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Are you planning to host your website with Nexcess? Do you want to know the server locations available with the host? If yes, here you’ll find all the details about Nexcess data centers locations.

We’ll share the host’s server locations in different continents and the best way of choosing one for your website. Additionally, you’ll get to know about the possibility of changing your Nexcess server location.

But first, let’s find out the continent-wise presence of Nexcess in our next section.

Nexcess data centers locations

Nexcess data centers are spread across three continents. All these locations are PCI-compliant and fully secure. The host offers 24/7 support and enterprise-class security as well.

Nexcess protects its data centers with onsite monitoring, intrusion detection, biometric authentication, backup generators, and video monitoring.

Though the hosting provider promises 10 data centers on its official website, it provides fewer options on the checkout page. You’ll have to select a server location only from the options available on the date you purchase your Nexcess plan.

Here’s a screenshot of the Nexcess checkout page with only 4 data center locations available currently:

nexcess available servers on checkout

Nexcess (USA)

Nexcess has four data center locations in the North American continent:

  • Dearborn, Michigan (US Midwest)
  • Southfield, Michigan (US Midwest)
  • San Jose, California (US West)
  • Miami, Florida (US South)

us based nexcess data centers

1. Dearborn data center location

Nexcess established its very first data center in Dearborn City situated in Wayne County Michigan. It offers 100% SLA with multiple redundancies to ensure zero downtime.

2. Southfield data center location

Nexcess Southfield server facility is situated in the Detroit suburb. Located in Southeastern Michigan, this data center is the host’s global headquarters and their largest facility in the US.

3. San Jose data center location

Nexcess California servers are located in its San Jose facility in the Bay Area. Choose this center when you need excellent connectivity and reliability, or looking to host your website near Silicon Valley, the largest tech hub in the world.

4. Miami data center location

Nexcess Miami facility is capable of withstanding strong winds and flood damage, thereby protecting your data from the city’s harsh climate. The center provides low-latency connectivity to the Southeastern US and South American nations.

NOTE: Presently, Nexcess offers only two US locations during the checkout process.

Nexcess (Europe)

The hosting provider has three server locations in the European continent situated in the following regions:

  • Surrey, United Kingdom (UK South)
  • West Sussex, United Kingdom (UK South)
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (NL West)

nexcess data centers in europe

1. Surrey data center location

The host’s Surrey server facility is located in the Byfleet village. It is capable of establishing low-latency connections to 600+ cities around the globe.

2. West Sussex data center location

The Sussex center is located close to South London and only minutes away from the Gatwick Airport. It offers low-latency bandwidth to 600 global cities.

3. Amsterdam data center location

Nexcess Amsterdam server facility is near the second biggest peering point in the world, The Amsterdam Exchange. Therefore, it offers utmost reliability and unbeatable connectivity.

Nexcess (Australia)

Nexcess provides a single data center location in the Asia-Pacific region which is situated at:

  • Sydney, New South Wales (Australia South)

nexcess data center in australia

1. Sydney data center location

The company’s Sydney server facility is located close to the Central Business District of Sydney. It is perfect for targeting Asian and Oceanian markets.

NOTE: Currently, the Nexcess Australian server is unavailable for new customers.

Does Nexcess have any server location in Asia Pacific?

Yes, Nexcess does have a server location in Asia Pacific. As discussed above, the Nexcess data centers locations include an Asian server facility situated in Sydney, Australia.

However, this data center is running at its full capacity and therefore, unavailable for new customers. Because of this reason, you won’t find it in the drop-down list when selecting a Nexcess server during the signup process.

unavailability of australian data center

How to choose a Nexcess data center?

Choose a Nexcess data center that is located closest to your target audience. It will allow you to offer an excellent user experience with faster loading times.

You’ll get an option to select your desired data center location when purchasing a Nexcess hosting plan.

nexcess server location options

Open the drop-down to see the full list of currently available Nexcess data center locations. Select the most appropriate one depending on the location of the majority of your website visitors.

choosing nexcess data center location

Can I change my data center location?

No, you cannot change your data center location with Nexcess. However, you can consider ordering a new hosting plan if you ever need to change your server location.

Choose the desired data center when signing up anew and migrate everything to this new server.

You must, however, keep in mind that Nexcess provides Edge CDN (Content Delivery Network) with all its plans. The CDN provides optimal performance, fast page loading, and reduced latency for your website visitors from any part of the world.

So you will notice very negligible differences when changing your Nexcess data center location.

nexcess edge cdn


Nexcess has its presence on three continents with its data center locations in the US, Europe, and Australia. All these server facilities are fully secure to protect your data efficiently.

Additionally, the hosting provider also includes Edge CDN in most of its offerings. So you can go with any Nexcess server location if your hosting plan includes this feature.

If not, choose a Nexcess data center location closest to your target website audience.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Nexcess have any data centers in Sydney?

Yes, Nexcess has a data center in Sydney, Australia. However, it is currently running at its full capacity and therefore, unavailable for new customers.

Does Nexcess use a CDN?

Yes, Nexcess uses the Edge CDN and provides it with its hosting plans. The host has integrated the Edge network consisting of 285 global locations into its platform.

It helps avoid any configuration complexity, thereby making it easy to use the CDN for your website.

Are Nexcess servers PCI compliant?

Yes, all Nexcess servers are PCI-compliant. The host ensures to provide your online store with complete data security to safely process the credit card information of your customers.

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