Green hosting aims at minimizing the environmental impact by using eco-friendly technologies. Many hosting companies have come together to honor the UK’s commitment to end its share in global warming by 2050.

Eco-friendly web hosting providers in the UK

I have curated a list of the best green web hosting companies in the UK to help you choose an eco-friendly host for your website. The focus is on their data center locations and the green infrastructure that powers these centers. Let’s dive in:


Kualo was established over two decades ago and has its primary data center in Centro, Hemel Hempstead in the United Kingdom. The entire hosting facility adheres to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System standards.

Following are the highlights of the green technology it utilizes:

  • The facility is powered by 100% renewable energy supplied by E.ON, one of the leading green energy companies in Europe. Also, the facility is regulated by Ofgem, the authority that ensures that all the green energy standards are met.
  • The hot aisles are enclosed in containment to prevent the heat from escaping into the environment.
  • These enclosures are chilled economically by using cooled water which is reused to conserve the water as well.


Up and running since 2002, Krystal has its primary data center in London, England. The facility is run by Netwise, the colocation service provider, with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Here are some important aspects related to the green energy technology used by the host:

  • Krystal uses Ecotricity to power its green data center. Ecotricity is a green energy provider based in England and prefers wind energy for supplying power to its subscribers.
  • The company, also, occasionally depends on solar and tidal green energy options.
  • Krystal has also achieved a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.12 which is extremely better than the average of 1.59.
  • The company has also committed to Ecologi and Trees for Life foundation that plants trees in Scottish Highlands to keep the earth green.
  • Krystal goes a step beyond the usual and incentivizes its employees to switch to 100% green technology in their homes.

Eco Web Hosting

Eco Web Hosting is one of the few providers that aims to break the myth that ‘Environment-friendly means slow’. The expert team has an average experience of over 7 years in the industry and is fully capable of providing you with the best hosting experience. Its main data center is located in London, UK.

With a loading time of a quarter of a second, it adheres to satisfying the following green efforts:

  • The company’s data center uses green energy suppliers and further ensures to save the environment by making its workforce work remotely. The servers are energy-efficient too.
  • Each of its hosting plan purchases ensures the plantation of a certain number of trees.
  • Until today, the company has planted over 70,000 trees in more than 21 countries including Nicaragua, Haiti, Indonesia, et al. The plantation drive is also supplemented by the company’s association with projects like Ecologi, Eden Reforestation Project, Tree-Nation, and wildlife enthusiasts like Liz England.
  • Eco Web Hosting believes in unified efforts and thus sponsors green projects across the globe like the Sidrap Wind Farm in Indonesia.
  • And the best part, they offer funding for your green-focused project, too, in case you have one.

Green Hosting

Owned by Make Hay, a web design company meant for charities and social businesses, Green Hosting has been in business since 2006. Its data center in Centro, London was set up with the basic premise of making the planet greener.

Here are some major features of the green technology used by this host:

  • Green Hosting servers and routers are fully powered by wind energy.
  • The cooling systems are also run on the same green technology with energy purchased directly from the on-shore and off-shore wind farms in the UK. Currently, Green Hosting is powered by Bulb, a trusted energy provider in the UK.
  • The company donates a percentage of its sales to Renewable World, a charitable organization that delivers renewable energy and clean drinking water in developing nations.
  • The company has consciously partnered with green companies not only for its energy needs but for the other operations too, like The Green Stationery Company, Evergreen Insurance, et al.
  • The company goes the extra mile to keep the environment green by using recycled paper, reusing the working parts of failed equipment, saving energy by switching off the electrical equipment when not in use, and refraining from posting unnecessary marketing material to prevent pollution by digital data.
  • It also supports many charities like Green Windmill in Nottingham, Ethical Hour, the Green Web Foundation, to name a few.


Established more than two decades ago, GURU ensures that every single action of theirs is green. Its green data center is situated in Centro, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom.

With their data center being run on 100% renewable energy, the following is the list of all their green initiatives:

  • The Centro datacenter holds the accreditation of ISO 14001 for Environment Management Systems. It has cold-aisle containment and an eco-friendly cooling mechanism to stop the heat from escaping into the atmosphere. The data center, also, holds the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.2 which is above the industry average.
  • The company’s new headquarters have been built by using natural lighting techniques, thus, saving energy. The use of LEDs and sensors for lighting all their offices across the UK ensures zero energy wastage.
  • All their obsolete equipment is repurposed by ISO-certified partner companies.
  • The company uses green merchandise for its promotions. It also ensures to go paper-free in most of the official communications by issuing e-invoices.
  • All the company vehicles are electric.
  • Every appliance in the company holds an A+ rating for being energy efficient.

Rounding Up

With the availability of so many green web hosting companies providing servers at a central location, you get to choose the one that matches your goals – both hosting and environmental. Looking at the hosting plans offered by these green hosts will further help you make the right decision for your web hosting needs.