Contabo Vs Hetzner (2024 Comparison)

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Confused between Contabo and Hetzner? This Contabo Vs Hetzner comparison will solve ALL your doubts.

We will consider all the factors to decide which hosting provider is better. We will cover features, performance, security, pricing, support, and all the other important factors.

The comparison will be an in-depth analysis and straight to the point.

Best Specs
Contabo (VPS S)
Hetzner (CPX11)
Contabo (VPS S)
Hetzner (CPX11)
4 vCPU Cores (AMD EPYC)
2 vCPU (AMD)
Disk Space
Disk Space
200GB SSD or 50GB NVMe
40 GB Nvme (RAID10)
Unlimited incoming traffic + 32TB Out
20 TB of traffic
"Free" DDoS Protection / (No Firewall)
"Free" DDos Protection
Server Locations
Server Locations
USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia
Germany, Finland, USA
Paid addon (starting from $5.99)
Paid addon (€0.74 for 7 backups)
Starting price
Starting price
From $8.49/month
From $5.06/month

We like Hetzner better. Let’s start the battle and see which one is best for you.

Contabo Vs Hetzner: Overview

Let’s start with the basic overview of both of these hosts.

Contabo overview

Contabo offers fast and powerful cloud instances. Contabo is one of the most affordable VPS plans out there.

You can configure the server to a great extent. You can configure the storage space, and you can also change the storage type (NVMe or SSD).

contabo vps

They offer cloud, bare metal, and object storage. You get a lot of resources at a very affordable price. However, the main question is whether it’s better than Hetzner?

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of getting a glimpse of the Contabo Vs Hetzner battle.

Pros of Contabo

  • The data centers locations are on 3 continents.
  • Users can choose the OS and control panel.
  • Competitive and reasonable prices for all plans.
  • Colocation Services is also available.

Cons of Contabo

  • Support is not the best. It takes a lot of time to get a response.
  • Performance is not reliable.
  • One can’t buy a domain without having a server on Contabo.
  • It includes high setup fees (if you go with an annual plan, you won’t have to pay it).

Hetzner overview

Hetzner is a reliable hosting service for people who love professionalism. The rates are affordable and they also have various hosting options.

They offer dedicated servers, cloud, and colocation. There are many services you can use such as a load balancer, DNS console, etc.

hetzner overview

As we saw in Contabo, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Hetzner

  • You get free SSL certificates with all the plans.
  • There are many hosting options.
  • You can also install Windows along with the Linux option.
  • They have affordable rates.

Cons of Hetzner

  • No ticket support system.
  • Their KYC is hard. You have to provide a passport, proof of address, etc.
  • A slight delay in your payment will get your account deactivated.

Contabo Vs Hetzner: Features

We will begin with the features comparison in this Contabo Vs Hetzner comparison.

Ease of Use

We will start with the user interface and see if it’s beginner-friendly hosting or not.

Contabo: Ease of Use

Contabo uses a traditional user interface. If you have been in the hosting space for a while, you can navigate easily. However, the interface becomes quite confusing at times.

contabo ui

Here is one more page where you can set the DNS.

contabo ui 2

Hetzner: Ease of Use

Hetzner has an amazing interface. You can easily navigate to any feature and use it easily. Even a beginner can start using Hetzner UI without having to search for anything. So, we would rate Hetzner as 5/5 when it comes to interface.

hetzner ui

Let’s see how you can change DNS here. This will give you a proper idea of using the features.

hetzner ui 2

Winner: Hetzner is the winner, because the navigation is super easy here.

Backups (snapshots)

Snapshots are manually taken whereas backups are usually automatic.

Contabo: Backups

You will get 1 snapshot of the basic plan. It will increase as you go with higher plans.

The backup space will cost you $5.79 for 100 GB FTP. You can have up to 2 TB of backup space.

contabo backups

Hetzner: Backups

The charge for the snapshot space is €0.0131/GB per month which is roughly $1.31 for 100 GB.

The 20% of instance price. You can save up to 7 backups. Talking about the first plan, it will cost you €0.91 for 7 backups. That’s less than $1.

hetzner backup

Winner: Hetzner is better if you want more backups. If you only want 1 snapshot, Contabo is good for that.

Datacenters locations

Servers locations are very much important when it comes to hosting services. It determines the latency and the speed at your target user’s location.

Contabo locations

There are 7 regions and 12 locations.

It includes:

  • USA (West, East, and Central)
  • Europe (Germany, UK)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • Asia (Singapore)
IMPORTANT: Please note that the Asia server location will cost you ($3.50 per month) extra.

data centers worldwide contabo

Hetzner locations

The data centers locations include:

  • Germany (Nuremberg, Falkenstein)
  • Finland (Helsinki)
  • USA (Virginia, Oregon)

There are only 3 main locations where your servers are located.

hetzner datacenter locations

Winner: Contabo has more locations as compared to Hetzner.

Contabo Vs Hetzner: Performance

Now, we will have a look at one of the most important factors for the Contabo Vs Hetzner comparison. We will see the performance of both these hosting providers.

Please note that Contabo offers more resources here. However, the performance is not consistent. This is because the resources you will get are shared across many users. So, you won’t get dedicated resources.


CPU model is also important along with the virtual cores. So, we will have a look at an in-depth comparison of both CPUs. We will see the Geekbench4 now with the exact details.

Contabo CPU

Contabo uses Xeons or Xeon Silver portfolios which are older. Herzner on the other hand uses Xeon Gold. Here, the starting plan has 4 virtual cores.

Important: The VPS CPU policy is a lot different. You can use the CPU as per your need. However, you should know that all your neighbors will also be doing the same thing.

Hetzner CPU

Hetzner CPU starts with 1 core. However, it outperforms Contabo in most cases.

The reason is simple.  Hetzner uses newer intel processors (Gold) which have much better cryptographic performance.

Quick Contabo Vs Hetzner CPU Performance

Let’s compare both of them quickly.

For Contabo, you will get Intel Xeon E5 26220v3, 2630V4, or Silver 4114. Here is the Geekbench4 comparison.

  • E5-2620v3 = 3089
  • E5-2630v4 = 3152
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4114 = 3260

On the other hand, Hetzner uses Xeon Gold 6130.

  • Gold 6130 = 3625.

Therefore, the result is pretty clear. There is roughly a 13% speed difference between Silver and Gold.

Winner: Hetzner is way faster, and more stable in terms of both CPU and memory.

Provisioning time

It’s about how quickly you will get the server and how fast you can start deploying your app.

Contabo Provisioning

You will get the VPS in a couple of minutes. The average provisioning time for Contabo is 840 seconds.

contabo provision time

A dedicated server may take up to 48 hours. That’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that they only work on workdays when it comes to provisioning the server.

Hetzner Provisioning

When it comes to provisioning time in Contabo vs Hetzner, well Hetzner wins the competition.

They have instant provisioning for all the services. The average provisioning time is only 10 seconds.

Winner: Hetzner creates the server at a faster speed.


There are mainly two types of connections you need to see. One of them is the connection speed and the second one is the “first-byte” speed. In the end, we will see the total speed.

Contabo speed

Contabo gives awesome performances outside of European countries. This is due to the server location. If you have traffic coming from Asia or even some states in the United States.

contabo speed

As you can see the connection speed is great but it takes a lot of time to get the first byte. Overall, the performance is not great.

Hetzner speed

The speed is not very impressive even in Hetzner. Overall, the performance is average. However, the speed is great for Europe and USA.

hetzner performance

Winner: Tie, because it depends on the location in which your target audience is located.


In this Contabo Vs Hetzner battle, we will see the storage space as well as the storage type.

Contabo storage

No doubt, you will get both selection options in Contabo (SSD and NVMe) but the read/write speed is horrible here. The SSD performance is throttled down.

The SSD speed is divided among all the users. You can expect a maximum speed of 100 MBps.

Hetzner storage

Hetzner’s NMVe storage has a great write/read speed. You will surely have better speed as compared to Contabo here.

Winner: Hetzner surely wins the competition.


Here, we will see the bandwidth details and transfer rate you can expect.

Contabo network

You will get unmetered bandwidth. This is a great thing. However, the transfer speed is limited to 32 TB (100mbps).

conabo bandwidth

Therefore, the speed is unmetered but it’s limited. You can’t exceed the speed of 100 Mbps even on a faster port.

Hetzner network

Hetzner provides a dedicated port of 1 Gbps.

No doubt, even Hetzner doesn’t provide stable speed. The speed sometimes has issues. The least you will get is 800 Mbps. We have been using Hetzner for quite some time. The least speed we saw was 800 Mbps only once or twice.

Coming to the actual comparison of Contabo Vs Hetzner, it’s still great as compared to Contabo.

hetzner bandwidth

Overall, the stability is good.

Winner: Hetzner has a stable bandwidth speed.

Contabo Vs Hetzner: Security

SSL certificates are paid on both of these providers.


  • You can install a Firewall from the software side. However, there is no direct support.
  • The DDoS protection is not strong enough. There are good chances that your IP will get null routed at Contabo even after a few seconds of DDoS.
  • Once your IP gets null routed, it becomes unreachable for anyone. If the DDoS attack continues, your account will get suspended.
  • The terms clearly say that some attacks can’t be controlled. So, this leads to a problem on your side. They can shut down your account.

contabo security


  • Even Hetzner doesn’t have good DDoS protection. However, it’s slightly better than Contabo.
  • The suspension issue is the same here. In case of a TCP attack, they will send you an ABUSE email. You have to respond to them with a proper explanation about the attack. If it’s not proper, they will suspend your server.
  • The protection starts after 2-3 minutes. So, for the first few minutes, your website will be down. Thereafter, it will start the mitigation and filtering process.
  • On the plus side, the support is amazingly supportive here. So, in case there is an attack, you can contact the support, and (unlike Contabo) the Hetzner team will surely help you out.

hetzner security

Winner: Hetzner’s security is slightly better.

Contabo Vs Hetzner: Support

Please note that both of these providers will handle only Hardware and Network support cases.


  • The support is not 24/7.
  • They have a ticket system but it’s very slow. It might take days to get an answer.
  • You can only get a refund within 14-days.

The support ways include:

  • Call support during working hours.
  • Email support.

contabo support


  • The support is incredible and fast. It usually takes 10-30 mins to get a response.
  • The team will also help you with technical issues. So, even your hardware issues will be solved.
  • They don’t have a ticket system. So, the email exchange is not quite organized.
  • However, their calling support is very organized as they have different numbers for different problems.
  • Support is available in English as well as German.

You can support me via:

  • Email
  • Call support is available during working hours.

hetzner support

Winner: Hetzner is the winner. The response is fast and you can also get support for technical issues.

Hetzner vs Contabo: Pricing

You can pay using a credit card or PayPal for both. You will also get a 14-days money-back guarantee on both.

Contabo offers 4 plans to choose from.

vps contabo pricing

Hetzner has a range of plans to choose from. Also, you can go with their hourly pricing. The hourly pricing is great for people who want to rent a server for the short term.

hetzner cloud pricing plans

Let’s see the average pricing and compare the pricing for the Contabo Vs Hetzner.

Entry-Level Plans

Contabo: CLOUD VPS S starts from $8.49

Hetzner: CPX11 costs € 5.18 ($5.62)

Intermediate Plans

Contabo: CLOUD VPS M will cost you $13.99

Hetzner: CPX31 is for € 16.18 ($17.55)

Premium Plans

Contabo: CLOUD VPS XL costs $40.49

Hetzner: CPX51 will cost you € 65.33 ($70.84)

Winner: Hetzner is the winner for 2 main reasons. One of them is because they provide the cheapest plan in the Hetzner vs Contabo battle. The second one is because of the wide range of plans to choose from.


To conclude, Hetzner is better if you consider a majority of factors such as features, security, support, etc. Contabo is a decent choice if you want to run a small project which requires a huge number of resources.

Even when it comes to performance, Hetzner is the best. So, we would go with Hetzner in the Contabo Vs Hetzner comparison.

Here is a quick selection for you.

Use Contabo if:

    • You want to host a personal project.
    • You want to use it for uncritical services. For example, it can be a “burner” project for experimental activities.
    • Your target audience’s location is from the place where Hetzner doesn’t have a data center, like Asia.
    • You are running a side project where you don’t mind occasional downtime.

Use Hetzner if:

    • You need an unmanaged affordable server in Europe.
    • Your target audience is from the EU.
    • You want to run a small server or it’s for a business project.
    • You want flexibility in scaling and in canceling the server.

So, what’s your choice? Let us know in the comment section below.

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