Why cPanel Email Sucks?

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Are you facing challenges using cPanel email? Do you want to solve your email deliverability issues? If yes, you’re on the right page!

In this article, we’re answering your main query, “Why cPanel email sucks?” As a potential solution to your problems, we’ll also share some of the best alternatives to cPanel email.

But first, let’s discuss the problems that cPanel users face when dealing with its email services.

Wondering why cPanel email sucks? (7 Reasons)

cPanel email has a lot of issues and simply doesn’t perform at similar levels to third-party email hosts like G-Suite. It is an unreliable email management solution with a lot of deliverability issues and a ton of complaints from cPanel users on online forums as well.

But a majority of these complaints boil down to some basic problems with cPanel’s services:

Spam and Deliverability Issues

As website owners, we all know the importance of an email hitting our recipients’ inboxes. But with cPanel, emails land in the recipient’s spam folder rather than the inbox in many cases.

Even if you maintain the high content quality of your emails, you might notice that your emails are marked as spam frequently. You can avoid this problem by using an email security solution like SpamExperts.

Another problem with using cPanel for email hosting lies with mail deliverability. Many users experience delivery delays even when there’s no network congestion.

There are even instances where your email might not reach its recipient at all.

cpanel email problem with delivery

Blacklisted IP Address

Another reason why cPanel email sucks relates to the use of their shared hosting services.

When you purchase a shared hosting plan, you share your server and its resources with many other website owners. In this case, you also share your IP address with other server users.

Since a lot of other people are using the same IP address as yours, your site might get blacklisted because of someone else’s actions. Once that happens, all emails sent from a blacklisted IP are considered as spam.

It is, therefore, best to avoid creating email accounts using cPanel when signing up for shared hosting services. It will help you prevent your emails from landing in recipients’ spam folders.

cpanel email ip address blacklisted

Limited Features

Another major concern with using cPanel as your email host relates to its capabilities. The default email features provided by cPanel only cover basic email functionality.

They are very limited when compared to dedicated email solutions.

With cPanel, you only receive basic email functionality. Any additional features like integrated chats, collaboration tools, or advanced filtering options — which third-party email solutions like G Suite do provide — might be found to be lacking.

google collaboration tools

Bad Performance

The bad performance that many cPanel email users complain about is mostly due to the server configuration and hosting environment they utilize.

With cPanel, you might experience slow loading times or delays in receiving and sending emails. Understandably, such performance issues can become frustrating when you have to deal with them quite frequently.

cpanel review delayed emails

User Interface (UI)

cPanel offers an excellent interface for hosting your website but when it comes to hosting your email, it disappoints.

cPanel’s email user interface is outdated and much less user-friendly than most dedicated email hosting providers. You might even face difficulties finding common email hosting elements in cPanel because of their poor UI.

user interface for cpanel emails

Dependency on Hosting Provider

Yet another problem with cPanel lies in its dependency on the hosting provider you choose for your website. Oftentimes, cPanel email is tied to a certain host leading to limitations in terms of portability and flexibility thus making it difficult to migrate your site to another host.

Simply put, switching platforms or hosting providers involves a complex migration process since your email hosting is connected to your website hosting provider. For this reason, it is best to purchase email and website hosting services from separate providers.

issue with cpanel email migration

Security Concerns

Some users experience security concerns with cPanel email. Spammers can break into your cPanel by exploiting web application vulnerabilities.

Once in, they can upload spam scripts to your server and send out spam emails by following external commands from spammers.

Additionally, it is also possible to steal your email logins from the cPanel email hosting account. Attackers can utilize the power of a brute force attack or perform phishing to get your email ID login details.

Once attackers get hold of your email account details, they can easily send out spam emails from your email ID via SMTP authentication.

phishing cpanel email

3 Best cPanel Mail Alternatives

Since cPanel is not a reliable option for email hosting, let’s check out some of its best alternatives:

1. Zoho

zoho mail cpanel email alternative

Zoho email hosting solution comes with a built-in collaboration platform. It has a variety of monthly plans and supports the hosting of multiple email accounts from a custom domain.

The platform allows you to collaborate within the inbox using features like commenting, sharing, and liking, while also ensuring that your email data is secure and fully encrypted.

Another great benefit of using Zoho Mail is its integration with third-party apps and other Zoho applications.

2. Mailgun

Mailgun is a cloud-based email hosting provider with powerful transactional email APIs.

mailgun cpanel email alternative

Along with the basic functionalities of sending, receiving, and tracking emails, you’ll get many additional features. For instance, they support batch sending, inbound email routing, email personalization, A/B testing, and email scheduling.

Some other notable features include email validation, scalability, email analytics, and send-time optimization. Additionally, Mailgun offers integration with a lot of third-party apps like Asana, Discord, Evernote, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

3. G Suite

Google Workspace, or G Suite, allows users to have individual Gmail accounts containing custom domain names. It is the most user-friendly fully cloud-based email hosting solution allowing users to collaborate universally across all teams.

The basic email functionalities aside, you also get your hands on cloud storage, team messaging, and video conferencing. Additionally, it comes integrated with all other Google apps, including Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and Docs.

g suite offering custom domain names


Email marketing is important for website owners to retain existing visitors. Using cPanel email might not bring the results you aim for, since it is not a reliable option for email hosting.

Instead, we recommend choosing a provider that specializes in email hosting services if you want your email campaigns to thrive. After careful review, we’ve listed Zoho, Mailgun, and G Suite as our top three alternatives to cPanel email hosting.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does cPanel email go to spam?

The most common reason behind cPanel emails going to spam is that their users might unknowingly be using a blacklisted IP to send out emails. This is a common problem with using a shared hosting platform, which is what cPanel does.

Why is my cPanel email not working?

If your cPanel email is not working, it could be due to a server configuration issue or a blockage with the required ports on the server. This problem can also arise if your domain is not configured or your MX records are not pointed to the server.

What is the best email client for cPanel?

We recommend using Zoho, G Suite, or Mailgun with your cPanel hosting. They are the best email hosting solutions with flexible plans and advanced features.

How do I reduce spam in cPanel?

Consider using SpamExperts to reduce spam in cPanel. It is a powerful solution to safeguard networks from spam and malware.

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