Kamatera is a US-based web hosting provider offering advanced cloud solutions for both small and large businesses. With more than 2 decades of experience in the hosting industry, Kamatera offers a wide range of cloud infrastructure products including servers, private cloud networks, cloud firewalls, and much more.

The process of setting up a server with Kamatera is pretty quick and easy. In case you ever find yourself stuck somewhere, you can contact the technical support of the host at any time of the day or night.

The host has thousands of servers placed in 13 data centers located in different parts of the world. You can, therefore, choose the most appropriate server location for your website quite easily.

Kamatera 30-day Free Trial

Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial to all its new customers. You can try all the Cloud Platform products and services offered by Kamatera under this offer. The host does not demand any commitment for this free trial so you can cancel it at any time.

You won’t be charged during the trial period since Kamatera’s free trial involves no hidden charges. The prices charged after the trial period are also very reasonable. You can expect to grab a Cloud Hosting plan for as low as $4 per month with Kamatera.

Features offered under Kamatera Free Trial

The Kamatera free trial promo comes with the following features:

  • Free usage of 1 Cloud Server (up to $100 of your desired configuration).
  • 1000 GB Outgoing Internet Traffic.
  • 1000 GB Cloud Block Storage.
  • Complete access to the features of the Cloud Management Platform offered by Kamatera.
  • You will receive professional technical advice from Kamatera experts about the ideal Cloud Server configuration for your hosting needs.
  • You can freely upgrade or downgrade your Cloud Server, again, within the limit of $100 configuration.
  • The host provides you with a Designated Account Manager to guide you in your cloud hosting journey.
  • Kamatera’s free trial also covers 24/7 technical support via multiple channels including phone, email, and ticketing-system available on the host’s website.

Does Kamatera Free Trial require a Credit Card for signing up?

Yes, Kamatera asks you to provide your credit card details to avail of the free trial offer. However, this is only for security reasons and you won’t be charged anything when signing up with the host.

The policy behind Kamatera Trial

The 30-days free trial promo offer by Kamatera is available only to the new Kamatera customers. Unfortunately, you cannot avail of this offer if you are an existing Kamatera customer. Additionally, as discussed above, you must enter your credit card details when signing up with the host to activate the 30-days free trial offer in your account.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the host has a policy of automatic billing on a monthly recurring basis for all its products and services. Kamatera mentions this policy very clearly on its ‘Terms & Conditions’ page. So you must terminate all the services you receive from the host before the free-trial period ends, in case you do not plan to continue using the services offered by Kamatera.

On the other hand, if you like the services offered by the host, you don’t need to do anything further. In such a case, you will be charged for the next month since all the active servers and services in your account are deemed chargeable by Kamatera once the free-trial period ends.

How to claim the Kamatera Free Trial offer?

Claiming Kamatera’s free trial offer is super easy. You just need to sign up with the host from Kamatera’s official website here. All new Kamatera customers get access to this promotional offer automatically. You can, therefore, use the services offered by the host for 30 days before you decide and pay anything.

How to sign up for the 30-day free trial offered by Kamatera?

Sign up with Kamatera’s 30-day free trial offer by visiting the official sign-up link. You will then be required to fill in your details divided into four segments:

Login Credentials

These details are used to create your account with Kamatera to which you can sign in later for all your hosting needs. You need to fill in your email and create a password for your Kamatera account.

Once filled, confirm the password and tick the checkbox next to “I agree to the terms and conditions”. In my opinion, it is a good practice to go through the terms and conditions before ticking that box. So, do check out Kamatera’s terms and conditions page.

Contact Information

Kamatera collects your contact information to reach out to you whenever required. Once associated with your Kamatera account, these details will also help the host provide you with any support you might require as a customer.

Under this segment, you need to fill in your full name, company name, country, and phone number. Once you select your country, the country code will automatically appear to fill in your mobile number for your convenience. Hit the “Next” button after filling in these details.

Billing Information

The next page brings you to the other two segments of the Kamatera sign-up process. Since you are signing up for a free trial, the host won’t bill you for its services for the first 30 days.

Your billing information is taken only for security purposes. It is a practice followed by the host to prevent people from signing up with their multiple email accounts and phone numbers and avail of the promotional offer multiple times.

Under this segment, you need to fill in your credit card details including the Name on the card, card number, expiration date, and CVV.

Billing Address

This is the last step of signing up with the Kamatera free trial and requires your billing address associated with your credit card. Fill in your complete address including the city, state, country, and postal code before hitting the “Finish” button.

With that, the sign-up process ends and you will be able to use Kamatera’s resources free of cost for the next 30 days.

Final Words

Kamatera is a reputed host with a strong customer base and decades of experience behind its reputation. The free trial allows you to try its services before paying a penny out of your pocket.

I think you must go for it and check it out for yourself whether Kamatera is a right fit for your cloud server needs or not, since you’ll lose nothing in this deal!

Do you know other hosts offering free trials for their services? Have you tried them?