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Bluehost provides an SSL certificate with all its hosting plans. You will also find a premium certificate called Single Domain SSL on the Bluehost Checkout page.

When you are already getting a free SSL certificate, then what is the use of this premium one?

This article aims to resolve all such queries related to Single Domain SSL Bluehost. It will help you decide whether this add-on is suitable for your business needs or not. Let us first find out what this Bluehost add-on is all about.

What is Single Domain SSL Bluehost?

single domain ssl bluehost

Single Domain SSL Bluehost is a certificate meant to protect one of your owned domains. It is a Positive SSL certificate that comes as a Bluehost package extra and assures the safety of your website from malicious users.

This premium SSL ensures to keep your customers’ data safe, including their usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. Unlike the free SSL offered by Bluehost, this paid add-on provides a $10,000 warranty in the event of unexpected failure.

So you can collect payments directly on your website without any worries.

Pros of Single Domain SSL Bluehost

  • The Single Domain SSL secures your website and safeguards your customers’ sensitive information, including their credit card details.
  • It helps in building trust among your website visitors with the padlock icon displayed against your domain name.
  • This premium SSL offers a warranty to cover any loss that your website users might incur.
  • It comes with a unique or dedicated IP address for your website.

Cons of Single Domain SSL Bluehost

  • Bluehost Single Domain SSL comes at a recurring monthly cost, thereby increasing your website maintenance expense.
  • It protects only a single domain you own. You will have to purchase separate certificates for each of your domains and subdomains.
  • The renewal cost of this Bluehost add-on is double the initial cost, so it will become quite expensive for you in the future.

Bluehost Single Domain SSL Pricing

The initial and renewal price of the Single Domain SSL certificate is different since Bluehost offers a promotional discount for the first term.

Bluehost Single Domain SSL is available at an initial price of $3.33 per month. It is a discounted price for first-time users that can be seen on the Checkout page:

single domain ssl initial price

This premium SSL is valid for one year and Bluehost bills you annually for the add-on. So you will be paying an amount of $39.99 for the first year.

The host forgot to mention that this add-on is also billed annually, as seen in the picture above. However, here’s the price difference when you select to purchase this premium SSL on the Checkout page:

the difference in total plan price

The renewal Bluehost Single Domain SSL price is $6.67 per month which is double the initial price. You can find the renewal cost of this premium SSL in your Bluehost control panel by following this path:

Marketplace > Featured Products > Popular Tab > SSL Certificate

single domain ssl renewal price

So, the total yearly cost for renewing the Bluehost Single Domain SSL is $80.04, as shown in the screenshot below:

bluehost ssl total renewal price

Here’s a quick video on how to purchase and renew your Single Domain SSL from your Bluehost control panel:

purchasing and renewing the bluehost ssl

What is the difference between Let’s Encrypt SSL and Single Domain SSL?

Paying for the SSL certificate might seem like an extra expense when you are getting one for free from Bluehost. However, there are many differences between the free SSL offered by the host and this paid add-on.

Let’s check out the contrasting features of the two SSL certificates here:

Availability of warranty

The major difference between Let’s Encrypt SSL and Single Domain SSL is the availability of a warranty. The paid SSL version comes with a $10,000 warranty while the free one doesn’t come with any.

This warranty acts as protection for your website users and customers. It is like insurance that protects them in case the certificate fails to prevent any fraudulent activity on your website which results in the loss of their money.

single domain ssl warranty

So, a Single Domain SSL can prove to be more useful for an online store making plenty of sales on its website.

Limitation on domains

Another huge difference between the free and paid SSL certificates from Bluehost is the limitation on the number of domains protected. The Single Domain SSL covers only a single domain you own.

single domain ssl covers one domain

On the other hand, Let’s Encrypt SSL protects all the parked and assigned domains along with the subdomains in your Bluehost account.

lets encrypt ssl covers multiple domains

Dedicated IP

Having a dedicated IP is beneficial for your website in many ways. It is an Internet Protocol (IP) address dedicated to a specific hosting account.

Let’s Encrypt SSL does not offer a dedicated IP while the Bluehost Single Domain SSL comes with one. So you will have your unique internet address and won’t be sharing it with other Bluehost users.

IMPORTANT: As discussed above, the Single Domain SSL covers only one domain. So you will have to purchase multiple certificates if you are about to host many websites or planning to protect different subdomains. Single Domain SSL will become a costly deal for you in such a case.

cost of one single domain ssl

Any free alternative to Single Domain SSL Bluehost?

The best free alternative to the Bluehost Single Domain SSL is the free ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’ offered by the host with all its hosting plans. This free certificate is sufficient to protect most websites that collect online payments.

Moreover, the free Let’s Encrypt SSL has an advantage over the Bluehost Single Domain SSL. You can use the same certificate for unlimited domains and subdomains without having to spend money on multiple certificates.

free alternative to single domain ssl

Verdict: Is Single Domain SSL Bluehost worth it?

No, there is no need to purchase the Single Domain SSL add-on from Bluehost. We recommend saving your money here.

The host already provides you with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with your hosting plan. You can easily enable it from your Bluehost control panel after signing up with the host.

enabling let's encrypt ssl

This free certificate is a shared SSL for multiple websites hosted on the same IP address. So, instead of spending money on the Single Domain SSL, utilize the free shared SSL certificate available with Bluehost. Though it doesn’t come with a warranty or insurance, the encryption method used by the free and the paid SSL is essentially the same.

So you can be sure of receiving the same level of protection for your website with this free alternative to the Bluehost Single Domain SSL.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Bluehost give free SSL?

Yes, Bluehost provides you with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with all its hosting plans.

Do you need the Single Domain SSL Bluehost?

No, you don’t need to buy the Single Domain SSL from Bluehost since you’ll receive a free SSL from the host. This free certificate encrypts the user information in the same manner as the paid one does. So just enable the free Let’s Encrypt SSL from your Bluehost account and you are good to go!

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