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Are you looking for the best Docker hosting platforms? We will see the complete list of these companies. Docker enables you to manage your infrastructure just like you manage your apps.

The guide will first cover a few things about Docker and then we will continue to the list of the best cloud hosting providers.

If you want to go with the VPS, there is nothing to worry about as we have covered that too.

Best Docker hosting platforms

We will first see the best cloud docker container hosting. So, let’s begin the list.

#1 Kamatera (Best Overall)

kamatera cloud docker deployment

If you want to get one of the easiest panels for installing Docker and configuring it, you have to go with Kamatera. You can easily select the version you want and the location you want to set. Thereafter, your setup is almost completed.

It’s one of the simplest clouds to go with. Kamatera Express allows you to deploy the cloud in seconds. Talking about configuration, you get complete control over the configurations. You can choose your cloud in the way you want.

It has awesome support with 13 global data centers. You can easily scale up the servers whenever you feel like upgrading. The performance is also great.

Features of Kamatera

  • Easy to configure and manage the cloud platform.
  • There are more than 100 OS images.
  • 95% uptime with no single point of failure.
  • Global data centers at 13 locations on 4 continents.
  • You can select the services that you want which will decrease the pricing.
  • High-end and easily scalable data centers.

#2 Vultr (Runner-up)

vultr docker deploy

Vultr is yet another provider of the best Docker hosting services in the market. It has one-click Docker deployment. You can If we talk about the unique features, you can also upload your Operating system ISO here.

Vultr allows you to deploy and manage the apps at the fastest speed. You can get your server ready in less than 1 minute. Vultr already makes it easier to scale and deploy. On top of that, Docker hosting will make the scaling extremely fast.

It’s easier to use even for beginners. It has a powerful API with 18 data centers. You will also get 100% SLA with high network speed. They have a huge marketplace with many apps and games.

Features of Vultr

  • 24/7 support. Technical support is also available.
  • One-click deployment for Docker.
  • Easy to scale.
  • It gives you maximum control over the configuration.
  • You can also upload your preferred operating system by uploading the ISO file.
  • 100% SLA.
  • Managed servers with powerful team management features.
  • Features like Single Sign-on, server health, real-time billing, are yet another advantage.

#3 Digital Ocean

digital ocean docker container app

Digital Ocean is known as the developer’s cloud platform. Don’t worry, it’s also suitable for beginners with less technical knowledge. Now, how can you expect the developer’s cloud to not provide Docker hosting? Digital Ocean also provides you with their app platform along with Docker hosting.

The app platforms allow you to deploy and manage, and scale up your apps with ease. Their marketplace with lots of apps and their app platform are the two most unique features you will get here.

The app platform also has a pre-built docker container image that will make your work a lot easier than others. In the same way, the marketplace allows you to create Docker containers on droplets and also configure them automatically.

Features of DigitalOcean

  • App platform and marketplace to easily work with Docker hosting.
  • 99% SLA Uptime is one of the best things about Digital Ocean’s Docker hosting.
  • Easy-to-use panel with more than 3000 tutorials.
  • Easy installation and configuring of Docker. Most of the things are done automatically.
  • Managed services with great technical support.
  • Digital Ocean has global data centers.

#4 Fasthosts

fasthosts docker vps

Want to get the VPS where Docker is pre-installed? Here is the choice for you. As the name says, it’s one of the fastest VPS with unlimited bandwidth and great uptime. Talking about our main benefit, you get Docker pre-installed here.

You can easily move between the apps with the help of Docker. Fasthosts has affordable rates which makes it a great choice for startups and developers. You will get high uptime here.

It’s a UK-based hosting provider. So, their data centers are located in the UK only. All the servers run on renewable energy. They also provide phone support. So, if there is any problem with the Docker or VPS, you can directly contact them via phone. They also have transparent pricing.

Features of Fasthosts

  • You get a 99.99% great uptime guarantee.
  • It has a 55-second provisioning time.
  • The server speed is also great.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for the traffic.
  • You can choose from multiple OS including Linux and Windows.
  • PCI compliant and secure data centers that run on green energy.

#5 Contabo

contabo vps

Contabo is a good developer-focused cloud VPS. The reason why it’s good for the developers is because of the unmanaged services. The server is fully customizable.

You can get Docker pre-installed with the OS if you like. Although, it is preferable to use cloud-init instead, because it will allow you more customization on that aspect.

However, if you don’t want to get the unmanaged service, you can also get a managed control panel which will cost you extra. On top of that, you get DDoS protection along with an instant provision.

Features of Contabo

  • Quick provisioning and quick setup.
  • 99% Service Level Agreement.
  • Multiple datacenters across 4 continents.
  • Various operating systems to choose from.
  • It runs on KVM virtualization.
  • Support both SSD and NVMe storage.
  • Unlimited incoming traffic.

#6 Time4VPS

time4vps container vps

Time4VPS is the best VPS provider you can go with if you want to use Docker. For Docker, you can go with the container VPS. Their VPS docker containers use a stable OpenVZ hypervisor.

You can surely choose the best operating system as per your wish. Docker doesn’t come pre-installed here. You will have to install it manually on your VPS server. This increases your work a little bit but the other features of Time4VPS decrease your work. For instance, you don’t have to worry about the backups here. They will do it for you.

Other than this, Time4VPS has high bandwidth and SSD storage. So, if that’s something you want, you can surely go with the server.

Features of Time4VPS

  • Free DNS manager.
  • Manual installation of Docker but support is great.
  • There are a lot of softwares ready to install such as cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, VestaCP, ISPconfig 3, etc.
  • OpenVZ-based virtualization.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly backups as per your selection.
  • Affordable rate with IPv6 support.

#7 Linode

linode docker app

Linode is the best cloud computing and Infrastructure as a docker container. It’s even better than AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Digital Ocean. You can go with their cloud platform and use their marketplace to deploy Docker.

The problem that most people will face here is the configuration. You will have to do the configuration on your own. Unlike other websites, you don’t get the automatic configuration here.

On the bright side, the performance here is super-fast. Your website will load in no time.

It’s one of the oldest cloud providers to go with. Predictable pricing, secure infrastructure, and the best support you can ask for, are a few reasons why Linode is the best cloud provider.

Features of Linode

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Free Cloud firewall and DDoS protection.
  • A support team that will help you with every single query possible. Support for Docker is also available.
  • Next-generation independent cloud.
  • 11 data centers across the globe.
  • Easy to scale the servers whenever you want.
  • It has got high uptime at an affordable rate.

#8 Convesio (docker containers)

convesio managed wordpress hosting free trial

If you want to use Docker with WordPress, you should surely check out Convesio. It allows you to scale your WordPress in just a few clicks with the help of Docker hosting. As you might have guessed, it’s a managed hosting platform you can use.

They have an auto-scaling feature for WordPress. So, if your website gets more traffic than it can handle, its servers will automatically deploy more docker containers to handle the load. Along with this, it has clustered database which ensures the high availability of the server.

If you are using WordPress and want to get the managed service with Docker, Convesio is the best choice to go with. Let’s have a look at the features to learn more.

Features of Convesio

  • An auto-scaling feature that deploys new docker containers in high traffic.
  • Self-healing feature that re-deploys the docker container in case of the site goes offline.
  • Version backups.
  • Security monitoring and application monitoring at the WordPress level.
  • Speed optimized with high availability of the server.
  • 24/7 support by the team.
  • Highest rated for ease of use, support, setup, and many more.

#9 Ikoula

ikoula docker cloud

Ikoula is one of the oldest VPS providers that supports Docker. It has a one-click installation for the apps. You can select Docker from the app when you are configuring your VPS. With that being said, it’s pretty clear that you get full control over the configuration alongside root access.

There are multiple operating systems from which you can choose the recommended ones. Docker works great on Linux Debian 9. That’s the recommended OS by Ikoula.

You will also get Portainer. It’s a GUI interface for Docker. Ikoula has many hosting services. So, if you want to get another service, you can use the same host recommended here.

Features of Ikoula

  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • Fast data centers with high speed and availability
  • Pre-installed Docker and Portainer.
  • 24/7 support with a response rate of less than 1 hour.
  • The proactive intervention of technical problems.
  • Tested and approved hardware components.
  • Advanced data centers and are the owners of the data center.
  • Tons of other services to use along.

#10 HostPresto

hostpresto managed docker hosting

HostPresto is yet another new Docker hosting you can go with. As of now, it’s on pre-registration but by the time you are reading it, the service might be live. HostPresto has been a great choice for hosting. So, we can surely rely on Docker hosting.

They provide management services for Docker hosting. Installing apps is easier than ever. It’s a one-click install. If you are planning to host a popular app, they also have pre-made project templates that you can use.

It has automatic load management with a fully managed network. As it’s a new hosting, you will get attractive pricing with great features. So, you can surely check that out. They have a UK support team to help you in case of any difficulties.

Features of HostPresto

  • Easy launching for apps from Docker Hub or GitHub.
  • Network management for private as well as public traffic.
  • Advanced insights and metrics.
  • The Docker container is fully configurable.
  • Feature rich UI suitable for beginners as well.

What is Docker?

Docker is a platform that allows you to deploy and easily run apps. You can separate your app from the infrastructure by creating docker containers for your application. You can use the docker container to deploy your app and run it quickly. The goal of Docker hosting is to enable you to manage the entire infrastructure to use it in the same way you do with the application.

When you go with cloud hosting for Docker, you won’t have to worry much about the technicalities. The hosting provider will take half of the technical tasks into their hands which will save you a lot of time. Also, if something goes wrong, you can surely get help from their technical support.

Final Word

To conclude, this was all about our ranking for the best Docker hosting platforms that you can go with.

If you want easy scalability, we suggest you go with the cloud. We have already listed the best features. Depending on your requirements, you can select the best cloud providers that suit your requirements.

If you are a beginner, you can always select the managed cloud hosting with one-click Docker installation. This will make your work a lot easier.

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