  • 3 snapshots are given for free.
  • There are almost all the services available to use. Some of them might cost you extra.

3 Free Umbraco hosting

Want to go with free Umrabco hosting? Well, there are no fully free hosting providers. You can surely go with the trial version.

#8 Vultr ($50 free credits)

umbraco hosting vultr

If you are looking for free Umbraco hosting, you can surely check out Vultr. Vultr is one of the best free hosting that you can check out. It comes with 30 days free trial. Thereafter, you will have to pay the normal fee of the server. It’s known as the infrastructure cloud. They have a simple easy-to-use panel suited for beginners.

The server speed is great which makes it a great choice even for mid-sized websites. They have Intel hardware that makes the server speed great. You will also get root access. Not to mention, you can upload your custom ISO if you don’t want to use the mentioned OS.

Top Features

  • 19 global locations for the data center.
  • You can choose from any version of the Windows server.
  • It has a simple panel that is easy to use.
  • 100% uptime SLA.
  • Superfast setup and beginner-friendly panel.

#9 Accuwebhosting (1-month Free trial)

Accuwebhosing is yet another great service that provides free VPS. It’s a trial version and you won’t need a credit card to get started here. There are no ads or banners shown in the VPS. So, you can surely choose to go with web hosting. The price is affordable even if you wish to continue. They have self-managed VPS for the free version. You will get Windows server 2012.

You will get complete root access and control over the server even in the trial. The trial is valid for 1 month. You can surely scale it however you want. You will have to request a trial. Once it’s approved, you will get access to the server.

umbraco accuwebhosting
Top Features

  • Quick install for IIS, MS SQL, etc.
  • HyperV Virtualization.
  • The security is great.
  • You will also get weekly backups here.
  • It has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

#10 Kamatera (30-days free trial)

Kamatera also offers 30 days of a free trial. If you are looking for a professional cloud where you can host Umbraco, here is a choice for you. The server setup is fast and easy. It will hardly take a minute to complete your server setup and get started with it. The scaling is easy and feasible. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance as they will do it for you.

Kamatera has reasonable pricing if you compare it to the premium cloud. It has a low total cost of ownership. You can configure the server as per your wish. So, there are no issues with that. There are multiple operating systems and panels to choose the best one.

umbraco kamatera

Top Features

  • You will get a 99.95% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Hardware management is great.
  • The server is fully configurable.
  • There are backup features.
  • Global data centers to choose the best.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open-source Content Management based on .Net and written on C#. It’s a flexible and scalable CMS that makes your work easier. You can create many types of websites including workshop websites and intranets. It’s a beginner-friendly builder and will allow anyone to build their website.

webhosting umbraco

Due to its scalable nature and easy editing features, it’s known as one of the friendly CMS built for Windows servers. They have more than 700k active installs which makes it a trustable CMS. If you face any issues while using the CMS, you can surely contact the support and get help from them.

Umbraco hosting requirements

You can use it with shared hosting or you can even go with VPS. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind here is that the server should be based on Windows. You can’t run it on Linux hosting. So, always look for Windows hosting.

Here are further requirements that you need to keep in mind.

  • You will need IIS 8 or higher for Umbraco.
  • SQL Server 2012 is required.
  • .NET 5.0
  • Docker can be of great help here.

Further, you can also see if the hosting provider allows you to set the permissions for the application pool.

The good thing is that most Windows hosting providers already have all these things on their servers. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Is Umbraco better than WordPress?

Umbraco is based on C# and works with Windows servers whereas WordPress is for PHP.

If you are looking for .net CMS where you can code with C#, you should go with Umbraco else you can go with WordPress. There are very few CMS platforms on C#, Umbraco is one among them.

Final Words

To summarize, these were the best Umbraco hosting.

  • If you are looking for shared hosting, you can go with Mochahost.
  • For the cloud, Scalahosting is a great choice.
  • Not to mention, if you are looking for free Umbraco hosting, you should give Vultr a try.

So, which hosting are you planning to go with? Don’t forget to comment below.

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