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Are you searching for an Indian data center hosting provider for your website? Do you need a host with physical servers in India? If yes, you’re in luck!

Before moving further, you must know that the Indian hosting market is massively underserved. The majority of people prefer Singapore to host their sites in the Asian region. However, there are a handful of reliable companies having servers in India.

So if your website is receiving most of its traffic from India, the list below will be extremely useful. It includes both international and Indian hosts with physical data centers in the country.

We’ll also cover the key hosting features available with these companies.

9 Indian Hosting Providers with Data Centers in India

Many websites falsely recommend InMotion, SiteGround, and other such companies as Indian hosting providers. Though these companies have globally distributed server networks, including SiteGround, they don’t have Indian data centers.

The following list of hosting providers includes only those companies that truly have their physical servers in India. We are dividing the hosts based on their offerings to help you find a shared hosting provider or a VPS host as per your needs.

Let’s begin.

5 Shared hosting providers

Let’s first look at the Indian data center shared hosting providers. The following list covers hosts that are suitable for beginners with no-to-little technical knowledge of handling a server.

All these companies can support basic, small to medium websites.


hostinger india

Hostinger is a European company established in 2004. It has a separate website for its Indian clients and a data center in the financial hub of the country, Mumbai. The other Asian data centers of Hostinger are located in Singapore and Indonesia.

The company recently shared that the largest number of its customers are from India with over 366,000 active Indian users. It offers Indian-based web hosting via data centers with its shared, cloud, cPanel, KVM VPS, managed WordPress, and Minecraft hosting plans.

Standout features
  • Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth with its shared, cloud, and WordPress hosting plans.
  • The company provides you with a website builder that makes it easy to create beautiful websites without any coding knowledge.
  • All Hostinger India plans include many freebies like free website migration, SSL certificate, business emails, backups, 1-click WordPress installation, and domain WHOIS privacy protection.
  • The company has a custom-built control panel called hPanel which is very easy to use even for beginners.
  • Hostinger plans include many security features, including Web Application Firewall, DDoS protection, malware scanner, secure access manager, and Cloudflare-protected nameservers.
  • The company provides 24/7 customer support via email and live chat from within the hosting dashboard.
  • You will receive a 99% uptime guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee with all Hostinger plans.


hostarmada shared hosting india

HostArmada is an American hosting company founded in 2019. It has a physical data center in Mumbai, India alongside a server in Singapore.

The host does not have a local Indian website, so you’ll have to purchase Indian data center hosting from its international site itself.

Standout features
  • HostArmada utilizes AI-based security for protection against website attacks. All plans offer free malware scanning and removal, brute force protection, proactive defense, hardened PHP, hotlink protection, CageFS, WAF, and network firewall.
  • Like Hostinger, HostArmada also offers multiple hosting freebies like free cPanel, SSL certificates, website migration, web server caches, and daily backups.
  • The host offers unlimited MySQL databases with all its plans.
  • HostArmada does not overload its shared servers with a large number of website owners. It results in excellent website performance.
  • The company uses cloud SSD technology to offer 99% uptime for your website.
  • You can create unlimited professional email accounts with all HostArmada plans.
  • HostArmada does not impose any bandwidth limitation but expects you to comply with its acceptable usage policy.
  • HostArmada provides a 45-day money-back guarantee with all its shared hosting plans.
  • The host offers 24/7/365 technical support through phone, live chat, and ticketing systems.

Bluehost India

bluehost india

Bluehost is a US-based hosting provider established in 2003. It has an Indian data center in Mumbai city. Like Hostinger, the company has a separate website for its Indian customers.

Bluehost has two more data center locations in Asia in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

If you have a WordPress website, Bluehost is among the best hosts since it is officially recommended by WordPress.

Standout features
  • Bluehost provides free SSL certificates, cPanel, and Premium CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network) with all its plans.
  • The company offers free website migration for WordPress websites.
  • Bluehost keeps your website secure by performing automatic malware scans
  • You will receive a free domain for the first year.
  • The Bluehost dashboard allows tracking of user comments and visitor analytics.
  • The company offers dozens of free website themes and templates via the Bluehost marketplace to help you get started without any coding knowledge.
  • You will get unmetered bandwidth with all Bluehost shared hosting plans.
  • The host provides 24/7 expert support through phone and live chat.
  • All Bluehost plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostGator India

hostgator india

HostGator is an American company founded in 2002 with its Indian data centers located in Mumbai and Hyderabad. The company has a website solely dedicated to its Indian customers.

Other than Indian servers, the host also has its physical servers in Singapore.

Standout features
  • HostGator offers free DNS service with shared hosting.
  • The host provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with all its shared hosting plans.
  • HostGator ensures the security of your website through spam protection, antivirus, and hotlink protection features.
  • Barring the entry-level plan, the company provides unmetered disk space, unlimited professional emails, unmetered bandwidth, and a free domain for the first year with 1-year and above term durations.
  • All HostGator plans include a free cPanel.
  • HostGator supports the one-click installation of many web applications via Softaculous auto-installer.
  • You will receive unlimited MySQL databases with all HostGator plans.
  • The hosting provider offers 24/7 customer support via phone and live chat.


milesweb indian data center hosting

MilesWeb is an Indian company established in 2012 having two data centers in Mumbai and Nashik cities. Additionally, it also has its physical servers in Singapore to serve the Asian region.

The host has two separate websites for Indian and international users.

Standout features
  • MilesWeb utilizes LiteSpeed and LSCache to help your site deliver excellent speed and performance.
  • The host provides unmetered bandwidth with all its shared hosting plans.
  • You will also get free SSL certificates to protect your websites.
  • MilesWeb shared hosting includes powerful security features like a malware scanner, WAF, DDoS protection, and Anycast nameservers.
  • All plans include a free website builder, a one-click app installer, and free site migration.
  • For WordPress users, MilesWeb plans include free Premium CDN, fully-managed WordPress, object cache, and on-demand backup features.
  • The company maintains daily backups of your account even with its entry-level plan.
  • All MilesWeb plans come with 95% uptime and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The host offers 24/7/365 customer support via phone, email, and live chat.

4 VPS and cloud hosting providers

After listing the shared hosting providers, let’s look at the Indian VPS and cloud hosts. The following list covers hosts that are suitable for advanced users with good technical knowledge to handle their servers themselves for resource-intensive websites.


vultr vps

Vultr is a US-based hosting company established in 2014 having a total of 32 data centers worldwide. Vultr’s Indian servers are situated in Mumbai, Bangalore (now Bengaluru), and Delhi NCR. Additionally, the company has multiple other Asian server locations as well:

  • Singapore
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea

Unlike Bluehost and Hostinger, the host has a single website for its Indian and International clients.

Standout features
  • Vultr utilizes Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) on all its infrastructure which is capable of seamlessly handling high resource-demanding applications.
  • The company offers both Linux and Windows server versions with all its plans.
  • Vultr uses powerful AMD and Intel processors to provide outstanding server performance.
  • All Vultr plans come with a super-fast NVMe storage option in addition to the regular SSD storage. So you can choose between the regular and the latest-gen option based on your website storage needs.
  • The hosting provider offers a range of VPS plans that fits well with different needs. They include regular performance plans, high-performance plans, storage-optimized, memory-optimized, and high-frequency plans.
  • It is possible to purchase many useful add-ons like automatic backups and DDoS protection for your website at a minimal cost.


akamai vps (formerly linode)

Linode (now Akamai) is a US-based cloud hosting company established in 2003. It has an Indian data center location in Mumbai. Also, the host has two other Asian server locations:

  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan

The hosting provider serves its Indian and international clients from the same website.

Standout features
  • All Linode plans include free DDoS protection, a cloud firewall, and private VLAN for ensuring the security of your website.
  • The host allows analyzing performance, account monitoring, creating custom alerts, and keeping track of bandwidth usage.
  • Linode allows one-click installation of 100+ applications from its marketplace.
  • The hosting provider offers 24/7/365 phone and email support.
  • You will receive a 99% uptime guarantee with SLA with Linode servers.
  • Linode offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with all its VPS plans.

Cloudways (Managed cloud)

cloudways indian web hosting

DigitalOcean-owned Cloudways is a European company established in 2012. It doesn’t own any physical servers but offers Indian data center hosting through its infrastructure partners.

They offer two server locations in India – Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Additionally, the host has the following data center locations in Asia:

  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Bahrain
  • Taiwan, China

Like Linode, Cloudways maintains a single website for its Indian and International customers.

Standout features
  • Cloudways allows you to choose between Google Cloud, AWS, and DigitalOcean for its Indian data center VPS hosting.
  • You will get a fully-optimized stack with a built-in advanced cache and Cloudflare CDN for optimal website performance.
  • The host provides an automated backup feature with its virtual servers for data protection.
  • All Cloudways VPS plans offer a free website migration
  • The company secures your server with 24/7 real-time server monitoring and a dedicated firewall.
  • Cloudways offers a free 3-day trial without asking for your credit card information.


accuwebhosting vps india

AccuWebHosting is an American company founded in 2002. It has four data centers in the Asian region with one being in Mumbai, India. The other three locations are:

  • Singapore
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan

The host maintains a separate website extension for its Indian users.

Standout features
  • AccuWebHosting has both fully-managed and self-managed VPS
  • Like Hostinger, it offers many freebies with its Indian VPS plans, including free website migrations, unlimited emails, unlimited websites, weekly backups, and SSL certificates.
  • The host uses powerful RAID architecture to deliver better performance and storage redundancy for your virtual server.
  • You will receive free control panels like Plesk, cPanel, Webuzo, and DirectAdmin.
  • The host ensures secured VPS environments with DDoS protection, firewall, antivirus protection, security monitoring, and regular audits.
  • The company has several unique VPS plans like Forex trading VPS, load balancers, and js hosting.
  • You will also get 24/7 technical support via phone, live chat, and ticket system.
  • All AccuWebHosting India VPS plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • The hosting provider ensures 99% uptime with a guarantee.

Why are Indian data centers not the best option?

Though we listed Indian datacenter hosts above, they are not the best option to handle website traffic from the Asian region. It is because:

Reason 1 – Limited Infrastructure

Some Indian data centers operate with limited infrastructural resources. It will lead to several performance issues, including instability and slow loading times for your website.

Reason 2 – Unreliable Power Supply

With unreliable power supply in India, data centers are prone to frequent power outages. It can become a huge problem for websites hosted in Indian datacenters.

They might experience longer-than-expected downtime if the host does not have backup generators.

Reason 3 – Poor Connectivity

India has poor internet connectivity as compared to other top Asian nations. It can negatively impact both user experience and website loading times.

Reason 4 – Limited Choice of Providers

You will find limited hosting providers with data centers in India. It means there isn’t much competition in the market which plays in the favor of suppliers.

They can charge higher hosting prices and leave the customers with very limited options.

Reason 5 – Customer support

International hosting providers, including US hosts, have better customer support than the ones in India. It is because they are trained and managed locally in their country which results in a more organized and efficient support staff. This is not the case with Indian hosts.

Reason 6 – Most Indian data centers are collocated

The biggest problem with Indian data center hosts is that most of them have their servers in colocation data centers. It means that the hosts do not have direct control over the servers they own.

Such hosts generally rely on ticket support when contacting data center owners to which these owners might or might not respond quickly. The difference in responsiveness is visible only during an emergency when your host is unable to solve the issue on its own.

To get an immediate solution to your hosting problems, it is best to avoid a host using a colocation data center. Instead, choose a hosting provider that owns a data center in your preferred region.

Final Recommendation – Singapore

As discussed above, Indian hosting providers do not have private data centers. So they rely on 3rd party providers for housing their servers and don’t even have access to them quite frequently.

Due to this and all other reasons, we recommend using Singapore data centers.

The country is located pretty close to India and has a much better server infrastructure. Choosing a hosting provider with a data center in Singapore will help your website benefit from its well-established, modern infrastructure.

Our top two hosting recommendations with a Singapore data center location are:

  • A2hosting (best speed)
  • HostArmada (best security features)

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