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Are you planning to host your website with Liquid Web? Do you want to have more information about Liquid Web data centers? If yes, this article will answer all your questions.

Here I’ll be sharing the data center locations of the host, how to choose the best Liquid Web server location for your website, and the features of their data centers.

Additionally, I’ll also cover the frequently asked questions related to the hosting provider so that you can make an informed decision for your website.

But first, let’s resolve your main query in our next section.

liquid web data center

Where are Liquid Web data centers?

Liquid Web has data centers in three different regions:

  1. US Central – Lansing, Michigan
  2. US West – Phoenix, Arizona
  3. EU Central – Amsterdam, Netherlands

liquid web usa location

liquid web europe location

How do I choose the best Liquid Web server location for my site?

The location of the data center hosting your website impacts your site’s load time. It is also directly connected to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

Here are a few reasons to carefully select a suitable server location for your website:

  • By default, Google utilizes the server location information of a website for performing geo-targeting. So, choosing the right data center location will work as a free online promotion.
  • Additionally, Google uses the website’s load times to rank it in the search results. It prefers faster websites over slower ones. Since your site’s server location impacts its speed, it will also have an indirect impact on its Google ranking.

page speed and google ranking

Now that you know the importance of selecting the correct server location for your website, let’s see how to do that:

Know the Audience

The ideal server location of your website is the one to which the majority of your audience belongs. The closer the server is to your website visitors, the faster will be your site load times.

knowing your audience

On the other hand, if your hosting servers are located far away in a different region of the world, your website is more likely to experience a delay in the delivery of content. So, if you are planning to target the US audience, host your website in a US data center.

But when you are targeting the Asian market, choose a server location in Asia.

Check the latency

Network latency is the amount of time taken by data to travel from your server to your website visitors. Low latency means faster speed, so you must always choose the Liquid Web data center which offers the lowest latency from the location where your audience resides.

checking latency

If your target audience belongs to the same country as yours, you can easily test your website’s latency. Here is an extremely useful page from the official Liquid Web website that will allow you to test the speed from your current location for each of their data centers:

Once you know the latency from different data center locations, it becomes much more convenient to choose the most appropriate data center for your website.

Where Can I Choose The Data Center?

Liquid Web has not explicitly mentioned on its official website how to select a specific data center for your website. So to help you know the process, I contacted the support staff and found out that it is extremely easy to choose the data center location of your choice.

The data center selection process differs by the type of hosting you choose. So let’s look at the procedure one by one here:

Choosing Liquid Web datacenter for Dedicated Hosting

Once you are aware of the server you wish to purchase, you can click on the location tab placed above the dedicated hosting plans.

choosing a liquid web data center

The host changes the plan prices according to the server location. So you will notice that the server in the European region is costlier than the one in the US location.

As per your current preferences, choose the plan you wish to buy and click on “Order Now” to finish the purchase. That’s all!

For your reference, here is what the Liquid Web customer care executive shared:

chat with liquid web customer care

You will also notice that the support agent resolved my query within 2 minutes. Liquid Web has a fast-acting support staff to handle all the issues its customers face.

Now let’s move to the data center selection process for the Liquid Web VPS plan.

Choosing Liquid Web datacenter for VPS Hosting

When you are purchasing VPS hosting from Liquid Web, add the most suitable plan to the cart first. Then, click on the “Edit Configuration” tab present above the server details:

electing data center for liquid web vps

On the next page, you will see an option to choose a Zone for your VPS:

choosing zone for your vps

The drop-down here will allow you to select the desired Liquid Web data center location for your website:

selecting liquid web zone

NOTE: Liquid Web allows changing data center locations only when purchasing monthly VPS plans. So if you have chosen a 12 or 24-month offer for your VPS, your data center location will be Lansing, MI by default and it cannot be changed in the cart.

Datacenter Features

Unlike many other hosting providers, Liquid Web has not taken other companies’ data centers on rent. Rather, the host privately owns all its data centers. Here are some notable features of Liquid Web data centers:

  • Availability of Tier-1 premium bandwidth
  • Redundant networks, power, and cooling
  • Liquid Web has a dedicated team of experts to monitor security and network performance 24/7 at all its data centers
  • Private ownership and operation of core data centers
  • Availability of geographic redundancy
  • All Liquid Web data centers are HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant.
  • These data centers allow Liquid Web to offer 100% SLA uptime.

Consider checking out this useful video covering Liquid Web data center tour to know more about its features:

Liquid Web Data Center Reviews

I searched the internet to find out the opinions of Liquid Web customers about its data centers. Here are some of the reviews I collected for your consideration:

liquid web data center review

liquid web server location customer review


Along with the availability of data center locations in different continents, Liquid Web offers excellent support to its customers. You can always count on the host’s support staff in case of any emergency since the team is pretty quick to respond.

This responsiveness of Liquid Web’s customer care team is one of the main reasons that sets apart the host from its competition. You must have already seen the quick response by Alex from Liquid Web in the screenshot I shared above.

The only downside to using Liquid Web is the absence of a data center in the Asian region. So if your audience is based in Asia and you want to use Liquid Web, it is recommended to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster website performance.

You can choose a free yet reliable CDN like Cloudflare to combat this issue.

features of cloudflare cdn


Who owns Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is owned by Madison Dearborn Partners, a private equity firm based in Chicago, US.

What is Liquid Web used for?

Liquid Web is a hosting company used for a wide variety of hosting solutions. Whether you are a professional, a web developer, a small business owner, an agency, or a large enterprise; Liquid Web has a suitable hosting plan for each one of you.

Is Liquid Web reliable?

Yes, Liquid Web is a reliable hosting provider offering 100% uptime with Service Level Agreement (SLA). The company monitors all its servers 24/7 for security and network performance. It also offers 24/7 customer support to instantly deal with any issues that its customers might face.

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